Great Show
Robby Raz
This show was really interesting to listen to. Great insight
Tremendous !!!
Bryan in Scottsdale My FAV pod by a mile. Perfect for the NFL & Draft junkies as well as a tremendous tram building perspective that with applications of to football and beyond. Like a graduate class on building culture for football and anything involving leadership & culture. Q: Detroit’s Matthew Stafford has never garnered the national attention he deserves. He’s an absolute ironman (broken vertebrae not withstanding). His arm talent is rivaled only by Pat Mahomes (in my opinion). If you were Bob Quinn why not shut him down for the year and maximize Draft positioning? What position/s should this franchise be angling to upgrade? The D is abysmal with a defensive-minded HC and it appears Kerryon Johnson isn’t the answer. What positions would you be targeting if you were in charge of roster building?
Great NFL team-building podcast
Great podcast that details the nitty gritty of building and maintaining a successful team in the NFL. I’d like to hear more about Bucky’s first year coaching at Granada Hills Charter. What offense did he implement, and why? What was the culture before/after the first year? How did you deal with players who didn’t buy in? Etc.... Keep up the great work!
Blue chip
You guys are the best; thank you for sharing your knowledge and love for the game P.S. Go Raiders!!!
Epic interview with Urban Meyer!
Evan Money
Best interview of ALL TIME! Well done Guys. Quick question: What suprises you most about the NFL?
Urban for President!
Tony the G.O.A.T.
Already a great podcast, then you bring “Coach” Meyer on! Love it! Coach Meyer, all of us in Buckeye nation love ya!
Urban Myers lovers
Informed Listener2
Urban Myers refused to do anything about one of nhis coaches beating the hell out of his wife for years on end & these guys interview him (Myers) about creating a "winning culture"?! What about a culture that allows wife beatings so long as it doesn't effect "the locker room" is winning? Myers said he allowed the beatings to continueunreported because he was "trying to save a marriage". (Aapparently) Move The Sticks believes that garbage. Completely tone deaf. WOMEN ARE PEOPLE! Their fates matter just as much as men's fates do AND it's our job as men to protect them, not terrify them!!
Ryan C Johnson
Who is the best running back duo in the league?
Great job guys!
This pod is great for us fans that love to hear about the Scouting aspect of the game. Great insight and some college stuff too. Can you please help settle a question between Cowboys and Eagles fans...who do you guys think is the better QB? Just based on stats and wins alone, Dak is clearly superior. But a lot of fans continue to say Wentz, which I think has to do with his draft position.
Love the Pod gentlemen!!!
Buffalo Bills and Beane’s “Process” with him sticking to his plan, what do you see the next phase being? We have plenty of money to use in FA. We need a #1 WR, DE, OL and IDL. With him building they the draft do you see him spending in 2020 or 2021? I look forward to your pods every week. Love the team building breakdowns y’all do. Thank you for the amazing content and knowledge.
Question- Building a team around players
There have been lots of talk about Chase Young (Rich Eisen show) about being a generational talent. Not saying they are slotted in the same category on your board, but there has been some hype about Isiah Simmons from Clemson as a top 10 guy. How do teams decide which players to build there team around (more philosophically than needs based) ? Players like Chase Young are exceptional at one position. Players like Simmons / Myles Jack are above average at multiple positions. How do GMs decide on picking players to build a team around one’s that are exceptional at one position or more versatile players that might be above average? Perhaps Epenesa vs Simmons is a better discussion. Sorry for the long question.
Its good
Best football podcast for pure analysis
Culture Question
Ian Allen1
Simply a great podcast. You can learn a lot from these guys not just football related topics but also team building, leadership, and culture. Im excited to see the future growth of the pod. Question: Bill Walsh said that he was only really competing against 8 teams because he believed there were only a handful of teams with championship culture. How many and which teams do you believe have championship culture in the NFL today?
Great insights into nuances of the game
Brian in Philly
Love how DJ & Bucky cover the nuances of the different positions and how the player evaluations need to be different at each level. As a Jets fan I’m already familiar with how teams can screw up player evaluations; as a Villanova grad, I’m curious how scouts adjust evaluations and their processes for lower division athletes as compared to FBS, and if any teams traditionally have better success with scouting these levels?
Surprising rookies
Are there any late-round players that have overplayed their draft spot or surprised you?
Lessons Learned
Love the Hits and Misses segments. What I’d like to hear more from them is is the misses have changed your evaluation process/criteria. What have you learned from each and taken forward? There is some talk of how your notes did identify some issues but what made you discount those and how do you rebalance criteria in the future?
Fire Brett Veach??!!?! thoughts would love get opinion.
Other than trade for Kendall Fuller and extend Tyreek Hill, it seems every other move Brett Veach has made is terrible. - Overpaid Anthony Hitchens, who ever since he signed with KC, he’s been one of the worse linebackers if not the worse. (Broncos game does not count that offense is terrible) - Overpaid Frank Clark, who has been the worst defensive player in football. (Once again, Broncos game does not count that offensive line is terrible) Also gave up a first round pick in the process. - IMO overpaid Tyrann Mathieu, he wasn’t great last year and that was playing behind JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, and Whitney Mercilus. So far he isn’t playing up to his contract. He hasn’t drafted well either (or not nearly as well John Dorsey anyway). Its hard to watch the defense play as bad as it has, the Denver game being the exception (we won’t get the luxury of playing Denver every game). And knowing we’re tied up to these terrible contract we won’t be able to bring back our best defensive player Chris Jones, especially if Patrick Mahomes is going to get the rumored 200 mil contract. It’s going to be hard to compete for championships now that teams have figured out how to beat the chiefs. And maybe Brett Veach is the reason Kansas City won’t win and possibly wastes the talent of this offense that the previous regime has built. BTW BIG FAN OF THE POD, best sports podcast, and if you hadn’t noticed I’m a big chiefs fan Luis from San Diego
Playcaller and Qbs
Jub Jub 247
Would you guys expand upon the necessity to match a QBs playing style with the nature of the play caller? I think some executives miss out on this. A great aggressive play caller can only get so much out of a conservative QB and vice verse.
Best NFL and college football podcast
Best podcast for NFL and college football. Informative, interesting and funny. Love DJ and Bucky.
Hey DJ and Buck. Love the pod! Been a fan of you two for years and love tuning into you guys around draft time especially. Because of you two (and Mayock) I have closely followed the draft process since I was 15! Anyways, as a Niner fan, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the notion that good teams HAVE to make a move at the trade deadline to put them over the edge. The word in the Niners community is that not trading for an elite WR by the deadline could cost us deeply in the post season. As a Dodger fan too I’ve also been guilty of the trade deadline angst, but I just can’t say that I feel this way with the Niners. For one, I think we’ve built this team correctly by not over-pursuing trades like the 2nd overall pick (which turned out to be Bosa) for OBJ, and other trades of that magnitude. Two, I think “next man up” has worked out great for us, and even though that’s largely due to coaching, it still makes a strong case for us to lean on what we got. Emmanuel Mosley has stepped up big time at corner, and Justin Skule has filled in admirably for Staley all at no cost to us. And now seeing the Rams mortgage a huge part of their future to try to make a bigger push now, I can’t help but feel like we are outsmarting the league by staying out of this trade madness. What do you think? Am I too confident in our own guys because they haven’t been an issue yet, or are the many fans who feel like we are one player fair to be concerned? In your experience, what usually is the mentality of a successful GM? Thanks for your time. Tyler
Curse of 400 / Panthers
My favorite NFL podcast. Great variety of topics and genuine humor. Question for your consideration- the curse of 400 - panthers and Christian McCaffrey- is this setting up to be a big fall in his 3rd or 4th year? I like what you’ve discussed RE Cam Newton and his usage but wonder if the bigger question medium to long term might be McCaffrey’s workload and future Mark - long suffering browns fan going back to Red Right 88
Terry McLaurin
Look forward to the new episodes each week! I’m a Redskins fan and one of the only reasons to watch the games this year has been our rookie WR Terry McLaurin. How has he looked to you guys so far and how does that compare to how you had him graded coming up to the draft?
Favorite football podcast
Definitely my favorite podcast on iTunes. One question: How do you feel so far about the moves Mayock/Gruden made in the offseason. Especially Mayock and the draft because of your relationship with him
What is Joe Burrow NFL Potential
Matt Brodeur
I am a huge fan of the show and the work you guys do. Also, love that Rhett is now part of Monday’s show, I think y’all have great chemistry. My question though is what is your evaluation of LSU QB Joe Burrow? All the hype so far for the top quarterbacks for the 2020 draft has been with Tua and Herbert, but it could be argued that Burrow has been the QB so far this season. Thank you, Matt Brodeur
One of my top football sources!
The work that you guys do is great and I have a great appreciation for it! I can honestly say that I consider the show, a part of my week. My questions for you guys is, what is the best way to learn scheme? Do you all have any recommendations for learning scheme in books, videos, etc?
Dabo interview
That was a great interview with Dabo Swinney. I’ve heard before that he does not recruit transferring students. We here in Southern Colorado are in the middle of D-2 country, which includes several D-1 transfers. Do you guys ever evaluate D-2 athletes? Or is there just no time available
I’m a technician down in Austin ,Texas love the show wanted see what you guys think is the problem with the Chicago Bears.Super bowl defense/ but the offense struggles I think Kyle long is on his last leg and someone needs to show Nagy what the 49ers are doing.I like Mitch, and think he can be good but he’s not looking like the guy who drove down field to put Cody parkey in game winning FG position.He is getting close to that 40 games played mark.with 2 second round picks would you strengthen that O line or try and get yourself a new starting QB
Fantastic Show!
Former QC guy who is loving all the Prototype shows, love all the little details, still watch a ton of film on Game Pass and good to listen to discussions like this to keep sharpening my knowledge. Thanks for putting it together! Also, didn't have the question when I first reviewed, but when evalutating offensive linemen, how do you value dominance vs consistency? I thought of the question when you were talking about different flavors of centers (love the idea to break up the draft preview that way), and wondered whether you'd prefer to have an offensive lineman who doesn't make mistakes but isn't really moving guys, or a lineman who sets the tone but might get lazy with technique a few plays each game. If it's not too much, I'd also love to hear thoughts on how you build the group of 5 style-wise, do you want 5 of the same or a mix! Thanks again for all the shows!
A podcast on a different level
This podcast is everything you’d want from a show about football. As the kind of person that grew up spending way too much time looking at mock drafts and dreaming up ways my favorite NFL team could finally assemble a roster great enough to win a championship, this podcast is everything I could hope for. DJ and Bucky are excellent with their analysis of roster composition, player evaluations, and team-building strategies. They don’t just stop at saying how good or bad a team/player is but, rather, fully explain the nuances of how player talents, scheme fits, and team cultures all culminate into the product you’re seeing on the field. Their depth and breadth of draft analysis is also among the best out there and it’s awesome to hear their stories and insights from their personal experiences in the scouting world. This show is great for football lovers, whether NFL or college. Very thankful to be able to listen to these guys every week! Question for DJ and Bucky: when it comes to the Saints’ likely draft strategy this upcoming spring, do you believe Sean Peyton will do everything within reason to ensure he gets a player of immense raw talent like Jordan Love to be his future QB considering his plan to pick Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 draft before he was leapfrogged by Andy Reid and the Chiefs?
Fantasy Football!
No comment thank you
I listen mainly to fantasy football pods but this helps tremendously with player evaluation for any keeper and dynasty leagues. Also, learning how to put the pieces together with your current roster and influx of new talent is always an interesting topic when trying to make a championship roster. Great job fellas! Edit: How is Saquon not the closest thing to Barry Sanders??? He is the 2.0 version of him. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Fan Question
I have a two part question. If the Titans do decide to move on from Marcus Mariota, would it be wise for him to go behind a Phillip Rivers or Tom Brady to sit and develop more for a year or two? Second, would the Titans be wise to move towards more of a strong arm QB that can stretch the field like a Joe Burrow or Jordan Love instead of game manager type like Mariota and Jake Fromm? Burrow’s attitude would be a complete 180 from the way Mariota operates and would be refreshing to the fans to have a QB with some moxie to him. Thanks guys.
Hajriz Aliu
Hajriz Aliu
I want to be able to work for you guys, for FREE. Just need an opportunity to be in the same room as you all. My question is how can I work for you all? You have a 23 year old hungry to get into this business who listens to your podcast to learn as much as possible. I am writing and watching film for 25 hours a week + working a 6 AM - 5 PM job. You won’t get someone who will work so hard to earn a chance to learn from you guys. Just graduated from Pacific Lutheran University,served as the Team Captain on the football team, 190 LB defensive end who was amongst conference leader in TFLS, sacks and defensive Touchdowns. I am starting to scout the “draft eligible” defensive players for the 2020 NFL draft in my conference since I have access to all of the games. I am also from east county San Diego and a war refugee from Kosovo. I fought hard to be where I am today. Thank you
Great podcast! Need more Falcons content.
Love the podcast! The falcons have been extremely disappointing this season. It seems like the talent is there, but it doesn’t translate to on-field wins. What is the solution to fixing the Falcons?
Really Great Insight
When they have coaches and scouts on and talk about the process and everything it’s really really interesting and you learn a lot about how to watch football and recognize things more closely. The only reason I went 4 instead of 5 is I’ve noticed after several years of listening that they’ll do a lot of hedging their bets. For instance, they’ll say player X reminds them of mediocre player Y but has the potential to be Superstar Z. If the player plays well, they jump on the hype train “I always said he could be Z. He has all these traits” but then when that player has a 2-3 game stretch of bad performances it’s “Well I have in my notes that he was closer to X than Z I just couldn’t say that before it happened”. They’ve done it with a bunch of players, especially QBs. They’ll probably do it with Lamar Jackson next, I’m sure. TL;DR Great insight and ways to look at the game, College/Offseason shows are >>>>>> better than the regular season breakdowns because they flip flop to the extremes.
Fan question
A&T grad
Couple weeks ago I watched the under the radar QB you guys love from Utah state but couldn’t help but notice wake forest QB Jamie Newman jumping off the screen and he’s been doing it week after week. How well do you think his game translates to the next level?
Future GM Question
Derek M Football
Hey guys! Great meeting DJ at the Personnel Symposium. Everyone talks about NFL coordinators who might get a shot at a head job. Who are some Assistant GM’s, DPP’s, Pro and College directors around the league that we should have on our radar for GM jobs in the next few years? -Derek
What do you guys look for when scouting a MLB and Safety in today’s game
I absolutely love the podcast. Guys who have been in the business and really know what they’re talking about. Bucky and DJ have great chemistry. If I’m picking between App State and UNC - I’m siding with Bucky, but A Buckeye I’ll always be. Keep up the great work guys, I listen to every episode and truly appreciate the hard work and accuracy of information. It’s a must download/subscribe for football junkies.
Love the Podcast!
I enjoy the type of content that y’all put out that help me learn and understand the game of football better every time I listen. Keep up the great work guys! Question: I know that it’s still too early to say if Brissett is the Colts Franchise QB or not but if you could pick a QB that is likely to come out in next year’s draft that fits best in Reich’s scheme, which QB(s) should they pick or look at?
Amazing Standard Set For Scouting
Nobody does it better than DJ and Bucky. As an avid football fan and amateur scout these guys and their guests have taught me so much about the game of football. Now I know what to look for to better understand the “chess match” on the field as well as what traits to look for in players who have the chance to take their games to the next level. Their insight is fresh, their personalities charming, and their wit funny. This is a must listen to Podcast for anyone that wants to learn more about the game of football and have a good time doing it! Keep up the good work fellas! Question: with more “slash” like players (QB/RB/WR/TE) making and instant impact in the NFL, like Taysom Hill, do you see more NFL teams drafting these types of “do-it-all” offensive weapons, and if so what next generation college players can you see being drafted in the next couple of years that can fit this type of role? Thanks for considering my question fellas.
Coaching Opportunities
DJ & Bucky, why won’t NFL offensive and defensive coaches take high vis HC opportunities at collegiate level? Bill ‘O’Brien route, I think of KC’s offensive coordinator.
Full Props to you guys!
Horse riding queen
Love, Love, Love your podcast....been listening for 2 months now and never miss an episode . Going to side with DJ on ASU vs UNC (sorry BB). Live near Boone and am a longtime Carolina Panther fan. Question to you QB#1 done?
Great insight
I love these guys. Awesome insight into the NFL and also college football and how it relates to the NFL. Question: Since y’all were talking about how much more analytics has grown in the college recruiting dept, do you think someone like Randy Moss would have been drafted higher if there had been that type of info available at that time? Being a lifelong Vikings fan, I still get chills watching him jump over and run away from defenders! Thanks!
Move the Sticks
Canton is the Cradle
DJ sounds like a great family man. However, he’s all personality with no aptitude for scouting. Bucky is a good scout.
What about the Packers D?!
LOVE this show! But man, you gotta acknowledge when Rodgers finally has a defense! COME ON MAN!
Worth its weight in gold
Coach Foster 24
DJ and Bucky have been blessing the football purists with loads of tangible content that goes beyond just headline content coverage. Depending on the season you get game follow up analysis coupled with upcoming predictions; full draft coverage with breakdowns and comps with interviews of prospects coaches and those close to the upcoming prospect class; lastly you get upcoming breakdowns of free agency and this summers prototype series was phenomenal to say the least this podcast is for the passionate and football junkies of the world sit back and soak up the knowledge like a sponge.
For Football Addicts
Alec JM
This podcast is great for those who like in-depth football analysis. Bucky and Jeremiah do a fantastic job creating interesting topics and supplementing the podcast with great guest interviews.
The best
DJ/ Buck/ Rhett just have the perfect demeanor and teach you about what makes this game the most complex and nuanced game in sports.
Amazing! I love it!
Miky Smyth
I have listened to this podcast during the NFL Draft and their new Prototype Series and I love it. Both DJ and Bucky are very knowledgeable in football and they offer insights into the game that make me feel like a pro scout. They do not disappoint. Give them a listen if you want to learn even more about the game, from both former players and former scouts. I love what they have done with this podcast and I have no doubts that it will continue to make me an even better fan of the game.
Kart man johnson
I’m just sitting here on the CORNER of AWESOME and AMAZING! A big thank you to DJ and Bucky for out of this podcast. Ideas from me👍🏽 1. Segment celebrity predictions of games. Keep a tally of who wins and why they chose the team. 2. Segment-. Players out of the league -. Barry Sanders-. Jim kelly- Jim brown - deion Sanders- Peyton manning
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