Love this podcast
This is for the all the alternamamas out there. I listen every week.
My Soul Sister
Love this podcast - the content, guests and overall vibe. Content is reputable & informative versus feeling as though it’s just another mainstream buzz-word focused podcast with similar content. Katie is great and her voice is calm and casual. Her interview style and discussions with guests are casual, funny, educational and entertaining. Episodes are similar to fun conversations with an interesting friend and relaxed, which is what I personally feel makes a great podcast. Sound quality is great as well.
Listened to the Stoicism podcast
I was really enjoying the podcast on stoicism today because I think this notion of being too busy to be present is something many of us are dealing with these days. However, I was pretty turned off when the guest and host went off on a tangent about food allergies being caused by parents not letting their kids try certain foods. As a parent of a child who was diagnosed with severe food allergies at 10 months I wasn’t keeping my kid from eating anything and I certainly did NOT cause him to have peanut and egg allergies. Maybe leave the medical critiques to actual doctors. This really turned me off from what I thought was a great podcast.
Amazing for growth
boy mom mal
If you’re looking on ways to improve your families health; this is a great recourse! Wellness Mama offers practical advice backed by research and professionals to help you and your family become the best you can be. One podcast at a time, one change at a time makes big healthy changes over time.
Great content
Love the content of every show but there are too many long ads. That’s the only thing i would change.
EVERY one of her podcasts opens new doors, inspires and amazes. You must listen. I love love love love!!
Enjoyed this a lot
I crave knowing more about this topic and don’t know where to do to get more information. And it isn’t something you always want to talk about with just anyone.
I Love Wellness Mama!
Gina Marie W
I have gained so much from listening to this podcast! I love it!!
Kelly-Belly 33
I admire all your hard work and all the amazing research you’ve brought to my attention I’m learning soooo much!! GREAT PODCAST- I listen to you every day - started on the 1st podcast - working my way up - so much information I LOVE IT - you’ve helped me sooooo much!!!
Wealth of knowledge!
I am always learning something new from the guests being interviewed! Thank you!!
I learn SO much!!
I seriously learn so much in every episode! I have a small wellness business of my own. My business mission is to help mamas and future mamas be their best selves by taking power over their health. Thanks much in part to this podcast, I feel I can educate my local moms on many topics surrounding health and wellness. Thanks Katie for the great content and resources!
My role model
I have been binging this podcast since I found it a few weeks ago and I love every episode. Katie is my role model and I wish I could live with her family. I have so many changes I want to see in my life.. it can be overwhelming but she gives me the motivation and knowledge I need!
I LOVE Katie’s podcast
I’ve been following Wellness Mama for years. And her podcast is just as amazing as her website. Both are full of a wealth of very useful information. I thoroughly enjoy listening to her podcasts. The Wellness Mama podcast is one of my most favorites!
Thank you for all you do. Much appreciated !! Love your work
I can’t see any of the links in the show notes ?
The show notes only show a very limited summary and no links or anything like other podcasts. The audio has slowly been getting better. Overall very enlightening and helpful
Love her!!!
I am learning so much from this podcast!!!
GAIA Discount not for products discussed
The Adaptogens podcast with Dr. Mary Bove is interesting and informative, however, at the end, Dr. Bove describes specific GAIA products that I would've liked to purchase. But the discount code offered is only applicable to other products that I don't want. In the context of offering this discount, why didn't she discuss the products that could be purchased with it? Or, why doesn't the discount apply to the products she described? While the discount is useless to me, I remain a fan of Dr. Bove, and will refer back to this podcast for her herbal recommendations.
Not for me
I found the few episodes I listened to left me disappointed. They weren’t on topic per title, were unrefined in interview style and content. I found the subject matter experts in some instances weren’t experts at all, and too often were themselves seeking help in their life journey. I could hear hurried tension and seeking in their voices and they simply did not bring a sense of peace while learning as I had hoped.
Best life and mama resource for natural health
So grateful I found this podcast, so much natural health knowledge Katie always has “real people” questions and talks to the guests in a way that anyone can understand.
Saved my life!!!
I've been listening to Katie's podcast for a couple of years now and I listened to the Breast Implant Illness one the other day "head explosion". I can't believe I'm as healthy as I think I am without ever noticing the correlation between my impants and my health. I've been sick for 20 years, Rheumatoid Arthritis, chronic fatigue(+at least 15 other symptoms) I've taken every medication from my Dr, every supplement and followed rigorous excersize and detox plans. Only to feel the same, or worse many times. I've already had my ND send me to another ND who specializes in holistic breast cancer treatments who has just referred me to a PS to get these disgusting things taken out. Hallelujah!!! Thank you for all your podcasts and everything you do Katie!!!
One of THE Best Podcast!
Daniela Bursian
I’ve been listening to Katie for about 4 years now and I’ve learned so much about holistic health. My family and I have benefited tremendously from your podcast. Thank you!
From a Health Coach
As a wife, mom, Heath Coach & all around science lover, this is one of my favorite podcast that help me learn more, get different perspectives on topics and hear from some amazing people! I seriously think everyone should listen to this podcast! The only thing that I do not appreciate is that there has been swearing in several episodes, words I do not want my daughter to hear/know yet and accidentally use. It also keeps me from sharing certain podcasts and promoting them to friends and clients.
best womens' health podcast!
This is the podcast I didn't know I was looking for. I listen to so many health podcasts; each has something to offer. But Katie's has everything! What I really appreciate so much is that it's geared to women. There is information and encouragement for a woman of any age, single or married, work-at-home or elsewhere, children or not. Katie is always so well-informed, brings such a wide variety of issues and in-depth discussions, and always gives you hope that no matter what you are facing, there is a lot you can do to have better health, physical and spiritual. I really don't think I need to listen to so many other podcasts now. I've compared issues between Katie's and the others, and there is nothing she doesn't cover. Best of all, she helps make it all so do-able.
Super helpful!
The Sensory Project
Love this podcast! Katie has such informative content that is relatable in so many ways! Always recommending this podcast to my clients! 🖤
So appreciative!
I’ve followed wellness mama for quite some time and appreciate the amount of work, diligence and research she does to bring this information to the community. She is a trusted source and I’m so grateful that her reach has expanded and she can bring other experts along in the journey. Thank you for all that you do, which allows me to live a healthier/cleaner life, while you are raising six kids! You are amazing!
So much good information
I’ve been binging on episodes of Katie’s podcast. It’s so informative and I’ve been putting so many of the things I’ve been learning into practice. I’ve been drinking Kombucha, trying to “Align” my body, seeking out non-GMO and organic foods and even bought my mom a book for her birthday after listening to the Hangry episode. I love the way Katie interviews, too. She asks such good questions and then really lets the guest talk and explain fully. I’ve already sent multiple people links to her episodes. Thanks sharing your podcast with us, Katie!
Movement Podcast
Just finished the AlignPodcast interview. Very informative. I like her casual style and that she lets her guests speak! She’s not trying to show off her knowledge, but gain more of it from her guests. If you’re interested in wellness, at all, you should tune in.
I’m not a mom and love it anyway!
This podcast covers a variety of wellness topics and is presented in a very approachable and easy-to-listen-to way. I’m really picky about what I listen to regularly, and Wellness Mama has become a regular. Keep it up, Katie!
Such a positive and informative podcast!
fit 22 yr old
Katie is amazing. I thought I knew a lot about health and wellness until I started listening to her podcast and realized there was so much more to learn! The topics she talks about can really benefit anyone even if you’re not a mama!
So Valuable
These podcasts are interesting and informative for people of any age. This grandmother loves them!
I’m not a Mama but I love this podcast!
Lynn Your BFF
I find the information here very interesting and informative. As someone working on my health very seriously these days in my early 50s her topics have been hitting home. Keep up the good work!
Wellness Mama is a great go-to for health info. Katie is knowledgeable and has guests that are very knowledgeable as well. I appreciate the timely topics and the approachable discussions and explanations. I always come away with something after listening to episodes that I am interested in.
The Healthy Living Podcast You Need!
Katie is not only a rockstar at researching and speaking to all facets and topics of health and wellness, but she does an amazing job of bringing experts in each field into the equation and interviewing them with provoking and enlightening questions that lead listeners to a place of confident knowledge. I applaud her for being a disruptor of mainstream healthcare and seeking true, holistic wellness for herself and us in the many ways she does. Thank you, Katie!
Worth the listen
I love how Katie provides so much useful information each week, but also makes it clear how her first priority is a mother and wife. 100% worth the listen and not the type of health podcast that makes you feel guilty if you can’t put all aspects of natural living into practice. East to listen to and I learn something new each time!
One of the most informative podcasts
If you are a mom, health enthusiast or a human. This podcast is for you!
What an amazing podcast! I’m an expecting mother trying to figure and shape my parenting style and how I want to raise my kids. Your views align so closely with the vision I have. Thank you for being open minded and encouraging an alternative lifestyle. I look forward to listening to your podcast every time I get into the car! Keep it up!
Life changing podcast!
I have never heard a more informative and applicable podcast. Not only is this podcast geared towards moms, it’s geared towards everyone! I constantly send my friends and family, men and women, the podcast. Katie asks the best questions and interviews professionals that are on the cutting edge of health, holistic remedies, and scientific information. I love how Katie has a foundation of morals, values, building healthy family, and community! Because of her podcast, I have switched my home from toxic to clean with everything from attitude and toxic cleaners to healthy mindsets, organization, clean products for cleaning, skincare, laundry, and oral products. I also order from thrive market, four sigmatic, and kettle and fire, crunchy Betty, and Alitura for some amazing products she sponsors. I listen to this podcast while I’m getting ready, cooking, driving in my car, and when I’m waiting around. How awesome to have this healthy information at our finger tips! Must listen!!!
Awesome podcast!!!
This podcast is the most informative + life changing podcast I have come across. I love listening every chance I get to these always-interesting episodes and adopting the latest health info to enhance the lives of me and my family. Katie is incredibly engaging in her interviews and her guests are specialized in just about anything you’d want to know more about. Highly recommended! 👍🏽
Wealth of knowledge
Katie is someone I always turn to first when researching natural methods. I love the wide range of health topics she covers and I’ve learned so much. I love Katie, but one thing that bothers me about the podcast is her voice. She sounds as if she’s hiding in a closet while there’s a baby sleeping in the room - her voice is super soft and quiet compared to her guests. Sometimes she also sounds as if she needs to clear her throat while talking.
Love this podcast Channel
I absolutely love Wellness Mama’s channel. I have learned so much and connected to so many great resources from listening. Thank you!
Love this podcast
I really love this podcast. I listen whenever I have a free moment. Katie has truly changed my life and directly impacted my family's health. It is so empowering to have access to health information that allows us to better the course of our health naturally. We are not just at the mercy of our genes. Diet and lifestyle play a huge role and Katie helps us navigate these waters. She has amazing guests who are extremely informed and well researched. Katie asks all the right questions and I'm always interested in the topics she covers. I think if more people listened to this podcast it would change the world.
Vaccine Denier
Actually had a guest on who said “bless you” to families who don’t vaccinate. As if it’s a personal and not a public health choice. Unbelievable. So unscientific and calls into question everything this woman believes. Will never listen again.
Conscious Minded Mama
Angel V Connor
I have been following Katie for many years when I became a new, young mother. I constantly go to her website for inspiration and information on natural health and living for me and my children. I am so grateful I have access to these podcasts and they are easily accessible and she always leaves the links and information in the section below the podcast!!! Keep it up Katie!!
Good but....
Is she whispering? The sound of her voice compared to her guests is SO soft. I like the natural content but can’t listen cause the whispering drives me crazy.
Great interviews by a great interviewer, and so many of my health-related (and lifestyle) questions answered here. Highly recommend.
Life changing!
Sure to be interesting!
I love Katie’s approach and guests. This podcast (not just this episode) resonates with me...thank you for reminding us to keep our autonomy and find ways to be and say positive things to ourselves and others-to manifest goodness. Thanks!
My favorite
This is one of the only podcasts that I follow regularly and listen to each new episode as it comes out. I have been following Wellness Mama for many years and am in awe of what Katie (and now Heather) have put together. You are amazing! Thank you!
Wish I could give it more stars!!!
Love the topics and love the show. Thank you for all of the varied wellness topics and excellent conversational style!
Good info, interesting guests, new ideas!
I have followed your recipe for homemade bone broth twice before (it’s awesome!) and today I saw the prompt for the podcast pop up on my screen when I was looking up the recipe again. Decided to give it a listen on my way home from the store. Two thumbs up. Subscribed!
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