Strong journalism
This podcast uncovers so much and tells a compelling story while they do so.
Love this podcast
I’m a paid subscriber to Reveal, where these pods come from. I love their in-depth investigation of an issue. Plus, I love Al’s voice! I don’t have time to read Propublica’s articles. Is it possible to turn them into podcasts? Keep up the excellent work.
Wonderful in depth reporting. I never miss an episode.
Thank you!!
The variety of topics investigated are insightful, meaningful, and exceptional. Please keep them coming!!!!
Too politically biased!
It’s a shame this podcast is so heavy-handed with their political bias! The topics are really interesting and the production is well done, but I am going to unsubscribe because I’m so sick of political bias in either direction!
Much-needed investigations
I am so grateful this podcast exists. Well-conducted investigative journalism with a focus on effecting real change!
Leave your political agenda out of your podcast
Don’t bother
Should be renamed the rebroadcast
This used to be one of the podcasts that I would listen to as soon as an episode came out. However, with the annoying rebroadcasts, which seem to comprise a big part of their episodes now, I’ve delegated it to the back burner. For example I have 19 broadcasts downloaded and waiting to be listened to. This is a great podcast but if you want to provide an update for a previously broadcasted podcast, just do a short update broadcast which stands on its own or add it to another new broadcast. Hoping this show goes back to what it was before.
Best news coverage
I have been listening to Reveal for over a year now.and It is the one place I can go to get the real facts and dig deeper into a topic I wouldn’t hear about in the every day news cycle. I crave the Reveal episodes and walk away feeling overwhelmed but have gained so much knowledge. Keep up the amazing work!
Favorite News Podcast
I love this podcast. Amazing reporting, amazing research, amazing interviews. It’s what news should look like.
randy sanchez
I gat so angry so Sad and just ... what are these black holes and why are they You can not be human and do what they do
Biased dogma
I’ve been subscribed for over a year but I’ve had it. So much potential clouded by bias. Reveal/Berkeley CA? Say no more. Great if you’re a liberal in need of motivation. Couldn’t cover 2 sides of an issue of lives depended on it.
Wonderful and Needed
esoteric by design
This is what true journalism looks like and SO needed.
Ann-Chadwell Columbia, SC
Ann from South Carolina
Amazing, amazing, on history of boycott! How.... do... you.... do.... Palestine, Ireland, Mississippi, Boston Tea Party in one podcast?? Please than your grantors and PRX for bold, fascinating journalism. this??
Good Content....But
The narrator’s enunciation and cadence are far below the standard befitting a professional, high-level podcast such as this; with its excellent content. Replacing this narrator with a well spoken professional with a good voice would have me give 5 stars.
Bitter Custody
It’s easy to sympathize with the adult children featured in the podcast. These children did experience alienation and manipulation by abusive parents where there was a breakdown in courts and counselors. However, to use those examples to characterize parental alienation is nothing short of ignorance. Antiquated research sited and no acknowledgment of parents in a weekly struggle with a borderline or narcissist coparent. Super disappointed anyone would consider this journalism. Gross.
Loyal Podfan
Reveal-I apologize but I don’t know any other way to seek help. I’ve been harassed almost to suicide. This has been going on for several years. -I had to flee an assisted living facility for my own safety. -I had cervical spine surgery, which failed and left me with a contusion on my spinal cord and a spinal cord injury of my entire Cervical spine. -Complex Regional Pain Syndrome -My support dog suddenly became severely ill, which lead to her death. -The mailing address for my commercial medical insurance was changed-without my knowledge -I pay over $600 a month for the commercial medical insurance but have been locked out of my online account so I don’t know the providers I can see or my exact coverage. -My mailing address was changed-without my knowledge. -My bank account address changed-without my knowledge. -After I left the assisted living facility I had to live in a hotel for nearly two months before I could move into a handicap assessable apartment. -Something happened to every email address I had so I could no longer use any of them. -I am a 58 year old female. I’m alone. I was once pushed repeatedly while on a walk with my dog (after the cervical spine surgery) Law enforcement officers came to the scene and let the male who hurt me leave. The officers did not make a report to my knowledge. Someone needs to find out how these things can happen in the United States of America because I doubt I’m the only person who is experiencing such debilitating and isolating events. This is not everything-
Liberal media
More Liberal media BS. The episode about voting rights is pukemaking.
Fantastic reporting
This podcast does an incredible job at choosing topics and getting to the facts through interviews with experts and other stakeholders. Ignore the “left wing bias” reviews. Clearly, too many folks are triggered by stories that go against their own point of view. It’s sad that people are so brainwashed by propaganda these days that factual stories make them uncomfortable. This podcast does a great job at covering immigration, injustice, the economy, history etc by listening to the people affected. It’s great!
One of my go-to podcasts for deep dives
Robert "Bob" Loblaw
Reveal consistently explains important histories and currents events with marvelous storytelling. Understanding how real people live under different burdens that I didn’t know existed gives me a wider perspective and really adds volumes to my life. Thank you for pulling back the curtain how people live!
Journalism at its finest!!!
Nxt Gen Cowboy
Reveal is the best investigative journalism out there!! This is what journalism should strive to be! It is thought provoking, insightful and does the work required to provide proper context and intelligent well researched and investigated viewpoints!!! Asking the hard questions, holding those in positions of power responsible and demanding answers!
There is new information on PAS out of University California. Also, reunification is widely accepted as what’s best for kids. Dr. Phil is a big supported who has spoke with congress. Sure, abuse is different , but you should consider the most recent studies on pas that looks to the narcissist parent. Good, but not most recent information.
Great investigative journalism
Can often be hard to listen to due to subject matter but I’ve learned so much and it’s a deep dive but still easy to understand. As to those reviews that claim the show is biased, they’re not really, they’re just covering the real life effect of policies from the Trump administration and corruption in our government, which is, yes, a lot of bad news - but covered incisively.
Stop being political!
I was late to the Reveal party and really enjoyed binging it... UNTIL it began to only cover left-wing/anti-republican topics. I’m versed in both sides of the political spectrum in today’s news. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back to do more investigative journalism without any political slant!
Sorry, this is as divisive as anything else...
I wish the reporting could unite instead of divide...
Victim mentality and grossly one sided.. produced well.
Samuel brewer
The reporting has an over all victim mentality and is grossly one sided but well produced.
Al is to liberal for a journalism title.
I don’t think this is journalism, it’s more an investigative opinion podcast with great content. The shows he does deserve a good rating contrary to his consistent leftist slant. We should all try to understand each-other, yet be honest about the the left.
Two thumbs up
Excellent reporting on issues that are sure to stir the pot - but need to be addressed. Thank you for speaking out about issues that others are afraid of mentioning. You guys are killing it.
Please run podcast about caffeine
I saw the show n KPBS it was a Title Nellie Bly makes the news there was a piece about strawberries Caffeine Believe it or not It’s the Law & A Failure to Protect Hall Braxton Case W/ KQED The Center for Investigative Reporting This was brilliant. I can’t download it. I want to send it to my network of friends.
Enjoyed the podcast!
Albert L II
Well done and interesting ideas shared. I have oftentimes thought about how to teach these ideas. A shoutout for mentioning “When they see us”.
Bad People
Joker USA
These journalists are absolutely evil. They openly admit in the newest episode that they hunted down innocent police officers and tried, and in some cases succeeded, in getting them fired! These journalists are getting paid to ruin people’s lives. These journalists deserve no sympathy.
Great investigative news
I enjoy the in depth news stories on this podcast. Frequently I learn something on this podcast and then hear it repeated a few days later on the national news. Some stories interest me more than others but even when I don’t think I will have much interest in the subject, I learn something new.
Great pod
Love the pod. Learn so much from these guys. Not sure why they have so many rebroadcast of old episodes
Fantastic reporting and incredible interviews. I love the relevant information and well rounded stories. Great job. And thank you
Centering Folks of Color
I appreciate that they work collectively and I most appreciate when they avoid centering whiteness, which definitely creeps in unfortunately.
Needs new content
Everything is now a rebroadcast of old episodes. :\
Stop it
For all those that no nothing but the privilege the were born into just stop it. When ever there’s any type of leveling done is when u become frightened and it’s is why we now have a Cheeto in the White House. Thank you for this podcast.
Just more hardship peddling
What else is being kept alive is the poor poor me, look how unfair, I’m a victim and that’s my excuse mentality of those who believe they deserve compensation for the hardships of their ancestors at true expense of the current population.
Thought provoking AND entertaining
EXCELLENT journalism! A real winner. Not only do they give you an array of topics but all of them are interesting. I have learned quite a bit about many things I had never thought of before.
stranger with taste
Podcasts like this redeem my faith in humanity, and almost makes me want to become an investigative journalist myself.
Stop pushing an agenda
The host is excessively self-righteous and the reporting over time has morphed from investigative reporting to investigating solely to further an agenda. Enough with the political grand standing and preoccupation with racial issues, stop “crusading” under the guise of genuine investigative reporting and refocus on genuine investigative reporting already. If you ever manage to do so, I’ll consider resubscribing.
“Reporting” with a narrative
If you are investigative reporters then lay out the entire the issue from all perspectives. Enough with the emotional appeal of finding a single person who expresses the narrative you wish to portray and building a case around that story. This isn’t reporting...
This show is aight. Some episodes are good and some are awful. The host is full of himself too. While I like the CIR’s print and online work, other countries do better investigative journalism radio than this: see File on 4 from the BBC and Background Briefing from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Fantastic Deep Dive Reporting
I’ve been listening to Reveal for a few years. The reporting is exceptional. The topics are always interesting and what I love most about the podcast is that I learn about things I never read about in major newspapers.
Lopsided reporting
House of Araquette
You did not do your homework. Why did you not try to interview leading parental Alienation experts like Dr. Amy Baker or Dr. Craig Childress? I agree that that parental alienation can be used as a defense inappropriately but to dismiss that it actually happens is unconscionable. Typical alienated parents have no idea why their child has done a complete 180 and does not understand that alienating behavior is taking place until it’s too late. The alienated parents I know Are the ones who have lost their children for years and have no idea when and if they will ever be reunited. Most struggle with severe depression, many have attempted suicide, and sadly many have succeeded. Please go back and do more research. There are plenty of parental alienation support groups you can find online. Interview these people. Do your homework. The typical alienator is a narcissist at best. Their tactics are insidious. That is the real story that needs to be told. You’ll free to contact me for more information. You can message me at my Meetup group surviving parental alienation.
Liberal bias
I was so excited for this podcast. Listened to 2 episodes and unsubscribed. I want to hear facts, unbiased. I’m capable of forming my own opinion, stop trying to feed me yours.
Journalism is a public service
Or, at the very least, the kind of journalism that Reveal does certainly is. Thanks for everything you do, folks! And as for the rest of you: DONATE.
so y’all are just doing rebroadcasts now? :( lame.
So many rebroadcasts!
Bettie Bloodshed
While they are getting better at labeling them, I wish they would stop recycling so much material. This is a 5 star podcast, but I can’t stand the repeats
Love this!
Just discovered this little jewel of a podcast!! Well done! Easy listening and informative and interesting!
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