February 26, 2018
Thank You Very Much for listening to the Ham Radio 360 Podcast. In this real quick, last episode, I take the opportunity to 'say' good-bye. I appreciate the opportunity to have served you and the Amateur Radio Community over these last few years. 73 Y'all Cale/K4CDN 2-10-18 Friends, In 2011 I achieved a nearly lifelong goal; I became an Amateur Radio Operator. In 2014 I began, as a means to scratch an itch, an Amateur Radio Podcast. The podcast, then named ‘Fo Time’ was never supposed to succeed. I had no intention of releasing any more than 5 to 10 programs. Almost 4 years later, 90+ shows, and over a 3/4 million downloads, I’m still wondering how I got here. Through that time, I was a small part of promoting the Amateur Radio Hobby via the medium of podcasting. What began as an experiment soon became a platform for a New Ham Operator to learn the ropes. Along the journey I was blessed with the opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the most brilliant and entertaining people on the planet. I have been continually astounded by my listening audience and their contribution to the efforts of what became the Ham Radio 360 Podcast and brand. Not only was I afforded the opportunity to learn from the best, I was able to share in those experiences with many others as the brand’s influence grew. Additionally the platform allowed other programs to be birthed for the good of the hobby that will continue to educate and entertain the masses. However, I began to realize just how much of me it took to produce quality content and maintain the brand. In October of 2017 I took a break from my regular show production with a promise to return in 2018. I upheld that promise but soon realized that the continued pressure to perform and create was more than I was willing to maintain anymore. With that understanding I have decided to discontinue, in it’s entirety, the Ham Radio 360 Podcast. I plan to maintain the Website and Podcast Feed of past shows and content as a contribution to the Amateur Radio Hobby. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have served you and the wonderful Amateur Radio Hobby. Gratefully yours, Cale Nelson/K4CDN 73 Y’all
January 7, 2018
The Salmi Brothers are back (don't miss their initial interview) to teach us about their Educational Development Radio Company-Faraday RF and some of their Outer-Space Creations! In this Nuts and Volts episode we get into the minds of Brent (KB1LQD) and Bryce (KB1LQC) as they break down the ins and outs of their Ham Radio venture.  More than just building a SDR; Faraday RF looks to expand the hobby for tomorrows operators. Join us as we pull back the veil and get a glimpse of the future..."Challenging the notion of making a contact" Show Links and Mentions Faraday RF AMSAT Faraday RF Blog Posts: More Than Radio - AMSAT MPPT Faraday RF Telemetry Faraday goes UP! (HAB) Delayed Tolerant Networks What is MPPT?  Maximum Power Point Tracking Previous Podcast Episodes regarding AMSAT Connect with the brothers: @FaradayRF @kb1lqd @KB1LQC Faraday RF on Facebook
January 7, 2018
As you might imagine Twin Brothers Bryce and Brent have a great deal in common.  Both are Millennial Ham Radio Ops, Developers and Rocket Scientists just to name a few shared interest! The Brothers Salmi drop in for a conversation about their vision for the future of the Ham Radio hobby.  Raised as inventors and tinkerers these guys are poised to take that to an entirely different level with their educational development company, Faraday RF.  But before we get into the 'what' we get into the 'why' as we look back to a childhood filled with promise, learning and dreaming to a present full of building, making, and doing! If you're searching for proof that your beloved hobby will outlast your days-give this show a listen to be challenged and encouraged for tomorrow! Show Notes and Mentions Faraday RF- Master Plan (Start Here!) Blog Post: Millennials are Reinventing Ham Radio N0SSC - Blog Post: Millennials Are Killing Ham Radio  Resistor Value Color Codes K2GXT - RIT Radio Club SpaceX  RARA - Rochester Ham Radio Assn. Connect with the brothers: @FaradayRF @kb1lqd @KB1LQC thanks for listening, supporting and sharing the Ham Radio 360 Podcast! 73, Cale/K4CDN
January 7, 2018
Hey Y'all, Happy New Year! Once again, here we are.... I've been to the future and now I'm back behind the mic, in the shack, to bring you another episode of Ham Radio 360 Podcast.  Thanks for tuning in to my return.  The break was a great refresher and in this 'different' show I break down what I learned and where I'm going!   Show Notes and Mentions Bruce Arians Retirement Presser Ham Radio 360 Forum *Now Closed* Field Radio Podcast - GoFundMe Hamvention Help IC-7100 Portable Station from KJ6VU IC-7100 from MTC RT Systems Software *Amazing* Contact Links       **please excuse the voice-this dry winter weather has taken a toll on the VOX
November 23, 2017
Happy Thanksgiving! George, Jeremy and John pulled me up to the barn just in time to get a shopping show together for your Holiday Listening pleasure!  Actually, we'd planned this all along-knowing that so many of you enjoy the insight and conversation between friends. This is our 4th Shopping Show and it's always the highlight of our yearly podcasting adventures. While we have a load of fun doing these shows;  it's our hope we can help you make informed choices regarding big and small purchases this Christmas Shopping Season! Handi-talkies, Mobiles, Portables and Packables all get time in this episode along with some insight on budget and starter gear.  There's room for everyone, even if you're still stuffed full of turkey! So, take us along as you brave the crowds for overnight shopping!  Plug us in one ear while you're forced to sit through another lame 3-hour Commercial..I mean Thanksgiving Parade.  Share us with the in-laws, you know they love hearing about your 'weird' radio hobby!  Whatever-just don't miss out on this episode! We're all Thankful for the time you spend with us and truly hope you and your family enjoy the brightest of Seasons! 73 Y'all Cale, George, Jeremy and John   Show Notes and Links in order mentioned- Handi-Talkies:    4: 39 ICOM IC-92AD - (discontinued) Wouxun HT (UV1D-UV6D) Yaesu FT-60 Yaesu FT-65 Kenwood TH-6Fa - (discontinued) Yaesu FT-2DR Kenwood TH-d74a Kenwood TH-d72 - (discontinued) Kenwood TH-20ka Wouxun KG-UV8d W7DBO HT Go-Bag EMCOMM & HT Go-Bag Show (fo time rewind) VHF/UHF Mobile Rigs:    23:00 Yaesu FT-8800 (discontinued) Kenwood TM-v71a (*still our pick for best all-around dual-band!*) Tytera TH-8600 (Low Power Small Mobile "fun radio for 100 bucks") ICOM ID-4100 ICOM ID-880H (discontinued) Yaesu FTM-3200 (system fusion) Yaesu FTM-3100 (analog) ICOM ID-5100 BTech UV-25X4 Kenwood TM-d710g Yaesu 8900 Yaesu 7900 Yaesu FTM-450XDR Portable 10' Tripod for field expedient VHF/UHF Antenna Deployment - Mobile HF Radio:     48:41 ICOM IC 7300 ICOM IC 7200 ICOM IC-706MkIIg (discontinued) Elecraft KX3 Kenwood TS-480sat Kenwood TS-480HX ICOM IC 7100 Yaesu 857 Little TarHill II Antenna K4CDN TS850 *For Sale* KJ6VU 7100 Portable Portable/Field Radio Gear:      1:12:30 Elecraft KX2 Elecraft KX3 Yaesu FT 817nd Yaesu FT 991A Yaesu FT 450 Elecraft KXPA (100w amp) Elecraft PX3 (panadapter) Yaesu FT 891 ICOM IC-718 OH8STN (Julian: Survival-Tech-Nord) KB1HQS (Stuart: NPOTA Supreme Champion) Good Finds:     1:35:20 West Mountain Radio Battery Analyzer Wago Wirenut/Connector (big combo pack/best deal) Wago Wirenut/Connector (little combo pack/good deal) Shark RF Open Spot Diamond Discone D220R Gigaparts: Hytera DMR Radios (682 and 382) Airspy Mini Airspy R2 Spyverter R2 Airspy HF+ Alinco DR-135tMkIII Kantronics KPC3 TNC Kenwood TM-281 Kenwood TM-231 (discontinued)  Kenneth Finnegan @KWF
September 19, 2017
It's doubtful that you haven't been affected by the recent hurricanes, no matter where you reside.  Here in the Upstate of South Carolina-we were indeed touched by Irma and in this episode of the Ham Radio 360 Podcast, I share some of my lessons learned. Following that, I break the news that as of this episode, #87, I will be taking a much needed vacation from the Podcast grind.  The Workbench and Field Radio Podcast will stay on schedule-but HR360 is hanging up the vacation sign and going away for a bit.  3+ years of creating content and full-on engagement has taken a toll on my balance of life so I've decided to step away, with a potential return in January 2018.  A big thanks to all who helped take a 'joke' and turn into 'something'! The recent storms seemed to reignite the ever-smoldering embers of Ham Radio's place in EMCOMM.  No surprise to see the many hams out in force debating the relevance of Amateur Radio in an Emergency.  Since we've never settled the no-code or Chi-com debates....what's another to continue to divide the community--I guess we really are a reflection of society after all! Just a few days after Irma brought strong winds and heavy rain to the farm, I took my seat at the front of the room for the local ARES meeting.  I believe that communications is King (especially in today's tech-centric world)!  I also believe that Amateur Radio should have a place in the local communications response to emergent situations or times of duress.  Finally, I believe that Ham Radio will NOT save the world; but it is a great tool to have if and when something goes wrong. period.  A few months ago the local ARES-EC asked me to help get the ball rolling here in Spartanburg County, SC.  We'll see what happens, right now it's trending positive.  The upcoming GridEX Exercise will be a stretch for our group-but I think we'll weather it well. The last 86+ episodes have offered many solutions to EMCOMM issues as well as introducing many aspects of the Hobby that some of us have never heard mentioned on the local 2m repeater.  If you are a new listener, I invite you to page back through our catalog of shows, pick something you're interested in and give it a spin.  If you've been here a while, thanks for sticking around! Thanks again for listening! 73 Y'all, Cale/K4CDN  Show Mentions and Links HamRadio Spartanburg-ARES GridEX IV-November 15th 2017 (PDF) Spaghetti Models- Mikes Weather Page Field Radio Podcast- You Need the Feed!
September 5, 2017
I was introduced to Kevin, KB9RLW, by my friend Julian OH8STN and his postings on Instagram/Twitter.  A few months back FSQ was a 'new' mode and some were excitedly giving it a go.  Julian had posted a link to a video on FSQ and it I knew this was a mode I was very interested in learning about!  Enter the 'Old Tech Guy' on Youtube and here we are! Kevin and I set about determining the compatibility of schedules and just last week we were able to connect via a wonky Skype call and get this information together for you.  While we do spend some time discussing the FSQ mode, I also discovered Kevin is a die-hard Linux user.  Kevin fills us in on his Linux use for Ham Radio and his YouTube Channel creations. *I've noted on the socials a few times last week that I did indeed mispronounce the insanely popular digital mode FT8; for whatever reason I referred to it as JT8 four different times in this show. **Additionally, I have utilized the FSQ mode since recording this conversation with what I'd consider Success!  I can foresee this mode becoming a go-to for my friends and I locally on HF and VHF. Notes and Mentions: FLDigi Software FSQCall Software Kevin KB9RLW Youtube Channel Linux in the Hamshack Podcast OH8STN Everything Ham Radio thanks for listening Y'all, 73 K4CDN
August 22, 2017
Ed Bradshaw (W4EDF) recently upgraded his Ham Radio ticket to Extra Class and he wants you to know-You Can Too! Former show guest and current Kenwood TS480 owner, Ed decided he wanted a bigger slice of the pie and set his sights on passing the Extra Class Exam.  Having put a great deal of effort into his studies and methods, Ed offered to come on the show to share what worked for him in hopes that you (and I) would get ourselves motivated to study-and Pass! Question pool: ARRL Link ARRL Extra Class License Manual, 11th edition Gordon West, WB6NOA, 2016-2020 Extra Class FCC Element 4 Ham Extra by James Thomas Ham Study (Signal Stuff) QRZ Practice Tests ARRL Find an exam ARRL What to bring Dave Casler YouTube Extra playlist - Here Alan Wolke, W2AEW YouTube Must watch: Here W4EDF: Previous Show Appearance #37 Others Recommend these Books/Aides: K4IA Pass, the Easy Way KB6NU No Non Sense Guide Extra Flash Cards Thanks for listen!!! 73 Y'all, Cale
August 8, 2017
Don Keith is a long time Ham Radio Operator who combined his love of RF and conversation into a writing career that spans nearly 40 titles.  He joins me on this episode of the Ham Radio 360 podcast to talk about his latest novel- Dial Dancing, some his other titles, copying 35 wpm CW, and more! Don went all the way, in an effort to encapsulate the entire spectrum of ham radio magics with the sub-title of his latest work! Dial Dancing..... Link to Don's Books on Amazon It's always fun to chat with another 'radio' guy, especially those who can stay one step ahead!  I hope you enjoy our conversation!  73 Y'all!
July 25, 2017
Larry Jacobs, WA7ZBO, is my guest this time on the Ham Radio 360 Podcast.  Larry is a long time Transmitter Hunter who offered to help me understand what is involved in Fox Hunting aka Bunny Hunting. From the premise of the hunt to the gear involved- the in's and out's and best practices, Larry shares his experiences of almost 50 years! in a show 'first' Larry produced this Bonus Video to help further describe the equipment and theory of use mentioned in this episode! (links and further mentions listed below) Bonus Video! Book: Worlds Best Hobby-Dave Bell SoCal Transmitter Hunting ARDF  Homing PiCon from Byonics Book: Transmitter Hunting- J.D. Moell Tape Measure Yagi- KB9VBR CCARS Instructables OSCAR-6 Arrow 4 MHz. Offset Fox Hunt Attenuator SDR-Direction Finding VK3YNG Sniffer 4 ______ TMR Scouting Special Event: Will be operating an anniversary celebration station, W2T, to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Ten Mile River Scout Reservation (known as TMR in the Scouting world) in Narrowsburg NY, August 4th through 6th from the camp.  More info can be found at and their QRZ page ______ HR360 Mention on RTL-SDR Blog _____ Thank you for listening to and supporting Ham Radio 360! Cale/K4CDN
July 11, 2017
New Podcast Alert! This week on the Ham Radio 360 Show we discuss his upcoming Field Radio Podcast launch with John Jacobs (W7BDO)!  The Field Radio Podcast is set to premiere this Thursday (July 13 2017) on your favorite podcast player! The Field Radio Podcast is dedicated to exploring the amateur radio hobby through the lens of getting you and your gear outdoors. Your host, John W7DBO, will explore what gear works best, how to deploy in the field, and most importantly how to have fun! The podcast will also explore what you can do with your gear once deployed; Including emergency communications, contesting, event support, and of course Field Day. Subscribe On Android Find In iTunes @fieldradiopod on Twitter fieldradiopodcast on Facebook Field Radio Podcast RSS Feed *** Field Radio Podcast on Youtube John's email contact here Field Radio Podcast Show Discussion in the HR360 Forums ____________________________________________ Getting Scouts On the Air! Following the new show announcement I'm joined by Jim Wilson K5ND to discuss Ham Radio and it's long history with Scouting around the World!  The Scouts 60th Annual Jamboree on the Air is coming up in October (20-22)! What a Great Way to share the Magic of Ham Radio- Jamboree on the Air Guidelines for Amateur Radio Operators Jamboree on the Air Event Tips ScoutLink info for Jamboree on the Internet Upcoming Jamboree Info July 15-28 2017 You can also find lots more information on for Radio Merit Badge, etc... ____________________________ Thank you for listening to and sharing the show! 73 Y'all K4CDN!
June 27, 2017
A few weeks back in our Facebook Group, Curtis Williamson (W4HCW) mentioned he'd like to hear me do a show about the 13 Colonies Special Event.  I connected with Bob, ND7J, the webmaster for the event as well as an event operator from the state of North Carolina. I feature our conversation in this episode of HamRadio 360. The 13 Colonies Special Event is held during Independence Weekend each July and began in 2009, as a 'One Time' event.  After logging over 12,000 contacts with just 13 operators, it's founder Ken, KU2US, discovered he was onto something.  Since it's inception the event has grown exponentially with many more state operators and a network of help that spans the globe. This is one of my favorite contests to participate in each year!  Thanks to Bob for coming on to help us learn more, and I hope you all get a chance to participate and get a clean sweep!  To learn more about the Event, Logging, Certificates and more visit the 13 Colonies Special Event page at (28:30) Recently, my friend and fellow podcaster Glenn Hebert, asked if I'd join him on his Live, Daily Podcast: Horses in the Morning.  Every once in a while Glenn produces a Non-Horsey show, and I was pleased to be invited.  Segment 3 of this episode features that quick conversation as I try to explain Ham Radio in less than 7 minutes :) _______ (37:15) Hap Holly,  KC9RP, has been producing The Rain Report since the 1980's.  “From his home studio/ham shack in suburban Chicago, Hap Holly, KC9RP, produces this 10 to 15- minute weekly amateur radio program service, featuring timely interviews, occasional thought-provoking commentaries from other hams, excerpts from Hamvention Forums and other items of general interest to the ham radio community at large." The Rain Report can be heard on some local repeaters around the US as well as on-line and in your podcast player.  Hap and I caught up via Skype back before Hamvention, and he's recently released our conversation that I share here in segment 4.  I appreciate the continued effort of Hap and his dedicated support staff as they work to bring us The Rain Report.  You can find The Rain Report at the   _______ Show Notes and Mentions The Devil of a Whipping- A favorite novel of mine Culpepper Flag Randy KB3IHF QSL Cards & more DX Summit: Cluster N3FJP Logging Horses in the Morning The Rain Report **Bonus Show Content: Roswell Crash Special Event Info PVARC   Y'all have a Great Week! 73, Cale-K4CDN
June 13, 2017
In this episode of the Ham Radio 360 Podcast, I'm joined by Nick, KK6LHR to discuss ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast).  Known around here as "Tracking Airplanes with a SDR"...there's a lot more to it than that, and Nick helps me understand the ins and outs plus getting started in ADS-B. Automatic dependent surveillance – broadcast (ADS–B) is a surveillance technology in which an aircraft determines its position via satellite navigation and periodically broadcasts it, enabling it to be tracked. The information can be received by air traffic control ground stations as a replacement for secondary radar. It can also be received by other aircraft to provide situational awareness and allow self separation. *wikipedia Nick is more that just a nosy guy wanting to see what's flying overhead, he was determined to get the best signal down the line into his shack.  From Homebrewing LNA'a to Amazon he's compiled the gear and knowledge to help us make the most of our efforts! Thanks for coming on Nick, I really appreciate your time, helping this all make sense! Find all of your ADSB gear in this Kit! Show Notes & Links @ExplodingLemur QUCS:  Quite Universal Circuit Simulator - Official Site AIRSPY.US  SDR receivers and antennas SatelliteGuys.US Forum Workbench Antenna Analyzer Boards General info: FAA NextGen initiative ADS-B Wikipedia article Feeder sites: FlightAware FlightRadar24 PlaneFinder ADSB Exchange Windows software: PlanePlotter Virtual Radar Server Linux software: ADS-B Receiver project Dump1090 Dump978 Mlat-client Piaware Pfclient Fr24feed ADSBExchange scripts Stratux Hardware: Pair of RTL dongles and indoor antennas (low power consumption) RTL-SDR blog dongle NooElec dongle Low-noise amplifier Set of indoor antennas Dual-band antenna (no longer produced :( ) 1090MHz antenna 1090MHz antenna 978MHz antenna 1090MHz bandpass 1090MHz bandpass + bias-T Ham Radio 360 ADS-B KIT Post Show Mention on the RTL-SDR Blog   Thank you, again for listening and your support! Cale/K4CDN
May 30, 2017
We've talked a great deal about Hamvention over the last few weeks, and we're gonna wrap it up here today! Chris Purdy and I have been friends for years and he surprised me a few months ago when he volunteered to tag along on the drive to Xenia. Chris is a Shiny New Ham Radio Operator, and he'd never been to a hamfest why not Hamvention! Maybe a little overwhelmed at the onset, he quickly came around and is now making plans to go back next year! Give the show a listen for a "New Guys" perspective on the event. From initial impressions, things learned and friends made, Chris and I break it all down for you including some insider info from behind the scenes of the Ham Radio 360 Hamvention Team.             I finish up with some final thoughts on the event, the location, new sponsors, and next years plans. Icom: Hams to Japan 4Z1UG-Eric Guth, QSO Today Podcast Linux in the Hamshack = Cale Crashes Live Recording! Bob and Gordo on Ham Nation AREDN Katie Allen WY7YL Neil Rapp Ham Talk Live Don Wilbanks AE5DW AMSAT SignalStuff HT Whip antennas (hr360) to support Bruce, W1GQ DX and Contesting Ham Radio Media Creators CommsToGo PodcasterPro from K5ACC on Kickstarter (I'm #80 in line)       We hope you enjoy this final shot and appreciate you spending your time with us! 73 Y'all! K4CDN
May 21, 2017
Day 2 was another Great Day at Hamvention and we're going to bring it to you right here! Blenheim Ginger-Ale Linux In the Ham Shack Podcast CommsToGo Signal Stuff (HR360 coupon code) KF7IJZ Channel George Built it Powerfilm HamSci RSGB AREDN RIGOL Dealer Alpha Antenna VideosbyMike BioennoPower HamSource Radio-Relay Int'l Messaging RFinder/AndroidRadio Connect Systems Gordon West Ham Nation DVMega   Thanks for listening! 73 y'all    
May 20, 2017
Day one is officially in the books for Hamvention 2017. A new look with a familiar feel in an all new Venue...and it was really a good day! Vendors were swamped and so were we. The Workbench Project Boards are a Hit, and our booth was very busy all day long!  We hope you enjoy the interviews we snagged today during the show! We love the opportunity to see our listeners and friends face to face and today was AWESOME! Thanks for making today the best first day of Hamvention for the HR360 Team! A Special Thanks to all who participated with us, please give their links a peek! Total Mast Solutions Hobby PCB SatNOGS Vibroplex BridgeCom Systems Comms To Go NorthWest Digital Radio thank y'all for listening and sharing!  See Y'all tomorrow! 73, Cale/K4CDN
May 15, 2017
Yes, this week is #Hamvention; and Yes, it really is that big of a deal!  It's the Largest Ham Radio Event-Worldwide and we're gonna be there!  Unless you've been living under a rock, you are well aware of the yearly event in Ohio hosted by DARA and it's new venue!  The upcoming 2017 Hamvention will be held in Xenia Ohio this year at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center.  *Special Announcement: Hamvention Parking Hacks!!!! Talk-in and Info Bulletin Parking/Shuttle Service The fellas and I catch up (during a deluge in SC) on the ins and outs of our plans for Hamvention 2017.  What will the guys buy this year?  Who will we talk to and what does the future hold for HamRadio 360? And before you ask: yes we plan to release a daily re-cap podcast just like last year! Booth 6501-6502 (in the big tent) HR360/WB Forum: Room 2. 2:45pm Saturday! Hamvention 2017 Program (Food on pg. 19) Stuart (KB1HQS) Review of Packtenna Our Past Shows on Hamvention! Subscribe to the show Here We'll See Y'all There! 73, K4CDN
May 2, 2017
Julian, OH8STN, is just like most of us; he loved radios and electronic toys when he was a kid!  (Are you seeing a pattern here?)  While Julian isn't a kid anymore, he spends all of his free time 'playing radio' out in the Frigid North of Finland! Wanting to share his experiences and ideas for portable/emergency comms he set off to create content for the Amateur Radio Community.  Known around the globe as the Survival Tech Nord, Julian takes his viewers on all sorts of excursions where they can learn along with him. Licensed since 1999, SurvivalTech Nord (OH8STN) focuses on emergency Voice and Data field communications, sharing knowledge & ideas relevant to the modern survival minded comms communities. In addition to Youtube videos, Julian also Blogs about his success and failure in the differing situations he places himself in.  An devoted Android user; he is serving the Amateur Community in a real and transparent way. Wolphilink Digital Interface Yaesu 817 RaDAR Google+ Group ZS6BNE RaDAR Blogger Last week we crossed 500k Total Downloads!  Thank YOU!   Thank you for listening and supporting all things HamRadio 360! 73 Y'all Cale/K4CDN Episode 77     KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
April 18, 2017
It usually begins like this "Cale, when are you going to do a show on....?"  This time, it was Wayne (K4SPA) and he was again, asking me about doing a show on Winlink. I've too been wanting to learn more about Winlink since first trying my hand in it back in the Fall.  While I've had limited (NVIS) success, I'm far from a 'user' or even half-way proficient in the mode.  So I did what I do best;  I found someone to help me further understand it, and I bring you along to learn with me! Brett Smith (KE0EWY) is a Friend, Listener and Long-time Supporter of HR360.  He's also quite fond of Winlink and someone I consider an Elmer for me in that field.  I invited Brett to visit with us here to help you and I both learn more about Winlink, Winmor and RMS Express. This isn't a deep-dive into all things Winlink, but more of an Introduction to give us an idea of what it is, and what is necessary to get started with this really cool mode of communicating with our radios and computers.   Show Notes/Mentions Book of Knowledge Winlink on iOS? we're talking about that in the Facebook Group! Video Links What is Winlink RMS Express 101 RMS Peer to Peer (P2P) RMS Express Packet There are tons of Winlink/Winmor/RMS Express videos avail on Youtube--better get some Popcorn! CommsPrepper Survival Tech Nord (OH8STN) Thank You for listening! 73 Y'all!  K4CDN/Cale
April 4, 2017
In this, the 75th installment of Ham Radio 360 Podcast we talk Community. You hear me harp on community almost daily.  It's real to me, and I hope this program helps it continue to grow.  While there are tons of negatives in our hobby, I always stretch to find the high points.  One of those highs came to me a few months back.  A gracious listener charged me with finding a New Ham that needed some help getting started with quality equipment.  I assumed this would be an easy task with so many new hams flooding was a little tougher than I had imagined! It seems that most new hams are hitting the ground running and purchasing big items straight out of the gate.  That was until I met Josh Hunley, KD9GOT.  I won't spoil the story because I want you to listen to him tell it!  We surprise Josh with some really cool gear purchased by our Gracious Listener and supplied by! We carry on to the #KX2forCale!  Yes, I have an KX2 in the shack-sent over from Elecraft to demo this Spring as I begin to explore QRP/Adventure Radio (gonna be fun y'all!) Finally, i discuss the loss of my first friend/elmer to go SK.  Harold Kinley (WA4GIB) passed last week.  In my short time in the hobby this was the first 'Elmer' I've lost.  Harold was a great man, and the very epitome of the Community I hope to encourage in the Amateur Radio Hobby/Service. Harold's Website Harold's books on   73 K4CDN/Cale Nelson New Show: Modern Christian Men Podcast
March 21, 2017
A lifetime ham, now living in Efrat, Israel, Eric Guth (4Z1UG) wanted to give back to the hobby that had given so much to him through the years; so in July of 2014, Eric launched the QSO Today Podcast as a way to connect yesterday’s elmers with today’s amateur radio operators. The results have been spectacular! Join Eric and I as we chat Podcasting for Hams, Living as a Ham Radio Op in Israel, Allstar nodes and more in this 74th Episode of the Ham Radio 360 podcast! For more information on Eric's Podcast visit! Allstar Link Network IARC QSOToday on Twitter QSOToday on Facebook TDR6100 Press Release Thanks for listening and sharing! 73 Y'all Cale/K4CDN
March 7, 2017
A few weeks back, on our first APRS show Kenneth Finnegan (W6KWF) helped explain the APRS Protocol.  Since that time, we've asked for and received a number of listener questions.  In this episode of the Ham Radio 360 Podcast we delve into those questions to further understand this 'thing' called APRS! (4:00) Paths? What do they mean, and What do I use? 2. (28:00) My APRS won't show on when using my 5w HT? Why won't my APRS messaging work? RF Gate, I-Gate or both? 3rd Party Traffic Questions. SMSGTE Is APRS used on other bands? 30m Robust Packet Why does APRS only use the 144.390 frequency? 3. (49:00) How do I digipeat through the ISS? Can I use APRS to monitor my off-grid cabin conditions? What is the Next Generation of APRS-can it be like ADS-B? How is APRS developed?  Is it developed? What is the architecture of APRS-IS? What are the uses of APRS that aren't GPS tracking? Why do all APRS websites suck? Where's the documentation? Faraday RF, is it operational with APRS? 4. (1:13:00) APRS Etiquette, am I doing it right? Whats up with the 200+ symbols for things on the map? What is the Local Freq Initiative? Does it work? Object Beacons for the Local Freq Initiative? 5. (1:31:00) K4CDN-5 Digipeater/I-Gate. When to set-up an I-Gate/Digipeater? Hardware recommendations? How the K4CDN-5 digi changed APRS Show Links: Our First APRS Show with KWF ASTARS Satellite Connections Alinco DR-135TMKIII 2M Argent Data PNP TNC KWF on the Wildflower Triathlon @KWF on Twitter ARPS on Facebook APRS Symbol Chart APRX aprs Software KWF Thesis (pdf) Event Time Data Extension Texas Digital Radio Thanks for listening and contributing to show #73, we hope you enjoyed this episode! 73 Y'all! Cale/K4CDN
February 21, 2017
Recently a listener asked us to investigate the W.W.F.F. or Parks on the air.  I had some questions too, so off went an email to the UK which directed me back to Jason Johnston (W3AAX).  Jason came on the show to fill us in on the in's and out's of the Parks On The Air. 3,400+ National Parks, State Parks and more are available to activate or hunt in the US via WWFF/POTA.  Parks On The Air/WWFF is a World Wide Organization with an award system and more!  Interested in participating?  Visit the Parks On The Air site today! Links: Parks on the Air (KFF, WWFF in the USA): Global international site: Active Facebook Community: How to get started How to Register Rules and FAQ National KFF (USA) Awards International Global Awards RaDAR  Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio ZS6BNE Blog Zippy FlightMax 5000 Battery Bioenno Batteries Stick around following the interview to hear some feedback from you, our listeners! Thank you for listening and sharing Ham Radio 360! 73 Y'all Cale/K4CDN . . . mentions: Kenn Blanchard . Dave Jackson . Special Music by the Jellyrox (Hoop) . Podfest17 #PME17 . SurvivalTechNord  Miccoli the Sibling Band   KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
February 7, 2017
Austin Munger just wanted a C.B. Radio to give him an alternate means of communicating when out hunting or camping.  Little did he know that a random trip to HRO would turn into a full-bore hobby! When I began this podcast, it was for me, the 'new guy' and while both the show and I have grown; I still feel new-ish and love learning about someones first time experience.  Adventure radio is on my list for the upcoming Spring, and this Episode may be what pushes me up the hill! Not content with kerchunking repeaters, Austin set out to challenge himself with this new 'thing' he'd heard about called SOTA (Summits on the Air).  It didn't take to long to figure out he was a little unprepared, but a strong will goes far when determination sets in! Now a prolific Summit activator and chaser, Austin aka. dietsota on Instagram, spends his spare (and work) time playing in the SOTA activity log.  He's also gotten his new Bride the point of activating a Summit during their Honeymoon in Hawaii! SOTA SOTAwatch SOTA Spotting Elecraft KX2, KX3 and More! Packtenna Portable/Packable Antennae Yaesu FT-60 Yaesu FT-1XD SOTA Spotter (Droid) SOTA Finder (Droid) PocketSOTA (Droiod/iOS) from Pignology/N3WG SOTAGoat (iOS) Chameleon Antennas KX3Helper Antenna ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for listening! 73 Y'all! Cale/K4CDN Elecraft from FDIM KX2 Debut Show! Episode 3 (manpack/portable) Episode 6 (SOTA) Episode 14 (WG0AT) Episode 23 (Packtenna) SOTA/NPOTA (KB1HQS) Field Day with Elecraft APRS Questions? Visit this thread or shoot me an email KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
January 24, 2017
APRS; oh the questions you've raised!  It's been about 2+ years since I decided I wanted to give APRS a go.  I purchased a Mobilinkd TNC2 and set off.  It was only a day or so later that I determined there were No Digipeater/iGates in my county, and not too many outside those bounds. I was encouraged by some fellow hams that were too interested in APRS and we lightly began to try to understand the in and outs of the mode.  None of us had any experience in Packet and what we could find online was a mish-mash of opinions and outdated blogging.  Needless to say, I've quit APRS more than once since, only to be pulled back in when I reconsider it's utility. It wasn't until a fateful evening in November 2016 that I found someone that could help me to begin to understand the whats and hows of APRS.  Kenneth Fennegan, W6KWF ( @KWF ) found me lamenting my lack of APRS understanding via Twitter and offered a hand up!  That hand up turned into a phone conversation that in turn lead to another call that became this interview for the Ham Radio 360 audience! Many, many times I've been asked to address APRS on the show, and I've finally found a connection that can help explain the mode and equipment in an easy to digest format. Special Thanks to Kenneth for coming on and sharing his time and expertise on the subject!  Below you'll find the links we discussed! W6KWF Blog @KWF on Twitter YouTube Channel Kenneth Finnegan Thesis on APRS APRX Main Page APRS Mailing List Mobilinkd Bluetooth TNC2 _______________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for listening to Episode 70 (wow) and telling your friends about Ham Radio 360! 73 Y'all Cale/K4CDN Kenneth recently created an APRS Symbol Chart that will prove Very Handy!
January 10, 2017
Stuart Thomas, KB1HQS,  joined me back in February to chat about the NPOTA (National Parks on the Air) ARRL Event.  This time he's back to share with us an entire years worth of Portable Operation from NPOTA.  Hear Stuarts Lessons Learned, Funny Stories, Favorite Parks and more in this episode of Ham Radio 360. Additionally this event brought Stuart to the forefront of US Ham Portable Operations.  ARRL Calendar inserts, QST Reviews near viral tweets and more were just a taste of the fame the Tall One achieved this year! To learn more about the NPOTA event head over to the ARRL website.  Congratulations to everyone involved!  What an Amazing Event! .When you look around the net at the NPOTA activators photos, you may discover a very common theme: Elecraft KX3! Thanks Stuart for coming back on and for helping make NPOTA a success! 73 Y'all K4CDN KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
December 27, 2016
The annual Winter Field Day event is held the last full weekend of January (28-29 2017).  Much like it's Summer-time cousin, Winter Field Day (WFD) is focused on ham radio operations in less than ideal emergent conditions.  Emergencies happen everyday, and usually when the weather isn't cooperating!  WFD like the ARRL Field Day gives Amateur Radio Operators a chance to hone their skills in those challenging environments while enjoying the camaraderie of the hobby. Open to ALL Amateur Radio Operators around the Globe, WFD continues to see growth every year!  Tom Phelps, WD8MBE, and WFD Association looks forward to the event and encourages anyone with questions or comments to please visit their WFD website at . It doesn't have to be snowy in your neighborhood to participate, the key is to Get On The Air for Winter Field Day!  It's a World-Wide Event open to All Amateurs who wish to join in the fun! Winter Field Day Association (WFDA) is a dedicated group of Amateur Radio Operators who believe that emergency communications in a winter environment is just as important as the preparations and practice that is done each summer but with some additional unique operational concerns. Winter Field Day is January 28-29 2017.  For further inspirations we've linked some past WFD videos below.  I look forward to hearing you on the air for Winter Field Day! Erik, WX4ET, has posted some great shots from his WFD last year Here A Special Thanks to all participants on the WFD Facebook Group who sent links and photos!  join them at Winter Field Day Rules More Details and Links found on the WFD page! Thanks for listening 73 Y'all Cale/K4CDN     KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
December 13, 2016
*6/28/18    New AREDN Website: Ham Radio Mesh Networking has been one of those things that I've wanted to learn about.  After a quick peek around and a few questions asked, I stumbled into AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network). Join me as I learn about Mesh Networking over Ham Radio with Randy (WU2S) and Darryl (K5DLQ) in this latest installment of the Ham Radio 360 Podcast. We also announce the Winners of our Annual Christmas Prize Giveaway. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ *6/28/18    New AREDN Website: What is an AREDN Network? (video by K6AH) RF Path Planning Using Ubiquiti AirLink (video by K5DLQ) AREDN on Twitter @arednmesh Equipment links listed at the bottom of the page Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas! '73 Cale/K4CDN ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Equipment Links via amazon Ubiquity Nano-Loco Ubiquity NanoStations Ubiquity Airgrid Ubiquity Rocket Ubiquity Bullet Ubiquity Antennae *make sure you check the AREDN Matrix to determine compatibility ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Congratulations to our Contest Winners! KB2B22 KE0KTR KO4XL K9EMD KK6RHY KE0CSB K1KY KD8JAD  
November 29, 2016
What is N.V.I.S? I hear it all the time; but for whatever reason, like most, I have a hard time putting it to words.  So I found us someone that could explain the theory behind the propagation, and his name is Edison (Ed) Fong-WB6IQN. Ed helps lay out the theory of N.V.I.S in ways that even I can understand!  We discuss N.V.I.S and it's practical applications for everyday use as well as in an EMCOMM Situ. As we continue our antenna chat with Ed we begin to learn about his wildly popular J-Pole antennas.  From Dual-Band roll-ups to Tri-Band verticals, Ed and his students have been helping hams get on the air for years! You can find Eds' contact info here: Ed's Antennas You can purchase his antennae here: antennas_iqn Ebay Store Article from QST: ARRL /DBJ-1 John Miklor: Review To Learn More about N.V.I.S check into some of the following articles: Patricia Gibbons - WA6UBE WHAT IS NVIS? Wikipedia - Near Vertical Incidence Skywave DX Engineering - Practical Guide to Emer or Temp Comm (PDF) - NVIS Put up a low antenna KK7X0 - ARRL Link PDF Thanks for listening and supporting the show 73 Y'all Cale/K4CDN Shop Amazon and Support the Show! When You Click through our Amazon Affiliate Link, your pricing doesn't change-but Amazon pays me a small percentage for getting you there!  It all adds up and helps fund the program! Thank you! Bookmark this LINK
November 15, 2016
It's that time of year again!  With Black Friday in sight and our mailboxes full of catalogs, it's time to talk Ham Radio Shopping! George and Jeremy join us to discuss New(er) Ham Radio items you may be considering for your Shack this year. We cover the entire spectrum, from High-End HF rigs to SDR Dongles.  If you are looking to find that new rig for the upcoming years operating, this show is for you! Links to our previous Shopping Shows Episode #21 Episode #39   As mentioned in the show: Elecraft KX2 FDIM Interview Stuart KB1HQS Mr. NPOTA ELAD-Duo WOUXUN 2m/6m HT Wouxun Tri-Band HT Out of Stock Wouxun Dual Band HT CrossBand Repeat TYT MD-380 DV-Mega Single Band DV-Mega Dual Band Blue-Stack Micro Hotspot Board DV4Mini Alinco DMR HT DJ-MD40 RTL-SDR Dongle with Antennas AirSpy Mini & Spyverter SMA Adapter Cable Set ARRL Ham Radio Handbook 2017 ARRL Op Manual Anderson Crimper (Tool) Anderson Crimper (Sets) Packtenna In this season of Thanks; I want to, again, say Thank You for being a part of the show. 73 Y'all Cale/K4CDN
November 1, 2016
ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) seems to be a topic that keeps coming up in listener correspondences.  I had some ideas to share, but not being an active participant in the service, I knew I needed to get someone who was involved to help us define and understand it. Reaching all the way back to the beginning, I enlisted Cecil Higgins (AC0HA) who is now the ARES Section Manager for Missouri.  In Episode 1 we discussed the Joplin Tornado disaster and ARES response.  This time through, it's an Introduction to ARES. @ARES_ARES Following, we bring in John Jacobs (W7DBO) of Site Sponsor, CommsToGo:  Builders of Portable Power, Radio and Computing Systems, John and his Ham Radio Family manufacture some fine equipment!   Thanks for Listening! 73, Y'all K4CDN
October 18, 2016
I get asked all the time why Ham Radio and How-to Ham Radio.  In this program I go through the steps of jumping in the water.  One of the most popular pages on our site is the Start Here Page that has all the links mentioned here in the show (with a few more links and opinions too) Club Locator Test Locator KB6NU No Non-Sense Study Guides Ham Test Online Link to Recommended Study Materials You Passed! Congrats, Now Let's Go Shopping! Shopping Show #2 (give this a listen!) Shopping with the HR360 Affiliate Links Hand-Held Radio and Accessories Kit (Level1) Base/Mobile Radio and Accessories to get you on the air Kit (Level1) Got a Rig? Now Get On The Air! Kevin has some great videos about getting on the air! New Ham Radio Op Video Tutorial Ham Radio 360 History Lessons! Fo Time Becomes Ham Radio 360 Jeremy- KF7IJZ @KF7IJZ Episode 2 Field Day and Solar for Hams ARRL Field Day George-KJ6VU Sierra Radio Systems Repeater Controls & Packtenna Portable Antennas @kj6vu Episode 10 All About Repeaters Looking for more content? Check out our Links Page for other Ham Radio Content Outlets!   Thanks for Listening, 73 Y'all Cale/K4CDN Nerd Famous'er That's the inside front cover of the latest (now defunct) MCM Electronics Catalog.
October 4, 2016
In Episode 62 of Ham Radio 360, we learn more about the annual On-air Event known as Jamboree on the Air (JOTA), and the Up-coming K0D Special Event Station. Rick DeWeese, KJ4WHO, drops back in to refresh our memory on the upcoming JOTA.  Rick is a Ham, Scout-Master & fellow Podcaster!  He joined me on Episode 31 to discuss Ham Radio and Scouting in great depth. The 2016 Jamboree On The Air is scheduled for the 3rd weekend in October (14-16).  You can learn more about JOTA on the ARRL site. JOTA/JOTI During that same weekend, there is a Special Event Station scheduled in Houston, Texas. Camp Hope will be hosting their 5th Annual BBQ Weekend, and Local Amateur Bob Hawkins (KD5AT) will be spearheading the On-Air event K0D!  This year, the radio clubs from Texas U and Texas A&M will be on-site competing for the most contacts to help raise PTSD awareness. Listen on 20m and 40m to work the Special Event K0D and School Clubs N5XU & W5AC! K0D Special Event Site Camp Hope ARC FB Page Thanks, again, for listening! 73 Y'all Cale/K4CDN
September 20, 2016
In an effort to keep up to date with what the Big 3 are producing we've invited them on to tell us about what is happening in their camp.  In Episode 61, George (@kj6vu) catches up with Will from ICOM.   Following that, Gerald, (Kf5JNU) tells us about his trip to the GNURadio Conference he recently attended.  SDR, Satellite Ops and more were discussed-and we get a taste of the event from our Man Behind the Curtain!       Ham2mon RTL_power Iridium-toolkit rtf_power scanner/close call from Seek2 KD9EZO talk on geo sync sat OP25
September 6, 2016
I've often wondered about Ham Radio Satellite Operations.  I knew where to look and what to read, but I kept myself from it, because I wanted to learn about it with you here on the show!   I became acquainted with Andrew Glasbrenner KO4MA through our FB page, and watched from afar his dealings with Ham Radio Satellite Ops, and AMSAT.  Andrew and I began conversing about having him on the show, and what follows is what we were finally able to bring together!   In addition to his family duties, Andrew also serves the AMAST organization as the VP  Director of Operations.  Andrew grew up like most of us-with a 'Walkie-Talkie' in his hand and a desire to communicate via Radio with whomever he could! Eventually he got the ticket to get on the air, and has been active there since!  A big thanks to Andrew for coming on, I ask a load of questions and we cover it all here on Episode 60.  From Build, Launch and Contact-it's all about Amateur Radio Satellite Ops on HR360!     thanks for listening!   73 y'all! K4CDN   My 8 y/o son, Milam, has recently launched his very own podcast, you can find it below:
August 23, 2016
It seems everywhere we turn, there is a discussion on how to bring the youth into the Ham Radio Hobby.  We act as though young people all over the Earth are devoid of any desire to operate an Amateur Radio.  While there may be what some would consider a downturn in today's youths public participation in Ham Radio-the number of licensed Ham Radio Operators continues to climb. Don't fret y'all, Youngsters are still getting on the air! Sterling Coffey and I met at Hamvention 2016.  I recognized his call, N0SSC, from Twitter long before I knew his name.  We had a nice chat, and over the course of the weekend he came by the booth to drop in and say hello a few times. Upon returning home, I noticed on the every busy Twitter, that Sterling was taking a trip-a Ham Radio Excursion.  It appeared to be quite a surprise trip so I followed along.  It didn't take long to learn that he was headed to Austria to attend the YOTA Summit!  No little short green aliens here-this was the real deal-Sterling had just become an official ambassador of Amateur Radio!  In this episode of Ham Radio 360 Sterling shares about himself, his trip, and the bright future of Youth in Ham Radio! Sterling's Blog Sterling's YouTube Channel Twitter   @N0SSC YOTA YASME NCDXF   Congrats to Skyler Fennell KD0WHB 2016's Amateur Radio Newsline's Young Ham of the Year! Find more at the Facebook Group-Ham Radio for Kids of All Ages   As always, Thanks for listening-73 Y'all K4CDN
August 9, 2016
I've long wanted to do a show featuring the 1.25 Meter band (220MHz).  Ron and Tim from Bridgecom stop in to tell us about what is happening in their world and prime us for a conversation with others about using the 220 band in the real world.  Is it the forgotten band?  Is it under-utilized? Let's talk about it! Link to Bridgecom Youtube Videos   (40:00) Brian, K5IN, from Olympia, Washington is our next guest.  Brian is die-hard 220 user, and multi-site repeater owner.  He tells us how 220 is used in his area for a linked repeater system that runs from one end of the state to the other. W7WRG is the call of the Repeater Group.     (58:00) Kent, KL5T, From Anchorage Alaska is up next to fill in the blanks regarding 220 and Packet along with how his local club KL7AA utilizes the band! Make sure to visit the club's site   iOS App Now Available!   Thanks for Listening, Sharing and Supporting the Show! 73 Y'all   K4CDN
July 26, 2016
One of my Favorite Ham Radio Podcast's is Linux in the Ham Shack!  Not that I'm a Linux guy-but I like to be challenged-entertained and taught.  That's what I get each time I tune into the LHS Podcast-I laugh, I scratch my head and usually walk away with something new! *insert missing Picture of Russ and Cale from Dayton* Russ (@K5TUX) and I caught up with one another at Dayton, and decided then-the time had come for a LHS/HR360 show.  Little did he know just how little I know about Linux-even after listening to his show all this time! Linux is an Amazing Free Tool for Ham Radio Hobbyist to utilize in their shack-aided by the advent of the Micro-Computer (ex: Raspberry Pi) it seems to be popping up everywhere!  Even on some of my old machines. Like the Pros they are, Russ and Bill are ever-patient with my questions throughout the show! Debian HamRadio Pure Blend is a great place to start if your looking to get started with Linux in your shack! Cheryl and Bill (@NE4RD) are also in the Mix to help me get a better understanding on all things Linux-and even to help whip up a quick Summertime Dessert! We had a great time on and off 'the air' and I hope you enjoy the show! Make sure you give Linux in the Hamshack Podcast a Listen!       Didja See George's latest KX2 video?   I appreciate everyone of you-Thanks so much for listening!   73 Y'all!   K4CDN
July 12, 2016
Field Day 2016 is in the books and we're back with a follow-up show detailing our experiences from the event. We also have a one on one with Wayne (N6KR) of Elecraft to get even more detailed information on the KX2-from the inside out! Additionally, we have a Listener Call-in from Singapore regarding the Workbench Podcast and toss in some bloopers at the end to wind things up. 73 y'all   Cale/K4CDN     KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
June 28, 2016
Ham Radio at the Bay Area Maker Faire:  The Bay-Net Group has attended the last 4 years in hopes of spurring interest in the Hobby with the attendees of the Maker Faire and it appears to be working!  George, David and Beric fill in the blanks for those of us not able to attend. Raspberry Pi, SDR, APRS and Micro Controllers; it was all about Hands on Ham Radio!  A yearly event of Ham Radio Outreach that can be used as a model for all of us as we look for more ways to share our hobby with those yet to come in! In addition to Maker Faire, George also takes us into the IEEE Int'l Microwave Symposium forums with a recording detailing how University Professors are using Ham Radio in the classroom. Forum Presentations Linked Here I also announce the Brand Spanking New Workbench Podcast with George and Jeremy! the Workbench -New Show to release Next Week to compliment our Bi-Weekly show!  That's right, a Weekly Dose of HR360 is on the way! Stay Tuned.....   13 Colonies Special Event happens this Weekend! thanks for listening! 73 Y'all! K4CDN
June 14, 2016
Field Day 2016 is upon us! Every year Amateurs from all over These United States and Canada spend the 4th weekend of June operating their radios in an effort to hone the craft! Sean, KX9X, Media and Public Relations Manager for the ARRL comes by to share the Leagues Perspective of the event as well as some tips and tricks to make this Field Day one to remember. Following Sean; Jeremy and George come in to discuss the plans they are making for FD2016!  Jeremy has a secret, George is planning on playing with Bay-Net and I will be operating with my local club as well. @ARRL_PR on Twitter ARRL Field Day Home page ARRL Field Day Locator Bay-Net FD2014 KF7IJZ FD2014 *yep, in the intro-I said it wrong, it's the American Radio Relay League (not amateur).  I'm sure it has noting to do with my dyslexia* your transparent host Cale KX2 News: Nick, N3WG, a former guest on the show, and friend from the Bay-Net Group recently posted a Pignology update for all you KX2 Owners: Find it Here on Youtube Don't Miss It: Make Sure You Listen all they way to the end, and then some!  We feature Adam Curry, the Podfather, and his No Agenda Podcast #831 speaking about the upcoming Field Day.   Podcast Featured: This week Dave Jackson, my Podcast Mentor, from the School of Podcasting shared my story of you (the listener) sending me to Dayton Hamvention!  You can find the show Here! KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
May 31, 2016
I've owned a DMR radio for about 6 months now.  I've not made one contact with it!  I even loaned it to a friend to see if he could unlock the magic, no dice. While at Dayton, I met Rick Zach K1RJZ at the DMR-MARC booth early one morning and began asking questions about DMR.  I soon knew that I needed to have Rick on the show to help demystify this new-fangled radio technology and help get me on the air! DMR or Digital Mobile Radio is one of the hottest things happening in the Ham Radio Hobby right now.  Commercial success of the mode has driven down the prices and made it accessible to the Amateur Radio hobbyist.  Join us to learn how this exciting mode is quickly becoming a game changer! DMR-MARC is an all volunteer organization that has been tasked with keeping DMR in order for the community.  If you are interested in getting on the air with DMR, DMR-MARC should be one of your first stops! “  Rick, K1RJZ got back to us with a mispronunciation that he’d like to correct.  The multi format DMR networking platform is pronounced BRANDmiester and not BANDmiester.  He knew the correct name, but it just  needs a correction “   Notes from Jeremy: Tytera MD-380 Hacking: . Things I wish I had known when programming the MD-380 This is a good primer to terms and concepts: . The radio has 16 "channels" but a LOT of Zones.  a Zone is a collection of channels. . Every Channel can have a scan list and a RX list.  The Scan List is a list of channels that can be scanned if you tell the radio to scan while on that channel - useful if you want to scan both timeslots of the same repeater, for instance. . RXLists are lists of all of the talkgroups associated with a timeslot on the repeater.  For instance, for my local K8BIG, I have two RXLists - KABIG-TS1 and K8BIG-TS2.  All groups that appear on Time Slot 1 are in TS1 and same for TS2. . Worldwide, Worldwide English, and North America aren't for rag chewing - think of these as calling channels.  Once contact is made, you can take your conversation over to one of the "tactical" talkgroups such as TAC-310 or TAC-311 (depending on whether or not your repeater has these talkgroups).  These talkgroups are only active when someone calls for them via Push to Talk.   Thanks for listening! 73 Y'all K4CDN
May 22, 2016
Whew!  What'a Weekend!!!!  Many, many thanks to you for getting us to #Hamvention 2016! After a night of less than 1.5 hours sleep, our 2nd day at Hamvention was a Whirlwind!  A great number of listeners stopped by and George sold a load of his Packtenna Minis! We close out our weekend together with a round-up chat and then it's onto the Interview Segments.  I hope you enjoy these shows as we strive to help you 'hear' what you missed!   Links as mentioned in the show: Airspy - Airspy Mini SDR KB1HQS -NPOTA Activator (Tallest man at Hamvention) Connect Systems - CSI/DMR Vibroplex - CW Keys and more Linux in the Hamshack - Russ-K5TUX (I love this show!) Expert Electronics - SDR MB1 Transceiver Apache Labs - ANAN SDR Wireless Holdings  - DV4Mini Bridgecom Systems - 220 Repeaters/HT/Mobile iPortable - Portable Rack Mount Systems Yaesu - FT891 (is NOT a 857 replacement!) TAPR - Steve Bible Thanks for listening to our adventures!
May 21, 2016
#hv2016live If someone would have told me 12 months ago that I'd be in Dayton right now, I would have laughed them off the radio! But, here I am, and boy what a day it has been.  I entered the Ball Arena around 10am and the WOW kicked in!  I have to admit I haven't see much of the show at all!  I did, though, meet a TON of folks who knew me and were excited about the show.  Did I mention I finally got to meet my Co-host of the program for the very first time?   We have compiled a ton of interviews ans such for your listening pleasure!   Links from Vendors in this show: N7PUG- Wealthsteading Podcast Main Trading Begali Keys-CW Keys and Paddles ICOM America- IC7300 BHI Noise Cancelling - Here Pro-Audio Engineering - KX3 Heatsink Gordon West WB6NOA Alex Loop Antennas WG0AT Steve DV-Mega D-Star/DMR QuickSilver Radio - Hammo Can ten-tec - Here HamSource - Ham Parts/accessories Bioenno Power - Lightweight Batteries
May 19, 2016
Here's our first Dayton Hamvention update! This morning (5-19-16) Eric (WA6HHQ) kicked off the  FDIM (Four Days in May) with the Keynote address and the official introduction of the New Elecraft KX2. Immediately following the presentation, Eric sat down with our very own George (KJ6VU) to give the HR360 audience a first peek into the KX2.     In addition to the Elecraft KX2 Intro, George also was able to get some information about the Elecraft K-Pod!  Following that is a recording of this mornings FDIM Keynote from Eric (WA6HHQ). A big Thank You to Eric (WA6HHQ) and Elecraft for keeping the Ham Radio Hobby exciting!   73 Y'all K4CDN Make sure to follow us on Twitter for all the Breaking News Updates along with cool stuff we find along the way!   @hamradio360 @KF7IJZ @KJ6VU See us in Dayton at BA406
May 17, 2016
Ham Radio: All Roads Lead to Dayton. Episode 52.  In just 3 days I will attend my first ever #Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio.  The Godfather of all Hamfest is said to be the 'one every ham must attend as least once'.  Now I'm going, and it's all thanks to you! What literally seemed like a Futuristic Pipe-Dream is fulfilling itself right before my eyes.  I can't say thank you enough for your generosity and support.  Additionally, we have sponsors that help keep this show going month after month.  In this show, we'll talk to them and learn what they are planning for their Dayton Experience this year.  We'll also announce a new sponsor, that you'll be familiar with for sure!   Packtenna, a George (KJ6VU) and Nick (N3WG) creation keeps getting better-and smaller!  The Brand-New Packtenna 'Mini' is available now online and at Hamvention.  George is up first to tell us about the 'Mini' and it's why a Portable-Operator needs one!  Packtenna is the Dayton Hamvention Booth Sponsor for the Ham Radio 360 Podcast.  Booth BA406. *George presented Portable Antennas at Hamvention-here is his slide presentation   Of course, I'll be there-with Jeremy (KF7IJZ) and George (KJ6VU) in Booth BA406!  I look forward to meeting you all!  Make sure to stop by and say hello, bring your friends by too!  It should be an unforgettable weekend and I'm excited to share it with you!  We'll be breaking news with our Twitter Feeds, and depending on our connection-Using the Live-Streaming app 'Perisocpe' to share with you what we see happening!  Thanks again for giving me this opportunity to attend!   Supporting Partners:   Please Remember to Share the show! 73 Y'all!   K4CDN
May 3, 2016
Ham Radio 360: SDR (Software Defined Radio) My Buddies Jeremy (KF7IJZ) and Gerald (KF5JNU) are back together and this time they're taking us into the waters of SDR (Software Defined Radio) for the Amateur Radio Operator. SDR Radio is loved by some, yet misunderstood by most!  Like anything new, folks tend to steer clear thinking it's too complex or expensive.  In this show, Jeremy and Gerald break it down into digestible chunks that even Cale can understand!  From the $20 RTL-SDR Dongle as shown above, to the top of the line transceiver-the guys cover it ALL!   Geralds 'go to' SDR is the Airspy, and countless options are available for the hobbyist at differing levels of complexity and cost.  Listen in and determine where you'd like to get started in SDR! The ANAN  100B HF+6 Transceiver by Apache Labs is not just a listening device, it also is a Full-Power HF Transceiver! I really appreciate Jeremy and Gerald coming by and priming the SDR Pump, this has been a great launch for an Intensive Study on SDR! Stay Tuned Folks, we'll be following this rabbit hole all the way to the bottom!   Make sure to check out the links below!   73 Y'all (See you in Dayton!) K4CDN   GREAT Source for News and Information Hardware - Receivers RTL-SDR: Nooelec: SDR Play: Air Spy: HackRF One: GREAT discussion of the differences between SDRPlay, Airspy, and HackRF: Hardware - HF Radios Elad: Apache-Labs: Flex Radio: Icom IC-7300: Elecraft KX3: Software SDR#: SDR-Console: GQRX: Big List of Software: Cool Things To Do Track Airplanes using ADS-B: Cheap Digital Scanner: APRS: D-Star: TAPR:
April 19, 2016
Fo Time Podcast is now Ham Radio 360.  As fun as the name was (at first), I found myself always trying to explain what it meant.  Additionally, I felt it also worked to limit our potential audience.  In a long overdue move, we've re-branded the show to Ham Radio 360. Ham Radio is  a Fun Hobby!  In an effort to keep it Fun, we decided to do the 50th episode Live and with a Live Video Stream!  You'll quickly see why we do the show with Audio Only!  Live Radio/Video is always unpredictable and this show lived up to its' billing! Big Thanks to all of those who participated in the Reveal!  A great show of support was delivered and it was a ton of fun!  George also announced the winners of the Packtenna Mini Giveaways! Congrats to: 1.   KF6EFG John McGrath 2.  KE0HRB Todd Solomon 3.  KD4VA Kenneth Dahl Ham Radio 360 is Fo Time re-branded.  Same Great Content-Same Great Guest-Same Ham Radio Fun!  Your Podcast Player feed should auto-update with to new name.   Remember to pass along the link to the new show! 73 Y'all!! Cale/K4CDN the first 90 min of the program are shown above, and provided to me via #Blab.  Luckily I was recording with the mini-recorder.  So about 90 min into the show, the sound quality dips a bit-Sorry, I didn't anticipate that.  It's Live!
April 5, 2016
Ham Radio: 10 Meters, Ten-Ten International Net with Keith, KR7RK   Like many of his contemporaries, Ketih Schlottman  was drawn to the Amateur Radio Hobby though Shortwave and CB Radios.  After obtaining his licenses Keith became active on HF and soon became a member of the 10-10 International Net.   Keith has served as the groups treasurer since 1994.   I have personally enjoyed operating 10 meters, and always wondered what the 10-10 International Net was.  Keith fills in all the blanks for us in Episode 49!  Listen in to learn what 10-10 is, why it exist, and how you too can participate! 10 meters is an equal opportunity band (28.0-29.7 MHz)!  From the newest rigs to an older Radio Shack mono-band; when 10m is Open-anyone can work it with most anything (wet noodles to modified CB antennas)!  *Technicians have voice privileges in the 10m band, and with Summer coming-now is the time to get ready for some 10m fun! Links: A few other good resources for propagation, etc: Propnet 10 meter beacon list PSK Reporter 10 meter repeater list     Thanks for listening and participating with us!  Remember to Like, Share, and Re-Tweet!   73 Y'all Cale/K4CDN
March 22, 2016
Ham Radio: Dayton Hamvention 2016   In a near Earth-Shattering turn of events, the way has been made for Cale to attend the Dayton Hamvention.  Now he needs your help in funding the trip (click photo below for more info).   Hamvention happens every year in May, in Dayton OH, and this year it begins on May 20th. Dayton Hamvention is THE Ham Radio Event in the US.  This time through we discuss the Hamvention, what to expect and how to prepare yourself and your wallet!  Veteran show attendees George and Jeremy help walk us through what you can do to have a great Hamvention experience!   Dayton Hamvention, May 20-22, 2016   Thanks for listening and sharing! 73 Y'all! Cale/K4CDN   There's George in 2012 (Micro-Controller)      
March 8, 2016
Ham Radio: Everything Scanners with Jeremy (KF7IJZ) and Kevin (K5KVN) Jeremy and Kevin get together to fill us all in about Scanners and Scanner Listening!  As he eluded to in Episode 40 Kevin is a Scanner-fanatic!  As a matter of fact, it was Scanner Listening that led him into Ham Radio! Scanning has changed through the years, but the longing to be 'in the know' keeps many of us intrigued and the Utility of owning a Scanner is addressed in this show. the RTL-SDR Blog SDR Receiver is the best deal going! It doesn't have to cost a fortune or take a degree to get yourself listening to what's going on around you! RTL_SDR Blog Radio Reference Website Broadcastify Scanner Listening Scanner Radio App (what I use on my Droid) Mobile/Handheld Scanners Base Station Scanners SDR/ADSB listening Thanks for Listening!  73 Y'all! Cale K4CDN   Remember to comment below-we'd like to connect with you! Retweet, Like and Share as well! Need More? ScannerMaster:  
February 23, 2016
Ham Radio: National Parks On The Air/SOTA with KB1HQS Stuart Thomas, KB1HQS, grew up a Ham's kid and decided he wanted to be a part of his dads hobby not too long ago.  An avid outdoors-man, Stuart enjoys hiking and portable operations.  He mixes those two with his NPOTA and SOTA activation's.   In this show, Stuart tells us all about the Ins and Outs of NPOTA! From the ARRL Website: Throughout 2016, Amateur Radio will be helping the National Park Service celebrate their 100th anniversary. Hams from across the country will activate NPS units, promote the National Park Service and showcase Amateur Radio to the public. Links: Main ARRL NPOTA Page: NPOTA Rules: Leader Board, Site Lookup, Site Registration: SOTA/NPOTA Overlays: My Personal NPOTA Page: My NPOTA YouTube Videos:  73 Y'all!   K4CDN KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
February 10, 2016
Ham Radio-Breaking Hobby Stereotypes with KD2GTM!   In her first ever podcast appearance, Sara Tibbetts stops by to chat about Ham Radio and Today's Youth.  Sara is currently an Electrical Engineering Student at RIT and an Active Ham Radio Op! Intrigued by her fellow students Ham Radio's, Sara decided to give it a go and got her ticket!  Little did she know that the DX bug bites quick and often.  Not one to let her operating position hold her back-Sara actively chases DX from her Apartment Building! Continuing to work to break the mold; Sara now V-logs (video blogging) about her experiences as a New Ham.  Her YouTube Channel can be found Here! Sara also serves as VP with her School's Radio Club K2GXT . K2GXT on Facebook She also participates with RARA : the Rochester Amateur Radio Association in NY. 73 Y'all! K4CDN
January 26, 2016
Ham Radio and Business Travel with  John, N7PUG. (Apartment Dweller Hints too!) Contest Winners Mentioned in the Show! John Pugliano, N7PUG, is a Licensed Amateur and Frequent Business Traveler (a great podcaster too!).  Not one to waste his evenings away from home in the hotel bar, John takes along his HF gear to provide entertainment and make contacts! In this program we discuss what to take and how to pack it for travel.  Best operating practices, positions, even rental car ops are discussed.  We also touch on the subject of operating while residing in an apartment building.   Even if you never travel, don't discount the information presented in this show!  There are many tips and tricks we can all learn from John's experiences.   Super Antenna Coil and Products MFJ 902-b Tuner Sierra Radio Systems KF7IJZ on Youtube Also make sure you check out John's Podcast 'Wealthsteading'! WINTER FIELD DAY!!! January 30-31 2016 make plans to participate now!   We'll be back next time-73 Y'all! K4CDN
January 12, 2016
Ham Radio Micro-controllers & Linux *Listener Review of this show added to bottom of page A long time coming; Jeremy and George gather this time through to discuss Micro-Controllers and Linux for the Ham Radio Operator! Cale is away, so you know it's gonna be a good show with the guys!  Listen in as they describe all the different types of Micro-Controllers, Software and Hardware, Things to avoid and how to get the most from the Makers 'best friend'! Arduino: Raspberry PI: Sierra Radio Systems: "Sierra Radio Hamstack Project Gallery" Adruino: K3NG Ultimate CW Keyer - (He also has a CW Beacon controller, rotator controller, etc) KK5JY Controller to remotely or automatically tune a mag loop antenna ala AlexLoop, etc - Antenna Analyzers w/ Arduino and cheap DDS boards from K6BEZ -, or from Jim Harvey: Low powered digital mode using SI chip: Hamshield for Arduino: Using Arduino / Raspberry PI in High Altitude Balloons and Model Rocketry - SBC Linux ala Raspberry Pi Remote kit running FLDigi for portable digital ops - Host for Digital Hotspot (DVAP, DVMega, DV4Mini, DVRPTRv1,MoenComm, etc -, ,, APRS Software - YAAC - and Xastir TNC for your PI - OpenRepeater Controller - PC Repeater Controller - Jonathan Naylor - ADSB Flight Tracking - Raspberry PI SDR - Other Project - G0HWC - Make Magazine:            Linux in the Ham Shack Podcast: Python Training Video:   Participate in Winter Field Day!    January 30-31 WFD: WebsiteFacebook: WFD FB Group Thanks for Listening Y'all! Title: Episode 43 is tremendous! Reviewer name: cb_abq Country: USA Date: January 13, 2016 Rating: Comment: Well done gentlemen! That is the most information delivered about microcontroller and embedded Linux systems related to ham radio, and other applications, that I have heard in any podcast, ever. This is great information to enable anyone, whether an EE, or just an interested consumer to build a project based on either of these closely related technologies. KJ6VU and KF7IJZ are really well informed and articulate on all things ham. Fantastic!
December 29, 2015
Happy New Year! Welcome in to our New Years Show!  (and thanks to our wives for giving us some time off during this busy season!) Enjoy quite a Mashup of Differing Voices in this one-Thanks to Everyone for Dropping By!  We even get interrupted by a Tornado Warning! FLDigi Tutorial Video: Big Year Ahead for the Show in 2016...thanks for listening!   73 Y'all Cale/K4CDN  
December 15, 2015
Ham Radio: CW for the Newbie!  with Justin, KI4WFJ.     In a Fo Time First, we have a 'Studio' Guest.  My Friend and Neighbor, Justin Hornby KI4WJF, came down to chat with us about Learning CW and getting your code on the air!   Justin has been licensed for a while now, and over the course of time had an on and off relationship with Morse Code...until Now!  Justin got serious and finally took the bull by the horns.  He shares with us his secrets to learning the Code and how he makes use of it as he continues to enjoy the hobby! Make sure you check out his show notes below! From Justin: free browser based teaching tool; uses Koch method and has plain text training; I use this now to practice on lunch at work or whenever I want to practice without a radio. free week long trial but normally $9.99 a month;  this is what I used to really get through learning the characters and practicing; I highly recommend. what sets SKCC apart is it's membership is free.  Members are friendly and they have monthly scheduled activities that give a reason to get on and practice. Have morse elmer program for practice buddies and the sked page helps find contacts. North America QRP CW Club; I also have joined the NAQCC and play in their contests and activities as well.  Another friendly free club/group that has a lot of participation.  Contests are laid back and fun; a great way to practice and improve your speed once on the air. My kit radio: Check Ebay or junk boxes at hamfests for straight keys--try to get one that is fully adjustable--bearings,spring force,gap; it makes all the difference in the 'feel' of the key; I use this one: The capacitive touch paddles I have I use sometimes is model P6: A practice sidetone oscillator helps to get timing and feel for sending-just practice imitating sending good code you have listened to.; many radios can be setup to create the sidetone w/o transmitting for practicing; the IC-718 can do this The ARRL W1AW practice transmissions are a good way to get used to listening to morse over the radio and practice decoding before jumping in making QSOs.  There's a big change between listening to practice code on the computer and dealing with QRM and QSB!!  Also, all the files, text and mp3 are available on the website so you can listen, decode, and check your work w/o having to stick to the broadcast schedule or have a radio handy. 73, K4CDN
December 1, 2015
Ham Radio Satire? (thanks George!) Congrats to our Ep. 39 Turkeys  Winners! K2AND KG6NFJ AK0W N1IVY KC0ZRW N0RUG The Noise Blankers, Ham Radio's favorite satirical bunch are here to make us grin in Episode 40!   Two of the Noise Blankers, Kevin (K5KVN) and Andy (K5PO) drop in to chat about getting into the hobby, what makes them tick, and how they are more than a Club-They are a Radio Support Group! Our Mission Statement: Do radio stuff. Have fun doing it. Show people just how fun it is. Professional Communicators by Day and Ham Radio Satirical Monsters by Night (and whenever they meet and eat at the Golden Corral) These fellas give us an excuse to crack a smile and laugh at ourselves! It's not all about poking fun though, these guys are All-In for growing and promoting the hobby of Amateur Radio! Enjoy the Show and make sure to check out their sites! @W5RP   Thanks For Listening!, 73 Yall, K4CDN
November 17, 2015
Ham Radio Shopping List Welcome to the Other Ham Radio Podcast!  With Christmas in sight and Black Friday rapidly approaching, Fo Time brings you another Shopping List Show for the Amateur Radio Operator! George and Jeremy drop by to help sift through the chaff as we explore what and why to buy this year!  From HF rigs to Station Accessories we cover it all! Gifts under $100 ARRL handbook and CD ROM 49.95 Ham Radio Deluxe software99.95 Soldering station - Hakko FX888D or Weller WESD51 Hand tools - wire cutters, needle nose pliers, screwdrivers Digital multi-meter Raspberry PI 2 Model B 39.95 Raspberry PI Starter Pack 59.95 Membership in the ARRL & QST magazine subscription $39 CQ magazine subscription    $37 100' RG-8X or RG-213 coax $120 Bag of coax connectors - PL-259, RG8X and RG58 sleeves, N Bag of adapters - UHF to BNC to N  
November 3, 2015
Ham Radio-Listening to the Spectrum. A few months ago, Jeremy (KF7IJZ) and I were texting back and forth on show ideas.  He suggested we do a Radio Spectrum Show.  In Episode 38, that is exactly what we begin to do! Some newer hams may not be aware of what is out there to listen to.  Some may not know why they should or even how to listen to 'it'. There are receivers for everything.  Some are low-cost like the RTL-SDR dongle. Others are simple SWL Radios.  There are also specialized receivers for certain parts of the spectrum (ex: Police/Fire Scanners). While we try to cover it all, we also try to keep from getting bogged down too often (there is a lot to cover).  This is the Overview Program,  we have plans to bring you specific Band and Gear shows in the very near future! Thanks for listening! Beverage Antennas Numbers Station in Ukraine Addendum:  Freudian Slip..."Low-F'ers" not sure what happend there but my apologies to the Low-fers (loafers) at  and, like you I've been laughing since I heard it. *insert embarrassed emoji*
October 20, 2015
Almost Every New Ham in the US, it seems, begins their jump into the hobby with the Low-Cost Chinese handi-talkie (HT).  In many cases they soon find themselves looking for a more user-friendly option.  What features do they look for? What's important-what's not? Ed Bradshaw, W4EDF, has some well thought out opinions on the subject and shares them with us in Episode 37. You may remember mentions of Ed throughout our programs over the first season.  Well, it's Season 2 and here he is.  Like most of us new guys, Ed's working it all out for his specific end goals-with the obligatory stumbling blocks provided by the Game of Life. This show was not an attempt to disregard the intro-level HT, but a means to help those along looking for an Upgrade.  We all like new toys, right?  After listening to Episode 36, Ed determined it was time to delve into DStar and purchased himself the ICOM I-51a Plus (shown above). From battery chemistry and charging circuits, to display size and memory banks-we discuss the ins and outs of the higher end Handi-Talkies.  We touch on most current models and try to highlight their commonalities and differences. Not all HT's are created equal, and if you've been licensed for any length of time, you pretty much know that.  Some new operators may need some help wading through the morass of spec's and that's the purpose of this show!     As Mentioned: Linux in the HamShack Podcast Episode 36-DStar ARRL QST Magazine KF7IJZ You Tube Channel The ID-51A Plus uses 2.5A while transmitting 5W. The charger is rated at 2A.  That is the reason you don't want to use it for anything but charging.  You would probably be OK on lower power but it's best to have a dedicated power source. Icom says that you can use the car charger for operation but the manual states: "NOTE: Up to 5 W (approximately) of maximum out-put power is possible when using external DC power. However, when the supply voltage exceeds 14 V, the built-in protection circuit activates to reduce the transmit output power to approximately 2.5 W." So, as always, check your manual before using your charger during transmit.   Thanks for listening, sharing, subscribing, reviewing and supporting! 73 Y'all K4CDN
October 6, 2015
Ham Radio: Digital Radio-DStar and more! Jeremy (KF7IJZ) and George (KJ6VU) hold down the fort while Cale is away.  This DStar-Digital Radio program is something we've been discussing for what seems like forever.  It took me handing over the reigns to finally make it happen! The guys spend some time breaking it all down for all to understand.  If you are interested or know someone who is interested in DStar, this is the show you need to hear! It's a longer show than we normally do, but stick around-there's a lot to learn! DStar The Four Call Signs; DStar Info: DStar Registration Information: DStar Reflectors: D-Rats Software: Raspberry PI DStar Node/HotSpot/DVAP Image Download Links: DVMega Boards; DVAP Information: DVDongle: DVRPTR1: Yahoo Groups for DStar Hotspots and Software:   Thanks for Listening and Sharing- 73, Y'all! K4CDN
September 30, 2015
Happy International Podcast Day from the Other Ham Radio Podcast! Wow, talk about lemons to lemonade!  My Grandiose Plan was brought to nil when the PC crashed the day before we celebrate International #Podcastday . So, I did what any good host would do....I pressed Record anyways! In this Special Edition show we chat with Richard Lenoir of Main Trading Company!  Richard gives us the history of Main Trading Company as well as some KILLER DEALS on 3 Big Sale items! With my PC dead the Skype audio was a no-go, so please forgive the phone bridge feed!  in spite of the hiccups I hope you enjoy the show and have a Happy International Podcast day! Thanks for listening and sharing! 73 y'all! K4CDN
September 22, 2015
Episode 35, Ham Radio QSL'ing and Logging.  George (KJ6VU) and Nick (N3WG) join me as we continue our series of "Making DX Work".   In this installment we discuss all things QSL'ing and Logging your contacts. Do you need QSL cards?  What Software should you use?  Is there an App for that?   We answer those questions and more in Episode 35! Electronic QSL'ing and Logging?  Yep, folks are there.  Here are some show links: Pignology Sierra Radio Systems N3FJP HRD Log4OM N1MM eQSL   Thanks for Listening!  Remember to Share with your friends and review where you listen/subscribe!   73, Cale/K4CDN
September 8, 2015
Episode 34: DX-peditions with Marty Woll, N6VI (Vice-Director, ARRL Southwestern Division) featuring guest host Jeremy, KF7IJZ!  Marty joins Jeremy to share with us the experiences of his many DX-peditions! Marty, N6VI, has been a traveling ambassador for Ham Radio for years!  Give a listen to learn the tricks and tips for anyone thinking of trying their hand with a DX-pedition! Jeremy, KF7IJZ, takes the hosting duties in Episode 34, with Outstanding Results!  Don't miss this show, Tons of Information and Education packed in here! A Big Thank-You to Marty and Jeremy for bringing us this program! NG3K DX-pedition Listings DX Thanks for Listening, Sharing, Reviewing and Liking our program! Don't forget the Voicemail button on the right sidebar if you have a comment or question! Cale on Prepper Recon Podcast 73 y'all K4CDN
August 25, 2015
Ham Radio Contesting!  Building on our last conversation with Bruce Jewett, W1GQ, we delve into Contesting in the Amateur Radio bands! Contesting is a Viable aspect of the Hobby, and it's Bruce's favorite part of Ham Radio!  Sit back and enjoy the ride as W1GQ schools us on the tips and tricks of successful Contesting on HF! ARRL Contesting found here "Nothing but Fun!"  Contesting is open to everyone, and not something you should pass off.  No matter the size of your station, give contesting a try!as mentioned: K3LR W3LPL Morse Runner N1NM Software  
August 11, 2015
DX, what is it? ....Working the Distant Station (DX).  DX Tips, Tricks, Tools, Awards and more are discussed in this installment.  If you've ever wanted to know more about chasing and working DX, this is your chance to learn from one of the best! We all start somewhere; the bug bites-and it's on!  Bruce Jewett got the bug as a kid when he was invited in to see his neighbors shack, Don Wallace, W6AM (sk).  He's never been the same. From his humble beginnings as a teen with a low-slung wire and a key, Bruce has been in love with DX'ing and CW.  Join us as Bruce shares the in's and out's of DX'ing and how this Award-Winning Contester get's it done! Mentioned in the show: ARRL DXCC Award DX Summit Cluster DX Watch Cluster Learn Morse Code SKCC W6AM Don Wallace Documentary Thanks for listening,  downloading, commenting,  and sharing! 73 Y'all K4CDN
July 28, 2015
Episode 31: Ham Radio & Scouting Rick DeWeese (KJ4WHO) is more than a Scout Master .  He's also an Amateur Radio Operator and a Podcaster from Upstate South Carolina.  Rick and I 'met' on Facebook not long after Fo Time went live.  We've kicked the idea of getting together for a show for almost a year now...and here it is. His Troop, known as the "Amateur Radio Troop" is led by Rick and his assistant, who is also a Ham.  Join us as we discuss how He compliments his Scouting with the Magic of Ham Radio. In many of the past shows we've tried to nail down ways to bring today's youth into Ham Radio.  In Episode 31 Rick shares his insight and methods  for involving kids with the hobby. JOTA Rick's BrushnSoapnBlade Podcast Find a Local Troop Royal Rangers Trail Life Radio Merit Badge Electricity Merit Badge Electronics Merit Badge Thanks for Listening, Cale, K4CDN     KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
July 15, 2015
Season 2 is in full swing with the addition of Episode 30! Jeremy, KF7IJZ is back to educate us on Portable Solar Power for Ham Radio Operators!  Stop scratching your head, trying to figure out what it'll take to get you on Portable Solar Power.  Spend an hour with us and get your questions answered!   Jeremy host his KF7IJZ YouTube Channel and it's chock full of Portable Solar Power information.  Make sure to give it a visit! A Portable  Solar Power Primer   Genasun Solar PowerFilm   the USB adapter as mentioned in the show   Thanks for Listening! K4CDN Power Pole the World KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
June 30, 2015
Episode 29: MPD Digital is a US Manufacturer of US Made Coax Cable Assemblies.  Veteran Owned and Operated, the Nelsons take great pride in their products and offer stellar customer service! From a humble start in the spare bedroom to a modern 5,000sq/ft assembly house.  Kim and Ray Nelson offer some of the finest Coax Cable products available. They can add your call sign too!   From standard lengths and connectors to custom, one-off orders MPD Digital can fill your Coax Cable needs! Make sure to visit the custom assembly site mentioned in the show!   A Special Thank You to the Nelsons for coming on the show to help us better understand one our hobby's necessities: Coax! MPD Digital ebay store MPD Digital on Facebook MPD Digital on Twitter   Stick around for a Field Day Packtenna Report!  Thanks Bret-N9LPT  MPD Digital Coax Assemblies now on Amazon!   Did you hear Cale on the School of Podcasting? Remember to Share the show with your Friends and Followers!  Thanks for listening! 73, K4CDN
June 16, 2015
Ham Radio, Field Day 2015 June 27-28! Local Field Day Finder George, Jeremy and Gerald join me this time to discuss all things Field Day!  A Roundtable chat with some of your favorite Fo Time guests. KF7IJZ You Tube Channel YoYo Antenna Video Ed Video-Painter Pole Fan Dipole Packtenna Heil Headsets (MTC Radio)  Array Solutions-Band Pass Filter ARRL Field Day Rules (PDF) Wolf RIver Coils ALM-12v7 Battery (Amazon) K2Energy Watt Meter/Hobby King QuickSilver Radio The RF Connection Antenna Launchers Hamlog from Pignology     Wanna Help?     KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info  
June 2, 2015
It's known that the country of Nepal experiences a Major Earthquake approximately every 75 years.  In a preemptive move, Radio Mala was founded to ensure the Nepali amateurs could communicate during the anticipated quake and the monsoon season.  Radio Mala is a disaster communication infrastructure to connect Kathmandu and the surrounding region in a ring of protective amateur radio communication. The April 2015 Nepal earthquake (also known as the Gorkha earthquake)killed more than 8,800 people and injured more than 23,000. It occurred at 11:56 NST on 25 April, with a magnitude of 7.8Mw or 8.1Msand a maximum Mercalli Intensity of IX (Violent). Its epicenter was east of the district of Lamjung, and its hypocenter was at a depth of approximately 15 km (9.3 mi). It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 Nepal–Bihar earthquake. Just a few years ago Suresh and David, former classmates, began working together to build the Amateur Radio Network in Nepal.  This is their story. Have some spare change or spare gear?  Interested in helping Radio Mala?  Connect with them today through one of the links listed below! Radio Mala Radio Mala on Facebook Radio Mala on Twitter David Witkowski on Twitter ARRL: 2nd  Repeater Story HSC Electronics Supply Elecraft   Stick around after the show for some extra content!   Thanks for listening, subscribing, reviewing and sharing! 73, Cale/K4CDN      
May 19, 2015
Welcome into Episode #26!  This time, Jeremy-KF7IJZ takes us on a 3 day tour of Ham Radio Heaven: the 2015 Dayton Hamvention! Jeremy catches up with Amateurs, Vendors and Manufactures across the spectrum.  Drop by the Elecraft booth to learn all about the new K3S!   Links to ALL Vendors, Manufacturers and Guest are below! Links in order as they appeared in the show: Packtenna  Sierra Radio Systems Yaesu Wolf River Coils AmSat TAPR Solar 24 Pignology Elecraft (K3S) QRPWorks (sidecar) MTCRadio HackRF GNU Radio iPortable Byonics FIRST Power Stackers robotics DRSS Enterprise robotics Whitebox
May 5, 2015
Episode 25: W4NTO (No Time to Operate) was one of  my first ever Amateur Radio Contacts.  Fritz, as he's known, is one of the most interesting individuals I know;  He's also the Oldest!  95+ years old, a WWII vet and Amateur Radio Operator/Elmer for many more years than I've lived! Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Fritz in his very spartan kitchen to discuss his Hams Life.  Fritz is a very humble man, and I wasn't quite sure I'd convince him to share his story. During our very candid conversation, Fritz goes way back to tell about growing up in a home with a Father interested in Electronics, teaching new recruits CW, and life after the War. Unfortunately the audio isn't the 'best' during this interview...but I think the content will far outweigh the fridge running or the faucet dripping.  I hope you enjoy getting to know Fritz!   Spartanburg Ham radio pioneer wins national thank-you.     Thanks for Listening, Downloading, Subscribing, Sharing and Reviewing the show. Cale/K4CDN   Wanna Help?  
April 22, 2015
this show was produced before the re-brand to HamRadio 360. August 2005 brought destruction upon the Gulf Coast of the US that none will forget.  Her name was Katrina, and she's known as the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States. (*wiki*) I recently spent some time with Carl, KB5WMY, chatting about Ham Radio and the part it played in the Storm Recovery.  Carl volunteered in the Bossier Parish 911 center following Katrina. This is one mans view of the job that was handled by many Amateur Radio Operators from all over the US and the World. **KB5WMY Carl David McNair, 61, of Bossier City, LA, passed away on Monday, March 11, 2019 in Minden, LA after a long struggle with cancer.** Many Thanks to all who participated in the rescue and recovery lending a hand to your fellow man! EchoLink NVIS Listen to More from the Katrina Recovery-download this link!73, Cale/K4CDN  
April 7, 2015
Episode 23 is here and I'm finally able to share with you the PACKTENNA from Nick and George. Packtenna is the Exciting New Packable/Portable antenna from N3WG and KJ6VU that I've been dying to share with you! Over the years, we have tried many different antennas.  We found that most commercial antennas are either too bulky and heavy to be easily hauled around or are two small to be efficient. So idea of the PackTenna was born. The challenges for coming up with the design for PackTenna included the following, somewhat conflicting goals: 1.  Full size, no compromise performance, especially given the limitations of a quick portable setup. 2.  Small enough when packed up for trail use (think SOTA) and air travel. 3.  Quick to setup and take down. 4.  A modular design that can evolve over time as your needs change. 5.  An open design that makes it easy to make modifications and add your own options. With these goals in mind, we decided to base the design on using wire elements and fiberglass telescoping poles for the support. This combination allows us to construct full size antennas in many configurations including horizontal dipoles, inverted vee, ground planes, long wires and resonate wires to name a few. We selected antenna hardware designed for backpacking which keeps the size and weight down and then designed a unique feed point system that allows for quick setup and improved performance. Head over to for the latest! *Here is a link to the Packtenna Users Manual* (added 4-10-15) *A link to Pricing Information* (added 4-13-15)*   KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
March 24, 2015
Ham Radio Mobile Installations Episode 22, Ham Radio Mobile Installations with Alan Applegate K0BG.  If you've ever had questions about Maximizing your Mobile Operations-Alan has probably already answered it! Jeremy, KF7IJZ, chats with Alan, K0BG about Ham Radio Mobile Installations and Operations. Most anyone familiar with Amateur Radio has probably visited Alan's site to learn more about taking our gear with us on the road. Listen in as Alan describes his journey in Amateur Radio; from behind the wheel traveling for work, to hosting one of the most popular Ham Radio websites on the net!  Episode 22 is a must listen if you are wanting to get on the air while on the road! Thanks Jeremy and Alan for a Great Trip! Thanks for Listening, Downloading, Sharing, Subscribing, & Reviewing!  
March 10, 2015
Welcome into Episode 21!  In Podcasting, not every program happens like you plan!  Sometimes what begins as a discussion between friends becomes a pretty good program (especially if you leave your recorder going). Episode 21 is the 2nd part of a late night (on the East Coast) chat following the completion of Episode 17 between George (KJ6VU),  Jeremy (KF7IJZ) and Cale (K4CDN).  Maybe not the typical 'Interview' show that we usually offer-but a great opportunity to highlight some differing opinions on how to complete a Gear Shopping List for the newer amateur.   I trust you enjoyed this episode.  We have a slew of great shows in the Queue, so stay tuned, this Spring is going to be a Blast! Thanks for listening, subscribing, reviewing and sharing the Podcast!
February 25, 2015
Michael, KE7HIA, is poised to set the Hamisphere on Fire.  A maker by nature and self described as a Self-taught Engineer & Designer - More Electronic than Human; Michael has recently finished up a Huge Kickstarter for his Up-coming Portable SDR (Software Defined Radio) In this episode we get to know Michael and all that's gone down since he first hatched his Idea on the Hackaday website.  If you're looking for some Innovation in Ham Radio-You Just found it!   What is the PSDR? The Portable Software Defined Radio, or PSDR, is an Open Source, Fully stand-alone HF/Shortwave Software Defined Transceiver. It includes a Vector Network Analyzer and Antenna Analyzer as well as GPS. It's built for rugged portable use. It is designed to be a flexible platform for development, a learning aid, and and a useful instrument for electronics enthusiasts. Visit Michaels YouTube Channel to view all of his candid production videos We appreciate Michael coming on and filling in the blanks about the PSDR! Michael's Kickstarter Page    
February 11, 2015
Welcome in to the next installment of the Other Ham Radio Podcast.  Dan, Kb6NU, calls in to educate us on his No-Nonsense Study Guides, Ham Radio Blogging, CW and more! Dan shares about his Ham Radio Blog, known to some as the most popular Ham Radio Blog on the net.  There you'll find all sorts of practical and helpful Amateur Radio writings; like his Very Popular No Nonsense Study Guides!   In addition to the study guides, the self-professed CW Geek has written a primer for those interested in learning 'the Code'   and 21 Things to do....If you're a New Ham, or thinking about it...this is a Great read to help you take the 'next' steps...   Remember, You can find Dan's blog at   All of his study guides and books are available in Kindle, Nook and PDF! He's also active on Twitter @kb6nu Ready to get going? Inspired to Study?  Dan's books are avail from the links above! A big Thank You to Dan Romanchik, KB6NU for visiting with us on the Show!  
January 28, 2015
This episode was released before the re-brand to HamRadio 360.  I hope you enjoy the foray into the past :) K4CDN Rob Riggs, WX9O, from Mobilinkd LLC comes in to share with us about his company and his passion regarding Electronics and Amateur Radio Introducing the Mobilinkd Bluetooth APRS TNC. With your radio, your Android phone and this TNC, you have everything you need to get started with APRS — all at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated APRS radio, and with a better user interface than any APRS HT on the market. Why a Mobilinkd TNC? A better user interface for mobile APRS than any existing APRS radio. Low cost — much less expensive than existing purpose-built APRS gear. Battery powered and Bluetooth connected — just one cable. Excellent performance — tunable for optimum performance with your radio. Both ready to go with minimal configuration and yet completely hackable for those hams that have to know how their gear works and improve it.   Mobilinkd Store- Thanks to All the Listeners for your Great Questions!!! APRSdroid (Google Maps) North Shore Radio Club (IL) Moblinikd on Google+ @Mobilinkd on Twitter Mobinkd Yahoo Group XASTIR Software amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "hamradio360-20"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; amzn_assoc_linkid = "d11fa1f6f0b3e7c0f0056ca55e0f98f5"; amzn_assoc_asins = "B00Q1UYR1G,B00E4KLY34,B00KC4PWQQ,B00KZ18LRI";
January 14, 2015
This time through we're going to continue the conversation about EMCOMM Boxes/Bags with a round table discussion featuring Jeremy-KF7IJZ,  George-KJ6VU and Cale-K4CDN. Boxes, Bags, Batteries, Mindset, Antennas, Considerations... This episode is chock full of content, if you have questions or comments, let us know!   George's KJ6VU Portable Station (PowerPoint)   George's KJ6VU Portable Station in PDF     Here is Cale's Big Box Howabout the 'AK47' Box? MTC Radio-the Fo Time Sponsor has these tripods in-stock! More Ideas Here Times Microwave Loss Calculator  There are tons of ways to haul your gear-or make it portable.   Check out this Yahoo Image Search for further examples!   KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
December 30, 2014
Episode 16 is here, and it's a Fo Time rewind of 2014.  From Ep1 to Ep15, all the fun stuff is here. Give it a listen and let me know what you think! Thanks for liking and following us, along with reviewing the program on iTunes, Stitcher, tunein, etc... Thanks For Listening and Supporting Fo Time! 73 Cale/K4CDN        
December 16, 2014
Merry Christmas! As Mentioned: Pignology George Z (KJ6VU) Invites you to visit the Bay-Net Yahoo Group and drops by this time to discuss EMCOMM/Go-Bags.  We'll start in on the ground floor with the HT Go-Bag. The Ham Radio HT Go-Bag. 1. Radio Gear; Hams have lotsa stuff 2. Super Helpful Useful Stuff to have with you The Bags: Frisbee Golf anyone? A Tackle Box! Or a Mini-Deployment Bag The Handi Talkie Pick your Poison- HandiTalkie Webmall Drop In Dual Charger   Most Jedi like the Orange Para-cord Roll-up J-pole by N9TAX Roll-up J-pole by Ed Fong   Ext Speakers Antenna Adapters The Event/Companion Bag: Not a complete list, more of a template. Flashlight, Headlamps, Pocket Knives, Multi-Tools First Aid, Rite in the Rain, Sharpies, etc.... Don't forget a Spare Charging Device for your cell!     KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
December 3, 2014
Merry Christmas! from Fo Time! In this episode Jeremy (KF7IJZ) has a very candid chat with Steve (WG0AT) about all things Ham Radio, SOTA and Hiking with goats! "It Must Be Fun..."   Steve WG0AT: Youtube Link Jeremy KF7IJZ: Youtube Link A-99 antenna On Sale!   Thanks for listening! 73   KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
November 18, 2014
Episode 13, Gerald (KF5JNU) is back to help us 'think' about programming our rigs, but first I take a few minutes to discuss The Ethics of Amateur Radio. Amateur Radio Ethics and Operating Procedures (please download and read) DX Code of Conduct (Listen, Listen & Listen) .......... Thanks to all of you who went to your Podcast Provider and Reviewed the show!    KF5JNU, Gerald brings some common sense to the pile of radios we have laying around!  Programming; seems such a germane topic until you need to change something! Of course he reminds us that 'knowing' how to program our rigs without a cable/PC or even a manual is a practice we should all be up for. Software/Resources: CHIRP RT Systems RepeaterBook ICQ Amateur Radio Podcast - Give it a Listen! ........... Thanks again for listening, we hope you enjoy the episode!  Remember to Subscribe and Review the show.  Our Comment and Email box is always open and we love hearing from our audience.  If you enjoy the show, click on the share buttons at the bottom of the page-we make it easy for you!  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!     73 K4CDN
November 5, 2014
See, it's really a barnEpisode 12,  I'm in the Ham Shack (in the barn) and I'm by myself...2 potential show guest fell through for the week, so here I am! This time through I give you a run-down on the past few weeks in the K4CDN-sphere and details some past, current and future Ham Radio projects. Club Trailer: PwrGate PGS40 Amateur Radio Club Tait Repeaters alaskaradio - ebay dealer Soldering Iron Link-  EMCOMM Gear Plano 1612 MTM Spud7 How to Digi! K7AGE/ link (watch it!)   Lights Out (the novel) Lights Out Saga (the film)     Edit: 3-22-18 DON'T buy, it's a stinker!
October 21, 2014
This time on the Podcast we hear from former guest host Jeremy-KF7IJZ, (the new guy) Gerald-KF5JNU, and listener Chris. KF7IJZ-Jeremy (Emcomm Boxes) Some Fine Examples of EMCOMM Boxes! Spud7 Box by MTM    KF5JNU-Gerald (APRS) K4CDN-Cale (Prepping, etc...) swap.qth-ex: Scanners (buyer be-aware)
October 8, 2014
Episode 10 is here, and chock full of Great Information!  This time KJ6VU, George Z joins us to discuss Amateur Radio Repeaters-the workhorse of the hobby! With nearly 40 years of repeater building under his belt, he is a fountain of knowledge to be drawn from. George, KJ6VU is heavily involved with the Bay-Net Amateur Radio Club and Repeater Network, in the SF Bay Area of California. Bay-Net is an open amateur radio repeater system providing wide-area coverage for public service events and emergency communications. All radio amateurs are welcome to use the system. The system includes 2m, UHF and 900 MHz linked analog repeaters, a D-Star digital repeater, Echolink, and IRLP VOIP services. He is also part of the continuing innovation of Ham Radio through his company Sierra Radio Systems.   From Micro &  Remote Station Controllers to Repeater Site Controllers and Monitoring Systems Sierra Radio Systems works to further advance the Amateur Radio Hobby. You'll be hard pressed to pack more Repeater Knowledge into a single Podcast Episode!  Thanks for Listening! Like what you’re hearing?  Click on the Share Buttons Below! Show Notes: Bay-Net Linked Repeater System Cactus Inter-tie Repeater System Sierra Radio Systems/Hamstack IRLP Echolink Amateur Radio Newsline ARRL Audio News Pre Packaged Kits: the Ham Gear you need! Further Repeater Info Provided by Bridgecomm Systems 73, de K4CDN
September 23, 2014
Original Show Artwork :) Episode called in with your questions and I'm going to do my best to answer them.  Below are the show notes that follow the Calls and Replies in order.  I appreciate you listening and being a part of the show! Call 1: John What is Ham Radio What is FM What is DX What is 2 meters What is 40 meters Starter Rigs Handhelds-  Wouxun   (I have a few) UV-5R UV-B5 (* My Fav low cost radio*-now discontinued) UV-82 Yeasu: FT-60 (a built like a tank & very popular HT!) Icom: IC-V80  KENWOOD TH-K20A (I want one of these!-**finally got one, a Stellar Rig!) Base or Mobile- See My Kits! Kenwood: TM-281 Yeasu: FT-1900 Icom: IC-V8000 Yeasu: FT-2900 (a brick house) Where do I go?   Club Finder! Elmer? Call 2: William Why "Ham"-the nickname? Why Upgrade? (band plan-lotsa real-estate) Why Not? Call 3: Rob Ham Radio Glossary Alternate Glossary Ham Radio Dictionary How to Study?  Ham Test Online! My Favorite Way to Study. Different Operating Modes ARES RACES Deceased Fathers Call Sign Info Vanity Call Signs eHam ARRL question pool More Links: QTH Swap   * segment 2 Intro music....My Favorite SKA Band: The OC Supetones
September 9, 2014
Ed Cope, T6EC, is currently deployed to Afghanistan.  We catch up with Ed one evening to chat about his Amateur Operations while deployed in a foreign country. We cover all things Ham, including getting your ticket before you are deployed and deciding that you'd like to work some rooftop DX while in another part of the world. A Very Special Thanks to Ed for taking the time to chat with Fo Time, and more importantly His Service to the U.S. Buddipole-Portable/Packable Antennas (as shown above) Pignology-Piglet  Army MARS Thx for Listening!  Sorry about the kids in the background....I'll explain later :)
August 26, 2014
A DX-pedition is an expedition to what is considered an exotic place by amateur radio operators, perhaps because of its remoteness, access restrictions or simply because there are very few radio amateurs active from that place. This could be an island, a country, or even a particular spot on a geographical grid. DX is a telegraphic shorthand for "distance" or "distant". ....linked from Wikipedia In the latest installment of the Fo Time Podcast, we're joined by Art Blank, WA7NB from AZ.  Art has participated in DX-peditions since 1995. We discuss Planning and Funding a DX-pedition, along with Logistics and Operations.  Art was most recently involved with the Juan Fernandex Isl. DX-pedition 2013 If you've considered trying this end of the Ham Radio hobby, this Episode is for you! Show Notes: Juan Fernandez 2013 XR0ZR Facebook Page Midway Island Announced DX-peditions Calendar INDEXA NorCalDX 9V1YC
August 12, 2014
This is an auxiliary posting, Episode 6 is listed below this post It's Fo Time, again. A few months ago, right after wrapping Episode 2, Jeremy-KF7IJZ mentioned interviewing Me (Cale) for his YouTube Channel.   Well, here it is; the Interview.  It's a look behind the curtain of the presents: Fo Time, the Other Ham Radio Podcast with it's creator and host, Cale-K4CDN. We discuss all things Past, Present and Future Fo Time.  Give it a listen, I hope you enjoy it! Special Thanks to Jeremy-KF7IJZ.  The Interview can be viewed thru his channel if you prefer to 'watch' vs. listening (also linked at the bottom of this post). Notes: KF7IJZ-You Tube Channel Blanchard Media Group: Kenn Blanchard School of Podcasting: Dave Jackson Brick O' Lore my local club, K4II   My first and still Primary HT-the Wouxun Podcast Subscription buttons are located at the Right of the Page.  If you do listen on iTunes or Spreaker, please take a moment to review/rate/subscribe or follow.
August 12, 2014
In Episode 6 Doug-KY7S takes us to the Mountaintop with SOTA (Summits On The Air). Summits on the Air (SOTA) is an award scheme for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas.   Doug breaks down all that is required to Activate a Summit:  From planning your activation, packing the right gear, hiking in, station and antenna set-up, spotting, making contacts, and getting back down-safely. Listen in as Doug tells us how he go bit by the SOTA bug, and shares some of his latest adventures! Show Notes: SOTA SOTA Watch SOTA Facebook Hiking/climbing 10 essentials: KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
July 29, 2014
Episode 5 features Guest Host, Jeremy (KF7IJZ) from Episode #2 and his recent interview with Nick (N3WG) from Pignology! Pignology, LLC is a small app and hardware development company focusing on amateur radio and portable operations. Get out and operate! If you are interested in Wireless Applications for Amateur Radio-Nick is your man!  Jeremy and Nick go through the Gear and Apps he has created for use in the Hobby! -Thanks Nick!
July 15, 2014
In this episode of the (formerly) Fo Time Podcast we chat with Dan Passaro who recently took a trip South to the Keys of Florida.  Dan spent a few days at Fort Jefferson activating Grid EL-84/IOTA NA-079, in the Dry Tortugas enjoying his very own Mini-DXpedition. Dan took along his Purpose-Built Ammo Can Carrier with it's IC-703, powered with Solar and Battery Reserves. Show Notes: National Park Service Site-Dry Tortugas Dan Passaro Photography Dan's DX-pedition site DX-Pedition-blogspot Items Mentioned in the Program: Instapark Mercury 27 Solar Panel Morningstar SG-4 Solar Charge Controller Buddipole Deluxe Long Package with extra components for 6m yagi or 1/4 wave vertical for 20m. KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
July 1, 2014
Man Pack and Mil Packs are the topic of our next installment.  We're joined by Harlikwin who shares his knowledge about all things Man Portable! We learn about Man Pack Operations and the ins & outs of avail Commercial and Mil-Surp Gear. Show Mentions: Mil Spec Radio Gear: Korean War to Present Day by Mark Francis (out of print) Amateur Radio Pedestrian Mobile Handbook: Second Edition  By Edward Breneiser HFpack Yahoo Group SOTA Par EndFedZ® Antennas Mil-Radio Net @ 0200Z most evenings on 7.232USB and 0300Z on 3.996 USB. KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
June 17, 2014
Field Day 2014! It's Fo Time! In Episode 2 of the Fo Time Podcast, sponsored by MTC Radio, I'm joined by Youtube Ham Radio Op Jeremy KF7IJZ.  Jeremy is active in his local Amateur Radio Community, and has quite an on-line following regarding his Solar/Battery product review videos and commentary. Jeremy and I discuss the upcoming Field Day, Solar - Battery Options for Ham Radio Operators and more. We also hear from 2 more Amateurs about why they became Ham Radio Operators. Interested in Amateur Radio?  The upcoming Field Day is a great time to get to know more about the hobby.  To find a local club that is participating in the event, click here.  Many clubs provide a GOTA (Get On The Air) station for unlicensed folks to operate with guidance to get a taste of the Magic of Radio.     Correction: ARRL Kids Day is June 21st   Links to Items Mentioned in the show: LiFePo4 battery pack Solar charge controller Solar Panels // KB1HQS in Print! Click for more info
June 17, 2014
In the Premiere Fo Time Podcast we visit with Cecil Higgins, AC0HA.  Cecil was the 'Ham In Charge' during the ARES response to the Joplin MO Tornado Disaster in 2011.  We discuss disaster response, the multiple roles of amateur operators in disasters, what equipment worked (best) and more. Cecil Higgins AC0HA: AAR and PowerPoint Presentation linked from the website.   Upcoming in Episode 2: KF7IJZ and I discuss Field Day, Solar/ Battery, and a great deal more! This episode was recorded a few weeks ago in preparation for the program.  It should stand as a sobering reminder of the Force of Nature and how Amateurs may be called upon to respond in a crisis.  Earlier this week  a Twin-Tornado devastated the small Nebraskan town of Pilger.                 Our Prayers go up for all those affected.  Cale/K4CDN   (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-52054548-1', ''); ga('send', 'pageview');
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