Are we members of the SpitClan or FootWads?
Plum surprised
It’s a simple question... What do you call avid listeners of both podcasts? SpitClan AND FootWad both sound like something you might come across on the internet.....
Mr. Chavez Ravine
I need more takes from J-Griz.
This is THE Podcast
I have listened to this podcast now for 3 years. I don’t get the opportunity to talk fantasy or smack with my league and this podcast gets me as close to that as possible. Jason, Mike, and Andy are accurate. They’re funny. They’re ballers. Go listen and have fun. Thanks.
Amazing Podcast
Willem Brown
The Fantasy Footballers Podcast is possibly one of the best fantasy podcasts out there. The personalities on the show and the content make for guaranteed enjoyment, and will always get you your fantasy fix when there are no games to watch!
Fantasy Footballers
Absolutely love this podcast/YouTube channel. Very knowledgeable about matchups and tendencies. My favorite part is how neat the studio setup is and how they incorporate humor into the show.
Good Stuff
I had to little away the fantasy podcasts I listen to and was left with these guys. I respect them and find them to be highly credible voices for fantasy football.
Great listen and very knowledgeable
I love listening to the podcast at work. They are pretty funny and make the show engaging
Dr. 97
I listen to a couple of fantasy football podcast and this one is hands down the best one!
New to Fantasy, Great Podcast
For people who are new to fantasy football, this podcast is a must listen. It’s easy to fall in love with the personalities and get looped into the inside jokes. The podcast is full of knowledge and great news and helps answer questions about anything related to your specific type of league.
You guys keep me entertained every day. Love the insight and in-depth analysis. Seeking another #footclan title this year. I’m off to a good start at 4-2 with a stacked lineup. Keep up the good work boys!
Best podcast I have on my list! GIVE IT A LISTEN!!
Great Podcast!
Jakeeee A
Great content! Love the podcast!
Trade Question
After this week I own Carson and Aaron Jones should I look to trade either of them for Bell
These guys are hilarious and provide great fantasy info!
I listen to every episode, year round to stay on top of all the fantasy info.
Very legit and entertaining, insights backed up with research and game script. The guys go with analytics and watch film themselves. Very good listen
Best Ff podcast
Love this podcast listen to it everyday!
For all the hard work and notes you give weekly very helpful
Secret Weapon
Bobby Nothwang
I wish this was true but it seems they have blown up and gotten too big to call them my secret weapon any longer. Obviously this has happened because of how awesome they are with analysis and delivery. The only thing I still have on my side is being a Footclan member so I get the secret perks of that to help me outshine my league mates. This year will be the year of my #footclantitle for sure
fix the app for iphone 5c
What should I do with miles sanders, David Montgomery and Sony Michell. Starters are Kerryon & Saqoun. Week 7
This show works
Newcomer 5000
This is my first year playing fantasy football and i listen to almost every episode of this podcast. I've listened to other podcasts and they stink compared to this one. Seriously, I've never played fantasy before and this podcast has helped me make all the correct decisions that have led me to my current 3-3 record. I couldn't ask for more.
Love this Podcast!!!
Marc Cuevas
The Fantasy Footballers Podcast has become my guilty pleasure. The guilt comes in that I won't every talk about the existence of this podcast to any of the other managers in my league!!! And the pleasure comes in the fantasy insight and banter between Andy, Mike and Jason. I started listening to the end of last year and can't not listen everyday this year. You won't find a more entertaining fantasy football podcast anywhere else A++++ show guys... Update: After creating my league 13yrs ago and never winning a championship I have finally climbed to the peak of my personal Mt. Everest and won my league's championship in large part to listening to this podcast!!!
The Lizard Kings themselves! Led by a man who can free hang for 5 straight minutes, a bearded & tattoo covered hit man, and NFL breakout rookie of the year Jason Moore! This podcast is a must listen
Great show!
It’s funny, family friendly and filled with great advice.
Good content
The show offers great content and advice for football fans and fantasy players. This would be an easy five star for me if it weren’t for the nonstop dad jokes and silly voices they constantly do. Sometimes I can’t make it through the full episode. These guys need to listen to their own shows, because they are just not near as funny as they think they are.
Love you guys
Best fantasy pod around
Winner winner chicken dinner
The best fantasy podcast hands down! The ballers always keep it fresh and never accept going with the industry standard.
The Best Fantsy Football Podcast
Best advice for all situations
You guys are awesome
First year listening and was very unprepared for my draft this year because I was working 60-70 hours a week. Listening to your podcast and purchasing the UDK I’ve been able to take my 8th out of 12 draft pick to 5-1 and face my toughest choice this week in deciding who to put in my flex McLaurin Michel or Robby Anderson in a ppr league. Thanks you guys.
Can we be friends?
I just want to hang out with these guys. So....can we?
This podcast is for Clever people
This Podcast gives great advice from the Pros perspective (J. Moore) while still playing in the league on the down low. Keep it up ballers.
Three Dads, one great show!
Not really into football, but any show that teaches me how to grill a mean stake has my attention. Jason’s soft words have taught me how to be a more passionate kisser and all around better hopscotch player. Mike has been there for me when my fourth grade best friend lost his aunt in a motorcycle accident that took the lives of 37 Chili’s employees. And Andy is on the show!
Best podcast out there
Big fantasy football guy and haven’t heard any podcasts that are even close to these guys. Daily listener.
Best fantasy podcast
MoMoney 2013
Must listen to these guys if you want to get upper hand in your league. Lots of informative advice and have 3 guys who give you advice and their opinion. Also, they have a new podcast thru out the whole week to help you out.
Great content
Love this podcast. The information provided has definitely helped me this season! Keep up the good work!!!
The guys are fun and pretty knowledgeable about moves to make. Great for commute and post often so you can always have something to look forward to!
These guys are my favorite podcast to listen to. For the casual fan and the die hard like myself. This podcast has been part of my daily routine for the past 4 years. I started listening for the advice, but I’ve stayed listening for the comedy.
Greatest fantasy football podcast
Besides great takes and information these guys are a blast to listen to!
Life saver!!
I love listening to this show and always helping me when I’m in a sticky situation
Best Fantasy Show out there!
Abel Juarez
These guys are the best. Funny and accurate analysis. Must listen if you play fantasy football.
One of the best fantasy football podcasts
The show is entertaining and informative.
Best podcast out there
The Fantasy Footballers
Love the advice & quick witted & chuckles from the crew Adam , Jason & Mike (The Hitman) ! Keep bringing the insights boys !!
fun but some discomfort
john ben k
hut hut hike! some of the top fantasy football boys i’ve heard in both acumen and humor. they do have a naughty habit of making bets where the stakes are the winning boy waterboarding the losing boy. 5 stars if they would clean up their act! football!
Best in the nation
Al Kanaka
You will not believe how I went to diamond stays on yahoo in my leagues. Go for it and start improving your fantasy game.
Entertaining and fresh fantasy football review
Love listening to these guys every week, they are entertaining, fun, and are able to connect well with the audience.
1st time listener and hooked!
I first heard of these guys in the Lefkoe Show podcast. Once I listened to the first FFB podcast I was hooked. Great blend of info and entertainment. The guys have a good chemistry and it’s easy to see why this is the top ranked fantasy football podcast! Great job guys! Listening everyday now!
These guys are awesome!
This podcast will help you win! Listen and make smart decisions! Makes fantasy football even more apart of your life!!
Looooovvvveeeee iiiiitttttt
I listen on YouTube mainly cause I do like the visual of seeing who is talking, but I love listening to their advice and also the water bets are interesting to watch and something I wouldn’t mind incorporated into something with my friends
Best FF podcast out
These guys are accurate and entertaining.
Best Fantasy Podcast Ever!
These guys are the best!
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