I don’t like it at all
Fun and informative
We are new to the lifestyle and this podcast has helped greatly. It's good to hear the experiences and we related to much of the stories right from the first episode.
Welcome back!
Weller Family
Listened to you guys since episode 1 thanks for all your hard work in keeping this pod cast going!
Our favorite lifestyle podcast
Love T&A and their stories, honesty, and dynamic in their relationship. We will forever be thankful to them as they inspired us to take our first trip to Desire in Mexico - it won't be our last!
Keep it coming (Pun intended)
Love the Podcast. As Dallasites, we can relate to most of those club experiences. Love the Podcast. Would love to have it more regularly. S&A
Hit a nerve?
I see my other review was erased , did I hit a nerve?
My new favorite
Love this podcast! I'm not in the lifestyle but it's so educational and always keeps me entertained.
Curiosity Piqued!
Avenged Sevenfold Fan Family
I really enjoy T & A's openness and love for each other. This podcast has encouraged me to take my curiosity to the next level and jump into the fun! Thank you so much :)
Great way to dive into the LS!
When we decided to explore the LS, we didn't really know what to expect. Then my wife found T&A's podcast and now we both can't stop listening. They have a really relaxed way of talking about things that "vanilla" people shy away from in public conversation. We also live in T&A's home state so it helps us get ideas about where to go and how to make things happen. We just had our first meet up with another couple and although it didn't end with any playtime (not for lack of desire but due to unforeseen illness) we still learned so much and left feeling fulfilled. The couple we met was very experienced and they marveled at how open we were and seemed so at ease, (even though we were both nervous as hell)! We have T&A to thank for giving us that confidence. The couple want to meet us again for playtime. Thanks to T&A, we'll be ready for that too!
Love it!
Fun to hear all the sexy adventures and also the reality of swinging and some of the little speed bumps along the way. Very tasteful approach to the ups and downs of the lifestyle. A must listen!
Great LS podcast, informative and fun
Have enjoyed learning from and listening to T & A. Enjoy their candor, openess, and sharing of something that is inherently so private that it's difficult to find good information. Oh, and wonderfully entertaining at the same time :-).
Helpful and entertaining
Have been listening to T&A since the beginning. Love seeing how they are moving through their own journey, and sharing their experiences in a an entertaining and frank way.
One of my 4 favorite lifestyle podcasts, I always look forward to the next episode. Honest, funny, sexy and intelligent conversation with each week's release, technically excellent. Highly recommended!
Opens your ears to a lot of new things
This was the very first podcast I stumbled upon after somehow coming across their Twitter. I did not start from the beginning, which I feel was a mistake but either way I enjoy the podcast and what they talk about. Only thing I would like to earn more of, and no this is not just because I am male, but I would love to hear A talk more about her experience and her thoughts. She has a beautiful voice, would love to hear more of it.
That couple you wish you could talk with for hours...
Faithfully In Need Of Grace
not just because of the hot experiences they openly share, but because they do so in a way that shows what a fun, authentic, and loving relationship they have with each other. You hear the "good stuff," but also all of the genuine thoughts and emotions this married couple have experienced on this journey that started early in their dating relationship. If you've ever thought "I wonder what it would be like to..." then this is the podcast to help you answer that from all angles - physically, mentally and emotionally. They share their adventures in a fun way that makes you feel as if you are on the journey with them, and their chemistry is amazing. After listening to more than a dozen different sex-positive podcasts, I think this is by far THE BEST if you want a realistic view of exploring and expanding your adventurous sex life. Warning that you will want to binge-listen to all episodes once you start! Thanks T & A!
Great podcast!
Love this podcast! T&A have grown tremendously compared to the beginning so I'm glad I didn't give up on them. I recently changed my review from a 4 to 5 star because I'm you guys ROCK!
Awesome, Interesting Podcast
This is the first lifestyle podcast I found, and it has lead me to many others. I really enjoy T and A, listening to their stories and hearing them discuss, honestly and openly, both fun and serious topics. I’m always excited for another podcast from these two lovely people.
Just Fun To Listen!
You guys are fun to listen to!! You both are very entertaining, sexy and informative. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the next one!!
Fun and genuine podcast
Real talk from some great people. Not a big production from a studio but straight from their bedroom, hotel room, and sometimes even their car. Thanks T&A, keep it going, makes my drive to work even more enjoyable.
Ear Candy
That Couple Next Door
This is one of the first lifestyle podcasts that my wife and I started listening to as we prepared to enter the world of swinging. My wife readily identified with A as she talked openly about a lot of the things that she was experiencing from a woman's point of view and still quotes her from time to time, nearly a year into being swingers. We enjoy the candid approach and feel like we know them. Keep on podcasting T&A!
Titillating inspiration
Great podcast! Really enjoy listening to T&A's adventures in the lifestyle.
The best
Simply the best podcast, the chemistry between T & A is phenomenal. You can't help but get sucked into the conversation.
Fun pod
Dad's dead
Love hearing other's unique experiences and adventures
So much fun to listen to
Every time we listen to this show it's like hearing some of the same conversations we've had ourselves...which is awesome. Great podcast.
Love the show
we love the show and your honesty when it comes to the lifestyle. my wife and I have been in the lifestyle for 5 years and we find that it’s always a way of making things better for the both of us. we like that your documenting your progress for all of us to hear. keep up the good work.
Good Concept
The idea is good. The hosts should just pass the torch to people who are entertaining and know how to tell a story. If these two people attempted to tell you a story in person, you would be bored to tears before they got to anything interesting. They talk about sex as if they're teenagers and are worried their parents are going to hear.
Very Candid!
This couple discuss the "lifestyle" in a very tasteful way! Interesting discussions!
Good, Sexy Podcast... But...
It's been interesting to see (and listen) to this couple evolve and share more details as their podcast has gotten older. The stories are told in an open, honest way and that makes you want to hear more. There are a few things about this podcast I wish they would change; the nickname "T & A" is goofy and should be retired. T, please, for the love of God, write down some sort of outline for the episodes. It is maddening to listen to you try and remember the previous night, hopscotching all around and constantly trying to figure out if there is "anything else." Minor criticisms I know, but trust me, you will find yourself skipping ahead to get away from listening to his rambling and fumbling.
fantastic fun!
Verity Vice
Well thought, well spoken, sexy, and highly entertaining. Love it!
Entertaining and Sexy
the real abe froman
This vanilla finds your podcast sexy and fun. Keep up the great work!
Gives you much needed insight
Great job. This show really offers some awesome tips on how to open up your relationship and what you’ll go through as you do so.
Hmmm… :-o
Ok, the fine print “for the curious ear” is serious. As I’m listening to episode 1 I’m just now realizing that the show art picture has more feet then I initially SAW! As a podcaster I enjoy seeing the creativity and various topics that are explored with this platform. So I have to give credit to the hosts for being willing to open up and share their journey. ~ Joel Louis
It's nice to hear a couple who are open and honest with topics such as sexuality. It's refreshing that there are those out there who take the leap and open themselves up to being honest about sexuality-- great lifestyle podcast!
Love the honesty of this show
Rick @ The Coming Out Lounge
As one who works with people in their sexuality, I found this podcast to be a breathe of fresh air. Raw honesty, and truth is so sexy! They’re funny, insightful, and real! - Rick Clemons, The Coming Out Lounge.
Different perspective, very entertaining!
Chris @ LeanLeadershipPodcast
Wow! Not a typical podcast I would have picked up, but I’m glad I stumbled across this, very enlightening.
Great show
Shaolin Soprano
I love tuning in, this podcast got me hooked. 5 Stars :)
Sexy and Genuine!
M&M Jones
T&A share their swinging experiences in a fun, sexy and genuine way. The strength of their relationship is evident and their conversation real. One of our favorite lifestyle podcasts!
Lots of Fun
Nice to hear an intelligent perspective on swinging. Lots of ‘been there, done that’ moments for us!
Entertaining and educational
Very funny podcast with great stories and honest and open communication of experiences. Keep up the good work!
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