252 End Of The Year She Podcasts 2019 Review
Published December 30, 2019
62 min
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    So much anxiety and looking back from Elsie and Jess about the past decad! E & J are torn about the whole thing and we RECORDED LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME in our She Podcasts SuperSquad!

    Elsie leads a complete year and review on the key topics and conversations of She Podcasts 2019. Then, Jess takes over with her top hits of the year and adds some of the biggest lessons learned. Elsie finishes off by sharing her biggest podcasting faves as well as our top She Podcasts episodes of 2019!

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    Episode Recap: length 1:02:47

    We changed CMS’s many times this year and we have not updated our website with the content! It is pretty horrendous, so therefor, only a few of our episodes are quoted below! You CAN find all of these shows if you subscribe to She Podcasts!

    Shownotes are also a little bit different than usual, not all of what was mentioned is linked below, because OMGosh it was A LOT.

    216 Jan 7

    OMGosh we’re talking about the RODEcaster PRO for the very first time!

    Whatever happened to RAD?

    217 Jan 14

    Google Podcasts link support (slowly but surely - it’s getting there….)

    218 Jan 18

    So FB launched a podcast….(A “podcast series” of 8 episodes)

    Elsie watched them launch their IG and reports on the show what she learned about marketing your podcast

    219 Feb 11

    Spotify bought Gimlet and Anchor!!!!

    220 Feb 25

    When your co-host makes decisions for you and doesn’t tell you —— I think this had to do with going biweekly? IDK….also, it was me deciding it was going to be 1 hour and no banter?

    Podchaser and creator profiles…

    221 Mar 3 (to banter or not to banter)

    We had A LOT of awesome feedback and Jess was hilarious….


    224 April 8

    Google Podcasts desktop! And alluding to having podcasts’ audio being transcribed

    225 April 15



    New Apple Podcasts web interface

    227 April 29

    More Luminary issues - they launched earlier in the year and they keep messing up…

    Pippa acquired by Acast

    228 May 6

    RODEcaster Pro firmware update!

    We began with our She Podcasts Live updates!

    229 May 13

    Spotify really stepped up to feature podcasts - looks like this was one of the momentum building steps it took to focus on podcasts


    230 May 27


    231 June 3

    We started using Notion for our Shownotes!

    RADIO.com partnered with Libsyn

    Overcast clip sharing

    Castro clip sharing

    232 June 10

    Apple Podcasts new categories!!!!!

    233 June 24

    WerkIt Survey (what podcasting pays now)

    Spotify Sound Up Bootcamp

    235 July 8

    Kristen Meinzner co-host

    I love Forecast - started using chapter marks….

    236 July 22

    Had the BEST blooper ever from Elsie of course…remember “coini doll”

    Tim Ferriss did that one experiment where he did sponsors vs donation and it was a quick fail

    Apple Podcasts bankrolling original content? Aka rumor “Executives at the company have reached out to media companies and their representatives to discuss buying exclusive rights to podcasts, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the conversations are preliminary. Apple has yet to outline a clear strategy, but has said it plans to pursue the kind of deals it didn’t make before.”

    237 Aug 5

    Sobre Podcasting….gah!!!!

    238 Aug 12

    Entercom has purchased Pineapple Street Media and Cadence13

    How to get the best out of PM

    239 Aug 27

    Libsyn is IAB certified

    PM recap!!!

    And being an adult at a conference

    240 Sept 10

    Skye cohosted with me!!!!!

    Himalaya may never had had the VC funding!!!

    242 Sept 24

    Relay.FM and St. Jude

    Elsie loves Descript and they had a great video

    243 Sept 30

    Total BTS of SPL19!

    244 Oct 7

    The birth of She Podcasts

    245 Oct 21

    After She Podcasts Live

    246 Oct 28

    Jess and Moneymakers!

    We started recording via Streamyard!

    248 Nov 11

    Appropriate conversations in the right places

    249 Nov 26

    Apple has hired Emily Ochsenschlager, National Geographic’s current director of podcasts and an ex-reporter/producer for NPR.

    Spotify really wants to take over all the things

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