Cool show but... Pinchbeck? No.
Great episode w Ken Layne but you should do your research on Daniel Pinchbeck. He’s admitted to raping and drugging women since at least 2013. It’s common knowledge since 2017.
This is the best podcast I’ve ever heard. It gives me so much hope
nah i'm good fam
The host of this show, David Parsons, has recently just harassed my friend on Twitter for the HORRIBLE crime of liking movies from the MCU. Please don't give him your time of day.
Workers of the World, Unite ❤️💛
Love the podcast, super informative
Nostalgia Trap is the best
I love hearing about so many of my weird interests: psychedelic experiences, left politics, and history. Amazing guests and incredible podcast! Listen to all of them.
Like... like, you know, it’s like.... like, like....LIKE
I don’t agree with the host on anything related to politics or economics, but his take on pop culture is interesting and usually entertaining. Most guests are interesting too. However, this podcast would be much more enjoyable if the host didn’t say “like” so much. When he gets excited, every 4th or 5th word he says is “like”. He sounds like a teenager and it gives me a dull headache.
Most underrated podcast
The joke is that everyone these days has a podcast. The Nostalgia Trap sets itself apart though by being academic without sacrificing accessibility. It’s a masterclass in democratizing ideas. The biographical interviews are wonderful examinations of how people develop their ideas and values and integrate them into their work. David does a great job humanizing his subjects and drawing them into thought provoking conversations.
Great stuff
not a hippie
Really love the historical perspective. Thanks for making my work day more bearable!
Good conversations
The host has thoughtful conversations with leftist writers and others on diverse topics. Give it a listen.
Completely unique
I've been listening almost since the beginning, and Nostalgia Trap has grown into an old favorite. There's nothing like it: conversations with historians (usually) and their lives on the left that touch on every aspect of the contemporary United States and the world, to the point they'd be interesting to any listener. And for those who are in academia, David has a running emphasis on career paths and the current collapse of humanities employment that he and many of his guests have faced.
Wonderful History podcast
I love this podcast that captures both public and academic history. Really excellent to listen to!
Historians and their stories
Geoffrey Dewan
This has come to be one of my favorite podcasts. I love that David delves into the background of the guests that he has on. There's something deeply illuminating and human in finding out where someone comes from, how they grew up, what their ideas were and how they changed over time. It gives a depth to whatever topic they're discussing which broadens and illuminates the story they bring into the present. Thanks, David, for including me in these conversations.
Nostalgia Trap is one of my favorite podcasts. Unlike a lot of political podcasts, David puts things in a historical perspective and he always seems to have a really good rapport with his interviewees, which makes me feel like I’m at a party with some really smart and interesting guests. Although at times there’s a sense of existential dread in these discussions, there’s always that lefty idealism injected into the conversations that a better world is possible.
Excellent podcast
Great interviews with academics, activists and others about history, culture and society. The wide range of people interviewed means it's sometimes a bit hit and miss depending on your interests, but I've been listening for years and have continued to come back because some of the interviews are truly great.
Unique and excellent
I love the focus on people's backgrounds and intellectual formation. REALLY digging the AM/FM episodes.
Great weaving together of personal narrative and ideas
chance grable
Good variety of guest, some famous, some are not, all are interesting people with well thought out perspectives. Cool format of weaving together personal biography with intellectual and political development. Helps provide a more holistic understanding of scholars and their work. Conversations flow well, goes in different directions but stays in a general direction, like any good history.
Great way to gain broad perspective of 50's thru 70's
Thank you, Dave. You do a great job! You engage intelligent and experienced people who are committed to making positive change and you've provided me with an opportunity to understand more of the dynamics of the upheaval, both during and leading up to, the 60's and 70's.
Nostalgia Trap
Interesting and engaging, but please, let the guests talk and finish their thoughts.
Progressive Thinking
hey, you
This is an interesting podcast: a thinking person's engagement with a changing world. I like mr. Parson's affable enthusiasm and intellectual chops. He steers the discussion in surprising & original directions. Now I want to read a paper on GI Joe as "chewable ideology."
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