Wish there was more consistency with episode posting
I love listening to these podcasts and have listened to them all over the past two years! Now that I’m caught up to the current episodes, I just wish I knew when the newest podcast episode would become available. Sometimes it’s right after the TV episode airs, sometimes it’s a few days or a week. All of my other favorite podcasts post episodes on a certain day each week and it would be awesome if the posting of this podcast became more consistent. Thank you!!
Look forward to this every week!
Thank you for the podcast each week. I love to hear why the writers made certain decisions that go into each episode and if they changed something from the book. I am really looking forward to the 507 podcast when it’s released. Keep them coming!
Obsessed with Outlander
Yes I’m daily looking for episode 507 as well. It was one epic episodes ever!
Episode 7
Amazing, amazing episode by Toni and her stable of writers! You outdid yourself this time and we fans just loved every minute, seriously. Please take a big bow and talk to us soon on your podcast. Suspense is killing me!
Love this podcast
Mandykin 33
Will there not be a recap of episode 7, The Ballad of Roger Mac?! It was too good not to hear a recap.
Thank you !
Thus podcast means so much to me. I appreciate the time spent on doing this for us fans. I always watch the episode on mute while listening. I love you all!
Better to Marry Than Burn
Roberta 51
This is the first time I’ve listened to the podcast. I can’t believe I didn’t know about them. This podcast about Episode 6 was great. I enjoyed listening to the writer speak about how she researched the episode and what the final script looked like. I also liked the discussion and analysis that you both did. Next week’s episode is not going to be pretty. I already have a knot in my stomach. I’ll be listening next week. Thanks Toni!
Must listen!
If you’re obsessed with the story of Outlander and watch the show, this podcast is great way to peek into the mind of the writers/producers to learn what they were thinking leading up to, and during, the shoot of each episode. To get the most from these podcasts, watch an episode and then rewatch it while listening to the podcast. I listened out of order initially, because I’d already watched seasons 1-4, but found that I really valued what Ron, Matt, Toni, and Maril had to say so I scrapped my haphazard approach and started the show again from season 1 and listened to the podcasts as they coincided with the episode. Thank you SO MUCH to the folks that take the time to do this - I love it and look forward to it every week!
Rewatch delight
Always looking forward to the inside information and the insight these podcast episodes offer. One of the joys of every Outlander season is listening to these conversations while rewatching each episode. Fantastic experience for which I am very grateful.
Love the BTS stuff
To all those who are complaining about the long pauses, you are supposed to be watching the episode while you listen to this. Matt mentions it at the beginning of the podcast. He is pausing during certain scenes. I love listening to hear all the BTS stories that went into making the show. Especially the decisions that were made for the show versus the book version.
Long pauses...
Kristin MKG
In the long pauses are we supposed to hear the episode? How do I sync it? Anyone know?
Long Pausing
I want to like this podcast because Outlander is my favorite show but, these long stagnated pauses are realllly getting to me.
This is an amazing podcast. Love hearing about all the tiny details that go into these great show episodes. Great surprise to see a new episode this morning.
Very informative but really odd
I really like the insights, but the strange pausing is really odd. It seems like one person being in the first podcast about Season 5 was an afterthought? Please try to make this slightly more engaging in the next episode. It felt like nails on a chalkboard sometimes with the weird pauses.
Body Noises Are Gross
Tis I, Herself
Was late to the party in finding this series and have binge-watched all seasons past. Now, can’t wait for the new season to be released. So, I thought I could get insights by listening to the “Official Podcast.” Hearing of the background and process is great, but I cannot get beyond the loud gulping sound when the speaker periodically swallows some beverage. Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize with having a dry mouth from speaking, but puulleeeease ... can’t this guy cover the mike or pause the recorder when he takes a swig??! Honestly…I had to abandon podcast #301 at one-third of the duration because that Big Gulp was so annoying!
Can’t wait.
Droughtlander continues. Looking forward to new podcasts when we resume the new season. I love the insights.
Absolutely love the podcasts with Ron and Terry! Costumes and sets are amazing!
I’m so appreciative.
I love these. I love learning more. This podcast is definitely a new fave.
Enjoy this podcast.
Yoga Terri
Thanks for taking the time to do these podcasts. They are very helpful and informative. I especially enjoyed the ones that include Maril Davis and Matt Roberts.
Late to this incredible party
I’m extremely new to Outlander but I’m truly obsessed. I’ve watched all four seasons about 6 times within a month. Every time I watch I catch something new in the impeccable details. Hearing the details behind the scenes brings such an appreciation to everyone involved! Thank you so much for this podcast!!
Come back Ron
It has been interesting to go behind the scenes and learn more about the production. I appreciated finding out why changes were made. On a personal note, I find the changes made due to technical production issues fascinating while those made at the whims of the writers/producers frustrating. The first two seasons are hosted predominantly by Ron Moore and are full of information. Toni Graphia takes over as host for most of seasons 3 and 4. She loves to talk and spends most of her time doing character analysis, failing to talk about production. When Matthew B. Roberts is hosting it’s better and he can speak of sets and production challenges, but I really wish Ron would return.
Terrye Anne
Love hearing the details and their thought processes and decisions that posed problems
Self-serving drivel
I started listening to this podcast hoping to gain some insight into the adaptation choices made for the show. Unfortunately, the producers and writers spend most of their time patting themselves on the back without really explaining themselves, and telling us about what they're drinking while they're recording it. In the podcast for episode 409, they spent the entire time of a very critical scene reminiscing about a party involving whisky and warm chocolate chip cookies. Don't expect to learn anything useful relevant to the show.
Would like yo see what you’re talking g about
I appreciate the commentary but it’s rendered useless without being able to see what they're speaking about.
An insight...but be prepared to get angry.
As someone who has a film degree and enjoys seeing all the behind the scenes stuff, I find that particular part of this podcast enlightening. I like knowing why writers and producers make the decisions they make. Adapting a novel series as vast and detailed as Outlander can’t be easy and knowing why they choose certain parts of the novel and leave out others is very interesting. However, be prepared to get angry over the reasoning. These writers and producers LOVE secondary characters like Laoghaire and Frank and LOVE to insert them in anywhere. Having watched the show, I already know this, but hearing the reason behind the crazy amount of screen time for those 2 characters is INFURIATING. So, if you’d like a little insight into why things are the way they are in the show vs the book, then give it a listen. Seasons 1 and 2 are a little different because those seasons are hosted predominantly by Ron Moore. Seasons 3 and 4 are predominantly hosted by executive producers Matt Roberts and Toni Graphia. Seasons 3 and 4 are way more infuriating. Just FYI.
A MUST after watching every episode
I love the insight into the episodes and seeing how things are done behind the scenes. There is so many great info we get from listening to this. I wish I would have known about this when I first started watching a couple years ago. Now I can go back and listen to them all.
405 and 406 still “not available”
Just wondering if everyone is having the same problem?
iTunes podcast for last two episodes temporarily unavailable. Why?
Missing episode
Eloise Midgen
Where is episode 405? It is 4 days behind schedule for being released.
Outlander podcast
Love the podcasts and all of the inside stories on each ep. Especially love Matt and Toni. Ron has this show in very good hands! FYI Terry’s costumes rock and I can listen to her and Ron anytime. Especially loved the wedding ep podcast and Ron’s confession of the first Tim he met Terry.
Nicole Loftus
Did you guys know episode 210 isn’t working please fix that
Where’s the right podcast
I don’t know why but when I went to listen to the podcast for “America the Beautiful” it was the podcast for the “the Eye of the Storm.” I enjoyed that podcast when I originally listened to it and listened again to refresh my memory of that episode, but it wasn’t the correct podcast for the newest episode. Am I going to have to go to another source to find the correct one? What’s the point of being subscribed if I don’t get the correct episode?
For a podcast — too much silence
Who sits down with the tv on to listen to a podcast? Please include the show’s audio with your commentary. Most people listen to podcasts during a commute or workout and all of the choppy silences make it so hard to stay engaged.
Love the podcast, but...
I look forward to your podcasts every season. I was excited to see episode 401 ready to play this morning, and...it’s episode 313, listed as 401. I already listened to that one last season. This has happened a few times before. Please fix this ASAP! Other than that, I’m a big fan. Thanks!
Sadistic and Abhorrent
This is so good until it turns ugly and horrific. After I watched parts of the last two episodes of season 1, it haunted me. I feel it crossed a serious line. I imagine the actors experience PTSD to this day. Especially Jamie and Captain Randall. You’ll regret letting these images in your mind.
I love to hear how film and TV is made so this was such a treat to find. So thrilled that Ron Moore does a podcast for each individual episode, it is the film geek’s dream. I also love that (so far) he is usually drinking whiskey and often by a crackling fire to really set the Scottish mood.
Love the episode reviews
Dietta H
Mary and Blake discuss each episode with humor and insight. I love hearing Mary’s genuine laugh and Blake’s analysis. Usually, I save their episodes for garden or cleaning days to make them go fast! Thanks M and B! You always make my day!
Very interesting
Ms Pepp
Great insight into the tv series!
Learning a lot, especially like hearing about the choices made when it has to deviate from the book. Would love to have the actors participate and hear about the filming from their perspective as well. Keep up the great work!
Get it together!
As much as I love to listen, the random list of episodes-out of order, missing, mis-titled, etc. has frustrated the heck out of me. ‘Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ’ get your podcast together!
Where are Episodes 306 and 307
Love listening to the production comments! Love what you’re doing with the books!!!
Bring back the episode in the background
This was my favorite podcast before they took the episode out of the background! It’s so hard to follow now and it’s not practical to listen and watch! I wish they would bring back the episodes in the background. I love hearing the details about the episode WITH the episode in the background.
Great explanation of creative choices
Thaq Diesel
Love the explanations and discussion of creative process in adapting the book for screen and choices made to appeal to both the book fan base as well as those experiencing the story for the first time through this series. I look forward to hearing the challenges of making the book come to life.
Where is 306?
Why isn’t the podcast for Ep 306 available in iTunes? It’s been a week and now will also be looking for 307.
Love it
Love it
Love the additional Detail
The discussion always provides more detail around scene choices and writer’s decisions. Well worth the time.
So great to here all the details behind each episode. I especially love hearing when there are differences between the book and the show!!!
You should play the the program in the background like last year.
Love these podcasts!
I love listening to these podcasts! Ron, Matt and Toni give us so many details and reasons why certain things were changed or filmed a specific way. It’s truly fascinating and so nice to hear their perspective! Please don’t ever stop recording these!
Is Ron passing the show on to Toni and Matt.
I feel like Ron is stepping back, handing the show over to Toni and Matt. I miss when we hear from the writers and directors from the different episodes. I also miss hearing the episode in the background, fills in the blank spots !! Still love the show. Matt can barely wait for 306. Maybe I’ll sleep for two weeks !!
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