May 22, 2020
When you listen to Peter Starr speak, you can’t help but feel his positive energy. Peter’s career in the motorcycle industry has spanned about half a century. Later in life, a health issue led to his conclusion that dealing with aging requires living a postive mindset and a purposeful life - and for him that involved motorcycling. He recently spent 6 years traveling to 12 different countries, all of which he’s shared in his newest book. See photos and find more episodes at https://adventureriderradio.
May 15, 2020
On this episode, we speak with Graham Jarvis, one of the most well known names in motorcycle extreme enduro. Very likely you’ve seen videos of him riding his Husqvarna motorcycle over incredible obstacles. And when you go off the grid on your motorcycle, you need to know that you can depend on a GPS communication device to stay in touch with the people who matter. To find out more about a new satellite communicator, we talk to the president of the makers of ZOLEO. More at
May 7, 2020
Some years ago, Greg and Melanie Turp decided they had too much ‘stuff’ and that they were working too much. Greg had been riding motorcycles most of his life, and being inspired by other travellers, they decided to change their life, to do what mattered to them, to travel and make great memories. They sold everything and travelled around America with their RV and motorcycle. They liked it so much they’ve just kept going, riding around the world on their motorcycle. More at https:adventureriderradio.c
May 1, 2020
When adventure motorcycles first started to show up on the scene, many top off-road riders were drawn to them, and although they found that they underperformed compared to the bikes they were used to, they worked to invent new skills and techniques to be able to efficiently ride these oversized bikes, so that they could be ride them like it appeared they should be ridden… off-road. Riding instructor, Chris Birch, is one of those off-road riders. More episodes at
April 23, 2020
Riding instructor, Jimmy Lewis, has some drills and methods that you can use to drastically increase your skill levels, and you won’t even need to start your bike. And we also catch up with Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West, who are being forced to drastically change their plans, despite all their planning for worst case scenarios. When and will they be able to continue their trip? More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at
April 17, 2020
With a trip around the world in its final months, Aaron Steinmann wakes up one morning in a campground in Australia to find the KTM motorcycle he loved and planned on keeping, gone. Now back in New Zealand, Aaron reflects on his adventures as he travelled around the world over the past four years on his KTM 500 EXC. A mostly unplanned journey, he remembers the connections he’s made and the kindness of the motorcycle community and locals he met along the way. More episodes at
April 9, 2020
A household name in adventure motorcycling, Charley Boorman has been riding motorcycles for most of his life. He’s best known for his part in the series Long Way Round in which he and Ewan McGregor have an epic motorbike adventure. It’s a film that has gained an almost cult like following and has been the inspiration for countless motorcyclists everywhere. And recently Charley completed a secret adventure that he’s not supposed to talk about… More episodes at
April 3, 2020
Shane Pufall and Thomas McCutchen offer a unique perspective on traveling the world by motorcycle, as they share their endless stories that will inspire you, make you laugh and will have you planning your next adventure. Not only that, but also these two millennials aren’t doing it for Facebook likes or Instagram followers. They’re what you call true adventurers. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at
March 26, 2020
The top 4 water crossing mistakes from an expert multi-certified motorcycle instructor, off-road rider and total motorcycle enthusiast. According to Clinton Smout, there are some common mistakes that are often repeated in photos and videos, repeated on local rides. Learn what the mistakes are, and how to avoid them, and you should have no trouble crossing water on your motorcycle. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at
March 23, 2020
In these uncertain and unique times, Coronavirus is having an impact on the lives of everyone around the world. And we want to share with you how we are responding to Covid-19 at Adventure Rider Radio.
March 19, 2020
Michnus and Elsebie Olivier have been travelling by motorcycle for a decade and it all started when they took a trip around Africa and just kept going. They’ve been in South America for about two years now, and they say that they have no plans to go home to South Africa yet, there’s still so much to see and a lot of exploring to do. For them this trip is not just travel, it’s now become their lifestyle and home is wherever they are.  When we connected with Michnus and Elsebie, they were in Bolivia waiting out the coronavirus pandemic, quite comfortably and in high spirits. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at  Want to help out? Rate and review us on iTunes or on your favourite podcast app, tell your family, friends, riding buddies or club about ARR. Check out our other show ARR RAW, round table talks about motorcycles and travel. Subscribe to both shows to listen to inspiring and interesting guests, learn from professional riding instructors and industry experts about all things motorcycle. Get an ARR sticker(postage included) with a $10 donation. Link on our website. Have a comment? Go to the episode show notes on our website and have your say at the bottom of the page. Adventure Rider Radio is now the most listened to motorcycle podcast in the world, and we thank you for your support!  
March 13, 2020
Have you ever wondered what constitutes an emergency, and when it’s okay to push the button on your satellite communicator? Pete Day and Ashley Myhre found themselves in that situation on a weekend trip in the Oregon desert a few years ago and were left with a decision to make. And to help us better understand when to send out an SOS signal, we spoke with Emily Thompson at GEOS, the people who answer your call for help & co-ordinate remote rescues around the world.
March 6, 2020
Sam Manicom is a world traveler, motorcycle adventurer, author, writer and presenter. And he’s one of the most well known names in the adventure motorcycle industry. He spent eight years traveling around the world, has written four books and shares his adventure stories with eager listeners at motorcycle shows and events around the world. And on this episode he talks about his life and travels, an inspiration for those dreaming of taking off on two wheels. More episodes at
February 27, 2020
On this episode Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West are flattened, literally, by the winds of Patagonia. They encounter wild animals in a place they least expected, blow up their travel budget, experience beauty like that which they have never seen before. And to top it all off, Jeremy is falling out of love with his KLR650. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at
February 20, 2020
Jim Hyde, founder of RawHyde Adventures, talks about the essential tools and skills every motorcycle adventurer needs for remote riding. And John Bestfather, a wilderness guide and paramedic from the Yukon in Canada, talks about what should be in your 24 hour emergency kit. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at
February 14, 2020
If the name Bill Dragoo makes you think about DART - Dragoo Adventure Rider Training - and high level learning - well that makes sense. Because Bill has earned himself a top reputation in the world of adventure motorcycling as a skilled rider and top motorcycle instructor. On this episode we talk to Bill about his life, adventure and what drives him. More motorcycle episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at Please rate and review us on iTunes or on your favourite podcast app
February 7, 2020
On this episode we talk about group riding, the things that can go wrong, do go wrong and the lessons learned with Dan Collins, who runs Fresh Tracks, a company that focuses on team building, Rene Cormier, founder and guide at Renedian Adventures and Barak Naggan, guide at MotoDiscovery Tours. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at
January 31, 2020
On this episode of Rider Skills we talk with Clinton Smout about how to tow a motorcycle and bump start your bike. And we also discuss a specially designed tow strap made just for motorcycles that may help solve the main challenges of towing. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at
January 24, 2020
Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West now find themselves in Argentina. They’ve staved off hunger pains by eating some Coca leaves , Jeremy’s bike has broken down, they’ve visited a floating island & one evening they even ended up eating dinner in separate restaurants. All part of the fun. And we talk to Jimmy Lewis, a former Dakar racer who helped train the first American winner of the Dakar Rally 2020, about the race and the connection that it has with adventure motorcycling. More at
January 17, 2020
Spencer Conway has what many motorcyclists would say is the best job in the world. He films his motorcycle adventures for TV and he gets paid for it. He and his girlfriend ride two up, and while he’s riding hard, she’s filming. And to do this, they’re on the road for nine months out of the year: filming, riding, suffering and exploring - what some might call… true adventure. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at
January 10, 2020
The Pyrenees are a mountain range that form a natural border between Spain and France in southwest Europe. The area has a reputation for having some of the best motorcycle riding in the world, so who better to turn to than Austin Vince, who runs a map reading adventure trip in to the Pyrenees, to find out just what makes it so special. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at
January 3, 2020
Barak Naggan first became interested in photography in his late teens when he saw the incredibly diverse scenery of Israel from the cockpit of a military helicopter. He found he had a love for nature and scenery and a desire for travel, so when he completed the required tour of duty in Israel he began to wander the world. Barak’s been riding motorcycles all over the world for 30+ years, documenting adventure wherever his travels take him through photography and videography. More at
December 26, 2019
We’ve had some great authors on the show, not just this year but in all the years we’ve been producing the show. Some long reads, some shorter. And this week, on this final episode of 2019, we have author, Ron Davis, a long time motorcyclist, writer and associate editor at BMW Owner’s News, who’s put together a collection of over 40 of his own previously published short reads, a compilation of some of his motorcycle articles and essays in his book, Shiny Side Up.
December 18, 2019
Jeremy and Elle have been travelling for about four months now and have been spending some time in Peru while on their journey to Ushuaia. They’ve experienced everything from muddy roads, crazy rides, dropped bikes, flat tires, being turned away at hotels, burning garbage and a deviant dog and still, they are having the time of their lives! Listen to more episodes at
December 13, 2019
Are long legs an enviable physical trait for motorcycle riding? Are short riders destined to find it tough when it comes to riding the rough stuff? To get the answers to these questions, we asked former racers and now top riding instructors, Jimmy Lewis from Jimmy Lewis Off-Road and Pat Jacques from ADV Woman. Listen to more motorcycle travel and adventure stories at Please show your support by liking us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Links on our website.
December 6, 2019
There are four riding positions that every adventure motorcyclist, really all motorcyclists, should know that are the foundation of all the riding you do. We talk with riding instructor, Clinton Smout, about what those positions are, and how and when to do them, on this episode of Rider Skills. More adventure motorcycle episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at
November 29, 2019
Tom Medema recently returned from a trip with 15 volunteers who rode Yamaha XTZ 125's to Nepal, delivering the motorcycles to park rangers. On the ride they faced many challenges, including high altitudes, low oxygen and snow. We talk about the trip to Nepal and another one to Mongolia, and how these riders made a difference to rangers who work tirelessly to protect park lands from poachers in those countries. More at
November 22, 2019
Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West have been on the road for about three months, making their way to Ushuaia. They’ve spent the last month riding in Colombia and one of the major challenges they’ve faced was what’s called the Trampoline of Death or Devil’s Trampoline, a road known to be the most dangerous road in Colombia. Jeremy and Elle could have just avoided it altogether, but with a name like that, how could they pass it up? More episodes at
November 15, 2019
urning 74 years young next week, Linda Bootherstone-Bick is full of energy and excitement for the next adventure with no end in sight. After being a rider for over 50 years with an incredibly easy going attitude, she recognizes that things change as she ages, and she has no issues with downsizing her motorcycle to keep on riding - other than it doesn’t go as fast as she would like! And her views on riding and travel just might help you to become a better traveler. More episodes at
November 8, 2019
Jimmy Lewis talks about what it’s like to ride in the deserts in Nevada, USA. He also has some great tips on tires and what you can expect when desert riding. Clinton Smout from SMART Adventures gives some tips on riding in the sand and high temperatures. We talk to Chantal Simons, who recently completed a crossing with an all women’s riding group. She talks about how she got involved, the preparation, the support vehicles, the bikes and how the group of women connected.
October 31, 2019
On this episode we talk to Chris Hardin about how to choose a motorcycle peg that suits you, your bike and the type of riding you do. And Warren Milner talks about how the internet is like the wild west - where it’s difficult to know what information you get for motorcycle repair, mods or gear is valid, and what is nonsense. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at Please don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes or on your favourite podcast app.
October 25, 2019
Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West are riding their motorcycles from Canada to Ushuaia and even though they’ve been a couple for over two years, they’ve never spent this much time together. They’ve been on the road for about two months, and have finally realized a dream they both had, to make it past Panama. On this episode, things get heated up as they make their way to the Stahlratte and arrive in Colombia at last. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at adventureriderradio.c
October 16, 2019
Jimmy Lewis starts his classes off with balance training because he feels that all skills are built on that. It’s a foundation skill. You need to master balance before you start building other motorcycle riding skills. And once you have, all other skills become much easier and better balanced. More motorcycle travel episodes available at Want to help out? Rate and review us on iTunes or on your favourite podcast app, tell your family, friends, riding buddies or club about ARR.
October 10, 2019
When civil unrest in Africa threw a monkey wrench in to Maurice McDonald’s plans to ride around the world in 2005, he had no choice but to end his trip and return to the UK. He still dreamt of completing the trip he started, so in 2018 he had a second go at it, despite having a life threatening disease that required him to keep his meds cold while travelling. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at Please rate/review us on your favourite podcast app.
October 3, 2019
Adventurer Lyndon Poskitt, Races to Places, has now completed travelling the world, culminating in Africa. He shares some of his experiences with mixed feelings about the continent and the countries within, a place he said was the hardest, most difficult, most dangerous continent that he travelled. More motorcycle travel episodes available on Adventure Rider Radio at Rate and review us on your favourite podcast app, tell your family, friends, riding buddies or club about ARR.
September 26, 2019
Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West have been together for a couple of years, they’re both experienced riders and travellers, but have never spent any significant amount of time with each other. They’re travelling together but each carrying their own gear, including camping equipment as they ride from Canada to Ushuaia on what Jeremy calls a separate, but parallel journey. On this episode, their planned border crossing in to Guatemala doesn't go exactly according to plan.
September 19, 2019
Daniel Byers quit his corporate job of 12 years to do a trip he had dreamed of doing for years, riding from Ohio to Ushuaia. He’s had some challenges and setbacks, but he’s determined to continue the trip and get to Ushuaia, no matter what. Listen to more adventure travel by motorcycle episodes on Adventure Rider Radio at Please rate and review us on iTunes or your favourite podcast app.
September 12, 2019
Basic skills for riding motorcycles on gravel roads. Increase your confidence and safety with these few techniques. Rider Skills with Clinton Smout - S.M.A.R.T Adventure Programs. Listen to over 250 adventure travel by motorcycle episodes on Adventure Rider Radio at Please rate and review us on iTunes or your favourite podcast app.
September 5, 2019
Tim and Marisa Notier were once high school sweethearts that went their separate ways when Marisa went to college and Tim stayed back in Chicago to work. After ten years apart, leading completely different lives, they got together again and decided to explore the world together 2-up on a KTM 1190 motorcycle. And with each sometimes seeing travel and the world from a different perspective, they’ve learned from each other how to get the most from it. More at
August 29, 2019
Jeremy Kroeker and Elle West have been together for a couple of years, they’re both experienced riders and travellers, but have never spent any significant amount of time with each other, just weekends. Now they’re travelling together, from Canada to Ushuaia, but each riding their own motorcycle and carrying their own gear, including camping equipment. Follow their adventure on what Jeremy calls a separate, but parallel journey on ARR's new MotoTravel Series.
August 22, 2019
ATGATT. It’s so simple, yet so many people seem to think it doesn’t apply to them. And part of that important gear that protects us while riding is footwear… namely boots. On this week’s episode we talk with Jim Hyde from RawHyde Adventures and Lyndon Poskitt, three time Dakar racer and world traveller, about adventure motorcycle riding boots, what boots do for us, why we should wear them and what should we consider when choosing our own boots. More episodes on ARR at
August 15, 2019
The thought of travel to a country that has a culture that is foreign to many of us can be daunting, even scary.  But, in the motorcycle adventure industry, we hear time and time again of the good, even great, experiences that travellers have while visiting those far off places. After spending six months in Iran on their motorcycles, Jan and Silke Neumann felt their adventures in Iran were so profound that they felt compelled to share their story. More episodes at
August 8, 2019
There are many advantages to standing on your pegs for slow speed maneuvering and most, if not all, instructors would tell you that standing on your pegs will dramatically improve your control over the motorcycle. On this week’s exclusive ARR Rider Skills, Clinton Smout from SMART Adventures talks about how to properly get up on your pegs, how to teach yourself to stand rather than sit when the going gets tough and why you should be getting up on your pegs. More episodes at
August 1, 2019
Although Louisa Swaden had a good job in the publishing industry, she didn’t feel fulfilled. So she began the task of discovering what it was that made her happy. She researched, exercised and meditated. She took a sabbatical from work and went on a trip. And she discovered that happiness comes from within, and that for her, motorcycling played a big part in it. See photos and links in the show notes on our website. Listen to more motorcycle and adventure travel episodes at
July 25, 2019
From road racing to competing in the GS Trophy in Mongolia, Jocelin Snow has overcome some challenges and obstacles that might have stopped some riders, including recovering from a racing accident and riding a motorcycle some said was too big for her. Listen to over 250 adventure travel by motorcycle episodes on Adventure Rider Radio at Please rate and review us on iTunes or your favourite podcast app.
July 18, 2019
Ted Simon’s book, Jupiter’s Travels, has had a tremendous influence on motorcyclists and travellers around the world. He is often said to be the godfather of motorcycle travel or adventure. Now 88 years old, Ted Simon has an opinion about travel and what’s happening with the world, and experience speaks volumes as he shares his thoughts with us. Discover more motorcycle adventure, travel and life stories at
July 11, 2019
What are the real trade-offs in ‘riding on the dark side’ and what, if any, are the dangers for trading off your speciality designed motorcycle tires for the ubiquitous and often inexpensive car rubber? Tire expert, T. J. Tennent talks about this controversial topic from a scientific, analytical and legal standpoint. And Jamie Cheek, the VP of sales in North America talks with us about a couple of their communications systems, the Packtalk Bold and the Freecom 4+.
July 4, 2019
There are so many different manufacturers and models of motorcycle helmets on the market that choosing the right one for you can be a daunting task. Clinton Smout from SMART Adventures deals with this every day, and he has some important tips for buying a helmet. We also spoke with Ed Becker from the Snell Memorial Foundation, to find out how helmets are tested and we learned some other interesting facts about helmets as well. More episodes at
June 27, 2019
What do kiwis, sheep and Burt Munro have in common? New Zealand. That’s where you just might want to consider going for your next adventure. We talked with Zoe Cano, who travelled there last year, and with Kim Johnston from South Pacific Motorcycle Tours. Listen to over 250 adventure travel by motorcycle episodes on Adventure Rider Radio at
June 21, 2019
When Heather Ellis was required to do a routine medical test to get a Visa to travel to Russia, she wasn’t expecting the news she got from the doctor. Despite the challenges Heather was facing, she remained strong and persevered, and would go on to do what she thought was her last big motorcycle adventure. Her courage and strength led her down roads she could never have imagined, even to this day. Over 250 adventure travel by motorcycle episodes on Adventure Rider Radio at
June 13, 2019
On this episode of ARR’s exclusive Rider Skills, instructor Walt Fulton from Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshops, walks us through maximum braking on a motorcycle. It’s easy to learn and just takes some practice. Mastering this will make you a better, safer rider and add another tool to your Rider Skills Tool Box. Listen to over 250 adventure travel by motorcycle episodes on Adventure Rider Radio at Please rate and review us on iTunes or your favourite podcast app.
June 7, 2019
What are the odds of breaking down twice in a week on a road trip with two different vehicles towing the same motorcycle hauler? We’ve got tips to help with or to avoid road travel problems. And we talk about the value of getting help from riders on local forums. Photos and more at Thanks for listening and please tell your friends about us. Get an ARR sticker (postage included) with a $10 donation. Link on our website. Ride Safe and Happy Travels.
May 30, 2019
On this episode we talk about converting tube type rims to tubeless, the Outex Tubeless Kit and we talk to two companies who help arrange renting a motorcycle from a fellow rider. Listen to over 250 adventure travel by motorcycle episodes on Adventure Rider Radio at Please rate and review us on iTunes or your favourite podcast app. Thanks for listening. Please tell your friends about us. Get an ARR sticker with a $10 donation. Link on our website. Ride Safe!
May 24, 2019
Chris MacAskill is a lifelong motorcyclist and the founder of the forum, ADV Rider. After a motorcycle trip to Mexico, Chris launched the forum as an online community for adventure riders and it has been growing steadily for almost two decades. He’s got quite the story to tell about growing up and how he got to where he is today, about starting the forum and where it’s at right now. For photos, links and to download more episodes go to
May 17, 2019
Andy Benfield had spent much of his life living and travelling in different parts of the world, before moving to India, and developing his love for motorcycling on Royal Enfields. Years later, Andy and his girlfriend make the trip from India to Burma by motorcycle. From stories about yetis and head-hunters to armed men and border crossings, it'san adventure that’s both funny and scary as they make their way to their destination.
May 10, 2019
Tiffany Coates has spent the last 20 years travelling to far off places around the world and most recently she went to Borneo, the third largest island in the world known for it’s wildlife, beaches and rainforest. In an unexpected twist, Tiffany left the motorcycle she was riding behind in Malaysia and ending up renting a scooter in Borneo, and for Tiffany, this was all part of the adventure. For more go to or subscribe on iTunes or your favourite podcast app.
May 3, 2019
If you spend much time riding unmaintained roads and trails in a forested area, then you are bound to find a tree laying across your track sometime. Riding a big adventure bike has some limitations for the average rider but by using a fairly simple method, you can ride over many of the trees you’ll encounter. On this episode, Clinton Smout walks us through two methods, one for under six inch trees and one for over six inch trees, both fully doable with a little practice.
April 25, 2019
Adventure travel doesn’t mean having to go abroad or to another country when adventure can be found much closer to home. There’s also some great advantages to keeping your motorcycle trip short, including cost, less gear to pack, less planning, less paperwork and more. And for those that just don’t have the time to go on that big Round the World trip, a few days to a couple of weeks just might be the answer. For photos, links and to listen to more episodes go to
April 18, 2019
Darryl VanNieuwenhuise tells the story behind Cyclops Adventures, as well as explains how the Cyclops TPMS works. And Chris Keeble rides a highly customized Indian motorcycle around Australia, turning each weekend in to a theme ride, looking for churches, graveyards, water or a particular color.  At 60 years old, she’s a firm reminder that age is just a number as she plans her trip around the world.  For more go to Subscribe to ARR on iTunes or your favourite podcast app
April 12, 2019
What could possibly go wrong when flying your motorcycle in to Panama? Spencer James Conway and Cathy Nel thought everything was going well until they found themselves the targets of a criminal sting. After a harrowing experience, they barely got out of Panama. And we also talk about tires, not about the actual tires themselves, but tire facts. What causes tires to cup? How do you tell how old your tire is? We talked to a tire expert and got all these these answers and more.
April 4, 2019
On some of our past Rider Skills episodes you’ve heard the voice of Coach Ramey Stroud, who headed up the Cascade Endurance Centre rider training complex on his ranch in Oregon. Last week, Coach Ramey Stroud passed away, a tremendous loss to the riding community. But, his voice and teachings live on for many, including in the minds of those he has influenced through training and for us and our listeners on Adventure Rider Radio. For photos and more go to
March 29, 2019
Bill Cagnacci is an Australian motorcyclist who recently took a trip with RawHyde Adventures. There were 19 motorcycle riders plus a support crew headed to Mexico. But, because of a particularly nasty winter, they were blocked by snow and unable to continue on to their original destination. So, they made a small detour that should have been fairly easy to do, under normal circumstances. But as you can probably imagine, things didn’t quite work out that way.
March 22, 2019
On Rider Skills we talk to instructor, Clinton Smout, about braking into the corner - trail braking - and we aren’t talking about going faster - we are talking about riding safer. And after that, if you ride anywhere that cell coverage is not reliable or maybe non-existent, then you’ll be interested in this little device that allows you to send and receive messages, and even get rescued should the need arise. Website: - Don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes.
March 15, 2019
After saving for almost three years, in 2010 Heidi and David Winters left on a fifteen month long motorcycle trip, visiting 37 countries. On their KTM 640 Adventure, they rode 2-up, camping and couch surfing along the way. While on the trip, David broke his wrist. And that was part of what inspired Heidi and David to design a product that changed their lives. They also share some tips on packing light and more. Go to for links and photos.
March 8, 2019
Karolis Mieliauskas, an adventure motorcycle rider from Lithuania, covered a distance of 1000 km riding from Yakutsk to Oymyakon, which is considered the coldest inhabited place on earth. He completed the trip in just four days in a land where temperatures reach below -50C in winter. Riding on a section of the Road of Bones, a road through the Russian Far East that serves as a memorial to the people who built it, it was an epic adventure of the coldest kind.
March 1, 2019
Flying your bike is easier than you think. We talked to someone at Air Canada about how to fly your motorcycle. Find out how to book the flight, how to prepare your motorcycle and when you need to get your bike to the airport. Everything you need to know about shipping your bike by plane. Links to information booklets and how to book your flight can be found in the show notes. Subscribe and rate on your favourite podcast app and tell your friends about Adventure Rider Radio.
February 21, 2019
Sometimes even the best laid plans for adventure can change or fall apart, and while that might be a worrisome thought for some people, it can actually add to the adventure or change things in ways that might surprise you. In 2017, five friends riding five KTMs left for a five month trip with a plan to ride from London, England to Seoul, South Korea, but it wasn’t long before things were not going as planned. For photos and more motorcycle podcast episodes, go to
February 15, 2019
Jeremy Kroeker's book, Motorcycle Messengers, features motorcycle travel stories by many authors who’s names you’ve already heard on ARR and some that may be new to you. A variety of short stories, hours of inspiring reads, sure to put the bug under your seat and get you moving to plan your next adventure. And Clinton Smout from SMART Adventures, teaches us some basic repetitive skills that you can do to enhance your off-road riding experience. More at
February 8, 2019
Planning a motorcycle adventure trip takes a lot and can be exhausting. And sometimes it’s the simple things you don’t think about when planning, that can make all the difference in your trip. We went to some experts who’ve done a lot of travelling and asked them what tips they would give to someone planning a motorcycle trip, tips that you might not have thought of. And we’ve also discovered the best cold weather riding sock ever. To discover more ARR episodes go to
February 1, 2019
Auto Clutches, Dual Clutch Transmissions and Slipper Clutches… Joe Boisvert from Rekluse, Walt Milner and Karl Engellenner explain how these systems work, in easy to understand terms. Not for just the mechanically inclined, listen in and next time the clutch conversation comes up, you'll be in the know. You might even find yourself considering the benefits of an automatic clutch, maybe even a DCT. For photos and more on this episode go to
January 24, 2019
Paul and Neake Hannaby left for a six month motorcycle adventure, with no concrete plan in mind other than exploring the East Coast of the United States and then seeing how they felt. They’ve been on the road for almost three years, with no plan to return home yet. They might be, what you call, addicted to travel. Also in this episode, another couple of riders give some valuable moto travel trips learned from experience. For more go to
January 17, 2019
Jess and Greg Stone first met in South Sudan, East Africa in 2010. After a bit of a choppy start, they got together and when Greg said he was planning to go on a motorcycle trip, Jess offered to go with him. Jess learned to ride, they travelled through South America and now they're living in Guatemala, with their dog who rides on the back of Jess’ bike. They share some lessons learned, great tips and views that might make your travel, and life, easier. For more go to
January 10, 2019
Clinton Smout, motorcycle instructor, has tips for turning adventure bikes around in soft or low traction environments, that can be used both off-road and on-road, and for any motorcycle. He also shares some stories when lessons that have gone wrong turn out to be… well, hilarious. And two seasoned riders, Lisa and Simon Thomas tell us what they carry in their panniers. For more on this and to hear other episodes, go to
January 4, 2019
Sometimes a motorcycle trip can be more than just discovering new places and making connections. Liz Jansen is the author of three books, and her most recent, Crash Landing, is the story of her quest to answer some questions about herself and the choices she’s made, by visiting the places that her German Mennonite ancestors lived when they arrived from Russia a century ago. An enlightening journey of self discovery. For links and photos go to
December 28, 2018
Jim puts a pair of elkskin riding gloves to the test and talks with Aerostich’s Andy Goldfine about the benefits of elkskin leather. Could this be your next pair of riding gloves? And women riders from around the world are looking forward to participating in an international motorcycle relay for women. Hayley Bell, founder of WRWR, tells us what it’s all about. More episodes at
December 21, 2018
From the very beginning Jo Rust has set goals that required determination and perseverance. She’s had some big hurdles to overcome, has discovered new passions along the way, including her love of off-road motorcycle riding, and her attitude is that if she says she’s going to do something, she does it. Jo’s had a lot of firsts in her life, and by the sounds of it, she intends to keep on setting goals and achieving them. And we believe she will. More episodes at
December 13, 2018
Asking a motorcycle rider what engine oil or tires he recommends is a sure way to spark a deep conversation, debates and even an argument. But when it comes to air filters... they just seem to be a forgotten, yet essential component. So, what should you really be looking for in an air filter? We talked to a mechanic, a racer and an inventor to debunk some common myths and get us focused on. what really matters. Like ARR? Please subscribe & rate on your podcast app. More:
December 7, 2018
On this episode of Rider Skills, Coach Ramey Stroud teaches two methods to steer your motorcycle with your rear wheel. Coach Ramey Stroud operates a world class motorcycle training centre, is a former desert racer, rally and enduro rider, has completed several IronButt events and works with professional racers and endurance riders, as well as adventure riders. For videos, lessons and exercises to go along with this episode go to
November 30, 2018
Ethanol has been around for almost 200 years, but it’s only been in the last 15 years that we’ve been hearing more about it. And the topic of ethanol in gasoline has got a lot of feathers ruffled. Although it’s in our gasoline, the public has never been educated about it. So, exactly what is ethanol and how is it affecting your motorcycle? Should you be concerned about ethanol in fuel? To read the article about Ethanol and to listen to more episodes go to
November 23, 2018
A popular adventure for motorcyclists is the PanAmerican route, from Alaska to Argentina, and to get from Panama to Colombia, you have to go through, which isn’t necessarily a good idea, or around the Darien Gap. On this episode we have four different stories about crossing the Gap, and some options to choose from with some great tips about how to go about getting your motorcycle around one of the most dangerous jungles in the world. For the links and photos go to
November 15, 2018
Motorcycle valve adjustments can be inconvenient at best, but throughout the life of the motorcycle, many riders will eventually have to deal with it themselves or pay someone to do it for them. But not all motorcycles require valve adjustments, so why does yours? Karl Engellenner, expert motorcycle machinist, answers our questions about valve adjustments. For more on this show and to listen to more episodes go to If you like the show, please subscribe, rate and donate.
November 9, 2018
Moustaches and Motorcycles. Henry Crew is riding a Ducati Scrambler around the world with a couple of goals in mind. One is to be the youngest person to ride a motorcycle around the world and the other is to create awareness for the Movember Foundation. To better understand why you should grow a moustache in November, we spoke with Ben Bowers in the UK. For photos and more on this episode go to Subscribe and rate us on iTunes or your favourite podcast app.
November 1, 2018
Riding instructor, Clinton Smout, teaches how to ride a motorcycle downhill in the dirt. When you approach a hill and have to go down, what do you do? Smout takes us from the top to the bottom using the most advanced methods. He says the key is all in what you do with the front brake. For more on this episode go to  Subscribe to us on iTunes or your other favourite podcast app. Like us on Facebook (AdventureRiderRadio) or Twitter (@advriderradio).
October 26, 2018
When Mark lost his business, and then eleven days later his wife died, he made a decision to go on a motorcycle trip around the world. Riding a Triumph Rocket X, the largest capacity motorcycle in the world, was definitely a conversation piece and an ice breaker. And that was good, because he had some messages he wanted to share with people he met along the way. He made connections, new friends and now his life is taking a new direction. For more on this episode go to
October 19, 2018
What do you choose to wear underneath your riding pants? And does that choice affect the protection you are getting from your gear? And there’s a rumour that Kawasaki is discontinuing the KLR650. Is it the end of this iconic dual-sport motorcycle? Guests: Walt Fulton and Zac Kurylyk. For more on this episode and to listen to more Adventure Rider Radio motorcycle travel and adventure shows go to
October 11, 2018
Kevin Chow is a planner. And for years he planned to go on a motorcycle trip around the world. He rode south from Canada in to Mexico and beyond to Ushuaia, and speaking little to no Spanish he even managed to communicate with the locals and to get through some hairy road blocks. And just two months in to his trip, Kevin found that even the most well laid plans can change, and being flexible is the best plan. See the show notes on the Adventure Rider Radio website at
October 5, 2018
Max McAllister is the President of Traxxion Dynamics, manufacturer of suspension components for motorcycles and mountain bikes. In this episode he talks about what motorcycle suspension dampening is and how to set it up. For more on this episode go to our show notes at
September 27, 2018
What do you do when your motorcycle stalls or stops on a hill? How do you get going again? Or if you have to start at the bottom of a hill with no momentum? Clinton Smout, head instructor at Smart Adventures in Ontario, Canada, talks about techniques to help you improve your hill starts.  For more on this episode go to
September 21, 2018
When seasoned rider, Sue Hollis, left on her first long distance motorcycle trip, she had no idea if she would find the answers she was looking for. Riding in the United States and Canada, through deserts and over mountains, in sunshine and torrential downpours, she made life changing connections and discovered things about herself that would change the way she lives. For photos and links go to and see the show notes.
September 14, 2018
When motorcyclists ride in the same position for long periods of time, they may be at risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis and Edema. Dr Liza Thomas, an emergency physician, explains what DVT and Edema are, as well as how these medical conditions happen and what factors put you at higher risk of developing them. For links and photos and to listen to more episodes go to
September 7, 2018
Water crossings by motorcycle can be unnerving, and there's a lot to consider before you even contemplate dipping your tires in to the water. So before you plow straight in, Pat Jacques from ADV Woman, a retired pro motocross racer and riding instructor, has some important riding tips and techniques for water crossings that you need to know. Learn about the dangers, approaches and methods. For links and photos and to listen to more episodes go to
August 30, 2018
No matter what international border you’re crossing, you’re going to have to deal with customs officials. Peter Sweetser, a former customs officer and overland,  gives an insider view of customs agents and what they’re looking for, with some tips, advice and best practices to help you get across any border smoothly. For photos more on this episode and to listen to more Adventure Rider Radio motorcycle adventure travel shows go to
August 23, 2018
Michnus and Elsebie Olivier started their motorcycle travel lifestyle in 2010 when they took a trip through Africa. Riding small motorcycles, called piki pikis in Swahili, they were hooked on travel and never looked back. A lot of travel tips packed in to this episode, Michnus & Elsebie inspire and share their experiences with moto travellers. For more on this episode, links, credits and photos go to and click on the episode.
August 16, 2018
Rider training involves more than just the physical aspect, to reach your full riding potential you have to train your mind as well. Coach Ramey Stroud teaches a 3 part course that he calls KSA Training, all about mind and body connection. To download Coach Ramey’s notes on Riding to Your Potential and for more Rider Skills episodes go to
August 9, 2018
A few years ago while out on a fishing and camping trip, David and Em Morieson stumbled on the Adventure Film Festival in Australia. And they were so inspired by a couple of travellers there, that on that same day, they made the decision to go on a long distance motorcycle trip. A few years later, they rented out their house, quit their jobs and headed for South America. For more on this episode and to listen to more Adventure Rider Radio shows go to
August 1, 2018
A few weeks ago, motorcycle traveller Ben King disappeared off the social media radar. There was no word of him on Instagram or Facebook. And riders in the community were starting to wonder what happened to Ben. And then, two weeks ago, Ben appeared again with a Facebook post. What happened to Ben? From Lahore in Pakistan, Ben tells us about what he calls "the CRAZIEST month of my entire life!!!".  For more on this story and to listen to more episodes go to
July 26, 2018
Motorcycle breakdowns are always a possibility, whether caused by wear and tear, hard riding, or other reasons, it's something you just might be able to avoid. Grant Johnson, motorcycle mechanic and co-founder of Horizons Unlimited, has some tips on things you can do to lessen your chances of a road side breakdown. For show notes and to listen to more Adventure Rider Radio episodes go to
July 19, 2018
There’s something about exploring remote places, especially those which haven’t been overrun by the regular tourist crowds. Connections are made with locals who share their stories and lives. And wild and unknown destinations are discovered. Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent talks about riding the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam and her motorcycle trip in the far North-East corner of India, in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Thrilling adventures in far off places. For more go to
July 12, 2018
When it comes to motorcycle travel, some riders prefer to go it alone, some prefer group travel, or riding with a partner or friend. Probably most riders enjoy the company of other riders for a variety of reasons. But, there are many who travel solo by choice. In this episode, Graham talks about his experience with solo travel, and the pros and cons of it. For more on this episode go to our website at
July 5, 2018
Just about everything you need to know about planning a motorcycle trip, close to home or abroad. Resources to help plan your trip, how to get in touch with local riders, camping equipment, shipping your bike, budgeting and more. For links and more on this episode go to our show notes on
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