Imminent Disclosure? Part 2
Published January 22, 2018
114 min
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    How "credible" does an eye-witness have to be before their account of an Unidentified Flying Object is taken seriously?  Whom would you think is the most credible sort of witness for this type of impossible craft, aside from the beings or forces that made them?  How about an elite jet fighter pilot from the US Navy, highly trained to identify every known aerial threat – known to a conventional military, of course.  Tonight, we sit down again for Part Two with our friend Rob Kristofferson, from the Our Strange Skies podcast to discuss in detail the eye-witness report and related consequences of David Fravor, USN Ret., former Commanding Officer of Fighter Squadron VFA-41, who along with his Weapons Systems Officer Lt. Cmdr. Jim Slaight engaged a target that behaved like nothing they could imagine.  After hearing about Fravor's account, you just might start to believe that "Secret Machines" do indeed exist... and your next thought will be, "...well then, who, or what is controlling them?"  Get ready for some "Soft Disclosure" everyone. Visit our website for a lot more information on this episode:
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