Just ok
Too much cringe worthy/painfully predictable sexual innuendo and tired industry jokes. Occasionally the speakers make some insightful points but it takes a lot of patience to pick through all the content that doesn’t provide value. When I pick my professional podcasts, I want something engaging but gets to the point. I’m not tuning in to listen to bro time. Get that out of your system before you turn on the mic.
Useful only 20% of the time
20% of the time, this is a useful podcast. I loved the information about different vendors and products, but there were problems with the content. It would repeat across multiple sessions, or i would have to skip long periods of the podcast that were off topic. Frequently, they will have great guests on the show, but I rarely even get a chance to hear from them. This was a very frustrating experience and that’s why I no longer subscribe to it.
Profane, immature, and unnecessarily long
A Real Security Professional
My 15 year old son is more mature than these so called professionals. This show is filled with crass, tasteless penis jokes. For added annoyance, you get an earful of profanity. My biggest complaint is the horrible content. It’s full of unrelated ramblings, mostly about drinking and cigars. I usually find myself just skipping through large segments that have no value except to bloat this travesty to well over two hours. A note to the sponsors: You probably loose more business than you gain by associating yourself with this show an it’s participants. As a decision maker for my company I will ensure your products are never under consideration for procurement. Supporting this show, and their associated antics, reflects a serious lack of judgement by your company. I have no desire to do business with any company that helps drive the negative impressions of people in IT and IT security.
Started off informative...but now one I skip
This is AAH
So this podcast started off being very informative and pertinent to the current events of the day, but now I find myself turning it off or skipping it more often than not because I find it hard to take them seriously after all the bro talk. Just a lot of "haha you guys must have had sex with each other at black hat because you shared a room", "isn't it funny to fart on people and take pictures" and VD jokes. I started listening to "Risky Business" instead because I like how that one is more professional (I'm a little embarrassed to recommend this podcast to my coworkers since some of the content is not something I'd talk about at work).
Used to be a must download
The podcasts have become laden with unnecessary fluff. Unlike the more captivating competitors (see Risky Business), PSW has been reduced to the crew of regulars huffing and puffing in an unnecessarily emotional manner about the state of security. I still don't mind the other off-shoots because the crowd is smaller and discussions are a bit more focused, but if I hear Paul interject with another pointless factoid about his book or the "I told everyone about IOT vulnerabilities 10 years ago" trope and completely disrupt his guest's train of thought, I'm going to lose it. There's a difference between guiding a discussion and injecting yourself front and center to derail it, which Paul does on numerous occasions in every episode.
Low signal to noise
Too much banter, chitchat, jokes, etc. Useful technical info is spread thin. Two stars because of some great guests.
Good Information that's painful to listen to
I'm a guy; so wonder if I'm qualified to write this, but this podcast is so sexist and full of pre-adolescent humor that I find it hard to listen to. In the latest show they actually discuss the problem with them and the industry, and they are truly clueless. They conclude, "If you're uncomfortable, go somewhere else." No women participated in the discussion. Sure wish there was an adult alternative to this podcast!
Great Podcast With an Entertaining Crew
These guys are great to listen to! Not only are they knowledgable, but they are just fun to listen to as a group. Sometimes as you expect with personalities in this field/industry, sometimes the things they say are cringeworthy but hilarious at the same time. When I first found the podcast, about a year ago, I went on a binge listening streak like it was a Friday Netflix Original night! It has become a weekly ritual to listen to the podcast on the way to work. The information I have learned, in regards to a wide arrange of issues such as, attack surfaces, malware, web security, privacy issues, encryption, networking, etc.., has made me stronger at my every day role in the industry. Cheers to another 10 years Gentlmen!
Drunken Security News with your immature collage buddies
Hey... There's nothing wrong with that. I love it but it may not be what you like to listen to. Great content and news but lots of scattered "that's what she said" type jokes.
Great hosts and content
The hosts and guests know what they're talking about because info sec is their day job. Don't worry about missing important news, they'll keep you informed. Mostly geared toward the attack side of the industry, but there's some good info for defenders as well.
Laid back, good information
This has been one of my go-to podcasts for a few years. It's less of a straight-edge security newscast and more of a roundtable of "in-the-know" info sec folks talking about what's going on in the field with some good guests and interviews. Throw in some drinks and nsfw humor, and it's always a good time.
Love the show
This is the best podcast for those interested in InfoSec!
Kj 18
These guys do an amazing job and have the best tech podcast on iTunes! I sent them lengthy email and didn’t think they would respond because I know they are probably busy but they responded and fast to. They were every helpful and informative to me. Major props!!
Smart persons
wh0 c4r35
This is a great show! I have been working in this field for many years, I have subscribed and unsubscribed to many, many podcasts because those who put them on were id10ts, the team here at pauldotcom are sharp, they know what they are talking about, with a touch of humor. I do like this podcast will keep my subscription to it.
How is this podcast not more popular!?
This is a really great podcast! However, I am shocked at how small the viewership is!
The right content, Disappointingly crass
This podcast has the content I want to hear, laced with crude and crass sideline conversations and insinuations that I really don't want to hear. I'm going to see if I can find similar content somewhere else that's presented in a more professional manner. Reading the other posts, it would seem I'm in the minority, but thought I should put in my 2 cents!
Rock out with your sploit out
Very good security podcast with a good panel of hosts and guests that are key opinion leaders in the IT security field. A must if you are a security professional.
Relevant Insanity
Great conversations on today's security tools and topics.
Security vulnerability info
I am not a pen tester but this podcast provides great information on potential vulnerabilities to try to help my organization mitigate where possible. It also brings a reality just how vulnerable any typical user is. The in-depth interviews on penetration tools are quite valuable to provide a place to get some basic tools to try and do some self audits. The best feature though are the security horror stories, I love a security horror story.
Simply the best!
Absolutely the best information security podcast on the interwebs! Love you guys and cyber, cyber, cyber...
This is my favorite podcast. I look forward to hearing these when they come out.
Pretty good
I thought I was an alcoholic, but then I listened to this podcast! It turns out I don't drink enough!
Excellent Podcast
This is a great podcast for security professionals and almost anybody in the IT field that gives a crap about security.
Hack Naked!
If you're an information security professional and aren't already listening to this podcast, start now. Can be a bit NSFW, but it's more fun that way :)
They rock!
They are by far the best security podcast. Period.
These guys are made of pure awasomemondoness! Hack Naked!
Lots of great info
Good format... Lots of great technical segments. Lol funny at times. Not something to play while the kids are in the car.
Infantile but somewhat informative
I found this podcast hoping to get some cool news and tips on how to enhance security for networks and devices. While they clearly state they sit around and drink beer and talk security, there seems to be mostly teenage sexual innuendo and foulmouth banter going back and forth with a little bit of security mixed in. Pretty disappointing. The first fifteen minutes seems to be dedicated to NOTHING. I know they don't want to be boring, but I find myself sifting thru their failed attempts at humor for security tidbits. Some of these guys have some knowledge and it would be cool if they'd share more of it. I'm only an occasional listener so hopefully I'll find some episodes with value.
Chi-Town Brown
So, if you don't like hearing drunks, move on. I can't wait for the information, because they hate more when they get more beer as the show goes on. If you are an alki, you will love this.
Finally a show that goes in depth about security telling you exactly how who what when where why
Best Security Podcast on iTunes
This is one of the few podcasts which I listen to religiously. Always very informative and entertaining at the same time!
The best
By far the best Security related podcast out there. In your face Steve Gibson!!!
With each episode, this podcast keeps getting better
I started listening to this podcast at episode 1 in Nov 2008, it is now Mar 2009 and I am at episode 108. and my iPod has the rest of the episodes on it. I enjoy the stories and technical segments, along with the general information about staying safe in a wireless and connected world. I also appreciate that they also talk about Linux, Mac and PC topics. Thanks guys.
Great Podcast!
Such a great podcast. I cant get enough. Great info and so entertaining! Wish I could drink with these guys...
Fabulous job on keeping us informed.
Yours is one of the first podcasts I started listening to relating to computer security. Entertaining and always full of information. Keep up the flow of great information!
They may be irreverent, but NOT uninformed!
Paul and Larry may not be the stuffed shirts that some tech related podcasters are, but that doesn't mean they don't know what they're talking about. These guys rock! Always educational, always well informed, never dull. Keep up the good work and Hack Naked!
Best Technology Podcast
This is one of the two podcasts that i really wait for the release of each week. a great mix of Technical content, up to date news, and casual banter. Listening to this Podcast has really helped me rethink how i manage and implement my network.
Simply Brilliant
If you only listen to one information security podcast, make it this one. I've been listening to them since the infamous "Mainframe Fire" episode from July of '81.
Good Show
Was listening to Security Now, got tired of spin rite plugs and the annoying excitement of one of the hosts (the one pushing spin-rite). This podcast helps me better understand the tools and methods we are learning about in my computer security class. Way to stay on topic. Thanks!
I made the switch
Great podcast great fun to listen and they know what they are talking about.
I Switched!
mikey fressshhh
I used to listen to Security Now but now I’m a full time Pauldotcom listener. I have currently been listening for 3 weeks and I loved it so much I listened to 4 the first night I listened to it and 24 in a week! Now I’m almost done listening to all 97 episodes :) It is very informative; I try to listen to it every chance I can. I learn more from this podcast that I ever thought I could, I have learned so much about security, hacking, exploits, defense in depth, IDS, IPS, 802.11, bluetooth, RFID, patches, Linux, just to name a few ;) It has sparked my interest in security and I am thinking of pursuing a carrier in Security right now, currently I am a major in Management Information Systems and want to focus on security. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who is beginning to learn about security or professional penetration tester. And it’s entertaining!
More Beer (& more security!)
Paul and Larry give us everything we ever wanted (& maybe didn't want) to know about securing our systems and networks. News,Guests,Technical segments and Beer. Oh My! Also a great website to further sweeten the pot. Great Podcast!
Knowledge is Power
This is a fantastic show that throws you right into the deep of it when it comes to the nitty gritty world of security (or lack there of). As one of the Information Technology professional for my organization security is an aspect of the profession that doesn't get enough attention. Since listening to PDC Security Weekly I am more prepared to assess any potential risks and suggest appropriate action. Paul and Larry do a great job of deliverying this info in an accurate but entertaining manner.
These guys are mediocre at best to listen to. The fact that they're not very serious about the topics they cover and the fact that they act like blatant idiots most of the time just doesn't do it for me. Better referenced as amateur security practitioners. Anyone can read headlines and regurgitate this stuff -- and they're not even that entertaining to listen to. Maybe they'd be better off blogging about beer.
If I but had more stars to give ...
We love you Twitchy!! Paul, Larry, the Mason, Andy, etc. don't get mad there is love for you too.
Very Informative
Good content and discussion. They seem to have gone to a simpler format, just Larry and Paul, I applaud this. The new format makes for a better show. I particularly like the interviews.
Great podcast for 12 year olds
These guys may know their stuff, but their podcast just rambles on. I guess they think they're witty, but it sounds like listening to 12 year olds who have eaten too much sugar.
Only thing better is pr0n
The only thing better than this podcast is pr0n, pork, beer, lovely ladies and maybe that show Alf. Terrific show, always amusing and very informative and great technical segments.
Great for security professionals
After over 10 years in security, I understand the importance of staying up to date on current security issues. Paul and team do a great job at hitting the important issues and having fun along the way. This my favorite security podcast. Keep up the great work!
Great show, love the topics, love the hosts. Keep it coming guys, the different topics that are covered are great, love Story Time with Twitchy (haven't heard the latest shows yet, still back in the 06 archives, trying to catch up). I look forward to listening. (End up torturing the guys at work with the show though, they're not as geeky as I am). Ooh, popcorn. . . .
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