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Published March 12, 2019
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    Co-Hosted Training

    The Death Investigation Training Academy will gladly host most all of our offered courses at your agency.  Co-Hosted training is often referred to as “free training”. In a Co-Hosted seminar, DITA requests that an agency supply a meeting facility, coffee, tea, and their hospitality in exchange for free seats in the training. DITA and the hosting agency will market the class to surrounding agencies and DITA will handle all student registration.  DITA will then contract with our accredited instructors and supply all audio/visual equipment. 

    This saves you the expense of time and travel for your personnel and the personnel in your region.

    Training packages and details are negotiated on a per-request basis. Discounts and tuition credits are available for staff of hosting agencies.  Please contact us directly for quotes and package information.

    What DITA Provides:

    • Assisted marketing to regional agencies
    • On-Site national coordinator to support the training
    • All student material including class roster, manual & handouts, and completion certificates 
    • We handle student registration and payments
    • Accredited instructors

    What Hosting Agency Provides

    • Training Facility for 30+ students
    • Audio/Video Equipment
    • Notifying surrounding agencies of the scheduled training

    Benefits of Co-Hosting

    • 2 free seats in training of 10 or more paying attendees
    • 5 free seats for 20 or more paying attendees
    • Saving in time and expense of travel and per diem expenses
    • Acknowledgment on all marketing material
    • Recognition as a leader in state certified training

    Virtual Classroom

    Bringing high quality, hyper-focused training, to your agency through the power of the internet. Capable of streaming around the world in real time saving you time and money without sacrificing quality and accreditation.

    Why Chose this option

    A virtual classroom is a great option for in-service training.  The virtual classroom allows you to have quality instructors and topics without the added cost of travel and lodging.  Plus, it opens the opportunity for shorter training sessions of up to 4 hours.

    How it Works

    Your agency hosts the training by providing a training room equipped with high-speed internet, monitor and/or projector, web camera, and audio.  If you can Skype from the room it can become a virtual classroom.  Your students see the instructor on the monitor or projected onto the screen and the instructor can see the students through your webcam.  Students can see and hear what is being presented – both in lecture and presentation slides or video.

    Interaction can take place between students and the instructor just like a Skype or facetime call,  so questions can be asked and answered in real time.

    Technical Issues

    Basic technical needs are low, again not much different than a skype or facetime call. However, you will need to ensure high-speed internet is present and not overburdened during the training session.  It is recommended someone with a good understanding of the equipment be present and can work directly with our producer during setup and if any issues occur during the stream.

    In most instances, the stream will be through the platform streaming a broadcast from Wirecast studio.  This will require you to download the zoom application onto your system. There is no cost or danger in this download and it can be removed after the class session.

    When dealing with the internet we have all come to expect perfection and we get it most of the time. However, and usually when its most important, things happen and speeds slow down or are interrupted. Therefore, it is best to have someone present that can get the system reconnected and running should a problem occur.

    A second connection will be established prior to starting the live feed in case issues arise. This second connection will allow our producer and your onsite tech to communicate outside of the internet being used for steaming.  This connection, in most cases, will be cell phone calls and text messages which can be done without the internet.


    Another issue to consider is your agencies firewall if you are hosting the training within your facility.  Some government facilities have strict firewall protection and would not allow for a live stream to be sent through.  Your IT professional can answer and/or test this for you and our producer is available to test the set up any time prior to scheduling a training.


    Courses taught through virtual classroom can receive accredited continuing education credits for the students through Missouri POST and ABMDI if certain obligations are met.  Primarily we would have to have someone in supervision within your agency in the classroom during the training that can ensure the continued presence of students.  Also, a sign-in roster would have to be signed by all students and confirmed by the person of authority on site.  This roster would then need to be emailed to our academy and certificates would be sent to the agency.


    Cost of virtual classroom training is at a fraction of traditional on-site training. In most instances training, will be $125 dollars plus $80 per training hour.  For example, if an agency wanted a 3-hour training on Injury and Wound Identification and Documentation.  The course would cost $125 plus $240 for a total of $365.  With 10 students present that would only be $36.50 per student, for three hours of accredited training.

    Cost is calculated based upon the number of accredited training hours, not actual streaming hours. Instructors consider 15-30 minutes after the presentation for additional questions or conversation that is included in the session cost.

    Additional Costs and Options

    Fees are based upon an average of 20 students. In as much as the number of students’ present does not affect cost, the certification and back-end work is affected.  So, any training that would require our agency to issue more than 25 certificates would be billed at $1 (one dollar) per certificate.

    Books and Manuals

    Some courses have the option of having a workbook or reference book that goes along with the course. These books are optional and can be purchased prior to the training session in any amount requested.

    Where to Begin

    The first set is to contact our academy and get the conversation started.  We will help you decide on tailored training topics to fit your needs and work with you on the technical issues.  It’s a simple and painless process that we will walk you through step by step.

    You can email us through the contact link in the top menu bar, or call us at 888-556-0177.

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