Middle aged woman flirting with a murderer
Very one sided
So sad.
Journalism we all need to hear
I came across this podcast not too long ago. I’m sort of a late bloomer in the podcast world. This was the first one I listened to, and I was instantly hooked. I was completely oblivious to the case of Adnan. I feel as if Sarah truly dug into this case, and gave us all some great information. I also really enjoyed season three. It highlights the fact that racism is alive, and well. How young black men are stuck in this vicious cycle that they were born into. And boy howdy, I wanted to slap the teeth off that one judge. He has no business stepping foot into a courthouse, let alone being a judge. I digress, though. I hope there’s a season four. I have much respect for Sarah, and her team.
Can we remove the liberal tones on this!
Only a few episodes in on Season 1 and I can see the liberal bias here. Can we just get a a true podcast with no objectivity behind it!!
Downhill Quality
The first season was amazing. The second season was pretty good. The third season has got to be among some of the worst podcast episodes I’ve ever heard. The reporter completely lacks objectivity and continues to bash the police and pull the racism card until the very last episode. She quickly discards any other alternative. Let’s hope she does better next season.
I am a little late to this podcast but WOW. Just finished season one and can I say Daaaaammmm. Onto season 2.
Oops on Season 2
Phoenix, AZ loves you!
Sara- season 1 was awesome! I loved your story-telling. What the heck happened in Season 2? Please report the story without your fragrant Liberal sprinklings. So annoying!! I don’t care if the Union Captain has President Trump photos in his office. The election is over and the Left lost! Move on! Btw, I’m not a Conservative, but a former Chicagoan, and someone who is supportive of unbiased reporting. Come on girl!
Two thumbs up!!
Captain James T Terp
Great content! 5 stars!
Season 3
I just finished binge listening to season 3!! Phenomenal and sad at the same time. Great podcasting!
Houston in Mass
This podcast used to be good. Now it stinks.
This podcast is amazing, I love it!
This is what hooked me into listening to podcasts.
Best podcast along with Phoebe Judge. All time favorites.
Every episode excellent
MGM listener
Excellent, in-depth handling of each topic addressed. And just the right mix of information and commentary. I cannot wait for new episodes. I LOVE this podcast and I’m pretty picky.
Season by season breakdown.
Season 1: Five Stars The best podcast season I have ever heard, absolutely amazing. The way the season grips you and draws you in is unlike any other podcast I’ve ever found. Unlike many podcasts that simply tell a story that has been researched, this one investigates and researches on tape. Totally fascinating and unforgettable. I also love how Sarah keeps an open mind throughout. Season 2: Two Stars The second season is quite poor. Unlike the first season which keeps you listening, season 2 has the listener torturously forcing themselves through the season that has none of the things that made the first season great. Season 3: One Star Though season 2 is dull, it is not as bad as the third season. Season 3 is just plain old bad. Instead of keeping an open mind and showing both sides like she did in the first season, all Sarah does is try to say how bad the police and the criminal justice system are. The arguments are not fact based and are simply bad. The lies and bias are so thick it makes it impossible to consider this season anything more than another leftist propaganda outlet. Sarah only believes the people who are on trial and never, ever believes the police. She cynically says that racial bias is to blame for everything. Even when people are making totally reasonable arguments, if it cuts against the narrative and makes the law enforcement look like the good guys, Sarah somehow finds a way to make them out to be evil. Third season is not worth anyone’s time.
5 1/2 years
We get it already. Super whitey host & her super whitey cohorts come to tell the world how racist whites, cops, judges, guards, are mistreating criminal & gang member minorities for no reason except that they are racist!
Season 1 Excellent
Ken rochelle
Been binge listening for two days. I am like the podcaster. Constantly going back and forth: Guilty or Not Guilty. Great presentation. Really enjoyed the detailed information.
The fastes runner sonic
I don’t like season 1 because the narrower is kinda weird and her. Voice is.... off
Season 3 👎
Season 3 is so incredibly one sided. I live in Ohio, close to Cleveland, so I was very interested in listening to it. It could be really good just getting an idea of how the court system works but, what I’ve gathered from it so far; White people are bad, police are bad, city of Cleveland (police, judges) are racist
It’s just ok
I don’t understand the huge buzz about this podcast. I binged all 3 seasons in two weeks. I just don’t get why people act like this is there most hard hitting podcast. No answers have been given. It is vanilla fluff!
Season 1!!! Oh. My. Goodness.
The first season is the best. Beautifully written and very riveting. Must listen.
Self loathing
Brandon the beer guy
Season 1 was ok. Then season two was meh. Then season three was, well, impossible to listen too. I get it, police are bad and I’m white so I’m a horrible human.
The best
noha abroad
Season 3 may be the least flashy, but boy is it the most important, challenging, compelling. Brilliant reporting and storytelling.
Season 3
This season is so important and we need to talk about it. Just because you haven’t experienced institutional racism and discrimination doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, engrained in every city in this country. We need to amplify POC voices. Interview them. Give them the mic, and listen.
I’m so confused
christina jacuinde
I love your podcast how much u have try to figure out if he’s guilty or innocent Adnan Case is so difficult it’s hard to understand if he’s guilty or not guilty there’s too many things and questions Im wondering if you ever figured out if he’s actually innocent or guilty
Season 1 was phenomenal , then the wheels came off
Season one was incredible. Riveting, great story and even the end was perfect- because we just don’t know. SK was so good and she kept her mind open but pressed for the truth. Season 2 was less impressive. I missed SK doing the interviews and it felt she was detached. Didn’t love the season but it is hard to avoid a sophomore slump after season 1. Season 3 was just awful. Huckster journalism driven by personal agenda, cop bashing and race baiting. If SK could have maintained a professional detachment like she did in season 1 she could have done great things with this idea but she was so incredibly biased it was hard to listen to- I kept wanting to tell her to muzzle her opinion and just give me all the facts... aggravating. I don’t know that I am interested in another season of this which is sad because season 1 so so good I have been looking for them to catch lightening in a bottle again..
Self parody
You would think the editors of this podcast would at least want to give the appearance of objectivity, but I guess not.
Woah! Wow! Amazing!
I’m not even all the way through season 1 yet but I have heard of this case before. But this podcast goes way in depth and I can’t get enough! I am looking forward to many more episodes and cases! Thank you for a clear and concise, and very informative podcast!
Great, good, ok
Season 1 is AMAZING! Couldn’t stop listening. Season 2 was pretty good. Season 3 though 👎🏼
Season 1 Review
For how many people rave about this particular podcast, you’d think that something really enticing would happen. But then you’ll spend 12 hours of your life listening to mere speculation with no end result. I’m sick of all these investigative podcast that amount to no answers. Listen to To Live and Die in LA instead and get some well-earned satisfaction.
Season 3
Season 1 was mind blowing and I’m still obsessed about Adnan!!! I’ve stopped following the woman who shall be nameless as she keeps squashing Sarah Koenig without whom this matter would remain a footnote!!! Loved season 2, and the spin off!!! Such great investigative work!!!
Listen to it all
Season 2 was my favorite. Season 3 is a little tough to stick through at first if you’re not open minded with the issues in our criminal justice system. Overall great. I hope there is a season 4 soon.
Pretty bias
Narrator is pretty bias
Stop after Season 1
Season 1 was riveting and really asked the audience to make up their minds after getting the facts. Season 2 was fairly balanced but the story wasn’t interesting and was a let down after taking years to come out. Season 3 took even longer to be released was so biased and propaganda-heavy that I couldn’t listen beyond a few episodes. This podcast made podcast popular and had everyone in the country talking. Then they made a fatal flaw of taking too long to come out with a new season and further degraded the premise that the audience should make up their own minds with a political propaganda piece. Sarah Koening really is a failed, biased journalist that got lucky with season one and doesn’t know how to run a podcast or report the facts without letting emotion take over.
red beard jigs
I heard really good things about this podcast. Started off very easy to listen to and interesting. Then it just made me sick, Sick of the white people are bad, police are bad story.
Season 2
Season 2 is as good if not better than season one. A really quality show
I thought Seasons 1 and 2 were really good. I thought Season 3 started off just as good but the police bashing and liberal bias quickly ruined it.
Finished Season Two
Interesting reporting. The obvious goal, though, was to marshall sympathy for a deserter who abandoned his post. Biased and agenda-driven.
Was great until...
Loved the first 2 seasons. The facts were stated and story told. The third season clearly has a political agenda. Not interested in the police officer hating and white racism.
Adnan or Jay
It’s either Adnan or Jay that did this, I just can’t get past why would Jay jeopardize going to jail himself if this wasn’t true. Not finished listening yet but pretty close and I can’t shake that.
Had to quit on it.
The Great One ! !
First two seasons were pretty good. Season 3 was a lot about bashing law enforcement for everything wrong in the world. I had to stop 3 episodes in.
First season is the best!
Dauna J
Thanks for the first season!
I’ve been listening to serial for a little over a year and it’s the best thing I’ve done. Before listening I knew little about the judicial system, and more about what the news portrayed and how it presented crimes inflicted by civilians on police. Thank you! For shedding some light because even “criminals” are people. They exist. And once they get put into the system we forget that although they “may be safe from outside” there’s a whole other thing going on behind those walls. I’m glad that you gave Joshua a platform to share his truth about what does on. As for Jesse? ... I became more disappointed with his character after each episode because it kept getting worse. We need to fix the system. We need to really do something about it.
Stick with stories
I was hooked on season 1, as was everyone else. Season 2, eh. Still interesting and learned a lot. Season 3 was up in the air. I listened, I appreciate the effort of shining light on corrupt systems and again I learned a lot. But I do prefer the story told week by week. However—- I don’t believe season 3 was a biased opinion of a podcast. Sure I don’t agree with Sarah’s opinions (I.e. 10 years is long enough for murder) but I am a liberal who believes most police are protecting us however there are bad eggs who give them all a bad name. And I think the season tried to show you that. The cop who said this was how he was trained, perhaps someone will totally revamp that entire department so this stops happening. Hopefully season 4 is keeps me on the edge of my seat !
Season 3
jakob 13643
Bias liberal trash
Season 3
As a white person from a suburb of Cleveland, listening to the ins and outs of the justice system that operates under the surface, I’m horribly disturbed but not shocked. I realize the justice system is more the focus than the city, but the reactionary ideologies shown by law enforcement, judges, attorneys,etc. are run amok even where I live. This is the justice most people I’ve met envision. Cleveland is city of degenerate, white flight influenced populism. It’s a problem I think the city can only age it’s way out of. Excellent podcast.
Devolved into ignorant political bias
I couldn’t even stomach finishing the episode discussing community policing in Cleveland. Instead of learning about law enforcement relations, and how LE operations generally WORK, she chooses to take a flying leap into the abyss of finger-pointing leftist with a slice of racist accusations. Stick to impartial journalism, and sharing the stories of others. Otherwise you’re alienating a large amount of listeners.
Enraging, invoking, heart breaking, and impossible to look away from.
Enraging, invoking, heart breaking, and impossible to look away from. I hate that I don’t know where to start to try to be apart of the change, because we all, NEED to be apart of the change at a primal, cellular level. Even if it’s just education and awareness. I’m grateful that there are people out there like Sarah who work tirelessly to give us that material to educate ourselves and spread awareness to others.
season 3 is a snooze fest
there's no story here, just whining from defendants in criminal court - no actual story at all!!!
Good to Not So Good
Season 1 Great. Didn't care for the language in Season 2.
Biased Podcast
Houzz App Fan
Season 3: I couldn’t finish listening. I feel these stories are told with incredible bias. Every situation and case was completely downplayed as if every person being charged was 100% innocent. I couldn’t buy into all of the excuses.
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