The best
Lex lucifer
Best podcast for soccer and a lot fun to listen to. These guys do an awesome show daily. Extra time is absolutely fun and out of this world, so afterwards I head over to YouTube to watch what I’ve just listened to. Seriously can’t get enough. Keep it up. 👌
Needs a lot of Clean up
The podcast is ok... there are a lot of background noise, echo issues and even the sound goes out sometimes( I switched my headset, tried using the phone speaker and even switching to my iPod/IPad. The issue still persist.
Great Keep it up : )
Great pod cast listen in my free time
Very confusing
I really don’t understand what is this podcast about? Is it a professional breakdown or analysis of soccer games? Or just a bunch of ex soccer players expressing their opinions about games and players? Like for example you see a title like Real Madrid’s rebound, talk about Real Madrid for 3 minutes and one of the guys says:”enough of the boring game” and let’s talk about Barcelona and how great they did? Barcelona btw had an awful game if it wasn’t for their goalkeeper, Getafe this season is awful at home. It is just confusing.
bye bye birdie
Good enough show but they blatantly ignore the 2nd/3rd best league in the world. They will talk more Serie A then German football which makes no sense.
The Freckler 83739
It’s all gossip and drama-driven. Cast is okay but Ali offers nothing. No tactics or game breakdowns. Sad that the nations leading sports broadcasting company decides this is good soccer coverage
Love the shows
Keep them coming
One of the worst podcasts out
These guys screaming I mean actually screaming rubbish at each other is one of the worst football podcast around. Everyone involved in the show should seriously embarrassed. The whole tone of the show is wrong. Who is executive producer?? Do us favor mate. I’m Shattered that Gab has to work on this clown show.
I’m a big PSG fan and I think that you could talk about them a little bit more than you do but other than that all Around a good podcast. Also love Juls
Gab and Jules
Good show. Gab needs to not breath in the mic though
Great for the Commute!
D Dagorn
Started watching ESPNFC a few years ago and when they created the podcast I was hooked. Every morning I download the pod and listen on my drive to work. The guys are hilarious and more importantly it seems like they are given a bit more freedom than the usual talking heads sports show. Great chemistry and I usually agree with almost everything they say, even if it’s hard truths about my beloved Chelsea.
Soccer fan must-have
If you are a soccer fan this pod is a must. Helps you keep up to date on all the biggest leagues. Even covers the lower levels. Always entertaining.
Love this pod but....
I look forward to listening to this everyday but this year the serie A is a big topic and I don’t get it. It’s a boring league I’d rather hear about the mls. There is only one team that ever wins the serie A. Even the French league is more interesting bc at least they have Mbappe and Neymar. Please stop making serie A a priority. I turn off the pod or change pods when you talk about Italy. I don’t mind transfer updates and big news but half the pod on Italian football is too much. I never listen to gab and his serie lame podcast bc it’s dry and puts me to sleep. If anything you need more caught offsides pods and drop the serie A nonsense.
love the pod
thank you for uploading this daily. makes my drive more enjoyable.
Love it
I look forward to this pod daily and am thankful it’s so often. Aside from Stevie’s default general smugness and (understandable but still consistently annoying) Liverpool bias, I love everything about it.
Love gab and jules pod
Doritos, King of the Snacks
Why do all the different shows have to be lumped all together though?
Frustrating gaps in coverage
Off the bat - I’m a massive Arsenal fan so there’s a large part of my bias as it concerns this podcast. The fact remains: through two weekends, there are two teams with full points, Liverpool and Arsenal. But instead of hearing about how Arsenal’s handful of new signings are doing or how exciting the match-up at Anfield will be this weekend, the podcast is riddled with gossip/banter-based Man United/City discussion. Ultimately, I’d rather hear football content that covers tactics, player performance trends, and team form with the scope of the full league in mind than trend-baiting coverage like, “Do Man United Have a Penalty Problem?” two weeks into the season.
Spin-offs are the best!
Love the newer Gab & Juls pod and Serie Awesome pod with Gab, Mina and Nicky! The main show is entertaining but the spin-offs provide the best insight and analysis, keep it up! Caught Offside… I mean what can you say, I look forward to every ep; the boys on there have been putting out quality for years
Gab and juls
Love this pod!!!!!
simply can not miss
Team Assignment
1. Redsox, Bruins, Chattanooga Football Club, Detroit City FC, and Georgia Bulldogs. 2. Not really. I’m open to any reflection. The rowdier the better. 3. Stranger things 4. Yes I will finish it 5. At the local soccer field with my family 6. Leonard from Big Bang Theory 7. Math 8. Gritty 9. Yes, I will follow them. 10. Fried Catfish Instagram: david_jacob_morrison Love the podcast! You guys are awesome!
Help a fan!
tasteful neck tattoo
1. I surf, only surf 2. Fish tacos or fish and chips 3. Hawai’i 4. Seinfeld 5. Darth Vader 6. Fire on the beach with a whiskey 7. Foo fighters 8. Yes 9. T-shirt and jeans 10. The little one 11. Playing making midfielder @kauaian_wombat
A show for the 1%
One Star for being overwhelmingly nuanced and granular. 1. If you’d like to educate yourself and better your understanding of the landscape of fubol around the world’s leagues, this is not a show for you. 2. If you want to go balls-deep into the nuances of player relationships and European soccer politics, this is the show for you. Question is, aside from the football meat heads in Europe, how many people actually fall into bucket #2???
Excellent program
It’s the only soccer podcast I never miss. Love the banter. Good analysis. The crew seem like old friends. Keeps me informed on all that’s happening in the football world.
Good, not great.
Surf 0n
Good, but nowhere near the bbc football daily. Love some of the team on the show, but too much random talk about non-soccer stuff. Also, since this is a tv show converted to a podcast, there are some things that don’t work for me (ie going over highlights).
I enjoy the podcast. The guest contributors are insightful and the show has a series of good hosts. I wish the show was longer and broadcasted live at games as well. One hour seems reasonable. Have 2-3 pundits at a time max. Less is more.
Too much banter
Rev. R. McGlinchy
This has the potential to be SOOOOO good! But sadly there is far too much banter, and a lot of old fashioned old bro machismo mentality... When they are on trips to games in exotic locations like the CL Final in Madrid, it’s good to hear a little of their experience, travel, food etc, the life of a sports journalist, it can be interesting for a min or 2... but they seem to talk about that stuff ENDLESSLY. Please remember football first. The last 4+ mins of today’s pod is SOLELY that. Will keep listening for now, but hoping the banter is tamed and the background music quietened or dropped. Oh, and STOP TALKING ABOUT GOLF!!!
Great Cast
The ESPN FC crew have great chemistry, and it clearly shows in all their shows. I can’t speak to the other shows in this feed, but I cannot recommend the main ESPN FC crew show enough.
Gab & Juls
F yeah!
My must-listen during the World Cup
Great insight, candor and chemistry
We do listen!
fisherville listener
Ms McGraff, yes we do listen to your podcast. You and Seb have been doing a great job through this wwc.
WWC coverage is amazing
I’ve loved the daily Women’s World Cup coverage. Appreciate the technical insights and all around knowledge of the women’s game, not just for the US. This needs to keep happening year round for women’s soccer not just the big tournaments.
Kate and Julie for daily podcast about women’s soccer
soccer fan girl
It would be huge for the growth of the Women’s game to have Kate and Julie on daily after the World Cup. Their analysis, insights, experience and expert breakdown of players, games, teams and coaching is valuable for coaches, players and fans.
womens football
merica 2020
Kate and Julie should be on the show full time to give insight on the womens game year round, including club
Burley is a joke
Man Utd hating comedian.
Great show! Love Sebi!!!
WWC coverage is outstanding
Kate and Seb are killing it on this World Cup coverage. Everyday they peel back more and more layers in their coverage of even the most obscure teams and federations. So much more insight than any other news source out there. Really gets at everything that makes the World Cup great. I wish their pods were twice as long.
👍🏼👌 love ESPN amazing shows
Dortmund3 fan
ESPN fc and the other shows we already know are amazing so that’s not what I’m talking about. I want to talk about the new show, Seb and Kate. What a show! I love Kate’s commentary from a center back point of view. As a 14 year old defender I also find myself thinking how we need more defender commentary. Seb also really knows what he’s talking about and holds his own with women soccer greats. Love it keep up the good work👍🏼
Big ups for Seb & Kate
I’m loving the Seb & Kate shows. I had to get used to Kate but what I’ve realized is that she’s super genuine. She has a lot of good insight & their dynamic has gotten better. I’m loving Sebastian. First off, he really listens when Kate or Julie talk, where a lot of hosts just seem to want to get to their next question. & you can tell he didn’t want to be another ignorant male announcer who just follows men’s soccer & then comments on the women’s World Cup. He knows his stuff. He brings up all kinds of info from leagues & past tournaments. I think they do a great job balancing talking about news/controversy & analyzing tactics & game play. (I wish the other espnfc shows had more of the latter.) Hope to hear a lot more from these two throughout the year!
Great World Cup coverage with great guests and super reporting! Thanks ESPN!
Awsesome show
Love this show
How does Steve Nichol have a job
I can’t believe that absolute biased analysis of the Champions League by Stevie on the show last few days. It’s seriously absurd.
Serie Awesome Podcast
the forest, not the trees
Love this podcast and the three of them. Look forward to it every week.
Great Show
Great Show, covers all the leagues very well. Covers the large clubs very well as well. Wish it was 30-45 minutes every show. Love the comedy to within the show. Wish ESPN didn’t move you off the main network.
I have started listening to multiple pods and can say that Craig Burley is the best there is. Yes a little cranky but not afraid to give a professional opinion with technical expertise. The rest of the show staff really balance everything out.
ESPN FC is the best!
I’m a new fan of football (since the Manchester Derby in Sept 2016 “C’mon City!!!!!) and this show has been a huge part of growing love for the game!!!!! The show makes me laugh and smile everyday!!! Thanks folks you are the best, in particular Craig. I know they give you crap about being surly. Frankly, you are the best of the best and I love the direct, honest and harsh observations. Keep it up!!!!
Kinda crap
Love marcotti, Mina is waaaaaay to Juve. Further, why does everybody talk like Juve is some sort of magical club. Seri A is kind of a joke of a league. I mean Juve makes less money than Spurs and Napoli can’t beat Arsenal. It’s a weak league and Juve would probably struggle for CL in England, wouldn’t win Spain and probably wouldn’t beat psg. Stop the Juve fan service and get real. You’re reporters not fans
Serie Awesome podcast!
Serie Awesome podcast is really refreshing to hear. Intelligent discussion in English is not common with Serie A. ESPN needs more programming like this!
Color Lines
Why is it that the EPL has no Referees of color? With the diversity of the league why is it that the FA has not developed a program to introduce minorities to its Referee base? With all the talk about stamping out racism in the game the FA has a lilly white Referee base when the league itself has such diversity.....Practice what you preach.
Love two on tri!
Finally there is some content about the Mexican national team and liga mx! Really only subscribe for two on Tri and max and herc
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