October 18, 2019
Chalene recently polled her followers and asked “What is weighing you down?” And overwhelmingly the response she got had something to do with finances. So in this CarSmart Friday Edition Chalene of course asked the money guy Bret to join her and they will be talking all about finances, specifically how to get your finances in order before the holidays. Put your seat belts on because Bret is driving.
October 16, 2019
Kelsey Humphreys is an incredibly talented woman. She can sing. She can rap. She's a comedian. She's a speaker. She's a motivational comedian, as she liked to call herself. She is an author. She's a mom. She's a business owner. And she's a recovered alcoholic.  Chalene and Kelsey have a very candid conversation about life before and after she became sober. This is a very valuable episode for anyone who may be questioning their own sobriety or you may know someone who is struggling with an addiction.
October 14, 2019
Links from today’s episode: Thank You to our Sponsor ThirdLove New customers get 15% off their first order!!   Leave Chalene a message review or question for a chance to win a gift  HERE Discover Your Thing Questionnaire!  Hey Aeriell email me!!!     Stop dieting & start living:   Get the 131 Book!!!   Here’s The System I Use Every Day to be More Organized & Crazy Productive:   Sign Up For MY WEEKLY NEWSLETTER and you'll get FREE tips on how to live a ridiculously amazing fun-filled life!   Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes!!!  Spotify Itunes  Stitcher    Subscribe to Build Your Tribe!!! Spotify  Itunes Stitcher      Join our NEW, awesome PodSquad on Facebook here!   Get episode show notes here:    Connect with me on your fav social platform: SnapChat: ChaleneOfficial    Facebook:      Instagram:    Twitter:   Hey! Send me a tweet & tell me what you think about the show! (Use the Hashtag) #TheChaleneShow so I know you’re a homie! XOXO Chalene
October 11, 2019
Today’s CarSmart is dedicated to all the Mom’s out there.  Even if you are not a mom you will find value in the tips Chalene shares with you.  She voices her opinion on some topics that might be a bit controversial. Topics like who you choose to align with or who you pick as a mentor, how to be a parent while struggling with the belief you are supposed to do it all. Chalene gives you the tips you will need to manage everything, keep your sanity, and most importantly stay true to your priorities.
October 9, 2019
Chalene is sending you all a little reminder that we all need to start saying no to things. Maybe not everything but there are somethings we definitely could say “Sorry not right now, but thanks for thinking of me.”  To become happier, we have to start teaching others the way we should be treated. In this episode Chalene will give you tips and some examples of how you can put saying no into action and start being happier.
October 7, 2019
Today, Chalene sits down and interviews Dave Asprey (Godfather of biohacking)! Chalene has been following Dave’s journey for years and credits him for so many of the positive changes she has made in her own life when it comes to health and fitness. In this episode, she and Dave discuss: how much control we really do have over the aging process, how we can live longer / healthier / fuller lives, how we’re currently damaging our bodies without realizing it, and what we can do to reverse that damage.
October 4, 2019
On today's CarSmart Friday episode Chalene will share with you a recent event that left her feeling desperately anxious because she had no control over most of the details. This episode is about our need to control things and how to address it.  Why is that we feel we need to control things? Chalene will give you her own person reasons and hopes to give you some insight to help you feel like you don’t need to control everything or feel anxious or nervous when you don’t have all the control.
October 2, 2019
Dr. Sarah Hill is a research psychologist who studies women, psychology, and health. And the author of a new book “This is Your Brain on Birth Control, ” she has turned her expertise to uncovering what we know and don’t know about the impact of the birth control pill on the brain.  Women go on the pill for a small handful of targeted effects like pregnancy prevention, cycle regulation and clearer skin, research is finding that sex hormones can't work that way.
September 30, 2019
Links from today’s episode:   Discover Your Thing Questionnaire!  Hey TheSmartLioness email me!!!     Stop dieting & start living:   Get the 131 Book!!!   Here’s The System I Use Every Day to be More Organized & Crazy Productive:   Sign Up For MY WEEKLY NEWSLETTER and you'll get FREE tips on how to live a ridiculously amazing fun-filled life!   Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes!!!  Spotify Itunes  Stitcher    Subscribe to Build Your Tribe!!! Spotify  Itunes Stitcher      Join our NEW, awesome PodSquad on Facebook here!   Get episode show notes here:    Connect with me on your fav social platform: SnapChat: ChaleneOfficial    Facebook:      Instagram:    Twitter:   Hey! Send me a tweet & tell me what you think about the show! (Use the Hashtag) #TheChaleneShow so I know you’re a homie! XOXO Chalene
September 27, 2019
Chalene has the opportunity to connect with all kinds of people via social media and she feels that many could be too close to a situation or to ourselves to see what is really going on. Even the most positive people at times can only see the obstacles in their path and not what is truly possible. Chalene explains what "Destination Fixation” is and how this may apply to so many of us and holding us back from our true potential.
September 25, 2019
Did you know that 80% - 90% of all of us have experienced some sort of social anxiety? Even those people who are super outgoing or confident in most situations can experience some soft of nervousness, awkwardness or anxiety in certain situations. In this episode Chalene will explain what the different types of social anxiety are and it may even help you realize that you too have experienced social anxiety and not even realize that is what you were experiencing.
September 20, 2019
Today’s topic is something we have at some point all dealt with, Imposter Syndrome. Even Chalene has experienced this!! She will explain to you what Imposter Syndrome is and help you identify it in yourself. You will also most importantly be given tools, resources and research that will help you take control of this belief and help you to overcome Imposter Syndrome.
September 18, 2019
Whether you know someone who has ADD / ADHD or experience symptoms yourself, it can prove quite a challenging road to navigate. Today, Chalene opens up about her own struggles with ADD and how she was diagnosed with this disorder. In addition, you’ll hear an interview with Chalene’s doctor, Dr. Daniel Amen (brain disorder specialist). They dive deep into all things ADD / ADHD and what, ultimately, led Chalene to go in for a brain scan — changing the trajectory of her life forever.
September 16, 2019
Links from today’s episode:   Thank You to our Sponsor ThirdLove New customers get 15% off their first order!! Discover Your Thing Questionnaire!    Become a student of  Marketing Impact Academy registration is open NOW!!   Stop dieting & start living:   Get the 131 Book!!!   Here’s The System I Use Every Day to be More Organized & Crazy Productive:   Sign Up For MY WEEKLY NEWSLETTER and you'll get FREE tips on how to live a ridiculously amazing fun-filled life!   Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes!!!  Spotify Itunes  Stitcher    Subscribe to Build Your Tribe!!! Spotify  Itunes Stitcher      Join our NEW, awesome PodSquad on Facebook here!   Get episode show notes here:    Connect with me on your fav social platform: SnapChat: ChaleneOfficial    Facebook:      Instagram:    Twitter:   Hey! Send me a tweet & tell me what you think about the show! (Use the Hashtag) #TheChaleneShow so I know you’re a homie! XOXO Chalene
September 13, 2019
In today’s episode Chalene and Bret answer questions from you about success, fear failure, setting big goals how to know if your dream is big enough or simply unrealistic. The two share thoughts on what it takes to have and maintain a positive outlook in the darkest of times and what chronically negative people need to know about themselves. If you wrote today’s iTunes review… Congratulations! Wait till you hear about what you won… That’s at the end of this episode so be sure to stay tuned!
September 11, 2019
Today Chalene shares an interview she did on Pat Flynn’s podcast “Smart Passive Income” Pat and Chalene have been friends for years and he happens to be one of Chalene’s favorite people on the planet. Chalene shares with Pat how and why work-life balance is such a huge priority in her life and how just recently she had to put herself in check again when she felt herself going back to her old ways of working way too much!!
September 9, 2019
Today Chalene is being interviewed by her dad Bill Melvin and she has no idea what questions she is about to be asked. Bill came up with some really interesting and unique questions, and makes for some really funny and even some deep conversations. In this episode you will get to learn some new and interesting things about Chalene!! This is unlike any interview Chalene has ever done!!
September 6, 2019
As much as you are loving the fact that Chalene’s parents, Marge and Bill are staying with Chalene and making for a lot of hysterical and great content, what you don’t realize is all of this fun is totally disrupting Chalene’s focus and productivity!! In todays episode Chalene gets to the root of focus and productivity when you are in a normal everyday routine and how you can hyper focus and improve your productivity when there are so many distractions.
September 2, 2019
We all have people in our lives that can be real jerks at times or that one person at work that is always mean and has nothing nice to say ever. What makes them that way and are they ever happy? In this episode Chalene shares her feeling on why some people can be so mean or just plain jerky. She will also give some tips on how to deal with these types of people.
August 30, 2019
What does it take to be married for over half a century? In today’s CarSmart episode Chalene takes a ride with her parents, Bill and Marge!!! They talk all about marriage and parenting, what the toughest times were and how they worked through them.  And of course only as Chalene can, she digs deep with her parents and gets all of the tough questions answered and shares all the sweet and funny moments of Bill and Marge’s marriage. Get ready to take a really fun ride!!!
August 28, 2019
Chalene is going to help you figure out and find your thing. She is going to help you know what you should do next. Before you listen Chalene wants you to download a questionnaire that she created. This isn't like some random quick quizzes that you take on some website that gives you a very generic answer of the kinds of things you could do. No, this is going to be your answer. Chalene wants to walk you through the mindset and ideology behind finding your thing or knowing the next thing that you should do.
August 26, 2019
Do you have a plan B? Most of us do. It’s that thing you fall back on if whatever you’re pursuing doesn’t pan out. In today’s episode, Chalene’s guest, Bo Eason former NFL player (top pick), then an award-winning actor, and currently a renowned speaker / leadership coach argues why you should throw your Plan B out the window and fully commit to what it is YOU want to do. In this life and career-changing episode, Mr. Eason will share strategies from his new book, “There’s No Plan B For Your A-G
August 23, 2019
In this CarSmart Friday, Chalene opens up, for the first time, about how she and Bret measure their success. Now, this isn’t about just setting goals and hitting them. But rather, why it’s imperative to track your PROGRESS instead. Meaning, the emotion connected to one’s journey. Today, Chalene shares with you her mathematical equation which she and Bret use to measure their progress. You’ll be surprised at how simple and effective it is!
August 21, 2019
Did you know there’s a strong chance you might be feeling drained / frustrated / resentful because you’re attracting hurt / broken / needy people into your life? Today, Chalene will help you figure out how to establish boundaries within your relationships so you don’t find yourself running on empty!
August 19, 2019
Leanne Vogel is the host of The Keto Diet Podcast. She's also the author of several best selling books about keto (her latest, specifically, deals with how keto can be very different for women). On today's show, we talk about her past struggles with eating disorders, orthorexia, body image, and even overdoing it with keto. We cover more than diet, though! If you care about your mental health, spiritual wellness, and succeeding on the journey to being a better human… you're going to love this show.
August 16, 2019
In today’s episode, Chalene and Bret share the memories and feelings they had when preparing to send their kids off to college. You’ll hear how the emotions they experienced differed per child (and why). They also explain how they prepped their children to be successful when the time came for them to go off on their own. There's a lot to relate to in this show —
 whether you’ve already been through this or in the midst of it or need to prepare for the big family moment.
August 14, 2019
In today’s episode, Chalene explains the difference between TABATA, Aerobic and HIIT training. She'll explain how to get fit by training harder in a shorter period of time. Are you training hard enough and doing the best workout for you? And, most importantly, are you getting enough rest in between your workouts?
August 12, 2019
The topic of writing an eBook has been a popular conversation in our Facebook group, Chalene Johnson's Official PODSQUAD! Today, Chalene is bringing the convo to you as she lays out the 14 steps you need to know, in detail, to write your eBook from conception to completion. Chalene believes that everyone has an eBook in them! So, if you’re still on the fence about writing one or just really never had the desire, you’ll definitely want to listen for some inspiration and MOJO!
August 9, 2019
It’s natural and inevitable to compare ourselves to others. We all do it, right? But does comparison really have to be the thief of joy? Is there perhaps a way to turn comparison around and use it to our advantage? Short answer: YES! In today’s episode, Chalene explores how to gain a new perspective on comparison so that you can live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life!
August 7, 2019
What if you were given — FOR FREE — the exact fitness routines of some of the world’s top fitness trainers? Well, it’s not too good to be true, because in today’s episode... Chalene goes straight to the source! You’ll hear directly from leading influencers, like: Shawn Stevenson, Natalie Jill, JJ Virgin and Dannete May — just to name a few! Get excited because you’re in for a real treat!
August 5, 2019
Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the subject of eating disorders with our resident expert in all things mental health, Dr. Mcayla Sarno. Chalene and the good doc will cover many topics you continue to inquire about, like: possible root causes, how to approach a loved one who may be struggling, the best types of treatments, and so much more!
August 2, 2019
Girls, this one’s for you! Do you want to spice up your beauty routine? Well, Chalene’s got you covered with these beauty hacks! What better way to start your weekend? In this episode, Chalene shares some of her favorite beauty secrets with you that you DO NOT want to miss. Covering everything from lashes to face shaving, you are going to want to take out a pen and paper for this one!
July 31, 2019
Not too long ago, Bret and Cierra took over the show in an episode titled, “The Father Daughter Connection” —  where they discussed Cierra’s perspective on Bret's parenting style. Well, as soon as that show premiered, y’all kept asking for a similar episode with Brock and Chalene. And today, you got it! These two are not strangers when it comes to doing the podcast thing together... so you can be sure you’re in for lots of transparency, insight, and funny!
July 29, 2019
In this episode, Chalene tackles questions from listeners that revolve around the subject of parenting. Specifically, in regard to teenagers. You’ll hear myriad questions answered, like: How do you handle teens and their use of social media? What do you do when your daughter wants to dress inappropriately? What is the best age to give your kids their own phone? Can you brainwash your child to do the right thing? Today, Chalene takes on these goodies and so much more!
July 26, 2019
Do you feel your dreams are unreachable? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. Case in point, today’s episode was inspired by a direct message Chalene just received on social. But the reality is, she gets thousands of similar messages weekly from people who are afraid to dream big. Well, Chalene is guessing you, too, might find this topic super relatable! In this week’s CarSmart Edition, you’ll learn how to start dreaming bigger and bolder and take your life places you never thought possible to go!
July 24, 2019
Lately Chalene has been getting a ton of messages from people asking how to improve the physical passion that they are lacking in their relationship. So she put a poll out on social media and was really surprised at the results. The overwhelming majority of people rated their sex life a five or below, 10 being like off the charts. So today Chalene wants to talk about the three main reasons why people are lacking passion and intimacy in their relationships.
July 22, 2019
James Altucher is somebody who prides himself on honesty - both being honest with those around him and, more importantly, being honest with himself. This commitment to the truth has helped him become a successful businessperson, blogger, and podcast host (The James Altucher Show). Chalene and James speak very openly about the struggles of figuring out what's best for you and how to move forward. In addition to James' success and his honesty… he's just a nice guy who you're going to love.
July 19, 2019
Today’s CarSmart topic was inspired by a direct message Chalene received on Instagram from a listener who posed a very relatable question. You’ll hear Chalene explain, in detail, Intuitive, Informed, and Restrictive eating and WHY you need to know the difference between each. In reality, most of us are following some form of restricted eating, but should be striving toward informed eating — as Chalene describes it — at all times.
July 17, 2019
Today we are going to dig deep into body image. Have you ever felt envious of someone’s body because they have a career in fitness or a dancer or even an athlete? In todays episode you will get a little bit of insight into the perspective of some of those people in those types of professions. Chalene is featuring you the listeners who sent in voice message on this topic.
July 15, 2019
How do you feel about your body? Today Chalene is talking about body acceptance but maybe in a way you have not heard before. We all feel differently about our body even from one day to the next. In this episode Chalene gives you her thoughts on body image and how she heard from so many people beating themselves up after the last episode. She sets the record straight about her feelings related to her workout videos and her own body image.
July 12, 2019
Chalene often gets messages from her listeners that touch her, but the message she received recently completely affected Chalene in such a profound way. The emotions that this message triggered came as a surprise to Chalene when she heard the message for the first time. Today Chalene will share that message with you and then explain to you how and why it affected her in such a life changing way. Get ready to hear a very honest and personal CarSmart Edition. Buckle up!!!
July 10, 2019
Are you ready to take a challenge? Today, we're talking about writing an eBook. It's a place for you to share  your knowledge with your peeps. Chalene is going to detail for you the story of a 19 year old girl who just released an eBook and made $5,000 in her 1st day of sales! She will also share with you the steps to create an eBook and how to join a support group and learn what resources you will need to help make your eBook the best ever.
July 8, 2019
It has always been Chalene’s fantasy to do an advice-style podcast. Well, today she is living her best “Dear Abby” life! She recently hit up the PodSquad (on Facebook) to ask if anyone needed some tough and true advice. In this episode, you’ll hear Chalene tackle those juicy questions as only she can! #WhatWouldChaleneDo    Links from today’s episode: Talkspace More about Dr. Mcayla Dr. Mcayla's Instagram Viome for an amazing discount Dry Farm Wines for a penny bottle   Stop dieting & start living:   Get the 131 Book!!!   Here’s The System I Use Every Day to be More Organized & Crazy Productive:   Sign Up For MY WEEKLY NEWSLETTER and you'll get FREE tips on how to live a ridiculously amazing fun-filled life!   Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes!!!  Spotify Itunes  Stitcher    Subscribe to Build Your Tribe!!! Spotify  Itunes Stitcher      Join our NEW, awesome PodSquad on Facebook here!   Get episode show notes here:    Connect with me on your fav social platform: SnapChat: ChaleneOfficial    Facebook:      Instagram:    Twitter:   Hey! Send me a tweet & tell me what you think about the show! (Use the Hashtag) #TheChaleneShow so I know you’re a homie! XOXO Chalene
July 5, 2019
Chalene and Bret are back from what they consider their first real vacation together. Their unforgettable experience has inspired this episode! Now, whether or not you’ve got a trip coming up, it’s important to know how to recharge in your everyday life. Today, you’ll find out the actions and mindset shifts you need to create in order to make this a possibility for you!    Stop dieting & start living:   Get the 131 Book!!!   Here’s The System I Use Every Day to be More Organized & Crazy Productive:   Sign Up For MY WEEKLY NEWSLETTER and you'll get FREE tips on how to live a ridiculously amazing fun-filled life!   Be sure you are subscribed to this podcast to automatically receive your episodes!!!  Spotify Itunes  Stitcher    Subscribe to Build Your Tribe!!! Spotify  Itunes Stitcher      Join our NEW, awesome PodSquad on Facebook here!   Get episode show notes here:    Connect with me on your fav social platform: SnapChat: ChaleneOfficial    Facebook:      Instagram:    Twitter:   Hey! Send me a tweet & tell me what you think about the show! (Use the Hashtag) #TheChaleneShow so I know you’re a homie! XOXO Chalene
July 3, 2019
Welcome to the final episode of this 3-part series on Focus. Now, for the majority of us, going online to get things done is imperative. Whether it’s business or personal. Unfortunately, though, this can set you up for disaster because of the constant flashing lights, advertising, and retargeting that’s occurring! So, how can you NOT get distracted from doing what you set out to do? The answer lies in 2 key things! Get ready to be more productive than ever!
July 1, 2019
Today is all about building a fortress around your focus. Focus really boils down to 2 things: minimizing distractions and maximizing your creative energy. Distractions cause your brain to decide which one to focus on. Even if you have a T.V. on in the background, your brain is processing what’s going on that television whether you’re consciously listening to it or not. In this episode Chalene shares with you the necessary steps to put your brain in the best possible environment for focus.
June 28, 2019
This episode is all about organizing your brain; how to take the science behind how the brain works, and how to use that to turbo charge your focus and efficiency. Did you know that since 1986, we now take in 5 times the amount of data a day! This is the equivalent of reading 7 newspapers cover to cover. It’s no wonder it’s so hard for us to remember the simplest task. Chalene shares with you what you need to know about how your brain actually works so you can be more focused and more efficient.
June 26, 2019
This interview is pure joy! Chinese immigrant, Jia Jiang, shares his hilarious journey to tackle his greatest personal fear… rejection. And in the process, how he inspired the world, developed a business, and actually became rather addicted to getting rejected! You’ll learn the details of Jia’s 100 Days Of Rejection (which went viral) and how, ironically, the act of seeking rejection can actually set us free!
June 24, 2019
This was recorded at our latest Chalene Show Live at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. In this episode, Bret and Chalene sit down in front of the audience for a little Q&A. They tackled all the most common questions in regard to how to get your significant other to make some changes. They’ll explore and tackle many areas of life, such as: therapy, health and fitness, personal development, working together, and parenting, etc.
June 21, 2019
Chalene and Bret are about to take their first extended vacation alone — just the two of them — since the kids were born. And, as you can imagine, they are very excited! #emptynesters But how do you take time off and not feel stressed about work or everyday things while gone? Chalene explains how she prepared for her trip while keeping all that in mind! However, the key takeaway from this episode is about having something to look forward to! And how to make that happen in your daily life!
June 19, 2019
Welcome to part 2 of the interview with Naveen Jain, CEO of Viome. In today’s episode, we take a closer look at how it is we are quickly nearing a time when chronic disease becomes optional — a choice, if you will. We, as consumers — for the first time ever — have access to testing, results, and recommendations without a doctor’s order. This is due to breakthrough science & the development of cutting edge technology… available to us from the comfort of our own homes.
June 17, 2019
This will be a two-part interview with Viome's CEO, Naveed Jain. Naveen is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world's biggest challenges through innovation. In today’s Part 1 episode, Chalene and Naveen discuss the huge importance that the gut microbiome plays on our overall health. Plus, Mr. Jain informs us of a test anyone can take that can predict the future of your overall health in regard to nearly every chronic disease so many suffer from.
June 14, 2019
Chalene has been doing her research on self-sabotage, including consultations with several psychologists about the issue. While it’s a topic often talked about, Chalene is going to approach it from a different angle: What if you do things to get in your own way — purposely — so you don’t accomplish the goal you “want” to accomplish? We’re going deep today, lifers! It’s time to break away from self-sabotage with actionable tips so that you can finally get things done!
June 12, 2019
Are you gaining weight? Is your hair thinning? Do you feel tired and totally fatigued? If so, does any (or all) of it come down to stress? Or maybe you’re just plain lazy. But what if it’s not any of that and there’s actually something more going on? Possibilities might include: slow thyroid (or other thyroid condition), chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal failure, Hashimoto's, Epstein-Barr virus, etc. If you've been wondering about any of these things, then today is your episode!
June 10, 2019
This is a follow up episode to episode #428 where Chalene shared what were the most common signs that you may be experiencing hormone imbalance. Do you need your hormones tested? It all depends. Chalene is going to share with you what you need to know and how to be your own health advocate when it comes to your hormone health. This episode is important weather your male, female, young or old from the moment you are born its your hormones that determine how you look feel and function.
June 7, 2019
Chalene wants help you to have more peace and live a less complicated life. Chalene knows what her mission or purpose in life is. Chalene ‘s purpose is to teach you to have a happier, healthier and less complicated life so you are confident and feel more joy. In this CarSmart edition Chalene is going help you remove some of the complications  you really just don’t need in your life by giving you 10 tips to help feel like your life is more peaceful.
June 3, 2019
Today, we are talking about your weight and signs that will help you understand (or at least identify) if you might possibly have a major or minor hormone imbalance. A hormone imbalance can affect your weight, appearance, brain functionality, gut health, sleep, and overall well-being. In other words, hormones control everything! When your hormones are in balance, life is simply better. Let’s get you there! To get your first week free go to
May 31, 2019
Chalene has done countless shows over the years devoted to improving your confidence.  Today’s show, though, features a new branch from the confidence building tree! In this episode, Chalene helps listeners understand what 5 things confident people NEVER do. So, if you’re looking to boost your confidence, then you must tune in and make sure you’re not guilty of one or more of these 5 self esteem robbing habits!Today’s episode is sponsored by Chalene’s Courageous Confi
May 29, 2019
You are in store for an excellent interview today as Chalene welcomes Dr. Axe to the show! He’s the co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, a true natural health pioneer, and his website is visited by 17 million people every single month (making it #1 in natural health)! In this episode, Chalene and Dr. Axe are talking all things diet, of course. Topics include: collagen, probiotics, supplements, bone broth, his new book (Keto Diet), weight gain, hormone imbalance, carbs, animal proteins, plants, spices
May 27, 2019
It's not just food or exercise that impacts your health. Everything you do and every choice you make either repairs, destroys, or maintains your current state of wellbeing. In this Episode, Chalene is going to give you an action plan that guides you in evaluating 8 significant areas of life. Each of these 8 areas play a huge roll in your overall spiritual / mental / physical wellbeing. So get ready to take notes because it’s time to take responsibility for your health!Hey PodSquad!!!
May 24, 2019
Enemas and colonics — there’s certainly no shortage of opinions out there on these procedures! But what really are the benefits (if any)? Well today, Chalene did both! In this CarSmart Edition, she explains why she made the decision to go in and have them done. She opens up about the anxiety and doubt she had while driving to the appointment. Chalene gets super real on the how the procedure was performed and how she felt about the outcome. As per usual, she’ll share all of this with humor whi
May 22, 2019
This is Part 3 in a series about Chalene’s best friend, Dr. Mcayla Sarno. With permission, Chalene shares Dr. Mcayla’s journey in searching for her biological father, Andy. In this episode, Mcayla candidly shares her feelings — in the moment — as she is about to reach out to Andy for the first time. Today, you’re the proverbial “fly on the wall” because that initial phone call was recorded live. Prepare to be moved because this FIRST conversation between Mcayla and her biological fath
May 20, 2019
This is Part 2 in a series about Chalene’s best friend, Dr. Mcayla Sarno, who learned that the man who raised her was not actually her biological father. In this episode, you’ll hear the backstory of this fascinating real-life story that’s sure to grip your attention — whether or not you can relate to never knowing your biological parents.Connect with Dr. Mcayla on Instagram   
May 17, 2019
If the title of this podcast has you intrigued, but you STILL want to put it off… then you REALLY need to listen! Chalene is talking all things procrastination today! It’s something all of us can relate to in at least one area of our lives. But why? And how can you overcome it? Chalene is going to share her best tips and tricks so that you can finally get ‘er done! Join our new awesome PodSquad on Facebook here:
May 15, 2019
This is Part 1 in a series about Chalene’s best friend, Dr. Mcayla Sarno. With permission, Chalene shares Dr. Mcayla’s journey in searching for her biological father. Chalene will set the stage for you, the listener, and lay out the details of how Mcayla began her search and perhaps, most importantly, what her mindset was at that time in her life. This fascinating real-life story is sure to grip your attention — whether or not you can relate to never knowing your biological parents.&n
May 13, 2019
Do you believe you have the potential to make your life as a whole — or any area of your life — better? Most likely, all of us would answer with a resounding YES! Honestly, what makes us feel so alive and excited every day is knowing that there's more out there for us, right? Well, in this Live episode, Chalene is going to help you take inventory of many aspects of your day-to-day life and show how you can improve upon the ones you are least satisfied with! Get ready to follow along with Chalen
May 10, 2019
Family drama is all too relatable, isn’t it? Everyone has experienced it on some level. Including, Chalene and Bret. So, how should one deal with it? Do you confront the situation head on or do you avoid it and hope it just goes away? In this CarSmart edition, your fave husband and wife share some awesome tips on how they’ve dealt with conflicts within their family — which you’ll definitely find super helpful! (Even if they don’t see eye to eye on all situations.)Be sure t
May 8, 2019
Money is the number one cause of strife in most marriages. Money (or lack thereof) causes stress and tension whether you are in a relationship or not. In the episode, you'll hear how Bret and I struggled to get on the same page, how we helped to teach our kids about money, and how you too can decrease the amount of stress you feel on the daily by learning how to create extra opportunities to make money part time... online.  Be sure to grab your boo and watch Bret and I teach this l
May 6, 2019
In this episode, Natalie Jill (licensed master sports nutritionist, fat-loss expert, high-performance coach) and Chalene get real. They talk about: what it's like to feel like you're in competition with younger women, how much longer it takes to get ready when you’re older, some of the stereotypes that feed into your beliefs, Botox, weight loss, body image, habits, looking and feeling better, but most importantly... Chalene and Natalie talk strategy! It's important to Chalene that you walk away f
May 3, 2019
After 24+ years of marriage, Chalene and Bret have figured out what it takes to build closeness in their relationship. While every relationship is different and — no doubt — a work in progress, you will most definitely benefit from hearing them open up about what works for them! In addition, the Johnsons will shed some light on what might help you and your significant other grow as a couple. And also, what surprising things can, in fact, often create a wedge between 2 people. Chalene and Bret a
May 1, 2019
Okay, Chalene has never done this before! Today, your host will be Shawn Stevenson of The Model Health Show and your guest will be Chalene Johnson! What!? Chalene has done a ton of interviews... but there’s really only ONE person who has interviewed her that got her to cry and be as raw and as authentic as she could be. That is Shawn and THIS is the interview. Stop dieting & star
April 29, 2019
Bret and Cierra are taking over The Chalene Show! Why? Well, it was a huge request by people at the recent Chalene Show Live! So, they each, individually, asked their Instagram followers which questions they most wanted answered. In this episode, they'll tackle those questions and so much more! You’ll hear a candid discussion that revolves around the most important parts of their relationship — as father and daughter. #takeover The Chalene Show is brought to you by:
April 26, 2019
First, an apology for any hysteria my Wednesday podcast may have created for any woman with Breast Implants. In hindsight, I should have given you more information, provided additional resources and explained why there is so much controversy around this topic. I didn’t do that. As such, I received countless messages from women in sheer panic mode. Today, I share with you additional details, a variety of causes you may want to consider and what to do if you suspect your implants may be cau
April 24, 2019
While typically considered a safe procedure with minimal risk, millions of women worldwide have developed a wide range of symptoms after breast implantation in the 50 years they have been on the market. These symptoms are now commonly considered an autoimmune response and referred to as Breast Implant Illness or BII. While naysayers point to a lack of conclusive evidence, the FDA has warned that the longer breast implants stay in the more problematic they can become. Today, thousands of women have
April 22, 2019
In this episode, you’re going to learn a lot about vitamins and minerals —  everything from which ones you may or may not need to how to figure out if you're deficient. And should you assume that you're getting all of your vitamins and minerals if you're eating a balanced, healthy, clean diet? If you’re going to supplement, how do you know what you should be supplementing? We'll take it one step further, too, as Chalene is also going to help you understand where to source your supplement
April 19, 2019
Chalene recently posted a side by side photo of herself on Instagram that got a lot of attention. In fact, it may have the most comments and shares of any of her posts - ever.  In this episode, Chalene wants to do a follow up conversation on that post! She's going to put to rest some of the questions and assumptions people have had after seeing that picture.  To Listen to the episode on Supplements and Protein Shakes
April 17, 2019
Let's talk about something we normally only open up to about with our closest girlfriends or in the quiet corners of our darkest moments. Today on the Chalene Show, listeners open up and share their thoughts on aging, the struggle with weight loss, sagging skin and no longer feeling attractive as they approach their 40's and 50's. But don't despair... there is hope. There is a solution and you're not alone, but you must be proactive. Chalene references confidence in this episode as your fir
April 15, 2019
Today’s episode is not just for all the females! If there’s a woman in your life and you love her, then you must listen to this show. You’re going to learn how daily stress, sleep, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle affects unexplained mood swings, brain fog, and that overall “feeling off” feeling. Chalene is going to help make this time in your life so much easier!   To Get Two Pairs of Fabletics workout tights for ONLY $24 go to
April 10, 2019
Chalene wants to talk to you about your story. The story you tell yourself, the story you tell other people, the story you're repeating in your head, and why — if you want to change your body — you need to change all of it. Our stories start from childhood (the seemingly innocent messaging we receive from our families) and are later dictated to us by society (what is celebrated as beautiful). So, with all of this information learned and stored in our heads, is it possible to change our stories?
April 8, 2019
Chalene invites her 19-year-old daughter, Cierra, as her guest today. You’re going to hear a very candid, honest, and open conversation between mother and daughter. Their chat covers such topics ranging from confidence, therapy, body image, parenting, to so much more. Cierra shares her surprising perspective on many issues and both will keep you glued as they take you down memory lane. If you’re a parent (or thinking of becoming one), this episode is a must listen!!! Follow Cier
April 5, 2019
You’ve been asking for some financial advice from Chalene’s husband, Bret Johnson. Well today, he is going to deliver as he shares his insights on all things credit cards! Like, when you should use a debit vs credit card, which cards you should seriously consider, how to pay off your debt the right way, and so much more! Even if you pay off your balance every month, you are guaranteed to find super useful card card tips!  List of Credit Cards Bret mentioned in this episode:
April 3, 2019
In this episode, Chalene is going to explain why one of the most popular held beliefs around weight loss — “eat less, move more” — is actually severely flawed. In fact, you'll finally understand why that message may be partly responsible for your own weight loss resistance. You’ll learn that weight loss isn't just about calories. If it were as simple as just depending on calories, wouldn’t we have solved this all too common problem by now?Join our new awesom
April 1, 2019
A full circle moment for Chalene today! She brings back her very first guest of The Chalene Show. Her dear friend, Brendon Burchard! Brendon is considered one of the world’s best high performance coaches. He is also one of the most watched, quoted, and followed personal development experts in history. In this episode, Chalene and Brendon discuss productivity and all the ways you can develop high performance habits in every area of your life!To find Brendon and his wife Denise’s
March 29, 2019
Chalene’s husband, Bret Johnson, is an important part of a legacy in local sports. In this CarSmart episode, Bret gets personal as he shares how his childhood experiences shaped how he and Chalene parented their sports-involved kids. Listen, as they talk about their best practices for raising children who participate in athletics! Join our new awesome PodSquad on Facebook
March 27, 2019
Even if you're not someone who's addicted to exercise or healthy food choices, this episode is going to be beneficial to you. In today’s show, Chalene breaks down Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (disruption of your menstrual cycle) and Orthorexia (obsessing over a healthy diet). These 2 conditions may be triggered by numerous surprising factors and you need to know about them. For a limited time Blinkist has a special offer just for my audience. Go to
March 25, 2019
Because Chalene continues to get so many questions in regard to all things therapy, she decided to finally devote an entire show around the subject! So hopefully, you'll find lots of the answers you’re looking for. Answers to questions, like: how do I find a good therapist? What is EMDR therapy? How do I know if the therapist I'm working with is the right therapist? How do I know if I'm done with what I’ve been working on? Is there a beginning, middle, and end to therapy or is this something I'
March 22, 2019
Chalene promised last week to do a follow-up episode on how she detoxed off of diet soda. In today’s show, Chalene will not only share that step-by-step process, but will go one step further! You’ll find out the (often secret) strategies she put in place with her family as she attempted to change their taste buds and have them, ultimately, crave less sugar! Join our new awesome PodSquad on Facebook here:www.facebook.c
March 20, 2019
A study from Harvard University is reporting that soda, sports drinks, and sugary beverages increase our risk of dying from heart disease, breast cancer, and colon cancer — just to name a few. This study may be new, but the research on this dates back almost 20 years. It's not the consumption of sugar, or fructose, or glucose that causes cancer… but, rather, the amount we're consuming. The more sugar you take in (even unknowingly), the more you crave it. In this episode, Chalene promises to giv
March 18, 2019
Today's episode is devoted to the top photo and video editing apps for both Android and Apple users! How did Chalene find out the newest and most popular info? By asking her peeps on Instagram Stories! Well, she got a ton of responses and is excited to share — with lots of fun, detail, and guidance — the cream of the crop.   Link to Pre-Order Chalene’s New Book: GO HERE  Hurry and get
March 15, 2019
In this CarSmart episode, you’ll be a fly on the wall (or in the car, to be exact) as Chalene and Bret debate their way to an appointment. Listen, as Chalene tries to defend her reverse-engineering-time theory, admit that she’s a “time optimist,” disclose her thoughts on a 30-day digital detox (which she’s considering), and more! God bless, Bret… he continues to struggle with her time management skills. Get ready to laugh!!!  If you want to listen to Chalene’s pas
March 13, 2019
There was a time when Chalene actually didn’t eat a lot of whole foods; her diet was mostly made up of protein shakes, bars, and supplements. They seemed super convenient! Plus, you already know exactly how many grams (of everything), vitamins, and minerals you are getting. But are you truly making an informed decision when consuming these so-called healthy products? In this episode, Chalene shares her thoughts and feelings - based on the latest science - on this hot topic. 
March 11, 2019
Overthinking is what makes us human but it’s oftentimes a downward cycle. It can become a major problem! Now, the reason we have all have these what-if thoughts is to be sure we don’t get harmed or do the wrong thing - as the brain is designed to protect us. But when your thinking goes haywire, it can leave you overwhelmed, consumed and paralyzed. If you overthink everything you do OR feel the world is going to come crashing down upon you, this episode is for you! It's time to stop worrying abo
March 8, 2019
This is an episode that is probably best listened to without children. Chalene and her good friend, Dr. Mcayla Sarno, talk about the new HBO documentary series “Leaving Neverland”. They both talk openly and honestly about the series and share their thoughts and feelings. Also, Dr. Mcayla gives her insights on this topic from a therapist’s perspective.    Link to Pre-Order Chalene’s New Book: GO HERE
March 6, 2019
In this episode Chalene shares the unsettling feeling she had when she looked back on the last two decades of her life, only to discover that she had been living a lie. It's shocking to Chalene now to admit to the choices she made, the things she agreed to and the advice that she gave others. Chalene gives you a look into what it was like, what she was thinking and how she got wrapped up into this lie and what she did to change it. Chalene will also share with you one of the most personal c
March 5, 2019
All parents wonder if they’re doing the right thing. But what does it actually take to be a good parent? Well today, Chalene is going to, in fact, help you figure out if you are getting it right! Not based on her opinion or her principles (although she’s going to share some of those with you, too)… but based on psychologically proven habits and traits that illustrate how parenting has the potential to positively or negatively impact your child's future as an adult.
March 1, 2019
In this episode Chalene and Bret share with you the season they are in now. In the past they declined most invites to networking functions, appearances and other social events due to the commitment they made with each other to be present with their children. Now Brock and Cierra are off at college and it’s a whole new game!! They share with you even though they made that commitment it was difficult to say no to the things they were passionate about. But still in those 21 years of declinin
February 27, 2019
Did you know that you have one thing in common with Chalene and every single listener of The Chalene Show?  We're all aging. In many ways, the pressure to maintain a youthful appearance has always existed. Especially for women. But in today’s social media world, with endless comments under your newest Instagram post, for example, the pressure to look good has reached unimagined proportions. Chalene is going to help you fight back and NOT be afraid of aging! Link to Pre-O
February 25, 2019
In this episode Chalene speaks with New York Times best selling author Greg McKeown about how to practice the disciplined pursuit of less and how our culture has taught us to do more and to be more and that in the process this pursuit of undefined success has created great many failures. Greg shares the findings of his 15 year study on the most successful corporations and individuals and how our lack of focus and purpose, coupled with a culture that never allows us the space to think has created th
February 22, 2019
There are some things you need to be aware of when it comes to the influencers you follow on social media. You must establish whether or not you trust that specific social media “influencers” are being authentic and not just trying to sell you something. Establishing this trust may even save you a lot of money. Chalene also talks about sponsored ads and how she goes about authentically implementing them into her podcasts.Link to Pre-Order Chalene’s New Book:
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