Love it
Great show. Amazing research.
Thoughtful Handling
Other podcasts out there will deep dive on a single topic or just do cursory glances over a different subject each time. This one strikes an excellent balance - not focused on a singular issue but taking the time to carefully examine each topic and collect those little tidbits that often get left out. Even though the hosts are more open to the stranger aspects of the stories, they scrutinize all angles and ultimately leave judgement to the listener. Even if there is something they don’t seem to personally believe in, they are attentative to the human aspect of these stories and treat them with respect and kindness.
The early eps are great
nacho narwhal
I was an early listener and genuinely love the early eps. Haven’t listened to a whole episode in quite some time. The topics arent super interesting and even when they are they aren’t multiple episode interesting. I’d still recommend the earlier episodes and even the show overall. Maybe it’s just a matter of personal taste:
Early episodes are great, new not so much
I’ll start off by saying I started listening to this podcast back in 2015 and I really enjoyed it. The topics were fun and you could tell Scott and Forest really enjoyed doing the show. Somewhere along the time of the Sallie House episodes I feel the show lost its way. The episodes started to drag on much longer than needed and a lot of the time the discussion didn’t feel focused. I think they’ve actually addressed it on the show, but the PGF episodes in particular were beyond bloated. Since then I’ve had very spotty interest in the shows that have followed and even when I try and listen to them I lose interest. It saddens me to say that, and I’ve even hesitated to write a review because the guys don’t seem to take criticism well, but I feel like they should know that the direction it’s gone has put some people off. I genuinely recommend the early episodes of the show. They were great. If you enjoy the newer stuff, that’s great too but I’ve sadly had to accept that they’re just not for me anymore.
A little better when they were unpolished
Had to delete from my app after unlistened to episodes kept stacking up. With so much other content on iTunes I couldn’t wait through another dead week to hear something I already heard before and was uninterested in it the first go round. It hurt even worse when You had to wait for 4 episodes and a dead week to discover you are in a infinite cycle.
Amazing 🤩
I love this Podcast! I just wish the episodes would be more often. It’s too bad this always happens to the best podcasts.
Love most of the podcasts
This show feels like you’re sitting in a cozy room with your two most talkative cousins who know a ton of information and have a need to tell all of it at the same time before they forget it. They have covered some fascinating subjects researched from every perspective possible. This season Forrest and Scott have improved on keeping focused and they frequently acknowledge their long-windedness and poke fun at themselves. I’ll be honest and say that I have skipped most topics with more than two parts however the most recent podcast on James Dean may be an exception to that. Digging into to events and Hollywood scene at the time of James Deans death has enough interesting rabbit trails that keep the topic on track and interesting. Speaking of long-winded...I’ll wrap up this five star review with recommending Astonishing Legends if you’re looking for more than spooky stories and want to fully know everything about the subject they cover.
They put me to sleep every night
Recent shows have gone down hill. Lazy with the interviews. Not every show has to be 6 hours guys. Get back to a tight deep dive like you did with skinwalker, Mothman, Somerton, Dyatlov pass, etc. I’m literally queuing bell witch to fall asleep too. Also, ghosts are neither astonishing nor legends. Since the Sally house you guys got soft. Except dan and Susan’s abduction. USC Trojans fight on. Love you guys but get back to your roots.
I have enjoyed your podcasts immensely over the past few years but lately I am just not finding the subjects y’all are doing lately very interesting. I hope that will change soon. It is obvious you two put way more work into researching and a ton more time into the story telling aspect than most other podcasts. Thank you for doing what you do!
Extremely well produced yet doesn’t feel too scripted
Love the podcast. It’s pronounced. Gal-a-po-liss
Perfect for evening drives!
Miss Benenah
My favorite Podcast to listen to on my long commutes home after dark! 👻
smarter than average
trying to shop
better questions, smarter summaries—they seem far more informed than the usual duos. they did the reading and are actually listening to guests. it’s all you can ask for
Lady Avalanche 12
Perfect podcast for a fall evening!
I really enjoy listening to y’all on my long commute to and from work! I love how in-depth and well articulated you both are. Not only are you both so informative with your knowledge (not to mention Scott’s amazing precursor research knowledge) but you both have a wonderful sense of humor! I love y’all’s witty banter and ability to just “flow” together. Thanks so much for making a boring drive soooooo worth while. Selina Smith Nashville TN
Please consider doing a show on the Djinn. You guys are really interesting to listen to, thanks
I once enjoyed it...
This podcast started out interesting and enjoyable. The banter and topics were intriguing. Then, they started making several episodes per subject. The material became more and more unfocused. I don’t think I’ve heard another podcast that has so much filler and rambling. It’s as if they love the sound of their own voices more than the legends. It’s sad, but I don’t listen to the show anymore. It isn’t worth the time.
A show for obsessive researchers
I’d done a bit of a deep dive on axe murder clusters circa. the 1910s at a few of the local libraries, wondering if the Villisca victims were seperated out from other similar contemporaneous “less dead.” I’d found a few internet blog posts about the Mulatto Axe murders, but they were scant on details and reliable sources. One of the libraries had a big encyclopedia on unsolved crimes, and the details of the Louis Castaway family jumped out immediately, I’m screaming!
What is up with this
MTF: Commander BoB
Stop interrupting each other I listened to the first episode and the start was so freaking stupid what a rude person he said this is my show we don’t need that this show is good but stop interrupting each other okay I don’t even know how your guest tolerate you
Way too long
If you’re gonna do a 4-part series that’s 2+ hours long each time, go for the 8 1 hour episodes. Also, too much rambling.
Pick and Choose
Honestly I love the in depth discussions they go into, and have listened to every episode so far. There are certainly episodes I don’t like, ones I probably should have skipped over, etc. Some stories are better than others, just plain and simple. The Vellisca axe murders, however, was completely pointless and belongs more on a murder podcast. They discussed more of the murders, who potentially did it, rather than what the haunting actually was. Frankly it’s a plain cut and dry serial killer, which is sure ‘scary’ and whatever, but not what I come to Astonishing Legends for. I need more spooky mysteries please.
Believe it or not . . .
They do a good job of creeping you out. I do a bad job of listening to this before bed..
Oh my god! GET to the story
Fin Gomez
The most overworded podcast of ALL time. Get to the story!!
Review changed!
I’m just not sure what I’m listening to? Way to much babbling. I’m a fan of ghost story stuff, true crime, crazy folklore, anything creepy. This podcast popped up oh the suggested through some of the other podcasts. It’s not scary. It’s just babbling, and not good. Just total rambling off. And I get lost. You guys should cut the episodes down to 15-20 minutes and try staying on point. *** okay guys, you got me. Ive been listening to a couple episodes, the PGF Sox part episode(which apparently a ton of people don’t like but it got me into it) I went to give you five stars and noticed I’ve already reviewed and gave 1 star. I Somehow forgot then stumbled on it again and got myself hooked. I left the original part because i did want to say give it a chance if you’re on the fence and enjoy this type of podcast. It has a ton of positive reviews so they clearly know what they’re doing. the babbling is totally there but the guys do research and the show is put together pretty awesome with good sound and great quality. I’ve already started listening to other episodes as well. I noticed some of the older fans don’t like newer stuff. I’m all over the place not listening in any order and it’s all fine. I would say I found it interesting as I was listening to the PGF series how you kind of discredited the guy who said he wore the suit(was it Robert!?) and said he could be mixing up his stories. How the mind can make up false memories, how eye witness testimonies can be extremely unreliable( which I agree with), al though I got the impression you were totally on board to believe Bob Gimlins eye witness testimony. Anyway just an observation, I did really enjoy the PGF series and look forward to more, job guys.
My favorite podcast
Agent python
This show is great I am blown away by how in-depth they go on the subjects and the amazing people they get to interview. I really appreciate the time and effort the ARC and the hosts put into it. Of course some episodes are better than others I feel it depends heavily on the subject so if you don’t like an episode maybe try one with a different subject? I have listened to a bunch of different podcasts on the paranormal and this one is my favorite. Scot and Forest, keep up the great work!
Simply great
These two guys are true gentlemen and their work keeps getting better. Great yarns, no matter what you believe about some of these topics.
Y’all Are Dope
Ol' Fan Dude
Thanks for the hard work fellas. I love the content and your dedication to the creepy and cosmic. Keep it goin!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Distracting noises
I’m apparently one of the few people who don’t like this podcast. I just can’t get into it. It’s the format style. It comes off like a panel discussion (which is fine), but then come the sound effects. In my opinion, those sound effects really detract from the overall style. Only listened to two episodes and couldn’t go on. Maybe they get better (mainly by getting rid of the sound effects) with time, but the two I have listened to couldn’t keep my interest.
Please stop interrupting each other
I have listened to about 10 eps so far. Wonderful show, great research and well done. But please stop interrupting each other. It makes you sound like two giddy teenage girls taking about boys after school. It doesn’t fit in with the spooky/paranormal nature of the show, and really gets distracting and tiring after a few times. If you mispronounce something,just apologize and move on, dont spend 3 minutes talking about it. All in all great topics, just slow it down and let each other finish.
Listen To This Show.
Forrest and Scott are the most credible people to be relaying these legends. They provide an astonishing amount of research (pun intended) on such interesting topics. This show will not be pigeon-holed into one category- they cover everything and anything mysterious. I can’t even listen to the other paranormal shows I used to without coming away feeling that they lacked the amount of credible historical information, witness interviews, and expert interviews I have come to expect from these guys. What a great team, and hats off to the ARC; Astonishing Research Core. They are no joke. The sound design, format, and delivery are all impeccable on this show. Shoot, I don’t even mind their ad spaces, since they deliver them so well and aren’t annoying about it. This podcast will RUIN all other paranormal genre podcasts for you, in the best way possible.
Excellent show. Got me hooked immediately
I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts that cover the paranormal and supernatural and this is one of the best. The hosts, Scott and Forest, do a first rate job researching their topics and exploring it from so many angles, including asking skeptical questions and looking for holes in the stories. They are really interested in seeking the objective facts and some of their research takes very unexpected turns.
Great sound design and stories!
Love this podcast!!!!
I highly recommend this podcast. They thoroughly research every topic and clearly care about delivering the facts. I’ve been binge listening since I discovered them about a month ago and I love every single episode. Seriously, give this podcast a chance. You will not regret it.
Great!! Best show of its kind! Leave a rating!!5*****
Mark. Galassini
Well balanced, well researched! Well done!!! Just keeps on getting better and better! Come people leave a rating. They should be easily above 10 thousand by now. Mark in Milwaukee
The diet guy
Worth a listen
this podcast fell off a long time ago.
I wish it would fully die
This used to be my favorite podcast
astonishing J
Everything after the sallie house has been a disappointment, and they rarely have new episodes.
plutonium fallacy
are not alone
*sigh* I think I’m done with this podcast
Let me start with I loved this podcast. I’ve been a listener since 2015. My most consistent complaint over the years is the length of each episode and series of episodes. A 2 hour+ episode (or 8 total hours for a series) could easily be 45 minutes a piece. I appreciate their opinion on the topic, as that’s what makes them different from others, like Lore, but it gets a little excessive. Recently, there’s been so many interviews and throw away episodes that I stopped listening completely. The interviews are not great, and it’s honestly not why people enjoyed this podcast. It’s the storytelling and the energy with how it’s told that people were drawn here, like Amelia, Black Eyed Kids, Skinwalker Ranch, Shadow People and Dyatlov Pass. Now, we just listen to 2 hour episodes about why someone wrote a book.
Please Get to the Point
Jim Ohio1
I queued up the Ghosts of Ohio episode hoping for some fun stories about the Buckeye State. Instead the episode turned into an interminable love fest/guest background discussion that sucked the life out of my afternoon. Perhaps now I am a ghost?
One of the most questionable if not absolutely downright stupid things ever done. How’s that working out for ya? Tell us in a coupe years....
Shark jumping
This used to be a good podcast but apparently someone left an above ground swimming pool in the parking lot with a shark in it and these guys just had to fire up their motorcycles and jump it.
Should be great... but definitely isn’t
Please, please, please stop treating the listeners like we’re idiots. You come off as condescending and heavy-handed and it’s so disappointing bc your topics are great.
Nothing but the best!
I have was lucky enough to find Astonishing Legends shortly after they began in 2014, it quickly became my favorite podcast and still is today. The amount of research Scott, Forrest, and the rest of the ARC do to give an in depth look at each individual topic is truly astonishing. If you like a good mystery, are interested in cryptid’s and the paranormal or generally all things weird and unexplained listen Astonishing Legends, you will not be disappointed!
Great stories, funny puns. I love this podcast. Although I hate how you guys think you need to defend everything you say or do. Like 30 minutes of tangents defending everything each episode. If people take what you say poorly, apologize and move on. Because you guys make it clear what you mean, there will always be people looking for outrage over something. Every single podcaster deals with the same craziness.
Half n half
This show is about an equal share of really interesting paranormal stories and legends and complete free association. Also they don’t seem to take criticism that well but they have improved on stupid 10 minute fights about pronouncing “gif” and other words that are, admittedly, just as confounding as aliens. I myself am the oversharing type, so maybe I’m being a tiny bit harsh. The Somerton Man was the BEST though!
Great material, delivery marred by the constant interrupting of each other. It is maddening. Please- let each other finish a thought before you step all over each other. It will make for a MUCH smoother presentation!
Thoroughly Researched
Gurt McDirt
Terrible impressions.
I really enjoy the enjoyable/interesting parts, but it is so long-winded that those are on the sporadic side. Appreciate the research, thoroughness, and caution with their writing, but again — long-winded.
Great Show!!!
These guys do their research. Always enjoy listening : )
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