Better late than never
indy Tony
A friend suggested a couple of specific interviews by Tim and I was hooked... this was in 2020, and so I started from the beginning and have been binging Tim while walking my dog and doing yard work and any drives that I do. He’s a great interviewer and really pulls out great info for his listeners. Thanks for the plethora of great stuff!
Fantastic Insights
stay curious jake
I don’t listen to these as often as I used to, probably because this podcast has introduced me to so many other interesting ideas and folks people who I devote some time to. When I do listen, I am delighted — the content discussed and the questions Tim asks are valuable
Essential Listening
Tim is a mentor to many, myself included. Objectively, this podcast should be part of everyone’s daily routine. You will get something out of everything.
Being a fan of Tim’s for some time now I regularly appreciate his content. He has a humbled approach in lieu of consistently knocking it out of the park. He’s just a really good germ.
One of the Best
Tim and the team have created a medium of remarkable lessons, world class talent, and concrete information that people can apply to their own lives... One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Truly a gift to the world... Thank you Tim and Team Ferriss!
A Gem
I love it
The Only One You Need
ONE Yoga
As a busy CEO coach, there’s always a risk to me that listening to a podcast is not a good time investment. Not with Tim. His interviewing skill is unmatched, even by the giants of the personal improvement world. His guests are profoundly interesting and insightful. His topics are broad yet focused and have open my eyes to many subjects. The wisdom presented by Tim has influenced my day-to-day routine, my mental and physical health, my family, and my business. Plus his presentation is fun and entertaining. In a world where you are constantly bombarded with information, if you exercise discernment, you will listen to Tim’s podcast. With gratitude.
What the hell Tim
This is overall a Great podcast. I’ve learned so much from it and shared it with friends a lot. But you have ads in the middle of the episodes now? Gross I don’t get it. Rogan doesn’t do this and he’s the biggest of all time. Come on Tim stop.
Great information.
I love his podcast. I always find great information and tips to apply in my life as well as good books to read.
Well worth the time to listen to Tim
For me, this show introduces me to people, topics and solutions that were not apart of my prior understanding. Very grateful for how positive, action oriented and thought provoking the content is. Hope others continue to listen and that Tim is able to attract any individual he wants to talk with. We will all be better off if he is able to do so. Highest endorsement.
UFO Ubiquitous Ferris Outstanding.
Any rand fan
In other words,speechless.
Masks and gloves
X13 b45 8
Elephants lurk in the shadows of former tech space. Economists pray for production. I see clean air less oil and brilliant youth, grandpa!
Janna Levin
Extremely thought provoking!
Hugh Jackman and Tim Ferriss
An outstanding episode or a great podcast. Fun, engaging and actionable information throughout the episode. Hugh Jackman shows himself to be a standup role model and Tim Ferris’s demonstrates how well a long interview can be accomplished.
Hugh Jackman
Matt j sam
Here in lies the true potential of the long form podcast. Thought provoking questions from Tim with an incredibly accomplished guest who was real. Hugh was not afraid of vulnerability here allowing the rest of us a peek into his fascinating life showing what it takes to be top notch in all areas of life. Well done.
Hugh Jackman
Chris Heeky
Wow. What an amazing podcast. The time flew by. Insightful. Honest. Humble. Inspiring. Practical. Brilliant.
Hugh & You!
Merry Devil
Top Notch, @TimFerriss! So inspiring!
You and Hugh, wonderful!!
I love your show, but I especially love the Hugh Jackman interview. I maybe fan girling here, but I have always been a huge fan of Hugh and it was such a refreshing, inspired and powerful conversation. It is so beautiful to see and hear the love he has for his wife, the love he has for being present, and his love for inspiring people. I so enjoyed learning more about him, his journey as well as his This show really has inspired me to give that 85% to what I love and to ask GOD to help show me the direction I am meaning to go in. I defiantly could use that one. Thank you Tim for having amazing guests and conversation that inspire, empower and encourage a mind shift.
Love the Hugh Jackman Interview
I’ve been listening to The Tom Ferris Show for years! Absolutely love this show and his guests. But this Hugh Jackman interview is my favorite!! Incredibly insightful with some wonderful life tips from both Hugh and Tim. Planning to buy a rower and some puzzles now! Lol
W H. Jackman
J Matheson
A 10 out of 10. Deceptively simple. Elegantly powerful. This is Flow.
Best in depth interviews and conversation!
Thanks Tim for your amazing interviewing ability and by that I’m also referring to your focus on listening too. LOVE YOUR SHOW! Thank you!
World class learning through conversation
I’ve been following Tim for years now and I’ve learned so many perspective shifting things through this podcast. Thank you Tim, for putting this information out into the world.
Entertaining and educational
Tim, thanks for being you and being entertaining and educational and also a source of inspiration!
a simple thanks
Mitch Fodstad
Thanks Tim
A Man on a Mission
Michael Peabody III
Tim’s contribution to the Psychedelic Renaissance will leave an enduring positive mark on humanity. His passion, commitment, and ability to lever his platform to this end has been one of the most powerful tools in the effort to heal trauma in this world. This podcast should be a must listen for anyone that is searching for truth.
I’ve read and followed many authors over the years to improve my life. Tim Ferriss is the only author, mentor and teacher that I can’t seem to quit. I’ve followed him for years and he is more relevant than ever because he is first and foremost a student himself.
Best Interview!
I’ve always admired Madeleine Albright. Having the opportunity to learn from her amazing experience via Tim’s talent for interviewing was really fabulous. Was especially good to hear from a truly seasoned, female world leader.
Solin, a free, healthy fitness App, led me to you!
Zandress Warrior
#438 - Coach Raveling interview - suggested by Solin (everyone should download that App) did not disappoint!! Exposure to the wisdom and practicality of Coach has made me pledge to be a positive change agent, and I have already put a call into my friend, a woman of color, to connect with her during this difficult time for our nation. I found it spellbinding, and intend to listen to the first interview you had with coach. You are an exceptional interviewer, and I am so grateful to Solin, who continually works to connect its followers with excellent role models.
Thanks Tim!
Love this podcast.
I aspire to Tim’s level of curiosity!
I love this podcast. Tim’s questions for his guest have a wide range, everything from “how can we help others during a crisis?” to “what is your morning coffee routine?”. And his interviewing takes a lot of left turns to keep things moving and interesting.
Always a good listen
If Tim Ferris did not e it’s we would need to invent him. A funny/dark hero of our time, Tim is blessed and cursed as we all are. His podcast is an extension of his quest to learn, ask and share. Highly recommended
Do people not know the definition of humble?
A glimpse of reviews bashing Tim’s demeanor has me loling. Tim is actually pretty humble, considering how brilliant/successful he actually is. Not to mention the fact offers this content for free? Even when he could be a non-humble dude and charge us for it?? Hmm. Even so, the podcast isn’t here for us to decide whether not Tim (of THE TIME FERRIS SHOW) is or isn’t a narcissist, it’s to decide whether or not the show adds value to our lives. In my case, this podcast has been the single most recommended tool I point friends towards when they have questions above my pay grade, and the one resource I refer to most when I am working on improving basically all areas of my life.
You and Liz Gilbert full of yourselves
You have this tendency to come off as very full of yourself, while trying to feign humbleness. And you and Liz Gilbert chuckling about, “oh poor me I get too many proposals and emails and invitations! So now I just delete emails without responding! Hahaha” hilarious.
Life changing
This might not be the podcast for everyone, but I know I can directly contribute most of my success directly to what I’ve learned through this podcast. Tim is the best at bringing together the best people in their respective fields and creates an easily digestible dialogue with all of them. So many life lessons can be learned and great ideas can be explored. Keep it up Ferriss! We all need more positivity in our lives, and through his constant self improvement it’s hard to not find a way to look inside and see a better self.
The most interesting podcast you can listen too.
I’m never disappointed with the guests that Tim has on. Most I’ve never heard of. After the podcast I find myself ordering the books or trying to find more info about them. Tim is definitely a unique individual, I enjoy everything he shares, from books to podcasts, to emails.
yung spielburg
An essential part of any podcast stable
Best interview podcast
Great for inspiration, motivation, and living your best life.
I enjoy this a lot
Love it
The BEST WAY To . . .
Not Be The Sucker At The Poker Table Of Life Amid The Corona, Is To Get The Actual Information That U Need To Successfully Navigate The NOW, So U Will Be Poised & Ready AT ALL TIMES To Gracefully & Intelligently, With Love In Ur Heart & A Knowing Smile On Ur Lips, Glide Effortlessly Into Our Collective Future. If Interested, See Jim Carrey For More. 👍👍 💃🏽🕺
Great stuff!
I absolutely loved the interview with Kevin Hart. All of your content is great, but this one especially hit me with a right hook.
There is no other podcast like Tim’s...
And no other podcast has had as much of a positive impact on my health, wellbeing, and self-discovery as The Tim Ferriss (double ‘r’ double ‘s’) Show. Over the past six years, this podcast has introduced me to phenomenal people and ideas, has inspired me to explore the best and the worst aspects of myself, and has challenged me to re-engage in life to a fuller extent. Thank you. Tim, for the great ride—so far.
One of the greatest podcasts I have followed
Johnny Q. West
I listen to a lot of podcasts and a voracious consumer of content. I avoided Tim Ferris for many years because I thought his idea of 4-hour work week was bunkum and still have not looked into the idea or read the book. Bottom line - I am not a Tim Ferris fanboy. Now to the show. I don’t know when I chose this show and why but wow…..what an amazing show….. I choose podcast episodes to listen on my runs and this podcast is one that is certain to be listened all the way through.
Tim, you’ve lost me...
I’ve been a loyal listener for years, but hearing you take a strident position on the efficacy of face masks in the face of COVID causes me to step back. You may believe you are well meaning and well informed based on your friendships in the medical field, but the well-respected doctors I follow have a very different viewpoint - and one which I subscribe to as it aligns with the notion of personal freedoms (which, sadly, are under serious threat in our country presently). Bottom line, stick to your knitting and be informed about /present all sides. That is only reasonable to expect from someone as well known and respected as yourself, and given the you play as an influencer as a result.
One of the Best Podcasts
Phenomenal content on a range of subjects that most individuals are not exposed to during the course of their pre-collegiate education.
👍🏻🧘🏻‍♀️💪🏻 Recommend
Thank you Tim to put your time and energy to create something meaningful for you and for everyone. I enjoy listen the Tim Ferris show podcast. I suggest to check it out to hear with own earring how it is great. ❤️🌸
Always a treat
I have been listening to this show for a couple of years now and have always enjoyed the insight that Tim and his guests bring to light. I don’t usually like to choose favorites but, episode 430 with Elizabeth Gilbert just spoke to my soul. Thank you Tim!
Educational and Thought-Provoking!
I always walk away having learned something new or with something I want to think more about. Thanks for sharing all your advice and resources, Tim! (Also, big kudos for grouping your advertisements together at the beginning so I can choose to listen or skip through depending on how I’m feeling. It makes me feel respected as a listener - Thanks for valuing my time and only sharing things you really care about.)
Educational and entertaining!
Justin TzR2D
I learn a lot from this podcast. It can be dense with info depending on the guest but it manages to stay fairly entertaining as well.
Are the guests allowed to speak?
Listened to the Ryan Holiday episode as my first, and it was 98% Tim talking. Pretty sad; I wanted to hear from Holiday.
Appreciate range of guests
I appreciate the diverse backgrounds and perspectives Tim’s incredible guests bring to the show including some controversial guests (a freaking Koch bro?). Always good to get opinions that make you a little uncomfortable.
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