National Coroner Recognition Week
Published January 28, 2019
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    Coroner Recognition Week  January 27th - February 2nd with the focus day being January 29th. 

    The first American Coroner was Thomas Baldridge of St. Mary's, Maryland Colony appointed on 29 January 1637.

    The National Coroner Recognition week and the thin line color purple is a project focused on bringing awareness to the job of a Coroner and the need for better funding and training in the further development of the field.

    Dealing with the worst that death has to offer several times a month can take a toll on anyone and those working in the Coroner and MDI fields of investigation knows first-hand how mentally draining it can be.

    Often forgotten about or dismissed, the role and function of a Coroner or Medicolegal Death Investigation is vital in our criminal justice system as well as in identifying trends in causes of death and possible disease outbreaks.


    A coroner is a public official, appointed or elected, in a particular geographic jurisdiction, whose official duty is to make inquiry into deaths in certain categories. The office of the coroner (or “crowner”) dates back to medieval times in England when the crowner was responsible for looking into deaths to be sure death duties were paid to the king.

    The coroner's primary duty in contemporary times is to make inquiry into the death and complete the certificate of death. The coroner assigns a cause and manner of death and lists them on the certificate of death. The cause of death refers to the disease, injury, or poison that caused the death. The coroner also decides if death occurred under natural circumstances or was due to accident, homicide, suicide, or undetermined means or circumstances.

    Last Responder

    The can be found at   Learn more about the National Recognition week and buy swag to show your support for Coroners and MDI's everywhere.





    Death Investigator Magazine

    A digital magazine focused on the death investigation community. Dedicated to improving skills and enriching lives of investigators.

    “To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we only owe the truth.”





    Medicolegal Death Investigation – Online Academy 

    Coroners, Medical Examiner Investigators, Police, and Forensic students. This hybrid course looks at death investigation from a combined perspective of law enforcement and medicolegal death investigations.

    MLDI online Academy is a Nationally Accredited online training designed to teach all aspects of death investigation and scene management. Unlike any other coroner training today,  this course offers a blended learning style combining online self-paced video training, along with opportunities for live interaction with instructors several times throughout the program, and a unique private Facebook group open only to students of Coroner School™ where everyone can interact and ask questions.

    MLDI online Academy is a six-week guided course with certified instructors. However, at the end of the six weeks, you still have access to all videos, downloadable material, and the private Facebook group. You can return to the online school anytime to finish up the courses or as a refresher in certain topic areas.



    Medicolegal Death Investigation Scene Kit

    This exclusive first of its kind Medicolegal Death Investigation (MLDI) kit contains all the items you need to document and collect evidence from the most important piece of evidence at any death scene – The Body. Designed for Coroners, Medical Examiner Investigators, and anyone responsible to investigate and process a death.

    This kit is equipped to collect fragile evidence such as DNA and fibers, take post-mortem temperatures, document the scene through photography and sketching, as well as properly collect transport, and store material evidence.

    This MLDI Kit can be used in large agencies for multiple MDI’s or one single kit for smaller agencies. Packaged in a sturdy Pelican carry case with custom dividers and a pocketed pouch system. Built strong to withstand the demands from scene to scene.

    Click HERE for more information




    The Death Investigation Training Academy was founded to play an integral role in the death investigation community.  The need for quality accredited training is in short supply and high demand. Using a combination of classroom training, live on site scenario exercises,  and web-based training, the Death Investigation Training Academy is filling the need of 21st-century investigators.

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