Very, very Mighty
It's my first time listening and I really thought it was, like, cool, if that's a word you use these days. I enjoyed it a lot, learned some things and will likely be back.
Comfortable and informative
I like the calm talk and informative nature of unconsoleable. Its great to see the industry of mobile gaming being discussed as a topic of a podcast. I love hearing from people in the industry.
It was great! I learned a lot about the difficulties of monetization (which I was afraid I was the only one having)
A podcast most excellent
I always listen to podcasts when I am away from my computer, so I always forget to come and give reviews to the very excellent ones (like this one). I have been listening to Unconsoleable for a long time now. Jessica and Anna have an fresh and refreshingly honest viewpoint on mobile games, couple that with some very insightful commentary and super interesting guests means that I never miss an Unconsoleable. If you like mobile games, you will like this podcast!
2 Females Setting The Virtual World Alight
Anna and Jessica, 2 heroines always at the ready to guide you through the often-times murky waters of mobile gaming. As a virgin game developer, I am always interested in hearing what people love or loathe about games, to ensure I stay on the path of righteousness for my first release. If you want to better understand the title of this review, listen to Episode 91 (after 1-90 of course). This weekly show always brings a smile to my face, as I enjoy their reviews and comical banter. Often a funny story or tales of how a certain game had a certain influence on their week. If you enjoy mobile gaming (regardless of the device), you should wholeheartedly subscribe right now. Go on, I'll wait... Do consoles scare me? No, but not having this podcast to listen to just might.
Jessica and Anna are on Fire!
Ok I see that my last review was when I started this podcast at episode 72. I am actually listening to episode 91 (it's paused now) and have gotten to really value their opinions on mobile games to try. Sorry girls I can't stand candy crush right now. It makes me twitch like Tetris did on Gameboy. Hmmm... Where'd that Gameboy go now? Wait. Finish review first. Moving on I wanted to remind people or even pets that listen to podcasts that this one is a keeper! I think Anna is scoring high among the cat and pet turtle dynamic. In fact it's my number one podcast in my top playlist on the Overcast app. Support Marco Arment. I really look forward to listening to these great podcasters because they speak common gaming for those of us who don't want to spend $500.00 on a machine that plays games at $60-$80 a pop. Thank you both so much for doing this podcast and sharing your experiences. Now to the readers please subscribe to this podcast and be invited to the cool kid table.
Good for Consoleable People Too
I’m a lifelong shoot-y/stab-y gamer, and I enjoy good mobile games as well. Unconsoleable is a great place to learn about the latest mobile games and find out which ones are worth your valuable toilet time. Anna and Jessica have many great recommendations to share, and I have learned about many awesome games because of them. They are both entertaining to listen to regardless of whether they are tackling serious social and political issues or just dreaming about owning their own Notch houses. More than anything though, I love hearing two mobile gamers (who are often dismissed by my fellow “hardcore” gamers) stand up for the games they love and proclaim that they are every bit as deserving of your attention and respect as anything on PC or console. It’s refreshing to hear new perspectives in the gaming world and these two BRING IT. Unconsoleable proves that you don’t have to have played games your entire life to be a real gamer.
A fun needed addition
Anna and Jessica play off each other very well, have great energy, and are pretty funny. I like that the focus is on mobile gaming and not covering console and “triple A” PC titles; it’s a niche that needed to be filled and they’re prefect for the job!
This podcast doesn't sound terrible
I like this podcast enough to rate and review it on iTunes, even though I don't use iTunes. That's how much I like it. Really, nobody should complain about the audio quality of this podcast. I listen to all my podcasts at accelerated speeds, and I have absolutely no difficulty understanding any of the speakers on this one (unless a guest has a particularly strong accent), even though the hosts speak really, really quickly (well, one of them does, the other speaks really, really, REALLY quickly). There's no background noise, no fuzz, no discernible difference in microphone quality, no pop, no static. It's not terrible. It's fine. It's actually really, really good, especially for a podcast where the hosts aren't in the same studio with each other or their guests. If you have complaints, then you are either a) way too sensitive to audio quality, or b) need to use cheeper earbuds. Oh, and it's "Nathan Gee Ess Emm". To return to the console-controler topic (because I can't help myself), not everybody will have an aptitude for them, and that's okay. Or you COULD master it if you put in the time, but you're an adult with a busy life and who has time? Or you just don't like it? That's a completely valid reason. It looks silly to hold one anyway (and as we've already established: you're an adult). I don't mean to belabor the topic, but there are some genuinely worthwhile games where controllers are a barrier to entry (I don't mean shooty-stabbies), and I hate to think that anybody is passing them by because of that—but it's not like any game, no matter how great, is "required playing". Oh, and thanks for the really detailed show notes with links, that I don't have to remember to go to some forum thread to read, but can access on my phone, in my podcasting app, while I'm actually listening to the show. That's really a cut above the crowd, and something I wish more podcasts would do. No trash games!
I listen to this on my toilet.
I’m perfectly secure in telling you that I listen to this on my potty. Why so bold? Anna and Jessica will openly admit to what most people won’t. YOU do play games on the pot, and they do it too. They are genuine, and honest. They never fail to make me laugh, and I enjoy listening to every cast. Keep up the good work.
A mobile game podcast for true mobile game lovers
I am so glad to have finally found this podcast! As a mobile game developer I am constantly amazed by how many people who report on the industry have such a bad attitude on mobile and free-to-play games. These two women are real mobile gamers, that truly love mobile games, and don't judge them for being "too casual" or "not console quality". And they represent a large portion of mobile gaming that goes ignored in the rest of the media. Women. But they also aren't afraid of being honest on how they feel about games that are generic or non-innovative in terms of gameplay. At the same time, they support indies like us, and are trying to shine a light on games that don't always get the spotlight, which is definitely awesome. Keep up the great work!
Finally found the gaming podcast I've been looking for!
Unconsoleable is the perfect gaming podcast if you are looking for engaging interviews with mobile developers like Ken Wong of Monument Valley(first episode I listened to) and awesome people like Madeline Messer. Love the podcast so much and I'm gonna be listening to all of the back episodes! Great job!
Well worth subscribing!
Anna and Jessica are friendly, funny and charming hosts who bring a fresh and witty perspective to mobile games. No more time to write this review – I’ve got to go do some real gaming!
Longtime Shooty-Stabby player.
I first heard about this show from Isometric, and I love what I've heard so far. While I can't say that I'm much of mobile app gamie, I appreciate you ladies for creating a space to talk about these games. After playing Monument Valley and 80 Days, I definitely think that there should be more coverage for these type of games. Keep up the good work, you ladies are great! /hug
Really enjoyable
David Starke
This is a great podcast about mobile games. The discussion is really accessible to those without a lot of knowledge about gaming or the games industry, often features great interviews with the people who make some of the best and most influential mobile games, and is really a lot of fun.
Great perspective on the community
As a listener of a multitude of gaming podcasts on iTunes I find Unconsoleable a breath of fresh air. Jessica and Anna's view on the gaming community is really interesting to listen to. While I enjoy their take on mobile gaming, there are a few things that erk me. Jessica and Anna seem to be dead set on not playing any console games, even if they hear about something that is very interesting. Another thing is their disdain for what they call "Shooty Stabbies" while I understand violent games can be off putting, they are doing a disservice to themselves by grouping all hardcore violent games into this horrid category. It makes me cringe when I hear that term because I feel like they seriously overlook franchises that they would love. Additionally they seem to have it out for any game that involves dual analog sticks. I understand that they can be hard to use, I feel as though if their real issue is simply java gating 3D spaces using that input method. One thing that I'd like to suggest is diving into some indie games on Steam. Try Team Fortress 2 or some indie games like Gone Home. While TF2 might be too fast paced, it's a great way to be introduced into the shooter genre. All that being said, I think this is a great show. And while I don't look forward to it as much as the Giant Bomb Cast, I still make sure catch up on my mobile fix every week. I'd really like to see them grow and open their minds a little more to the fantastic world of ALL games and not just close themselves off from something mildly intimidating.
Opening my eyes to new games
I always enjoy listening to Unconsoleable. Full disclosure: I don't even own a smartphone or tablet--I've been a console enthusiast for over 30 years. I come for the awesome discussion--Anna and Jessica are smart, friendly, and funny. They clearly know their stuff and have a passion for making gaming accessible and welcoming, which is something this longtime consoler supports wholeheartedly. The games they highlight sound fun and interesting--enough that I now want to pick up a device to be able to play some of these!
Something different in the game-o-sphere
Unconsoleable is a gaming podcast for the rest of us: those of us who don’t have 150 hours to put into the latest console game, and anyway for us it would be more like 300 because we haven’t been console gaming since we were three. The discussion is mostly about mobile and casual games, with occasional detours into the problematic aspects of the “traditional” “hardcore” gaming space.
A different view
Hosts have interesting guests and great discussions you won’t find on the normal “gaming” podcasts.
Fun, light-hearted, and accessible
When so much of video game culture is all about hardcore 100-hour, $60 investments, Unconsoleable is a breath of fresh air. I’m glad there’s love for casual games out there. Anna and Jessica are fantastic.
A Podcast for All
Javier Payano
This is the first review I have ever written for anything. I have listened to many gaming podcasts and have gotten tired of hearing the same dudes talk about the same games. I now search for diversity and Unconsoleable offers a voice and perspective that we need more of in the industry. I love listening to these two ladies explain things in a unassuming, peaceful way. Surely this podcast will introduce many to the great world of gaming that would have shied away from it because they dont think games are for them. Thank you ladies for the great info and entertainment. You rock!
Sonic Joy...
So I wrote this 200 word review detailing how Jessica and Anna have opened my eyes to new platforms of immersive gaming experiences but iTunes lost it so I'll just say they're delight to hear and I won't stop. Great job, ladies! I look forward to seeing what the future holds.
Keep it up!
I am a new listener, but really love the show so far. Keep up the good work!
A gaming podcast without 30+ years of baggage
There are lots of gaming podcasts out there, and there are even some really, really good ones still in production. But the one thing those podcasts have is a lot of baggage. Not in a bad way, but it can be hard for a new gamer or one that simply doesn’t devote 10+ hours a week to gaming to jump in to a show hosted by guys that have been playing games every day since the ‘70s. Unconsoleable throws out all that baggage with hosts that are actual people that love to play games, but haven’t devoted their lives to it. It’s a very refreshing take on the subculture, and one to which I love listening. Listening to Anna and Jessica talk about mobile games without 30 years of console gaming history coloring their judgment allows the listener to hear what makes these new games great in their own right, and has done wonders for understanding the gaming world my kids are growing up in, where Angry Birds is every bit as or more pervasive than Mario in their world. I am quite enamored with this show and the concept as a whole, and look forward to where it goes from here.
Great podcast on mobile gaming.
Great addition to the gaming podcast space. I love the focus beyond the AAA shooters.
Great start!
Christian Strømmen
Great start and I love the idea behind it. Charismatic hosts, looking forward to seeing where they take this!
Awesome and Entertaining
We live in the golden age of quality podcasts and this podcast is proof. I enjoy Jessica's other podcast (Totally Uncool) so I was looking forward to this and it delivers.
two filthy casuals defy the master race and start a podcast
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