017: Options After 8th Edition
Published October 13, 2015
98 min
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    We open with talk about a watery bint lobbing scimitars at Stephen and Sean, also known as the Lady of the Lake GT recap. Stephen provides a first blush summary for Kings of War. We give an overview of adoption of Age of Sigmar, the Clash of Swords composition pack and 9th age by local players and some tournaments. Stephen describes how to base a single army for 8th edition, Kings of War, and Age of Sigmar in The Hobby! 00:00:31 Intro 00:01:28 Lady of the Lake recap 00:31:35 Antillia 00:37:05 New Systems 00:49:33 Kings of War 01:04:37 9th age 01:09:26 Clash of Swords AoS 01:10:47 Tournaments: Holy Wars, Windy City, North Star 01:20:43 The hobby 01:36:44 Credits and out takes
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