Love this podcast!
Morning Mindfulness
This is full of the realness that is not cookie-cutter, but genuinely helpful.
Wonderful Weekly Podcast
Lawyer Mom 0806
I love this podcast. I look forward to Wednesdays to hear what advice Laura and her guests have to share. I’ve gleaned a ton of helpful tips from this podcast and always enjoy hearing her book and productivity recommendations.
I’ve been listening to the Productive Woman podcast for over a year. It has helped in my home and work life. Highly recommend this podcast!
Very beneficial
Going through a tough break up & the break up episode was really helpful & insightful. I feel like I can make it through this difficult time & find out all the wonderful things about myself. Thank you!
Work from home professional
woks from home
Love your podcast, it’s relevant and practical. As a work from home professional nurse, it is harder to find motivational and productivity encouragement and educational resources. Really meets a need for me.
Good podcast
But just too much sponsorship in the beginning of the episodes. Move it to the end or make it shorter!
Relevant and Well-researched Topics
CM (Camera Man)
I am a lawyer and a mom of five who has greatly benefited from The Productive Woman podcast. I appreciate the diverse professions and perspectives of the guests and their willingness to share both what works for them as well as what they do when it all just gets away from them. I am really a fan of the detailed show notes which I generally consult before listening. That allows me to view or download any resources so that I can make use of those that interest me shortly after listening. Great job, Laura!
I have learned so much
Not your average productivity podcast, it’s so much more!
Not your average productivity podcast, it’s so much more! Laura is insightful, thoughtful and knowledgeable. She delivers amazing tips, ideas and practical knowledge that can be put into action immediately. Her voice is easy to listen to, she is honest and often shares personal experiences which I find helpful. She is one of the podcasts I listen to as soon as it comes out and have been known to re-listen again and again as I always learn something else or am reminded of something I forgot. You will learn something, a new way to do something or to think about something. Her sponsors are very well chosen and from my point of view chosen to add value to what she is sharing/teaching. Be sure to add this to you must listen to list, you will not be sorry.
Motherly voice and really supportive topics
Carrie wade
I just found this podcast and I’m really loving it. I’m making an effort to manage my time, tasks, and schedule with a focus on my relationships and my happiness. This podcast is like having my mom in the room giving me really interesting points to consider and actionable steps. I listen to this podcast while doing my household chores or when driving. It’s a podcast I feel comfortable listening to out loud while my kids play nearby.
Ri 615
This podcasts gets to the heart of being a woman with purpose. Thank you 🙏🏽. This podcast is my second mom guiding me real life as a real woman.😀
Making a life that matters, not just "getting things done."
I love the perspective Laura brings to this podcast. It's not just about "getting things done." (That's not a knock on David Allen, because I am a fan of his.) Laura talks about making a life that matters. To me, that factor is missing from a lot of productivity advice. I love hearing from someone like myself who is a mother and grandmother balancing family and a professional career. Some of the episodes are hit and miss, but Laura's overall perspective is wonderful to hear.
Kay in ABQ
Just discovered your podcasts and website. So encouraging and helpful, I share it with other women whenever I can!
Awesome Podcast!!
Brooke Craven
Laura McClellan, host of The Productive Woman podcast, highlights all aspects of women entrepreneurship, businesses and more in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful information and advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Recommended Podcast
The Productive Woman has become one of my favorite podcasts and is in constant rotation in my playlist. Laura’s down-to-earth demeanor and thought-provoking topics help me think about things in a different way, and encourage me to be more intentional with how I spend my time. I just wish I could write and drive at the same time because I am constantly hearing nuggets that I want to jot down. Thank goodness for show notes. 😉 Keep up the great work, Laura!
Positive Influence at Work
It's Dahling
This podcast is great. I work solo in my home and it’s so good to have this to keep me company and to keep me motivated with great tips and positive discussion!
TPW fan
I am very grateful for Laura and TPW podcast. I am currently on episode 108 and determined to get to the current episode. The podcasts are very useful to me. Laura truly provides the encouragement in managing life, stress, and stuff. I modified and adopted her closing remarks into personal mantra “I am creating life that matters and extending myself grace in the process”. I look up to Laura as a role model. I value the practical tips that she and her guests provide. Listening to the TPW podcast has been part of my daily routine. I listen to TPW during my commute on weekdays or while doing chores on holidays/weekends. Laura, thank you very much for investing time, energy, and resources in creating The Productive Woman podcast.
Great for busy women all ages and stages
I have started listening this podcast during a wave of blues with my first baby and it helped me tremendously to overcome the pressure of being a new mom and work and life itself. Thank you for the great podcast that feels like your friend is giving you genuine advise and guidance.
Awesome show, highly recommend!
J. Barshop
Laura and her guests share actionable and inspiring lessons on how to take your productivity to next level (both personally and professionally). Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Productive Woman if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to inch towards peak performance and reach your overall goals as a result!
Love this Podcast
Attorney Advertiser
Be sure to listen to the Prepare for Christmas episode. Really helped me get ready for the upcoming Holidays. She has many great ideas. Thanks for the Pod.
Really enjoyed this - lots of tips to adopt!
Recommended by a member of Gretchen Rubin's Happier app. I've listened to 2 episodes and loved them both. Informative and insightful - thank you!
Best Podcast Ever!
I love this podcast and the related Facebook community. Both inspire me to pause for a moment and reflect on what I am currently doing and what I might do differently to help me be more productive. I learn something new with each podcast episode. Thank you!
Such Great Advice
I love podcasts that are real, fun, and provide useful tips and info. This podcast is all three. It's clear that Laura puts a lot of time and effort and love into her work. As a busy working mom, I appreciate the tips and to also know that I am not alone. Thank you for your podcast!
Generous help
Thank you for sharing your insight and experience as you streamline your work life balance and how to maximize your time. I especially enjoyed the recent episode on how to assess and review your business and life mid year. Your transparent sharing of your life and business persoanlly really helps. I appreciate the example. Thanks again for sharing what you know and what you are learning.
Well Worth the Time
Erin Taylor Young
I learn something of value on every episode. As a woman in the trenches of life, Laura McClellan is engaging, practical, and real in the help and advice she gives. I wouldn't describe myself as a productivity buff or anything, but I truly look forward to every episode. I highly recommend this show!
I want to like this podcast, I really do
The guests are strange though; they seem like random people she meets and twists their arm into coming on her podcast. The voice tones of everyone are so DULL it makes it extremely difficult to listen to this. More vocal dynamism would be good, as well as a bit of a faster pace. Perhaps McClellan's podcast here could benefit from some structure, or if I am to be fully honest -- maybe she should consider quitting this podcast and focusing on her other parts of her life as running a podcast is not really a necessary thing in life, and from the bits she drops here and there, it sounds like her personal life/relationship could use some maintenance and she has an already full professional life. I mean that as kindly as possible. Sometimes when people are filling their lives full of random things like podcasts and writing novels, etc. it is because there are problems they do not want to address elsewhere in their lives, things they need to get done there which are not going to be fun but are really the important things in life. I wish Laura McClellan well in whatever she does, but I'll be unsubscribing.
Amen! Finally a productivity podcast for the rest of us!
I listen to a lot of productivity podcasts and most are good but hosted by self-employed men without families. Laura offers ideas and solutions that work for people whose lives are often shaped by other factors including kids, bosses, and an office job. She is refreshingly honest and unpretentious. I think of her as someone who is further along in life's journey and can offer me great wisdom.
The Productive Woman podcast.
CathyS from MA
Each week I look forward to hearing what new topics or guests Laura will include on her show. Each week, I gain valuable tips and strategies--but more important--new ways of thinking about "making a life that matters." I take away ideas and insights that I use to reframe my days or to apply for everyday tasks or long term goals. I'm so impressed by Laura's generosity of spirit, and I'm grateful she's sharing all of this collective wisdom with her listening guests. Definitely a highlight of my week!
Highly recommend!
Laura and her guests share inspiring and actionable lessons to help you manage your time and stress so you can live the life you want. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
Such a great show!
Awesome way to start out the week with this podcast! Thank you Laura!
Love the Honesty of Guests!
Maria Dismondy
I love listening to this podcast while I am on walks in the morning. There are helpful stories from guests and from the host herself. I appreciate the honesty guests share of their struggles and how the attempts they make to overcome them and live a more productive life!
Love this podcast!
Everyone (women & men) should take the time to listen to this podcast series! I love picking a series & listening as I'm getting ready for work. Great way to start off your productive day!
So Amazing!
I am at a pivotal point in my life as an entrepreneur, developing executive leader, and as a mother and wife. I have been listening to this podcast for around 6 months and Laura has helped me to bring all of these parts and pieces of my life to a meaningful nucleus. She is insightful, helpful, and actionable. Thank you Laura!!
Always inspiring!
Some days it is easier to gravitate to the mean of mediocrity....not doing anything all weekend that is productive, meaningful or joyful. A waste. So I've found listening to Laura on Thursday or Friday wipes out the grind/grime from work and resets my brain to finding the best use of my limited time off, and this leads to making my life matter to me. Amazing hints and things to think about. I feel like Laura is my own personal reference librarian or google master. She sorts through the junk and finds the gems. Brilliant!
Encouraging and Real
Sunshine SI.
I've been listening to the TPW podcast for about 5 months now, and it has been such an encouragement. When I first started listening, I felt stuck in my life and was desperate for some sound advice as well as practical tips to get unstuck and move forward. I'd been listening to several productivity related podcasts before I found TPW, and while they were upbeat and encouraging, they seemed too "rah rah" and I felt they focused more on how to be productive but didn't equally cover why. They all felt superficial. That's where Laura's Podcast came in. It was a breath of fresh air because she sounded so genuine and open. She was honest and real. Her show felt human. Her podcast is well-produced but not so broadcast-y that it's intimidating. She makes it clear that productivity is a tool for living a life that matters, and that is a message I need to be reminded of time and time again. Her podcast helped me realize that chasing productivity for the sake of productivity is ironically the short-cut to burn-out. After a month of listening, I heard that there was an opening for the Mastermind groups she facilitates, and I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I've spent 3 months with 5 wonderful women who encouraged, coaxed, reminded, challenged me to meet my goals, and I've gained clarity! I've started taking steps to being unstuck and I can't wait to gain momentum! Thanks for this platform Laura. Your dedication and hard work is helping women of all walks of life to create impactful and meaningful lives! Even my husband appreciates you and your podcast because of the change he sees in me! :P
Insightful and down-to-earth
Listening from Shanghai
I have been listening for a year (sorry it's taking me so long to write a review!) and there is rarely an episode that I don't find useful and relevant. I often share Laura's tips with friends and colleagues. I very much appreciate Laura as a woman who has achieved so much in her career and is generous enough to share her insights with her listeners. A must-listen podcast for all those - women and men - who want to live a fuller, more meaningful life.
Too Long, Some Strange Guests
I used to love this podcast and I was so happy to find a female in the productivity podcast world to listen to! (so tired of dudes.) However, over the last few weeks the podcasts just seem to drag on- this information could be presented in half the time. In fact, I even put it on 1.5x speed! Secondly, her guests lately have been... strange. I had to turn a recent podcast of hers off with a professional organizer when the woman started talking about how she serves her teenage son BREAKFAST IN BED. Every day. She says it's because he has ADD. Uh- what? I literally couldn't listen anymore. It was so weird. Before that she had a woman on from India who was incredibly woo woo- no facts, no science. I listen to the podcast to get productivity, time management and organization skills- not a daily dose of woo. Going to continue listening to see if things get better, though. I have enjoyed many of the podcasts.
My favorite podcast!
Deanna Piercy
I've been listening to Laura's podcasts for quite awhile now but usually in the car. I always mean to come leave a review but never seem to get around to it. Today I finished listening to one in the house and decided that I wasn't going to put it off any longer. Not only is the information provided in each podcast valuable and helpful but Laura's kindness and genuineness shines through and makes me feel like I'm listening to a friend. As a lifelong researcher myself, I appreciate the time she puts into this aspect of the podcasts. Thank you, Laura. Your efforts are appreciated.
Take a few minutes to unload your worries
The Walking Deb
I love listening to Laura. She is caring and reassuring. This weeks episode (#118) on having a Productive and Peaceful Holiday is of course quite timely. Having said that, many of the tips and outside the box ideas Laura has can be applied to life every day, not just at this time of year. Her focus is on things like communicating effectively with loved ones, friends, colleagues as well as learning new productivity tricks and focusing on good habits and self care. She puts a lot of time into research as well which gives me confidence that she's authentic and trustworthy. If you're feeling overwhelmed and don't know what to do next, listen to Laura and you'll get at least 3 or 4 timely suggestions to make your week go better.
Helpful in many ways
I'm so happy I found this podcast. It prevents me from making excuses to procrastinate on my work in my home and my career. I listen to it as I take care of my house. Since I just started listening, I've been listening to an episode a day until I get caught up. I like listening to various women's suggestions. Having a BS in psychology, and a masters in social work, I like listening to the research background of the suggestions. Although I know a great amount of the information through work, experiences, and education, it is nice to hear the information out loud from women in various backgrounds. Keep up the good work Laura! You and your podcasts are very helpful.
Very Useful - Good Use of Time
I love listening to this show. The topics are spot on for what the title of the show represents. Laura is so clear and concise with her words and getting across her ideas. I've used so much of what she has shared, and it has really help me refocus my priorities to work smarter. It really is a pleasure to have her as a teacher. Love the tech stuff. Sort of a geek myself.
Look forward each week to podcast
Persevering daily
I have been a listener for over a year. I like that Laura's advice is practical and doable. When she interviews someone, they stay on topic rather than jumping around and never really making a point. When she is solo, she also stays on topic, backing up her information with articles, books, and other ways she has researched. I feel like the time I spend listening is time well spent. Laura obviously spends a lot of time making sure she delivers a quality podcast, and she doesn’t disappoint!
My Go to Pod Cast
I can not tell you how much I love this podcast. If I have three "new" podcast notices, this is the one I will choose to listen to first. I am also focusing on catching up and listening from the beginning. Not only am I learning something new each podcast, I am getting extra walking in as I listen to the podcasts while I am walking the dog in the mornings. Laura, thank you for creating "The Productive Woman" and I am looking forward to improving my life with your help.
Could be shorter
If you want to be productive and need quick tips, this podcast is not for you. It's averaging 40 min+ per episode and it's like hearing soccer mom talking random thoughts by your side during a soccer game. A lot of tips came from her Googling results and blog reads. If you have time to listen to each episode, you are already unproductive and behind schedule. This is an excellent affirmation podcast to makes you think that you are indeed productive.
Are you talking to me?
Yes, it often seems as though your are speaking directly to me. Although I've only been listening for awhile I'm listening and applying what I'm learning. This is a great podcast to help center you, prioritize your world and focus.
Great podcast!
Stumbled upon this podcast looking for information about bullet journaling. Super helpful and full of information. Thank you!
It's Like a Support Group for Modern Life
Allied Forces
Love this podcast! From the beginning, I felt that every episode spoke to me and my crazy, hectic life. I have implemented MANY tips and downloaded several tools and apps discussed. Love this podcast.
Helping me lead a more productive life!
Don't be fooled; this show isn't only about the latest tools, apps and planners! (Although Laura LOVES to talk about those!) Laura delves into issues affecting our thoughts and feelings as well; mindsets that affect our productivity in all areas of Life. A must-listen for the busy woman!
Laura has become a friend
KFerry Moline
This is the one podcast that I have listened to from the beginning and have not missed an episode. What I like most about the podcast is that it almost always gives me reason to pause, think and evaluate what I am doing in my life - from large ideals to small daily habit changes. What I like most about Laura is that she is humble & real. She does a large amount of research and selflessly shares information many times with multiple ways of doing things without insisting her way is best. Thanks Laura!!
Helping us manage our life
Lori J. Isenstadt
Who is not looking for ways to be more productive in their daily life. I certainly am. What I really like about this show is how Laura shares the information. In an easy to listen and take in way. Meaning, she shares the info, and is not pushy and is not telling us there is only one way. Laura really asks us good questions so we can think about what tips of hers will be appropriate for our individual lives. In her latet show she asks us to write down exactly what it is we actually are doing each day and how long it takes us to do it! I will follow this for a few days and see what I find out. Thanks Laura
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