284 - Weight Loss & Wellness Habits
Published June 14, 2019
46 min
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    Every weight loss and wellness journey is different. Everyone has their own unique story to tell and I don’t know about you, but when I hear how someone made a drastic change to their health and well being, it motivates me to do the same!

    So, I wanted to invite Kelly Leardon onto the podcast to talk about her wellness journey because not only is it inspiring, but she actually used a lot of the same methods we talked about in the previous episode of the podcast – “Lisa’s Wellness & Weight Loss Journey.”

    In this episode, we dive deep into what Kelly did to boost her nutrition, lose weight, and get her "mojo" back. It’s a great story and you’ll discover a few great resources along the way in case you wanted to try any of these things out for yourself!

    Meet Kelly

    As you may know, Kelly joined the Organize 365 team at the beginning of 2019. She keeps me on my feet for sure and I’ve never met anyone as good at setting goals and smashing them, too!

    Kelly is an experienced Director of Operations with a history of working in the Executive Office industry. Welcoming Kelly onto the team as the Director of Operations means that I am leaving the management role of Organize 365. I have so much more free time and I am so grateful to have Kelly on the team.

    When you hire someone onto your team, it does two things. First, it takes tasks off your list. Second, it forces you to level up your skills because you have to be more productive, proactive, and profitable. Interestingly, when she first joined, we were both in a very similar stage of our lives where we wanted to prioritize our wellness and weight loss. My main reasoning to do so was because, hey, I want to live to be 100 years old… you know, like one of those ancient tortoises.

    Kelly wanted to slim down because she has a fabulous wardrobe and wants to keep it!

    In this podcast, we dive into:

    • Establishing New Monthly Habits
    • How We Track What We Eat And Other Habits
    • A Closer Look At The “FASTer Way to Fat Loss

    Are you on your own weight loss and wellness journey?

    If so, I’d love to hear all about it!

    Head over to our Facebook group and join to take part in the discussions. And here’s a fun idea... if you have any before and after photos of your weight loss journey, please share them with me on Instagram and tag me @organize365, I’d love to see how far you’ve come and plus, it’ll motivate me to keep going with my own wellness journey, too!


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