Technical issues with some episodes.
Love the podcast but some of the episodes have technical issues. Interviewee can barely be heard but interviewer is very loud.
Great podcast!
Such valuable information! Just discovered this and have listened and re-listened to some! Trying to implement all the wonderful tips! Thank you!
Great episode about connecting feelings with body sensations
High Impact Club
Thank you so much for this amazing episode about teaching children to read their body language, and the connection with the different feelings. I believe good parents are not perfect, they are effective in raising happy, confident children
Rhea has a clever mind
Shaving With Chainsaws
Rhea is the real deal as they say. Content, no fluff and an authentic caring attitude. I wish I had the chance to talk to her for hours. Her joyful energy and passion for excellent parenting is catching ever for a single dude as I.
I want to embrace every words she says. Please give us more.
Very easy to listen to and learned quick tips within minutes
In just the first few minutes of the first podcast, I learned a technique I could use that would build closer intimacy with my child. It just blew my mind how simple it was. After listening to the next 2 episodes, I learned what other big mistakes I make. Big insights into my subconscious and exactly what behaviors I’m doing that’s damaging. This is worth listening to if you want to raise a smart kid who will be successful in life.
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