Bonus: People Might Break Up With Your Podcast And That's Ok
Published July 29, 2019
42 min
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    A BONUS Episode taking you behind the scenes of our She Podcasts Super Squad, this time featuring Elsie’s Q&A. She answers questions about how to link to shows on Pandora since they are not available via desktop, Elsie’s workflow on keeping a reference section and why that’s important for podcasting, and OMG she’s broken up with listening to podcasts (taking time off) and why it’s not a bad thing, she addresses how to grow your Patreon listeners and why it’s ok to let your podcast die. The episode has chapter marks, so if your podcast app supports them, you can easily go to the question you wanna listen to!

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    Episode Recap: length 42:49

    • Jess intros the show! And you guys She Podcasts LIVE ticket prices are going up August 1!
    • Elsie gives us a quick behind the scenes
    • 3:55 Kathy’s question about how to get the Pandora link since it’s not available on desktop
    • 8:13 Elsie’s hack on keeping organized and a reference section using plain text - now using the Notes app on Mac OS
    • 10:56 Elsie asks YOU a couple of important questions: how is your media consumption going? How do you stay connected to your world? What are the things that you need to do to recharge
    • 13:13 Elsie stopped listening to podcasts! And she shares exactly what made her quit
    • 17:20 Podcasting is cyclical and why there are times that podcast growth will not happen, and it does not mean that your podcast and your work is not valuable
    • 21:41 Lisa asks about sound mixing and does it matter - and how much does it matter?
    • 25:48 Top tips to grow your PATREON subscribers and what has helped us growth our Super Squad
    • 35:40 Discussing an article on Medium about podfading aka your show’s life span is over
    • Elsie shares that she has another podcast


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