Solid space science
Good interviews with knowledgeable scientists and others in space technology. I could do without some of the jokes, but that is a minor thing.
Usually good
This is usually a great podcast. The space force episode was a bit annoying though. Let’s leave political opinions out of it. Leave that guest out of future podcasts if you guys can. Tired of hearing about Trump, and that seems to be his fixation.
Just Great!
I’m always excited to listen. Matt Caplin is outstanding at presenting space and technology information with genuine enthusiasm. Unfortunately there’s been more of Casey Drier lately, who comes across as an arrogant hack only interested in money and politics. I usually skip his segments or delete the show if it’s just him. And I can’t not mention Bruce, awkward yes, but awesome space facts!
Hear from the Space Advocates!
The Planetary Society has been advocating for astronomy, space exploration, and related science since 1980. Their podcast is a great way to tune into the pulse of the state of space! The hosts are extremely knowledgeable yet still very personable. This is a great way to learn about everything related to space, and to know how to support space exploration.
Should be better than it is
Whenever this comes into my feed, I read the description of the episode and look forward to hearing it because it sounds so interesting. But then I end up turning it off after a few minutes because the voice of the show, Mat Kaplan, is so annoying to listen to. He sounds like he was hired because he has an old-school radio announcer’s voice, all show business and insincerity. The podcast sounds like AM radio, cheesy and loud. Too bad, because the topic is so interesting.
Awesome podcast from an awesome organization
So cool to hear straight from the thinkers & doers in the study & business of outer space. One of my all-time favorite podcasts.
Love the podcast. Best overview with what is going on in space especially for time poor fan. Long time member for over 20 years!
My old sponge-brain is happy
Thru-Way Nick
I love the content and pace of this podcast. Hear the inner workings of space and science. And Bruce's Random Space faaAaAAaa🎵cts.
Always worth a listen!
Space lovers will find this show incredible. Those new to space or slightly interested will find the show informative, high quality, and an opportunity to dig in a little deeper. The episodes are very relevant to current events in space. The host Mat Kaplan does a great job articulating the topics and questions. Everyone in the show is passionate about their field/projects and it really shows through in the programming. Ad Astra!
Love learning space policy!
Thanks to this podcast I joined the planetary society. I’m not the most active member but I’m still really glad I joined/donate. When LightSail 2 flew, I got to tell my co workers I funded .001% of the craft.
Very entertaining and educational podcast!
I’m so happy I found this podcast! I started on the episodes from 2018 and I listened to it every day. After two weeks I’m caught up and on the current episode and I can’t wait for the next one to come out! So educational and also very entertaining. I really love the “what’s up” segment because I love to go outside and look at the stars but I don’t know much about how to find the planets and constellations. But they tell you what’s in the sky and where to find it! All in all this is an amazing podcast that I am happy I stumbled upon!
A joy to listen to
i like podcasts and turtles
This podcast always brightens my day. In a world where so much negativity exists, this is truly a welcome burst of positivity to raise my spirits. An absolute joy to listen. I’m grateful for all of the hard work that goes into it.
Love this podcast so much!
I wake up every Wednesday morning (plus one Friday morning per month) and think to myself, “New Planetary Radio episode today! Sweet!”. I then refresh my podcasts often until it’s actually posted. Matt is a great host, while the guests and content are always quality. A newer listener, but definitely a listener for life. Can’t wait until I graduate grad school, get a job, and can manage to start donating to the Planetary Society!
Keep Bill Nye off the podcast!
Bernie Zack
Generally, the content is good, but in the live episode featuring Bill Nye, you tanked. It would have been a good episode if you kept him from speaking. He added nothing to the program, and the way he talked to the kids made me want to vomit. I understand that the audience was young, but they weren’t infants. Everyone else on the panel talked to them appropriately, but Nye talked to them as if they were 2 years old. Arrogant and condescending. Really, not your best work. Please stick with real planetary scientists to interview, who can actually contribute something of value in the future.
Great Podcast
As a space enthusiast I always look forward to the weekly radio show! The monthly Space Policy Series is great to because it clues you in on what’s going on in DC in regards to space. I highly recommend this podcast!
Excellent for space exploration news
Been listening for about a month and am loving it. They seem to open every show with updates on all the active space missions, which is what I was hoping for when I subscribed. They also go into space laws/policy from time to time. The host’s enthusiasm for space feels authentic and charming. This is a great podcast for the space exploration enthusiast!
Informative & Entertaining
I stumbled by accident across this podcast, and I’m glad I did. Mathew Kaplan has great guests, explains current happenings across the solar system and beyond in an understandable and fun way, and his enthusiasm for all this planetary is contagious. I look forward to the “What’s Up” segment at the end of each podcast. Keep up the great work!
They go from strength to strength.
La Manifesta
I get excited every week when I see that there's a new edition of the Planetary Radio podcast, or the monthly Space Policy Edition. They provide fascinating, up-to-the minute talks with everyone from astronauts to academics, and I always learn new things about science, history and politics. The Planetary Society staff is full of smart, cool, fun people, and it's a continual pleasure to listen to Mat Kaplan, Bruce Betts, Emily Lakdawalla, Casey Dreier, Jason Davis and the rest, including CEO Bill Nye (cooler than whom you do not get). I'm a longtime admirer of The Planetary Society's work, so I was a member for years before I discovered the podcast, but if the only thing my membership paid for was the podcast, I would consider it money well spent. And I will not rest until I win the space trivia contest!
Awesome show!
Of all the podcasts I’ve listened to on any subject, Planetary Radio is the most professional podcast out there. Mat Kaplan and team do an exceptional job on sound quality, flow of conversation, and preparation for each show. Good job Planetary Society! You make all the rest sound like amateurs!!
A weekly dose of hope!
I’d never heard of The Planetary Society before beginning to listen to this podcast four years ago while performing tedious experiments in grad school... today I realized that I’ve been taking their existence for granted since then. No matter what doom and gloom is swirling around the news, this podcast reminds us in charming fashion that humanity is constantly solving mind-blowing challenges I didn’t even knew existed purely to learn more about how we fit in to the universe we live in. I don’t know about you, but that’s something I can look forward to every week. Check it out!
I love astronomy
I love this podcast. I really like the radio host. And I love the Watts up feature. I would give it five stars.
Simply the best
stan in Brooklyn
In my opinion Planetary Radio is the most professional and quite simply the best astronomy podcast available. Mat’s guests are among the leading voices in the field and the show is always highly entertaining as well as informative. Kudos to Mat and the Planetary Society for this weekly treat!
Essential listening for the space enthusiast (or simply curious)
I look forward to each week’s show, as it keeps me informed about the big as well as obscure news on planetary exploration. You’ll find reporting on research findings of past missions, status updates on current missions and what to expect from future missions. With interviews of leading scientists, mission personnel, space advocates and a staff of experts, there’s always something to learn and to get excited about. The regular segments include What’s Up in the night sky as well as a challenging trivia contest. Well worth your time!
This is a must listen every week!
Planetary Radio is one of the best podcasts bar none! The interviews are insightful and very informative and gives you the opportunity to be educated on a myriad of space topics. Mat Kaplan is a great host and has a great conversational interview style; you can tell how passionate he is about anything and everything that's discussed. This is also the only place to get your weekly Bruce Betts fix! Keep up the good work!
Absolutely the best!
Have been a listener since 2008. Absolutely love this show. I’ve learned so much over the years about astronomy and space, and current events involving the space program. I ended up becoming a member of the Planetary Society as a result. The hosts are amazing and easy to listen to. Matt Kaplan, Bruce Betts, Emily Lakdawalla are true professionals in their fields and are are an absolute pleasure to listen to. Plus let’s not forget Bill Nye and Robert Picardo who round off the show into a complete experience online and beyond. Thanks for all the hard work you all put in. For those of you who may just be starting to listen to podcasts or finding them on your local NPR stations or wherever else, give them a shot. It’s well worth it!
The Best!
If you want to stay current on NASA missions, know about space policy, have a few good laughs or learn some random space facts then this is the place for you as well as me.
The Go-to Podcast for Space and Planetary Science News and Advocacy!
Bobby PK
I've been a member of the Planetary Society almost since the beginning, but a bit of a late-comer to the podcast (only within the last 5 years). Mat Kaplan is your guide to the latest technology supporting planetary exploration (a recent program on "PlanetVac," for example!) and interviews with science and science fiction visionaries (Mat's interviews of Freeman Dyson and Kim Stanley Robinson are personal favorites!) The news is delivered with humor as well, which is a definite plus! Listen to the podcast and join the Planetary Society!
A weekly must
I love this and one of the few podcasts I listen to every week. I love the monthly deep dive is great too. Proud of this show as a member of the Planetary Society.
So great!
I am in love with planetary radio. I listen to this podcast all the time! The guests are fascinating and informative, the science discussed is wide ranging and interesting, and the personalities are engaging and funny. Perfect.
Doesn't matter how much you know
Such a fantastic podcast about current events. News, policy, and interviews with incredible scientists and engineers. Very accessible to people without relevant backgrounds. A great way to get even more excited about space!
If you’re reading Astro pod reviews, this is for you
Mainscout Skaptia
Consistently good content, keep up the good work.
One of the best Science Podcasts there is!
I love this show. Ad Astra!
Randy Hultgren? Seriously?
Usually a terrific podcast for fans of facts and science. But in the 2/14/2018 episode, Congressman Randy Hultgren was interviewed. It’s impossible to take anything this anti-science, climate change denier says seriously. Why would the Planetary Society waste its normally enriching and fact-based airtime on this ignorant bigot? Nothing he says should be taken seriously, and if you think he’ll be a “friend” to planetary science, think again. He wants intelligent design taught in schools! For the first time, I stopped listening to an episode before it was over. Please stay true to your mission of being fact-based in the future. Thank you.
In Depth Science News
Thank you Matt and team for this great podcast - one of my "must listen" podcasts. I love the interviews with folks currently working on NASA or other space agency science projects. The What's Up segment is my favorite - I often use Bruce's information the following early morning when I walk the dogs & look up at the stars & planets. Thank you!
Fantastically Educational
This podcast is fantastic! While it doesn’t have the comedy-education blend, the hosts and the guests are so enthusiastic about what they’re discussing that I absolutely love this show. I love Space Science and this helps teach me about it! Well done, Planetary Society!!
Great Podcast!
Thanks Matt and all. I truly enjoy the content of Planetary Radio and wish you guys fair solar winds and following cosmic seas as Light Sail 2 progress towards launch. Go Falcon Heavy Go! The interviews with NASA scientists are always worth my time and, incidentally inspired a visit to JPL earlier this summer. Equally important are the shows that provide legislative updates - I appreciate this information immensely. Awesome Podcast and I will “keep looking up at the night sky” whenever I have the chance. Cheers!
This podcast consistently supplies great material. Keep up the good work and thank you to everyone at the Planetary Society!
Wonderful podcast
The folks at Planetary Radio take space exploration and news and create a fun and smart podcast. I never miss an episode and listening to the scientists leading our ongoing missions is a real treat. Where else do you have the opportunity to listen to astronauts, astrophysicists and mission commanders every week! Make it a must listen on your pod rotation.
It's great
So glad I heard this on the radio road trip then discovered it was a podcast too!!!
Excellent podcast
I'm really happy to find this podcast. It is well produced and full of information and gentle humor. It is a great place to keep up with everything going on with space exploration. It is free of the cynical ironic snarkiness that dominates so many podcasts. Instead, you hear genuine enthusiasm and excitement in the reporting.
Bill Nye not a science guy
Bill's unwillingness to except data opposing global warming casts doubt on his objectivity. Which by extension, casts doubt on the validity of his comments on every topic. Please take a step a back out of the spot light and abandon the PC rhetoric.
Always informative and entertaining
This is easily my go-to podcast every week. Mat Kaplan and the entire crew make me proud to be a Planetary Society member. This is an indispensible podcast for staying on top of the latest in space science, policy and exploration, as well as a way to, as Society CEO Bill Nye says, communicate the PB&J (passion, beauty and joy) of space exploration. Ad astra!
Go Planetary Society!!
As a member, I am proud of this great podcast. And if you are reading this and aren't a member, you should 1) really listen to this great podcast and 2) become a member. The show focuses on a wide variety of topics and really provides a lot of insight into how space exploration and planetary science actually works behind the headlines and very few factoids you get from most news sights.
Great Show!
I'm so thankful that this podcast is free. wish more people knew about it!
Excellent News Source
Excellent show. Very informative about the latest astronomy/science news yet easy to understand and entertaining. I love the fact that the planetary society advocates for space exploration. We need to make congress know we care about space exploration.
An institution
Lao ba
Amazing insight into the space community...even more so as it's weekly!
I absolutely love this podcast! It is a great way to stay up to date on gongs going on with planetary exploration that is presented in a clear concise way. Keep up the good work guys!
Soooo good
Love Star Talk? Give this show a shot!
Great Podcast
Are you interested in space exploration? This is the podcast for you! Get updates about everything space related!
Fantastic podcast. Never miss it.
Compelling, well produced. Always interesting. Easily one of the best podcasts available.
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