Best food podcast
I’ve been listening to Splendid table for 20 years. It is a great way to explore the world through food, a fun escape, and super useful for family meals!
Informative and calming
I love this show!! I don’t even cook that much, but it is so entertaining and also relaxing! The episodes are super interesting and they definitely do their research. I love how they also tie in great stories, because cooking is so much more than just food!
Stop the giggle
Niban #2dj
No, really. Let Francis direct and mold the pod, but delete his bleepingly horrible giggle. Saying it again: Please. Cease. NOW. Ixnay on the Giggiggigggggex-snort-geckgeckgecko...😱
Rhode Island Ruth
I love Francis’s laugh. It lightens things up and illustrates that cooking can be fun. Rhode Island Ruth I agree with everything that “Donzo” says except his assumption that the people that dislike Francis are all elderly. I am very elderly as are my friends. We all love him and his presentations. Thank you Francis for your statement on how racism has hidden the contributions of Africa American cooks. It was a brave statement, and I greatly appreciate it.
Warm and lovely
Meggy D2
Francis Lam and his kind, warm approach with his guests is so calming. The listener’s Q&A episodes got me through quarantine and made me feel not so alone. My favorite episode is always the big Thanksgiving episode. I love exploring new food and chefs with The Splendid Table every week!
Love Francis and the Show
I’ve listened to Splendid Table for years and loved LRC, and now have fallen for Francis, too. I feel like he uncovers so many special moments with his genuine and respectful way with guests. I love the variety of cultures covered, and all the sounds and descriptions of what’s happening during cooking segments. One of my favorite stories was when he drank the tea that was gifted to him by his grandfather. Really touching. Look forward to it every week!
Downhill, sadly.
Riverbottom nightmare band
This was weekly entertainment for years and years when Lynn hosted. Francis seems like a great guy and I’ve enjoyed watching him on Top Chef, however he’s simply not a good fit for the sensibility the show was built on. He’s not a seasoned of enough chef to give crack-quick advice such as “stump the cook” or can provide advice on a broader background on cuisine at all. He also changes his dialect too much based on who is on the show, it’s off putting. The guests are incredible, the production is superb, the show just needs another host.
More homecooking, less restaurants
This is supposed to be a show for avid home cooks but it is now constantly focused on chefs and restaurateurs. Can there please be more talk of actual recipes or ethnographic food stories rather than cooking professionals? I really liked the show on Persian cooking for example (the 3 dif POVs made it interesting!) Also it’s obvious Francis is uncomfortable giving advice on the fly to callers, maybe just cut the section or bring in a permanent cohost for that, cuz it’s painful for the listener. Milk Street radio and Good Food are now my preferred radio shows, but still hoping ST can step up its game.
Loved this show since childhood!
Loved this since childhood!
I’ve always loved the Splendid Table, and have happy memories of it playing in the background on Saturdays in my parent’s kitchen. Lynn made food ideas so accessible, and its new host, Francis, continues to do the same, keeping those ideas current with the times. Its been my go-to podcast during quarantine, as they’ve adjusted the format to directly address the food questions and quandaries we all have during this unique time. Thank you Splendid Table!!!
Warm and kind
I love listening to Francis Lam’s voice. He is warm and kind, and brings out the best in others. The interviews and cooking advice are always interesting. Thank you for this wonderful show.
Too much chef talk
I was hopeful when Francis Lam was chosen to replace LRC, but the focus of the show has changed too much. It's all interviews with chefs. No actual cooking and the interviews are too focused on so and so's book, rather than bigger cultural or historical ideas. I've listened to the Splendid Table for over ten years now, and I always felt like I had learned something about the world after each episode. Now I'm bored to the point of tears, and annoyed by all the meat advertising. Unsubscribing today.
Love Good Food
AJ worldwide
I love listening to the episode with Christina Tosi and Bryant Terry. Loved getting a master class from Christina. I wish I could have heard more from Chef Bryant Terry instead of Francis Lam answering the listener questions and monopolizing the interview. I was quite put off by that. I would have liked to hear more about his new book. Anyway... I’m probably talking into the wind.
Seriously I can’t cook but🙀
kitten with a whip😼
Just simply one great podcast chock full of amazing interviews 👍. Adore when they talk about wine 🍷 cheese 🧀 bread 🥯 vegetables 🌶 The people the place’s! People can call in ask questions it’s great .Kitchen information & interviews 😊 Thanks!
sm esthet
Glad I didn’t go by some of the reviews and pass this amazing podcast by❗️Love listening while I cook. I always used to listen to Lynn every Sunday so was super excited when I found this podcast. Love.
Love this podcast
Erin SD
This is my favorite food podcast. I loved Lynne, but Francis Lam brings a fresh new voice that I enjoy tremendously. I like that the episodes revolve around a theme and go deeply into each week’s focus.
Really miss Lynn. Show isn’t the same without her. She brought an irreplaceable warmth, intelligence, and sincerity to the show.
Insightfully Delicious
Cayla Blue
This show is such a treat! Great host, heartfelt stories & creative recipe goodness.
Miss the ol days
Wish you could just talk about food I can cook in my kitchen. Not the “culture of drinking”! Not how to make saffron. Not an interview with a chef in his restaurant! Just recipes please.
A wonderful show
I’ve been listening to splendid table for over ten years...I loved Lynn and I still listen to her shows on the website’s archive but the new show with Francis is also amazing! I love how thoughtful and sensitive he is, and how committed he is to looking at the impact of identity and power on the world of food. I find this show incredibly relaxing and I learn new delicious stuff all the time, it makes me a better cook. ❤️
Excellent food people show!!
Jackie eats
Francis Lam has revamped the show to include a diverse range of chefs and food people from various cultures, and I really appreciate how positive, compassionate and inclusive his show is. He also knows his stuff and this is one of my go to food shows for sure! Highly recommend!
First world problems
Really, we completely forget we all don’t have this luxury.
Can we leave politics out of things?
Is it possible to have a podcast about food that doesn’t have political undertones? You’ll dismiss half the country no matter what “side” you take. There’s a time and place for political comment. This isn’t i.
I loved the show when Lynn Rossetto Kasper hosted and I think Francis Lam is just great now that he’s the host! Thank you for keeping it fresh and fun and informative!
New listener
I see a lot of negative reviews based on what the show used to be compared to what it is now. As a new listener I can’t compare but I really enjoy Francis as a host. Fun, light hearted and I don’t mind the occasional intersection with politics and culture. It seems to me a lot of the people who are upset are of an older generation and don’t like the fact that food and food culture is inherently political. Great podcast imo.
Time to move along
Seems like there is more emphasis on chefs and the restaurant scene. Spent 20 years on 3rd shift and rarely spent time going out to eat. I’m more interested in cooking at home and the podcast doesn’t seem to cover that as much anymore. He’s a great host and the topics are interesting but it’s not what I’m into.
Splendid Table
Lucious Lo
Please tell me that the constant repeats of shows means a new host is on the way??? Can’t stand the giggle, comments like “great hanging with you Bro “ and all the constant references to himself . I was a constant listener for years. I gave this a trial for many months but now only tune in to see if there is a guest host. Come back Lynn.
Big Fan- Revised Jan 2020
In the most recent episode a woman talked extensively about going to great lengths to capture and understand how saffron is grown in Middle Eastern regions. She talked about how careful the process is and how risky it is. And then she and Francis ended the conversation laughing about how she tried to cook the locals a dish using saffron and threw in a huge quantity of it, making the dish inedible. How is this respecting their culture and risk? I listened to a long story talking about the lengths she went through to capture this ingredient, but then she didn’t even know how to cook with it? It seemed odd. It’s this kind of content that makes me less interested in this podcast. I prefer Milk Street these days - new episode, better content and hosts. Sorry to say it, too!
Sadly No Longer a Subscriber
Losing LRC was sad by itself, but the annihilation of my favorite food show has been so much worse. Splendid Table was the first NPR program I ever listened to as a teenager, and it awoke my interest and love of the art of cooking. Hearing Lynne describe foods, tastes and textures helped me see cooking as more than the drudgery my mother seemed to find it. Hearing other callers describe their frustrations or curiosities about recipes or new ingredients that I often related to drew me in, and then Lynne’s warm, authentic responses seemed to untangle all the chaos. I was hopeful that Francis would be a wonderful host to fill her shoes, as I really enjoy his personality, but I have been completely disappointed with the show since then. I understand that our background always influences our cooking, so I am not opposed to some storylines before the guests get into their recipes/ techniques, but this show has become a lot of political statements buried in stories by people involved in the food industry. Not an enjoyable or relaxing experience for the listeners. I long for the program to return to focusing on the FOOD, as that is something we can all enjoy and share together. Please... listen to the reviews. Feeling sad to lose something in my week that used to bring me joy.
Lose the Repeats
I like Francis well enough, but I unsubscribed today after many years because I can’t listen to any more repeats. Also, barely any actual food talk included on this podcast anymore. No longer a fun escape from the politics that plague every day and so many eye roll stories.
I miss Lynn. Isn’t there a way to publish her old podcasts?
Losing a young listener
I was sad to see Lynne leave, but excited about Francis as I’m familiar with his publishing work. I agree unfortunately with a lot of what’s echoed here: there is not enough celebrating of food, recipes, and methods. Like other institutions like the Food Network and ironically the Cooking Channel, we’ve somehow lost the allure and importance of actual cooking. I lean on others now like KCRW Good Food—Evan does a great job of balancing human stories with recipes and home cooking. Please bring back cooking to the podcast!
I really wish the older shows by Lynne Rosetto Kasper were available on this podcast. It’s well-produced, but it definitely caters to millennials with very little focus on recipes or the “how-to” behind the art of cooking. Sorry... lost me as a listener.
Too many repeats
Have heard all of these stories more than twice. New content please & agree with more focus on “how to” & recipes.
Catering to millennials
Francis never talks about recipes He talks about feelings, how minorities got into cooking and when he does talk about recipes, they are mostly vegetarian. Doesn’t go into process of anything I miss Lynn
Being Nostalgic - Pining for Lynne
Can you please collect all episodes of The Splendid Table that were hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper and have them in their own separate podcast? It’s very doable, but will you please? Just make room for some new commercials at the end (specifying they’re sponsoring the podcast) and I promise I’ll throw business their way. Plus you’ll keep me as a fan.
Unsubscribed :(
Wish there was more cooking and fewer stories. I tried but the show is so different than before w LRC.
No longer a fan
I unsubscribed today after years; I like Francis Lam just fine, but the content has shifted from food and cooking to people and cookbooks. These days, when I hear Francis introducing the topic of the day’s show, I tend to utter an audible “ugh, no thanks.” I don’t need another entry in the wokesphere, so I’ll look elsewhere for my foodtalk fix... maybe even the disgustingly named Milk Street, or that shrill pie-fest KCRW Good Food.
He had to go political...
I want to hear about food and cooking on this podcast not a passive aggressive political statement about the Statue of Liberty. Using his kid’s Halloween costume as the way to deliver his message made it even worse. Unsubscribed.
So much happiness in this show!
Olivia Celeste
Growing up with Splendid Table on Sunday afternoons with Lynne introduced me to the food world like nothing else, and kept me going as I nurtured dreams of food becoming my career - I am happy to say that now my dreams are coming true! Francis Lam is the absolute PERFECT replacement for her, he is warm, enthusiastic, so curious and just genuinely loves doing what he does. His laugh is everything to me 💖 love splendid table, love you Lynne and love you Francis!!!
Love this podcast!
Francis Lam has such a warm, gentle voice, and the most bubbly, genuine laugh. I love his insightful and respectful approach to interviewing all his guests.
Giving up
The Splendid Table was my favorite NPR show and podcast for years. At first I was excited for Francis Lam to be the host (though sad to lose LRK). I just can’t listen any longer. It has turned into a series of extended infomercials about chefs and their cookbooks. I no longer hear anything that I can put to use in my own kitchen as practical information or inspiration. America’s Test Kitchen gone? Listener call-ins gone? Now I’m gone.
Not a cook
I am not much of a cook, but this show is very interesting and inspires me to try to cook more. I learn so much from each episode.
Loved the past and love the present
I always appreciated Lynn for what she did well and now I appreciate Francis for what he brings. It’s not going to be exactly the same - that would be boring, wouldn’t it? With both, I learn new things about food and about people who are passionate about food. That’s what I’m interested in and The Splendid Table continues to deliver it.
Too much Lam and not enough beef.
Not the splendid podcast it used to be. First, it is very difficult to listen to Francis Lam speak — like you know tee hee hee? Second, I don’t necessarily object to the topics, but the focus now seems to be mainly on the creator, not the creation. Yes, I want to learn about how redzepi came to be interested in fermentation but I’d also like to know more about the fermented products and how they got that way. More about the cooked and less about the cooker please!
Not the same or as good
This podcast is just not enjoyable with Lam. I tried but it’s not working.
Loved Lynne...
I’ve tried hard to like Francis, but his wandering, unfocused comments and annoying giggle have defeated me. I’ve resorted to going to the website and listening to the vintage episodes with Lynne.
Very enjoyable
Rap 2
I listen to this program every week. It is always interesting and culturally challenging! I love it. Thanks
Great to listen to while cooking!
Love the interviewer, love the guests, love the everything about the production. Keep up the good work!
Just can’t anymore...
I used to absolutely love this show, and I admit I was disappointed when LRK retired, but I’ve tried to give Francis a fair shot and it’s just not working for me. The show used to be about food and cooking. Now it’s all human interest stories and some weird insider world for chefs, not the home cook. No recipes, no food talk, no tips, no food culture... And Lam just isn’t that entertaining. I’m actively seeking other podcasts to fill the void.
Francis isn’t Lynn and that is okay, even great
I was super disappointed when Lynn moved on because she was so familiar, but I now really enjoy the angle Francis offers. It feels fresh and more meaningful to our current reality. I am not into the short bits with Melissa though. I find the sound recording annoying but maybe what she is sharing has appeal to someone else. I am vegan but like to hear about the cultural, worldview implications of food and diets, and I also enjoy the alchemy parts of cooking too. The storytelling is most interesting to me, not the quick tips for how to make dinner fast drivel.
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