November 30, 2019
A lot has changed in the game since T3 last podcasted. Stephen and Sean talk about factors going into their list crafting for Holy Havoc, a big factor being the Herner table effect. They break down their games and ruminate about the meta. 00:00:10 Intro 00:01:06 What we've been up to 00:02:31 Holy Havoc 00:16:28 Game 1 vs Undead and Chaos Knights 00:27:33 Game 2 vs double Khorne 00:38:58 Game 3 vs Squig and Vanguard 00:50:06 Game 4 vs Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz 01:08:49 Game 5 vs Free Cities 01:29:46 Upcoming Tournaments 01:39:55 Renegade 01:48:45 The meta 01:55:27 The hobby 02:38:17 Closing thoughts 02:40:27 Credits and out takes
April 2, 2018
Sean recaps his five Age of Sigmar Championship games at Adepticon 2018. 00:00:55 Secondary objective options 00:01:56 Game 1 vs Jeremy Tucker, Nurgle 00:05:17 Game 2 vs Chris Slye, Nurgle 00:10:13 Game 3 vs Michael Vagenos, Nurgle 00:14:35 Game 4 vs Andrew Standiferd, Stormcast 00:26:14 Game 5 vs Bryan Carmichael, Mixed Order 00:33:40 Credits
April 2, 2018
Sean recaps his six Age of Sigmar Vanguard games at Adepticon 2018. 00:01:04 Game 1 00:06:21 Game 2 00:10:08 Game 3 00:12:53 Game 4 00:16:27 Game 5 00:19:04 Game 6 00:22:24 Credits
March 17, 2018
Sean and Stephen recap their games from Holy Wars 2018. 00:00:10 List construction and scoring 00:13:17 Game 1: Stephen vs Sean 00:31:35 Game 2: Sean vs Kyle Knapp 00:36:18 Game 2: Stephen vs Kevin Fleming 00:46:28 Game 3: Sean vs Mike Butcher 00:53:15 Game 3: Stephen vs Domus 01:05:42 Game 4: Stephen vs Shaun Clarke 01:25:24 Game 4: Sean vs Jake L'Ecuyer 01:34:50 Game 5: Sean vs Brad Schwandt 01:39:26 Game 5: Stephen vs Tom McClure 02:05:43 Results 02:14:44 Credits
March 13, 2018
Holy Wars GT 2018 is down. Adepticon is coming up fast. We give high level thoughts on Khaine in a delirious, late-night hobby fest.Along the way, we sneak in an Adepticon preview with Alex Gonzalez, the tournament organizer of the Age of Sigmar tournaments. 00:00:00 Intro 00:02:21 Holy Wars Wrapup 00:12:37 Alex @ Holy Wars 00:22:30 Adepticon Preview 01:07:10 T3 Adepticon Plotting 01:35:52 Daughters of Khaine 02:15:32 The hobby 02:23:01 Credits
January 17, 2018
Grandfather Nurgle cometh. After being overwhelmed by the rampant putrescence, we break down the Maggotkin of Nurgle book T3 style. Stephen and Sean highlight their Holy Wars 2018 list. We toss out our lofty goals for 2018 in the game and hobby. 00:00:10 Intro 00:00:50 Rumors and releases 00:07:16 Holy War's list 00:25:13 2018 goals 00:32:50 Maggotkin of Nurgle 00:35:49 Battalions 00:41:03 Contagion chart 00:50:44 Spells 01:04:08 Artifacts 01:10:43 Warscrolls 01:58:25 Formations 02:09:02 The hobby 02:27:09 Credits and out takes
January 12, 2018
Michelle recaps a learning game. Stephen recaps a campaign game. Sean recaps Tzaangor versus Changehost. 00:01:22 Michelle 00:23:20 Stephen 01:08:54 Sean 01:24:30 Credits
December 25, 2017
T3 makes up for lost ground. This is the last time Sean gets married in the middle of tournament season! Michelle taps in and starts playing AoS. Stephen and Sean talk about the surprise unit at Renegade Open GT: Gore Pilgrims. Stephen Herner joins us to wrap up Holy Havoc and highlight upcoming changes for Holy Wars GT. We dip our toes into the Adepticon sessions. 00:00:10 Intro 00:04:22 What we've been up to 00:06:49 Tapping in 00:33:38 Renegade 00:42:24 Holy Havoc 01:26:03 Holy Wars 02:09:32 Adepticon registration 02:19:44 The hobby 02:28:26 Credits and out takes
October 29, 2017
Zach Becker talks about a festival style grand tournament in London that features six different games systems. Tom Loyn, tournament organizer for the Age of Sigmar tournament, breaks down the pack and talks about what his event has to offer competitive and non-competitive players. His Second Age of Chaos theme sounds interesting. We can’t have an episode without list theory. We talk about the lists we're trying out for Renegade GT, our first tournament since the GHB drop. 00:00:10 Intro 00:17:36 Lists and Renegade GT 00:23:48 Firestorm 00:37:50 Shadespire rumors 00:43:16 London GT overview 00:55:53 GT: AoS event overview 00:59:06 GT: Second Age of Chaos theme 01:10:17 GT: More pack questions 01:29:55 GT: Tables and terrain 01:58:54 The hobby 02:13:24 Credits
September 14, 2017
We poured some mead down Sean's throat to make him talk and it worked! Who knew plying gamers with alcohol coerced information from them? Stephen kept us in line and focused on the General's Handbook 2017 matched play and tournament implications. 00:00:10 Intro 00:11:43 Battalions 00:13:16 Massive Regiments 00:22:05 Scenarios 00:38:36 Allegiance Abilities - Grand Alliance 00:43:47 Allegiance Abilities - Micro Factions 01:29:14 Allies 01:36:44 FAQs 01:45:13 Blight War 02:09:28 Renegade Open 02:14:17 List Building 02:52:10 The hobby 02:54:42 Credits and out takes
August 21, 2017
Sean, Stephen, and Michelle talk about Lady of the Lake GT 2017 as a participant, paint judge, and pit crew respectively. We discuss the differences between Kings of War and Age of Sigmar from a tournament perspective. Our coverage of Renegade Open 2017 is brief because we expect the pack to change after the General Handbook drop. We touch on allies and point change rumors for General's Handbook 2017. 00:00:10 Intro 00:01:52 Lady of the Lake 00:21:39 Paint Judging 00:39:03 Overall tournament 00:41:02 Blatant FaceBook plug 00:45:01 Results 00:50:26 Compare KoW to AoS 01:10:05 Renegade 2017 01:14:10 General's Handbook rumors 01:50:37 The hobby 02:02:36 Credits
August 15, 2017
Sean recaps the Lady of the Lake 2017 GT.
May 16, 2017
T3 breaks down their Adepticon 2017 experience. The sheer availability of events tested our fortitude. Over the course of three days, we packed in seminars, one Vanguard tournament, a team tournament, and day one of the championships. Stephen and Sean highlight units and formations of interest from the Blades of Khorne and Kharadron Overlords books. We reflect on two different local tournaments, the overall meta, and how the meta plays at local tournaments. Sean and Michelle discuss the dark elf plans for world domination. 00:00:10 Intro 00:01:39 Adepticon 2017 recap 01:25:34 Blades of Khorne highlights 01:50:45 Kharadron Overlords highlights 02:14:13 Local tournaments and the meta 02:57:55 Tapping in 03:12:23 The hobby 03:18:23 Credits
April 30, 2017
Sean and Stephen recap Sean's first Kings of War game.
March 19, 2017
Sean and Stephen break down their Holy Wars 2017 experience. Alex Gonzalez from the Adepticon tournaments joins us talking about his Holy Wars Experience, the Age of Sigmar tournaments at Adepticon, how they have grown, the support from Games Workshop, bray shaman pockets, the Saturday only tournament, and Stormcast. Michelle starts tapping in. There are a few squelches because the episode was released without editing. 00:00:10 Intro 00:00:10 Holy Wars Recap 01:04:41 Fluff Game 01:29:47 Alex - Holy Wars 01:52:46 Alex – Adepticon 02:49:13 Stormcast 03:35:38 Tapping in 04:11:11 The hobby 04:18:16 Credits
February 23, 2017
Sean and Stephen theoryhammer for their Holy Wars 2017 lists prior to the tournament 00:19:38 Sean's list 00:43:35 Stephen's List 01:06:17 Credits
February 22, 2017
T3 attempts to review the meta impacts of the Tzeentch book, but gets caught up in hashing through Tzaangor and Skyfire tactics. Our games played include a foray into An Unexpected Journey. 00:00:10 Intro 00:00:36 Games Played 00:10:22 GW Releases and Rumors 00:40:11 Tzeentch Book 01:00:42 Tzeentch Meta 01:12:45 More Tzeentch 01:34:50 The Persuasive Brit 01:51:18 The Hobby 02:15:54 Credits
January 22, 2017
Sean and Stephen recap a bunch of games they've played: Gnarlwood Wargrove vs Serophan, Sigmar vs Serophan, Kings of War, and team game of Order vs Kunnin' Ruk. We bat around ideas of how to encourage players new to the game before crushing their spirits. We discuss how the recent GW FAQ impacts Death and one battle plan. The three of us provide totally opinions about on Allegiance Abilities in tournaments. 00:00:10 Intro 00:00:38 Games Played 00:37:49 The Persuasive Brit 00:53:39 GW FAQ 01:07:37 Other Releases 01:17:51 Updates to Holy Wars 01:24:00 Tournament Direction for Allegiant Abilities 01:40:25 The Hobby 01:54:45 Credits and Out Takes
January 1, 2017
Sean, Stephen, and Michelle dig into prepping for three tournaments with a heavy dose of list building and meta discussion. 00:00:10 Intro 00:00:54 Recent Exploits 00:14:41 Holy Wars Tournament List Building 00:39:35 Adepticon Team Tournament List building 00:49:39 Adepticon Championship list building 00:58:54 The Meta 01:18:50 Stephen's Coercive Ways 01:26:45 The Hobby 01:40:35 Credits and Out Takes
November 28, 2016
Sean, Stephen and Michelle discuss our absence from the Warhammer scene, out publication plans for the future, and a whole lot of Holy Havoc. 00:00:30 Intro 00:03:26 What We Have Been Up To 00:24:51 Holy Havoc Wrap-up 00:50:36 What We are Playing Now 01:04:16 Credits and Out Takes
April 9, 2016
Sean, Stephen and Michelle discuss the pace of GW releases and new bundling prices. Multiple upcoming tournaments drives heavy hobbying. We cover our narrative campaign. We look at what games different tournaments like Waaaghpaca, Masters, Adepticon, and Holy Wars are running. 00:00:30 Intro 00:02:02 GW Releases 00:19:49 Fire Dwarfs 00:24:12 The Hobby 00:43:01 Campaign 00:57:29 Tournaments 01:07:02 Credits and Out Takes
December 31, 2015
Special guest Stephen Herner joins Michelle, Stephen and Sean for a rambling discussion. We recap North Star GT and prepare for Windy City Throwdown and Holy Wars. Both Stephens describe what made Age of Sigmar more appealing to them as players. Herner's description is in the WCT conversation. T3 and Herner discuss the shifting state of community. The four of us relay our experiences from running campaigns, and talk about upcoming campaigns. As expected, Herner gives some hobby tips. One of the tips was during a break; look for it tacked on at the end of the episode. 00:00:30 Intro 00:02:14 North Star Recap 00:37:42 WCT Prep 00:46:32 Holy Wars 01:20:35 Community Impact of AoS 02:03:41 Campaigns 02:33:47 The Hobby 02:46:48 Credits and out takes 02:48:00 Sneaky hobby advice
October 13, 2015
We open with talk about a watery bint lobbing scimitars at Stephen and Sean, also known as the Lady of the Lake GT recap. Stephen provides a first blush summary for Kings of War. We give an overview of adoption of Age of Sigmar, the Clash of Swords composition pack and 9th age by local players and some tournaments. Stephen describes how to base a single army for 8th edition, Kings of War, and Age of Sigmar in The Hobby! 00:00:31 Intro 00:01:28 Lady of the Lake recap 00:31:35 Antillia 00:37:05 New Systems 00:49:33 Kings of War 01:04:37 9th age 01:09:26 Clash of Swords AoS 01:10:47 Tournaments: Holy Wars, Windy City, North Star 01:20:43 The hobby 01:36:44 Credits and out takes
September 1, 2015
We get a quick round up of tournaments out of the way before digging into the meaty subject that is Age of Sigmar. Stephen and Sean break down the system phase by phase after playing a game. After that, the three of us list challenges that Age of Sigmar presents for competitive play. 00:00:31 Intro 00:01:35 Tournament Recaps 00:17:30 North Star and 8th ed tournaments 00:21:10 Age of Sigmar 01:30:15 AoS tournament issues 01:54:08 The future 02:01:25 Credits and out takes
August 31, 2015
In a completely unexpected turn of events, Sean leds the hobby charge. That's right, Sean. Also, we three kings plot to take over the world, or at least the small corner of it that is Antillia. 00:00:31 Intro 00:01:05 Wet Coast 00:11:07 Battle for Antillia 00:21:12 The Hobby 00:46:07 Credits and out takes
June 7, 2015
As promised, T3 reviewed End Times tournament packs, ideas in the community for comping Endtimes, and our ideas as well. We distilled everything into a composition pack with the primary goal being that the balance wouldn't be worse than 8th edition is for tournaments. The secondary goals were to keep it as simple as possible, reduce cuts, and favor flavor over power. 00:00:32 Intro 00:00:52 Source Comics and Games 00:02:17 Goals 00:03:50 The consideration list 00:41:27 The pack 00:47:46 The hobby 01:05:52 Closing thoughts 01:09:33 Credits and outtakes
May 14, 2015
T3 presents a beast of an episode, clocking in at over three hours. We dissect the Archaon release paying extra attention to the new special characters and formations. We wrap up the podcast with a summary of End Time special characters: which ones are too bad to take, and which ones are too good to leave at home. 00:00:32 Intro 00:01:13 Source Comics and Games 00:01:59 Unbound 00:15:58 Grand Legion of the Everchosen 00:26:39 Bloodthirsters 00:43:48 Khorne units 01:00:24 Special characters 01:42:04 Formations 02:54:35 End Times characters: the good and the bad 03:30:05 Credits and outtakes
April 21, 2015
T3 recaps their experience of End Times at Adepticon. They discuss how Bugeater GT, Blood in the Sun (BiTs) and Wet Coast GT are tackling the End Times rules. The Archaon release muscles its way into the con. They highlight the smack talk in the Battle for Antillia campaign. 00:00:32 Intro 00:01:29 The Source Comics and Games 00:02:19 Adepticon 00:42:56 Tournaments 00:58:47 Initial reaction to Archaon 01:11:55 Battle for Antillia 01:22:35 Hobby 01:38:58 Credits and outtakes
March 16, 2015
T3 pays homage to Steve Herner and the hobby experience of Holy Wars GT. Stephen and Sean sum up their experiences at Holy War GT as an End Time tournament and theorize about End Times meta. Michelle interjects occasionally while quietly working on Eternity King filth lists for Adepticon prep games. We move on to Adepticon prep and the related hobby. The Battle for Antillia is on unofficial hiatus due to Holy Wars and Adepticon; instead we discuss a couple of campaigns we might run after Antillia completes. 0:00:00 Intro 0:01:24 Holy Wars GT - the mechanics 0:20:19 Holy Wars GT as an End Times tournament 0:32:40 End Times as tournament meta 0:45:35 Adepticon prep 1:11:40 Hobby 1:26:10 Campaigns 1:32:01 Credits and outtakes
March 3, 2015
T3 tricked Stephen Herner of Holy Wars GT into visiting our room with the hopes of wrangling secrets out of him. We knew we would get none when he refused the liquor we tried to ply him with. Despite that, Stephen, Michelle, and Sean had good conversation about day one of the tournament. 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:32 Holy Wars Day 1 01:26:54 The Masters 01:36:13 Credit and Out takes
February 24, 2015
Dan Miner joins us to discuss Wet Coast GT and it's ETC based scoring system. He also shares tips for flying with your army. The hobby for the upcoming Holy Wars GT and Adepticon GT is progressing, perhaps a little painfully. 0:00:00 Intro 0:01:28 Hobby 0:15:31 Wet Coast GT 0:50:48 Flying with your army 0:54:57 General chat with Dan 1:05:46 Hobby influences 1:14:20 Credits and outtakes
February 12, 2015
Patrick Brynildson hijacks the T3 podcast to provide his opinion on Thanquol and End times to date. It's ridiculous. Sean and Patrick come to blows as opposing captains in The Battle for Antillia. Hobby planning is in full force with two tournaments coming up. 0:00:00 Intro 0:01:14 Thanquol 0:49:16 End Times to date 1:25:20 The Battle for Antillia 1:42:21 Hobby 1:52:29 Credits and outtakes
February 12, 2015
Sean and Stephen give their first thoughts on Thanquol the weekend of the release. They bugger off to play a game and provide insight gained from that game.
January 16, 2015
Special guest Stephen Herner joins us to spill his secrets about the upcoming Holy Wars GT, what it is like to start a tournament, and making a terrain table a week. We review the Battle for Antillia to see if it is meeting our expectations. What is a Warhammer Fantasy Podcast without discussing End Times experiences? A lot of hobby happened since the last podcast. 0:00 Intro 0:01:25 The Battle for Antillia Ruminations 0:10:24 The Genesis of Holy Wars GT 0:15:14 HWGT Making Terrain and Starting a Tournament 0:45:02 HWGT Player Pack 0:49:24 HWGT Scenarios and the Grail 1:01:56 HWGT and the End Times 1:10:04 HWGT Summary 1:14:34 End Times experiences 1:46:29 hobby 1:57:37 wrap-up, credits and outtakes
December 21, 2014
Either we are starting to get accustomed to this End Times thing, or Khaine has lulled us into a false sense of security. That is not a sacrifical dagger in your back. With the new magic system, there is a lot of ground to cover. We dig right into it by going over army lists, the magic system, how a couple of tournaments are handling the End Times release, and what we have seen from End Times in campaigns and games. 00:00 Intro 00:44 End Times elves 33:40 End Times magic 1:27:50 End Times spells and fulcrums 1:41:01 End Times tournament adoption 1:54:25 Campaigns 2:09:05 Hobby 2:24:35 End Times longevity 2:34:45 Credits and outtakes
December 2, 2014
We returned hoarse, if not victorious, from the always rousing North Star Tournament. Glottkin invaded the Thompson household. We track the progress of two campaigns: king of the mountain campaign, and The Battle for Antillia. 00:00 Intro 00:58 North Star 39:34 Glottkin 1:18:46 Karl Franz the Ascendant 1:40:12 King of the Mountain 1:58:14 Battle for Antillia 2:02:10 Hobby 2:09:40 Wrap up 2:10:18 Credits and Outtakes
November 6, 2014
We talk about Screw City 2014, Cruisehammer 2014, the Underway campaign, the 1.9 FAQ and Northstar 2014 prep. 00:00 Intro 00:54 Screw City 03:17 Cruisehammer 13:47 Narrative Campaign 32:56 1.9 FAQ 1:05:42 Northstar Prep 1:21:13 Wrap up and credits 1:21:33 Outtakes
November 2, 2014
Michelle and Stephen interview Dan Miner and Alex Yuen creators of Cruisehammer on the cruise ship Freedom of the Seas.
November 1, 2014
T3 discusses: a campaign they created, upcoming tournaments, thoughts on Undead, the Warriors of Chaos leak, and topics inspired by YouTube. 0:00 Intro and Battle for Antillia 18:32 Upcoming Screw City and Cruisehammer, naming units 50:45 Combined Undead 1:00:48 Warrior of Chaos leak 1:34:33 Dwarves with 50 percent 1:52:40 Double fleeing characters 2:01:16 buypainted and upcoming from T3 2:04:51 sign off and credits 2:05:16 Outtakes from breaks
October 4, 2014
T3 discusses a team battle they ran, a bit of hobby, two Mighty Empire campaigns our local club recently wrapped up, and the new Undead.
June 29, 2014
Stephen and Sean discuss their participation the Warhammer Blood in the Sun tournament. Michelle heckles them.
June 7, 2014
T3 discusses several aspects of tournaments, the wood elf menace, and our current hobby focuses. This episode contains significant background noise. I keep threatening to lose it, but the other members of T3 revolt against me.
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