Life affirming!
This podcast is the life blood to those who are ready to loose their freaking minds waiting for WoW. This is a must listen for those who love the books. I never watched the show, and really appreciate the dedication to the written works of GRRM.
Best GoT podcast
Miss Susi
Well organized with nice voices. Great literary discussion.
Just a great podcast 👏👏👏
I listen to many asoiaf podcasts. Lady Gwyn and Yolkboy are the best for many reasons. It’s an absolute pleasure to listen them whenever. Their knowledge and in-depth analysis of of GRRMs works are phenomenal. Highly recommend for all fans. Thank you both! 🙏☮️💓
Great for any ASoIaF fan
Radio Westeros is a great listen to any fan of a Song of Ice and Fire, especially folks who devour the books. It's a fun mix of narration and history, along with moments that are like an audio drama. Give it a shot.
HQ, brilliant, and insanely underrated
I listen to a lot of podcasts, and this is my favorite podcast. The hosts are clearly sophisticated scholars of the subject matter, have the production skills of experienced audio producers (if they are not I am even more blown away), and they craft a narrative that has standalone quality while making a listener even more invested in ASOIAF.
Great ASoIaF content!
As someone who loves the books, I find it so refreshing to have a podcast centered around the books. They don’t mention the show at all which is such a good break from the floods of show only podcasts that exist. They are deeply thorough and really entertaining. I’ve listened to every episode and get very excited for more! Loved the recent episodes on the Dunk and Egg stories!
Best ASOIAF pod I've found
Yolkboy and Lady Gwyn are on fire. This is my favorite podcast out there on ASOIAF because the analysis is so well-researched and attentive to the text. I love a good bit of theorizing, and every theory I've heard them discuss on the podcast is backed up with so much evidence from throughout the story universe. Very compelling, thought-provoking, and inspiring.
My absolute favorite ASOIAF podcast. They do an amazing job fleshing our theories and storylines, and I love the whole atmosphere of the show. Couldn’t recommend enough.
Phenomenal! Such a treat!
Radio Westeros is quite simply the best ASOIAF podcast there is. Nothing else even comes close in terms of content, production quality and professionalism. Every single episode is amazingly well researched, and they frequently have other luminaries from the ASOIAF fandom on as guests. Oh, and their format for the Battle of Fire episode was so innovative! When a new episode drops it's such a treat! Plus, Yolkboy's accent is great and Lady Gwyn has such a lovely voice!
Best ASOIAF Podcast Out There
Title says it all, but I’ll elaborate anyway. Both of the hosts (who are now married—yay!) have excellent speaking and presentation skills. Their readings often include theme music and sound effects that really add to the material. Nothing too tinfoily or crack-pot without warning, mostly textual evidence.
C’mon production!
The highest production I have ever heard on a GOT podcast! I love the host’s voices and the cropped banter it’s very soothing.
Need more
lord bloodraven
I’m sure you have other jobs. But this is the best A Sing of Ice and Fire podcast in the known universe. We need more than two or three a month. I wouldn’t even mind a few commercials at the beginning if that meant we got more of these.
Can’t wait for more Dunk and Egg
Aven the Hollow
Lady Gwynevere is a joy to listen to. I’ll be checking every day for her next Dunk and Egg episode
So thoughtful and well-researched
The Inn at the Crossroads episode is fantastic! Well done.
Fascinating and funny!! Y’all are so awesome! Thank you! I listen to this while I paint pet portraits and make zines. :)
Really Top Notch ASOIAF Podcast
ASIOAF is a good time
The hosts have clearly done their research in every episode, and have very soothing voices as well. The Westerosi advertisements are a really fun addition to the episodes.
You two just get better with every episode. Thanks for the hard work. I love it
The best of the best
Radio Westeros is the best ASOIAF podcast. While History of Westeros is more exhaustive (and also very good) the analysis from Radio Westeros is by far the best in the land. Lady Gwyn is the tip top of all analysts. When she guest stars elsewhere her polite attitude often leaves her to add bits and pieces whereas here on her own show she has the center stage.
Just so well done
I love this ASOIAF podcast, their analysis has such a great combination of information and low-key, subtle wit, presented quite well. Their voices compliment each other, and the pacing and arrangement of each episode are just about perfect. Give them a shot, I doubt you’ll regret it.
Best GoT podcast
Barnold Czerwinski
Wonderful production values.
5 *****
Evil Sapphyre
My absolute favorite GoT related podcast. Insightful and detailed. Keep up the great work.
Terrific content, very insightful, the hosts delve deep into the fantastic characters and world of ASOIAF. The best production of any ASOIAF podcast, the dramatic readings, music, sound effects are amazing!
Best ASOIAF podcast
Definitely the best ASOIAF podcast out there.
So great these voracious readers
I so dig this. After watching hbo and all of GOT there many times and listening to so most all the other podcasts. Even listening to two books on audible i am glad I found this. Such great info. So good
Best ASOIAF Podcast
Dan Good
This is my absolutely favorite ASOIAF podcast! Their detailed analysis of the books is unparalleled. They organize their episodes in such a way that an amateur, or even first time listener or reader can follow each episode easily. I had read through the series twice when I started listening. I had also watched the show, read blogs, watched videos, followed theories, etc. But this podcast has given me the most comprehensive education on ASOIAF. I’ve learned about things I had never thought of during my readings or even read online. Each episode inspires me to go back and re-read with even more depth and enriches the experience every time! I particularly love their Westeros inspired advertisements!
The best
Lord Voor
ASOIAF. Really, really Good.
You are the best!!
I wouldn’t change a single thing about your podcast. I’m so happy I found it and love binge listening can’t wait for new content ❤️❤️❤️
Well worth the wait
The length of time between each episode sometimes is a bummer but is totally explained every time you realize just how much detail, time and research goes into each line of the shows. Thorough, informative and absolutely fascinating for fans of ASOIAF.
Thoroughly amazing
So in-depth, so insightful, so well done!
So Much Fun!
I am certainly grateful for the hard work that Radio Westeros put's in to make a fun and entertaining show. Thanks!
Most Professional and Informative
By far the most professional, well researched, and informative ASOIAF podcast. Great job guys! Don't stop.
Title says it all
Best Asoiaf podcast
Great insight, knowledge and theory. They have a great format and great personalities. Easily my fav. podcast. Very entertaining and thought provoking.
They talk and they know things...
Excellent podcast that covers the lore and helps listeners identify connections and callbacks they might have otherwise missed. Always a great listen.
Love it
I love the atmosphere you two put into every episode with the readings sections! So much great history concentrated on each character, fantastic to listen to.
Favorite ASoIaF Podcast!
I first came across Yolkboy and Lady Gwyn on the ASoIaF Forums about four-and-a-half years ago, and I was always so impressed by their comments, theories, and especially by their knowledge of the material. So, when I heard that they were starting a podcast, I was on board immediately, and they didn’t disappoint. Three years later, they continue to surprise me with new theories and hidden nuggets that I haven’t heard before. The production values are wonderful, and they are masters in their research of ASoIaF material. Not only is this podcast informative in the historical and literary examination of the series, it’s vastly entertaining, as well! With readings from the books and hilarious mock advertisements from Westeros, Lady Gwyn and Yolkboy have made their podcast truly original. If you’re at all familiar with some of the well known theories in the fandom, many of them are certainly attributed to these two, i.e., Melisandre’s parents, the true identity of Lem Lemoncloak, and just exactly what Sansa may have done with the Hound’s Kingsguard cloak. If you are a book fan or even a serious show fan (they team up with Aziz and Ashaya from History of Westeros Podcast to examine each new season of the show, week by week; this is a cannot miss!), do yourself a favor and subscribe to this amazingly insightful podcast hosted by these two delightful people!
Best. Ice and fire. Podcast. Period.
The episodes are so well researched and have so much amazing replay value. Informative, funny, and sincere. You will find yourself listening over and over again.
The only radio station this side of Asshai!
Very clever and in depth analysis of ASOIAF that sticks to the canon. They occasionally include “tinfoil” in a good way without going on long tangents. The quiz episodes are very entertaining as well. Cheers guys!
Superb coverage. They are the best
Clear, concise, and thorough.
If you've read the books these guys will add tremendous depth and breadth to your experience of GRRM's world with amazing analysis and exposition of the details you missed.
Love you guys!
Wonder Woman (Courtney)
Smart, funny, insightful, and entertaining. I couldn’t love this podcast more. My absolute favorite audio only podcast, and I never miss seeing your lovely faces with History of Westeros. ❤️.
ward 9
Really like y'all and the content, but wish y'all would just talk and stop being so scripted. Like you do on history of westros. Thanks
I'm hooked!
I love your podcast!! I appreciate the time you put into every episode. Thank you for taking me down the GRRM rabbit hole. Right now I'm procrastinating on my studies and starting my second listen of all the episodes. Love y'all! -Cajun Khaleesi
Best asoif podcast
Advance order
I love this podcast! The hosts are so knowledgeable and do great research to bring amazing content!! This focuses only on books, no mention of the show.
Now I'm not the only nerd!!!
Love your podcast and how deep you're really digging into these characters❤️
Fantastic way to gain new insights into the fantasy epic and incredibly well researched. Worth a listen and a donation.
Radio Westeros is so good!
I found out about this show from another podcast called History of Westeros. This show is so good! I love it so much. The commercials are hilarious! They always make me smile. The analysis is also excellent. Keep them coming. :-)
This is the best. The content is amazing & indepth. I really love the "advertisments" as well the music that they include. I also appreciate the tone. The hosts are respectful, kind and genuine...true knights of the realm!
That good good
RW brings it extremely hard. Top 3 asoiaf podcast without a doubt.
Best Game of Thrones / Song of Ice and Fire Podcast
Simply the best podcast about these novels.
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