This podcast really did change me
I don’t know where I would be without this podcast. When I came out of a really radical fundamentalist mindset I felt like my entire life had been a lie. I was utterly devastated & angry. I became an atheist for 2 weeks. But this podcast helped ease my mind and soul back into the healthy middle from the pendulum swinging. It expanded my mind and heart in TREMENDOUS ways. It helped me understand people and issues that I had been incredibly black and white on. The spirit with which they speak on these issues is nothing short of breathtaking. There is no anger or bitterness in their words. They’re just sharing valuable information & experiences in a way that makes it difficult not to have compassion on every perspective. I just can’t thank you guys enough for being you and giving so much light into this world!!
Love your guy’s work. This podcast has helped me get through some rough seasons these past few years and help me understand many things about myself and my culture. Don’t know if this is the right medium to send requests but you guys should do an episode on CULTS! I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that I was part of a cult for 5 years and never realized it. Look up work by Steven Hassan. He’s an expert on cults and he’s amazing! Love you all!
Anti-Racism episode with Andre
Wow. Thank you for this episode. I want these kinds of conversations to happen more and more and I am trying to figure out how to do it in my context. It is a podcast I will have to listen to again. Thankful for this podcast and what it does to help me have different voices speaking.
The First Podcast I Ever Listened To
W Tyler Reynolds
The Liturgists were my first refuge as I was transitioning out of evangelicalism and into a more open-ended expression of the Christian faith. They were also the first podcast that I ever listened to with any seriousness. I love that the hosts can be on different faith journeys and still walk alongside one another in a supportive way. While I don’t lean as far left as they tend to, I value their voice as one of many that prevents me from living in an echo chamber. Whenever this project is said and done (which is hopefully not for a while yet!), they will have left behind an impressive and important legacy and example to follow.
Love it- but blindsided by new ads
I'm a long time fan of this podcast. Truly love the content they have created - it has impacted my life in a deep and profound way. But recently with the new ads from Sprint and others- I felt completely blindsided. I literally thought my podcast app had started playing something else. I could not believe what I was hearing was on the Liturgist Podcast. I'm still in disbelief that a group so wonderful and authentic as them would have these ads on- without even any explanation. I totally understand the need to make money and monetize your platform. Totally get it and respect it. But I felt blindsided as a long time listener to have that so unexpectedly thrown in without even an explanation as to why or even what to expect. I know the liturgists have openly spoken up about unethical marketing and hating contributing to "the man". So I was very surprised to see this integration. I am not even saying that the ads need to stop- but it would really help me get on board if there was some openness in talking about how and why this decision was made- as I'm sure the group has the best intentions- I think it's just respectful when you take such a 180 turn to let your listeners into why the decision was made. Other than that this is literally my favorite podcast!
Lost your grace and truth
This podcast was life-changing for me and so many people I know.. but over the last two seasons it’s morphed so much. It’s disheartening seeing it turn into just another echo chamber. I understand your views are changing and your show must change with them but that doesn’t mean you have to : 1. Stop having guests on that hold different opinions than you 2. Keep bashing , mocking and revisiting all your evangelical wounds ... be free and move on!
Hard, hard pass on the shiny new ad providers
Hard to hear the Chase ad at the very top of the most recent episode and hear anything other than an immediate definition a chapter of this podcast that I want nothing to do with. Intensely tone-deaf and essentially flies in the face of any facade of progressivism they've ever put on. If the revenue generated there is worth the complicit support for such well-documented predatory institutions, so much for "advocacy", I guess. Good luck, y'all.
Best podcast
I’ve changed over the years. Sometimes it has been painful, uncomfortable, unwanted, and also beautiful, unpredictable, deepening of soul. I’ve been on this journey of undoing and rebuilding for 15 years of my 30 years. It’s been lonely most of it, but I would choose to ever live in ignorant bliss ever again. Living awake is worth it. This podcast was what sped up this journey for me and my hubby. And for this we are grateful. Keep up the good work guys. This podcast will challenge your thoughts and views all while encouraging and making you laugh hard. It is worth your time.
It is rare to find a podcast where you get to listen in on conversations of intelligent, higly-conscious people. These people speak light into your life through their authentic conversations about so many topics in life. The Change episode is A MUST. Thank you Liturgists!
How far this once great show has fallen
I’ve been a listener since episode 20. This show used to be the best thing out there, but it is falling apart. I still love Hillary and William. I miss Science Mike. But Gungor (Vishnu?!?!) needs an intervention. The last straw for me was basically a 40 minute monologue about climate change. Where were the indigenous voices? Why does Michael believe we want to hear him enjoy the sound of his own voice? They say most of the people listening are women, but they why don’t we get to hear ourselves on the show? And why is it, when we do, Michael harasses the wisdom of women playing “devil’s advocate.” The devil doesn’t need an advocate, but women deserve to be heard and respected.
These voices are absolutely necessary and amazing and I didn’t even know I needed them. They speak to my life growing up in church, as well as the part of me that has always been considering seminary, AND they speak to my doubt and questions and are able to speak about it all with lightness and fun. I am so thankful for this podcast!
More authenticity please. Also very one sided.
The production is great but I truthfully have a hard time listening to Michael G. He sounds like he is being real but there is also this sense of being disingenuous and artificial. But when you throw in a couple songs and notes that tug on your heart string, you start to feel goosebumps and I think that is where people fall into this trap of thinking this show is quality. It is very deceptive. Also, could you please find someone who disagrees with your points? It loses credibility when you are being so one sided. And this was so telling when Lisa Gungor made an appearance on the ‘Unbelievable?’ Podcast and had no real answers to what was being objected. I think there would be a lot less followers if you actually had someone who had a different opinion.
Personal opinion with a heart focused on Christ
Open honest conversations without certainty which is hard for treating the Bible as fact, but always focused on the truth of Christ’s teachings. Thank you Christ followers
My favorite podcast of all time.
Great production, too pretentious
Good production and good insight, but the hosts are just too pretentious. I appreciate the honesty, yet the goodness is lost in inauthenticity. Similarly, they say they argue against dualism, but it comes down to us against the fundamentalists who hurt us in the past. Dogmatic opposition to fundamentalism is dogmatic itself.
Such an amazing episode—but Michael G and William were so insufferable with Hillary! Thank god for science Mike. I wish these men would recognize how their tone comes across to listeners. Mike G sounded terrified Hillary was going to take away his porn!! Ick. You were so charitable Hilary with them.
I love the show keep it up it speaks to my heart!!!♥️🥰‼️
Thoughtful but meh
Claiming to be thoughtful and multiple viewpoints...I just heard different variants within the liberal progressive “Christian” worldview with abundant passive aggressive disdain for “conservative” and “fundamentalist” boogiemen. It’s like a therapy session for people who have left those groups, but it leaves you with no real concrete points on anything and a general feeling of meh...did we hurt anyone’s feelings? Totally the podcast for liberal progressive “Christians” who have a liberal progressive political worldview.. It was entertaining and was indeed thoughtful until it just went meh.
How the mighty have fallen
Used to love this podcast, but it slowly morphed into a far left political podcast, always antagonistic towards men, super anti-capitalist. It just got boring, you can always predict where they take it now, and I say this as a brown man who voted for Hillary, so... yeah. Disappointed.
Time to add an honorary Liturgists Host...
I listened to the Pete Holmes episode yesterday , and it spoke so clearly and passionately to me in a way that helped elucidate the otherwise squishy emergence of voice in Science Mike and Michael Gungor. Here is a model of the kind of confidence that builds a movement. I hereby call for a vote to add Pete as a regular contributor! The message and place of passion is the same.... it’s the confident delivery that makes all the difference. What a ride! Thanks for putting yourselves out there like this. It’s how things change. It’s a model for how we all get better. Namaste....
Pete Holmes
I have been listening to this podcast for several years. I’ve learned a lot. However, the podcast by Pete Holmes was hard to listen to. He had some valid points but the gratuitous profanity was a turn off. I ended up listening to only part of it.
I hate this podcast so much I can’t stop listening. Just spent 40 minutes of dancing around the obvious conclusion that there must be a supernatural agent which by definition we can’t know. But I so identify with the quest to apply rationale for one’s poetic existence that I let them remain in my ears, purely in anticipation of the day when they go victoriously quiet.
You lost me!
Between the sex witch and the one that followed, you lost me. Just too bizarre. I tried to keep an open mind and it’s been good to hear different perspectives but this is no longer helpful - no longer life-giving.
Sex witch
Love the audio Bible!
I just listened to the sex witch episode. It was excellent, and spoke to me right where I am. More like it please! I always enjoy the podcast and get something out of it, but I would love to hear more podcasts in that vein.
Keeps me sane and teaches so much
I will start by saying I am almost definitely far younger than your average Liturgists Podcast listener. A few years ago, I was struggling a lot with what I was beginning to hear in my evangelical youth group as a 8th-9th grader and with the realization that not only was I most definitely not evangelical but I was very probably gay. Then I somehow found The Liturgists. This podcast revealed to me a whole community that felt more like home than my home-church had it a long time, and it has gotten me through the loneliness and frustration of the past few years. It has also opened me up to so many new ways of thinking and has taught me so much. To anyone finding themselves not-quite satisfied with what they’re hearing about faith, or anyone who simply wants to learn some cool stuff, I cannot recommend this podcast enough.
This is it
This is future of social dialogue. Also bring back the sex witch.
Helped rescue my spirt
This podcast and these ideas and the humans who share them are a HUGE PART of why I’m okay today. I found them in the midst of what I didn’t know was deconstruction-what felt like losing my faith, one of the dearest parts of me. The interviews and ideas have me hope. The first Richard Rohr episode gave me the language I had been grasping for that I didn’t even know I needed. My journey of life and faith would have been sadder for longer without this beautiful work and I’m so grateful for it. Thank you every day forever more. Amen.
Scrupulosity - Best Episode of any podcast EVER!!!!!!
Rev. R. McGlinchy
Wow!! Just wow!! Love this pod! Love that I’m discovering it right as I need it. I’m not a fan of the sound editing... but that’s prolly just something in my legalism that I haven’t deconstructed yet. I’ll keep trying to let go! 😉 Peace & love! Peace & love!!
Move left please
Philosofox the DJ
Wish you’d include more politics and especially poverty issues
Liturgists Raises the Bar
Loved your podcast for a long time; however the Sex Witch podcast was the one that finally convinced me to provide the 5 star review. Thank you for hearing others, and exploring faith! Highly recommend!
Loved Sex Witch!
So refreshing to hear a sex-positive perspective! Thanks!
Sex Witch
let down listener
I am tempted to unsubscribe. It was that bad. I get the idea of being comfortable with your body, but sometimes the sacred sex doesn’t need to be shared with thousands. It came across like someone was gushing their inner life story without really thinking about what their INTENTION was. Podcasters have a responsibility, things can’t be unheard. Yeah, it was that bad.
There’s something my farmer friend once termed “squigging out”- that feeling you get when the universe reaches out to you in kindness- a feeling that makes you break into tears of joy/grief/love and brings you into connectedness with simply “being”. I experience this with every episode of the Liturgist. Thank you!!
Somebody Else’s Therapy Session
I used to enjoy this podcast a lot more. It seemed like a meaty exploration of the interstices of religion and science. These days, however (except for the Prayer episode) it has been like listening to somebody else’s therapy session. Which is just gooey. And, for me, pointless. I understand that the hosts are on a journey, and this seems to be where it has taken them. I am glad that they have found their way out of toxic Christianity. But listening to hour after hour of people talking about their intimate struggles, all while fastidiously laboring to mitigate any possible offense, is just...ugh. There is a place for that. A podcast that I want to listen to is not it.
Born a Jew but always searching. Just wanted to THANK YOU for this incredible conversation. I’ve definitely found my people here.
Thank you lit fam 💕
Wonderful humans created a wonderful podcast
Changed my Life
Suzy Goodrick
No exageration, this podcast has truly changed my life. I've listened for several years, and can't get enough. It's challenged my beliefs and core values in the best possible way. Thank you Liturgists, for making me a better human.
Started judgemental, now I really connect
Originally when I listened to a few episodes I felt like the hosts had an air of arrogance with the jokes and put downs of generic Christianity they used. However, as I’ve heard them both share more about their individual pain and hurt that have come due to treatment by the “church” I have totally connected with them and really get a lot from their discussions. Also I became a Patreon supporter and really love the weekly meditations!!!
Never miss
Thank you so much for this podcast. Much love. This has opened my eyes and my spirit.
Prayer Podcast
This podcast(s) was recommended to me, I truly enjoy Rob Bell, and Richard Rohr. The comments about Franklin Graham (serial murder/killer) completely uncalled for, disrespectful. Great podcast until that uncalled for comment, and I’m JV Catholic (Methodist). Best wishes, un-subscribing.
Incredibly intimate and moving.
Thank you for this show. I feel like every episode I listen to brings me to tears at some point when I hear the love in your voices as you speak to one another. It draws out a deep longing in me for that same well of empathy and for friends who understand my faith (or lack thereof) and the journey my understanding of God is taking me on. You are beautiful lights in this world. Thank you.
Clark jensen
Science mike missed the point of the abortion debate by claiming science leaves him undecided about the personhood of a fetus. And the others join and muddy the water. It’s pretty simple... the reason that killing an adult is considered wrong is because you are denying all future experiences that person would have had. It is the same for the unborn, even if future experience includes “personhood” and “consciousness”. The podcast retreats from providing clarity on important issues.
Many thanks ♥️
Thank you for everything y’all speak on. You have helped me understand my atheist son better, educated me on things I had no clue about and stretched my heart to love the marginalized even more. Appreciate your podcast and works so much. Jennifer Whitford Houston “hot as hell”, Texas
This is my favorite podcast. I’ll admit- if you believe conservative Christian ideology, I could see how you wouldn’t vibe with this at all. As someone who dually believes in God and science, and enjoys to think about things from multiple perspectives- this podcast is fantastic.
Authentic and True
Jonathan Trigg
My favorite thing about this podcast is everyone’s authenticity. I feel I can trust the authenticity because of all the voices you give your platform too. I believe you speak your truth’s and allow all participants to speak theirs and a byproduct of this combination is belonging for me. I then got to experience this authenticity and truth at a Kin|Men retreat. Grateful for this belonging
Engaging dialogue for the searching
b hem
I found this podcast via a Science Mike interview with Jen Hatmaker and have been binge listening ever since. It helps me think through my belief systems, challenges me to go deeper, and just adds discussion on things I didn’t know I needed to talk about.
Opened my heart to spirituality again
The episode on spiritual trauma is one that I have returned to numerous times. After waking up to the fact that I was in a spiritually abusive situation, I decided to leave the church community I had once considered my home, but for a long while I closed my heart to God and everything religious/spiritual/mystical because I was in so much pain. Having that time away was necessary, but after two years of that I landed upon this podcast. The spiritual trauma episode made me feel seen and understood in an area I felt a lot of shame for. I even bought Theresa Pasquale’s book “sacred wounds.” I am also grateful for the ongoing conversation around deconstruction, inclusivity, diversity, and dismantling patriarchy. This podcast certain lot played a role in helping me embrace all of me. Thank you to everyone who brings this show to fruition.
Zero Stars
A lot of the content of this podcast is deceptive and not filled with faith. I have friends who enjoy this podcast, but I just can’t vibe with it. It is a lot of carnal head knowledge and seems to not have a whole lot of relevant wisdom, revelation, and true knowledge of YHVH.
Great Discussion
Faith is the leap that God is Good, and we are all part of the Universal Christ. As Merton said we are joining the General Dance and these poscast enable the and invite us to the General Dance
Can’t put into words - which is okay 😂
I can’t put into words how much this group of people means to me. I’ve discovered that the more I learn about “God”, the less I understand. Based on how he spoke, I think Yeshua was totally okay with people not understanding. He himself questioned God in the garden of Gethsemane. What you guys have goin on here - this is embodying what Yeshua did. 👏✊
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