You Rock - Zach
Didn't know what to expect
But I love Felicia Day so I checked out this episode. It was great! Really enjoyed the dialogue.
Love this podcast!
Great Guests
Grace is good and fun in keeping with the Not Too Deep theme, I particularly like that the guests are people outside my normal range. Learning about new people and their experiences in a fun breezy way is good listening!
I just love when she laughs super hard and you can tell that it’s genuine and real. I think those are the best parts.
This the bomb
I think mitchell and grace should just have their own podcast they are so funny
You need better guests
Mitchell and Grace together are gold
I know this is primarily only Grace’s podcast but when her and Mitchell get together it is the funniest experience
Just so darn good!
The best way to get to know your favorite artists (or be introduced to someone you don’t know yet!) is have Grace interview them! The flow of the show is consistent, yet spontaneous. Loooove it!
Mr Bochicchio
I don’t get it. People talking about nothing. I just didn’t get it. Maybe it’s because I’m over 50.
Too much fake laughing
Learnist lover
Love the conversation, but if I could change one thing, I’d be the fake laughing. Here’s a lot of overdone, loud drawn out fake laughing that, although the convo is funny, it’s not worth a screaming chuckling laugh time after time. Consider learning how to calm down the “filler” laugh approach a bit.
Love this!!!
kat rose miner
so genuinely nice to listen to, the conversations she has with her guests make me laugh every time. Grace’s laugh is infectious! This is one of those podcasts I can listen to even when I have no idea who the guest is and still love it. 10/10 would recommend
hey grace
a really cool dog
i love this podcast and this is my first time leaving a review at all but i just hope you know you're awesome
Grace you’re just my favorite.
It’s hard to become one of my favorite people. I have high standards, but you’ve passed with flying colors.
truly a joy
I know that’s what most teachers say about their students they barely know, but I mean it when I say NTD is truly a joy to listen to every Monday. Grace and Mitchell are a great pair and offer silly but substantial commentary on current events and other topics. It’s a great, light-hearted break from all the heaviness in the world.
Silly and ridiculous
Love this podcast! Always makes me laugh, and asks the hard hitting questions. Who would I throw cold spaghetti at? Existential crisis we all must face.
Fun and refreshing
I love listening at work. Helps get me through the day!!
Nails On A Chalkboard
I am a big fan of Chelsea Handler which is why I decided to subscribe to the podcast. Grace constantly interrupts and talks over Chelsea. Tries to come off as knowledgeable/well informed but failed. “Thank you for explaining to me what a conversation is...” (Chelsea’s response to Grace’s awful explanation). And Grace’s laugh? Holy crap. So unnecessarily loud. I had my headphones on and literally cringed when she would cackle. No thank you. I shall pass.
Super funny when Jack isn’t talking over Grace
Grace is hilarious as always and is super natural with the guests. However, I have had to stop listening to a few episodes because Jack constantly cuts into conversations and talks over the guests and grace. It seems like he’s trying to show the listeners that his job is important but it often comes off as mansplaining and showing off his “vast knowledge” of very basic topics.
I’m in love with grace
Grace Helbig is The Beat! Her podcast is seriously so fun and entertaining. She’s truly a lovely goddess with the best guests. She knows how to interview people and have a great conversation. Would highly recommend!!!!
I just started listening to podcasts and I have already had so much fun listening to this one. Some of the guests have their own podcasts and I have started to listen to those as well and have loved them as much as this one. This is a show I will definitely recommend to my friends.
Can’t wait for this
shelbi c
I’ve watched and listened to Grace for YearS! This podcast is so great. She has great guests and when she has her friends on.... it’s the best. Love it!
movie lover!
I only made it through 20 minutes of the Nick Viall episode and could not handle her nervous flirty laughter. Vapid. Not worth listening to.
Not too much of a fan anymore. :(
Marissa (love you so much:))
I have been listening to this podcast literally since the first episode dropped. This show has gone through an variety of different styles, co-hosts, and scripts--some that were great choices and others that weren't/haven't been. My least favorite iteration of this podcast is its current with Grace as the sole host asking the same exact questions to every guest with extremely little variation. At this point, I can predict verbatim what she will say--which as a dedicated listener induces strain and disappointment. Moreover, she has been increasingly rude to her guests?? The combination of repetition and poor rapport has created a very cringy podcast. And I am not writing this after hearing one podcast that was like this but several. I have also been a big fan of Grace's for years, even attending her show, buying her books, and watching her E! Show. So this is heartbreaking to write/confess.
Delightful every week
I’m late to the Grace Helbig world but am so happy to finally join in! Each episode of her podcast is great to listen to because Grace has a way of putting her guests at ease and having a candid conversation with them. She makes it sound like she’s talking to a friend. Making it seem effortless is a sign that she’s actually brilliant at this!
Thinking of unsubbing
whats with the nicknsme
Grace is becoming more and more judgmental and snarky and less chill and funny. I felt uncomfortable listening to the most recent ones. She laughs at the guests when they are being serious as to imply th interviews are going well. Seems she is bitter to most men guests. Also hearing about her constant drinking and hangovers is getting very annoying. She used to be a go to of mine now she seems rather fake.
Entertaining & positive
Each week, Grace leads a masters class in how to create an intelligent, inviting atmosphere for both guests & listeners. She cleverly enables her guests to crack open their shells and share a bit of themselves—all under the guise of “not too deep.” Grace provides the perfect avenue for artists/influencers to find new audience members. Sponsors should be knocking down her door to partner with Not Too Deep.
Disrespect for Catholic Faith
I used to really enjoy the podcast. It's funny and relatable. Both Grace and Jack are both Catholic and I can understand why she might have issues with the faith. In an episode, though she said she made her sacraments, she continued to refer to the Body of Christ as a stale piece of cookie. It's Jesus Christ. Then a particular guest said what they could do (horribly gross) to the "stale piece of cookie" and they all shared a laugh. It's such a disrespect to Jesus and to the Catholic Faith. There was no defense to the comment. The guest who made the comment later shared things he like about Catholicism, but never revised what was said about the Eucharist. It made me lose a lot of respect for Grace and the show.
I’ve said it before I’ll say it again
Not Too Deep is the first podcast I started listening too when it first came out, and instantly I was hooked. This podcast has gotten me through some of the roughest and lowest times in my life so far and I’m truly thankful for every episode. I’ve discovered so many amazing people through their episode of never hearing of them before, like Willam for example. The first time I heard it I had to pull over because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t see through the tears. I’ve been around since episode one and I really enjoy how much the show has progressed throughout each episode. Thank you for all the laughs Grace!
Off and on fan for years
I don’t always consistently listen to podcasts but this one is honestly tied for #1 with this might get weird. Notice a theme? Love grace, love mamrie, love jack, always a delight. And now because I’ve been away for a while I have a huge backlog to listen to! Yay!
Where the heck has this podcast been all my life?!
I’ve been listening to this podcast while doing things I feel very bleh about (working, folding laundry, doing the dishes, etc) for the past few weeks and suddenly life’s bleh tasks have gotten more enjoyable. Coincidence? I think not!
I just listened to the episode with “the machine “ omg I laughed until I cried please have him on again
All around great podcast
I’ve been listening for a couple years now. I’ve enjoyed how the podcast has grown and changed over time. It’s always a great listen with super funny and charismatic guests!
Sooo funny
Steph Sunny
I can’t hold my laughter in when listening to this podcast! Interviews are great and I am in love with Rants w/ Mitchell Davis.
Throw cold spaghetti
Currently on a binge of watching all the NTD episodes that I can at work. I love Grace so much and love her personality. She does so well at making some stories given by guests even more enjoyable by engaging so well!
Gets Better & Better!
This podcast is one of my favorites and has just gotten better over the past 4 years. The current guest lineup is fantastic and the conversation is always entertaining and fun to listen to. I still go back to older episodes and relisten (Pete Holmes, Markie Hart, Drew Monson). Great work, Grace & Jack!
The best thing about Monday’s!
Shelbs Shaffer
I’ve been listening for about a year and a half now and never lose interest. A great way to get through an hour in no time!
5 stars
Ford Yow
I absolutely love this show!!!! I listen to this show in the car and when I’m cleaning. It is a great way to pass the time.
Funny, interesting, and weird/silly 👍
I look forward to this podcast every week. Love the rants!
I’ve been listening to this for like 3 years??
Maybe even more than 3 years! I first found Grace Helbig on YouTube and it’s been great watching this podcast evolve and adapt with the times. It’s always entertaining and it keeps me informed of new comics, creators and more. Grace has an approachable and relatable hosting style, inviting listeners in to each episode. Love this podcast, the best easy & funny listening that we need sometimes.
I am a college student who has a 45 minute commute to and from school each day and this podcast makes the drive so much better. Grace is hilarious and always has the best guests, the flow of the conversations are always so enjoyable and this show has honestly introduced me to so many great creators!
Wonderfully Dorky, Hilarious & Heart Warming
I love Grace Helbig in everything. She is such a treat and is so relatable. All of her guests tell their interesting stories and make me laugh my butt off every episode. Grace and Jack do a great job with this podcast. GIVE IT A LISTEN! You won’t regret it!
Never gets old
I’ve been listening since the beginning and it was my favorite podcast when it started. I can say still in 2019, that it is still my favorite( along with “This might get weird”, so go listen to that one too). I re-listen to episodes all the time. Keep it up, Grace ❤️👍🏼
talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before
This has been one of my favorite podcasts ever, and I have been a listener since the beginning! Grace is hilarious, and perfectly balances interesting thoughtful questions with silly, ridiculous questions. I’ve discovered so many other authors, creators, etc by listening to her podcast. Highly recommend!
Love listening to Not Too Deep while working out/doing cardio! It’s comical, genius, and lighthearted(sometimes informative, but never too deep 😉). One of my favorite podcasts EVER! Also, I love being able to listen in the car or watch while I get my fitness on!! Highly recommend!! Maybe one day I can be on it haha 👏🏻🖤👏🏻🖤👏🏻
Makes Mondays more bearable
S. Rhodes
Grace truly makes my Monday commute to work so much less depressing. I love how the podcast has grown over the last couple of years. It’s still not too deep, but I do enjoy that it has gotten a little deep. ❤️
Grace is PURE JOY & the Best Friend We All Want!!
I love Grace Helbig. She is resplendent in every way. Love her podcast, it’s fresh and new every time. She makes every interview feel seamless and so enjoyable. I am always excited to listen to new episode and not ashamed to say I listen to the old ones often. A true gem in this world, sorry if that was too deep!!
Long Time Listener
TS Emilie
I’m not a podcast listener. Often times I find them either annoying or boring to the point it kills me to sleep. Not Too Deep is one of the only podcasts that I love listening to, either at work or in the car. Grace has introduced me to many new people or has given me a new perspective on people I’ve known of before. Seriously, give Not Too Deep a listen. It’s fun and joyous to listen to. A delight to the senses.
Not too deep but deep in my heart
This podcast is so well rounded and refined after being on the air for the past few years, and I find myself learning something new each time I listen to a new episode! Although the podcast isn’t supposed to get too deep into people’s daily struggles and hardships, listening to it helps with all of those things because I can take the insightful stories and advice from Grace and her guests and I can apply it to my life. Also, Jack is great, never forget
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