October 15, 2019
I'm back from She Podcasts Live 2019 with some insights from an all women's podcast conference. It was great fun, great conversations and LOTS of laughs. Elise and Jess put on a great event, and everyone walked out with lots of actionable items to put into their podcast. 1:57 Because of My Podcast Jonathan Bloom from Weekly Awesome 3:00 Listeners WILL BINGE YOUR SHOW with Kimberly Sumpter from Sistahs Connect 5:41 You are NOT alone - with Jason from 7:59 Because of THIS podcast 11:54 Your Voice Can Make a Difference 16:41 Speakup Story Telling Podcast with Matthew Dicks  - Women need to speak up 19:51 She Podcasts Live was Safe for Women 27:05 NaPodPoMo - 30 podcasts in 30 days 32:25 question of the Month (answer here ) 33:11 Book Update 33:47 DC Podfest - use the coupon code DJPALS 34:26 35:52 My favorite quote from She Podcasts Live Work With Me Join the School of Podcasting or let me be your podcast mentor
October 7, 2019
I have added a new book to my "Must Read" list if you are a podcaster. The first one was Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt. Why? Because he talks about making WOW content. My second must-read book is Will It Fly?: How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don't Waste Your Time and Money by Patt Flynn. Why? Because it talks about making sure your product (or in this case a podcast) is going to connect with your audience. My third must-read book is Storyworthy: Engage, Teach, Persuade, and Change Your Life Through the Power of Storytelling This seems somewhat obvious, but someone who is good at storytelling wrote a book that was hard to put down. That's like saying I couldn't stop eating cupcakes from the top cupcake baking chef. It's a book I want to read over and over until the skills in the book are as natural to me as breathing.   Full Show notes at
September 30, 2019
Should I Even Start a Podcast? Yes, and here is why. Americans spend over 60 billion dollars a year on diet books. Now you might say that is why people write books because people buy books - because each year more and more people are getting fat. How many people move to Los Angelas to become an actor or actress or to Nashville to be Musicians. You have your talent. You have your goals. You have your unique insights and they aren't going to help or entertain anyone sitting on your computer. I'll Never Be Good As.... I've spoken about impostor syndrome in the past. Today I'm going to talk a bit about Tom Brady who some consider being the best Quarterback of all time in American football. Tom Brady decided to pursue football in college (he was good in multiple sports, but LOVED football). He went to Michigan in 1999. He didn't look at the top quarterbacks in 1999 and say, "I'll never be as good as Bret Farve, Troy Aikman, or Steve Young. Instead, he pursued football and used those quarterbacks as inspiration. You may not be as good as someone, you may actually be better - because you can learn from their history. When Your Podcast Is Stuck Today we are going to talk about getting your show unstuck. Here is a typical podcast that I run into on a regular basis. Maybe this sounds like you: Podcasting for five months Averaging about 54 downloads per episode Looking to grow your audience (we all area) Looking to make some money with your podcast It's hard to monetize a show with 50 downloads per episode. Many people don't realize that you're lucky if you get 5% of your audience to take action. That means three people will take action (if we round up). Finding Motivation to Keep Going You started your podcast cause you love your subject, and you want to talk about your subject, podcasting sounded fun, and you jumped in. Scenario: You and your cousin love to talk about your favorite TV show. You start a weekly podcast and you talk about your favorite TV show. Conclusion: This podcast is successful. You wanted to talk to your cousin about your favorite TV show with your cousin and you are. Now you want to earn some income. You changed your why. Try this: Go to an episode from three months ago and measure how many downloads you got in the first week. Then measure how many downloads you received from one of your latest episodes. I did this for someone at Libsyn and his numbers were up 20%. You Changed Your Why Now you are stuck with a podcast about a TV show that is trying to make money. I said in my previous episode about making money with your podcast that the #1 BEST way to make money with your podcast is to have a product to sell your audience. You don't have one of those. The second best way is through affiliate marketing. Aside from DVD's of the show, there may not be a ton of products related to the show that you can promote and earn a commission on the sale. This leads you to crowdfunding with a  tool like Patreon. Patreon says you might get 5% (that's three people in your case) and the average donation is $7 so you might end up with $21 for the month. That should pay your monthly media hosting bill. At least your not losing money to enjoy your hobby. If you move to a platform that offers dynamic ad insertion (where you earn .0017 cents per download) you would earn an extra thirty four cents per month. Did You Make a Mistake? Some might say you didn't plan enough. You didn't think through your podcast enough, and I'm not sure you agree with that. You started your podcast and I run into people on a regular basis who have been planning their podcast for YEARS. The six quarterbacks drafted before Brady combined to start 191 games and throw 246 touchdowns. Brady has won 201 games in his career — including four Super Bowls — and thrown 450 touchdowns ... and counting. The Beatles were formed in 1960 (Harrison, Lennon, McCartney have been together since 1958). In 1962 they got a manager to make them a bit more professional, and a music producer to help shape their sound. They didn't have their famed appearance on the Ed Sullivan TV show until 1964. That means it took four to six years of practicing their craft, going through some lineup changes (Pete Best, Stuart Sutcliffe, Norman Chapman, Tommy Moore, and Jimmie Nicol). They were a bit like the band Spinal Tap when it came to drummers. Keep in mind that not everyone liked the Beatles Decca Records rejected the band with the comment "Guitar groups are on the way out, Mr. Epstein." So it's OK if not everyone likes you. Who and Why? I've talked about knowing who your audience is a lot of this website, as well as knowing your why. These are the two most important questions you need to answer. If someone had said I want to start a podcast about a TV show and I want to earn a living from it in five months I would've told them to not even bother. If they had told me five years, I would explain to that you need to come up with multiple streams of income. I would also point out, that it is 100% OK to do a podcast as a hobby and enjoy yourself. What Do One of a Kind People Do? Tom Brady is a quarterback in the NFL. For my friends across the pond, forgive me as I say "Football." He is playing his 20th season this year. Brady has played in nine Super Bowls, winning six of them, the most of any player in NFL history. Due to his numerous accomplishments, records, and accolades, he is considered by many sports analysts to be the greatest quarterback of all time. When you take the phrase Greatest Of All Time you get GOAT. I did a deep dive into Brady (shout out to Monica Rivera for turning me on to Tom vs Time on Facebook). I was not surprised that a ton of his success is his attitude. What Podcasters Can Learn From Tom Brady He started as a child attending football camps. He has a genuine, insatiable love of the game of Football. In high school, Brady was not good enough to start on the 0–8 JV team, which had not scored a touchdown all year. He created highlight tapes and sent them to schools he considered attending. This led to strong interest from many football programs around the nation. He joins the Michigan football team as their seventh quarterback. He had over 100 practices his first year not to mention the hundreds of hours of meetings to prepare him to play. He was a backup for two years. When he finally got to play in a game his pass was a 45-yard interception resulting in the other team getting a touchdown. He wasn't sure if the coach would ever put him in again. At one point, Brady hired a sports psychologist to help him cope with frustration and anxiety and even considered transferring to California. He worked closely with assistant athletic director Greg Harden, who met with Brady every week to build his confidence and to maximize his performance on the field. This aided Tom in believing in himself. In his first year at Michigan, he played one game with a rating of 63.7. He sought guidance on a weekly basis The next three years his rating was 137, 133, 138. Brady was selected by the New England Patriots with the 199th overall pick in the sixth round of 2000 NFL Draft Tom Brady realizes that there are many people that want his job, so he works year-round on his game. He realizes he is in a "What have you done for me? business."In investments, there is a line that states "Past performance does not guarantee future results. " He earns his position every day. He cares deeply and has stated that losing super bowls is something he never forgets. He LOVES the game. Why else with someone with an estimated $180 million dollar net worth be putting his body on the line. He understands how to set priorities. He will say, My family is number one, and football is "One A." When its football time, he is all football. When it's family time, he is all in on his family. He has evolved over the years and hires coaches and experts to help out. He is looking for any kind of improvement, even if it's only a one percent improvement. The six quarterbacks drafted before Brady combined to start 191 games and throw 246 touchdowns. Brady has won 201 games in his career — including four Super Bowls — and thrown 450 touchdowns ... and counting. Another saying from Brady is staying hungry- stay humble. He often gives back to the community. Getting Your Podcast Unstuck Tom Brady LOVES to evaluate his performance. He is looking for ANY way to improve his performance. You should do the same. I talked about evaluating your own show in the past. Go back to some old episodes and listen with fresh ears. I recently went back through some old email sequences and found some HORRIBLE mistakes. Go listen to your show with fresh ears. Poll your audience. I just got a poll from the show Chapo House who is making $141,042 PER MONTH and their poll amounted to "What are we doing right, and what do you wish we would do less of." Do you have the courage to send out that survey? If you're struggling with finding topics, then take some time and search for new blogs, youtube channels, podcasts, and other sources of information that you might want to comment on. Take action to DO things that you can talk about first hand. Go to where your audience is and make friends and start relationships with people Make sure your show is everywhere. I'll be talking about this on DC Podfest. I am saddened when someone signs up for the Podcast Review Show or Podcast Rodeo and I ask for a link to your show and they send a link to their episode in Apple. What if I was on android like 80% of people in Europe? Start a Facebook group, or join a Facebook group around your topic. This may feed you with ideas, or introduce you to people you may want to interview. What If I Change Direction? If you change direction (and first, yes you can) you need to have the stomach for it. Why? Because not everyone is going to like your new direction and leave. Are you OK with that? You need to be because you need to realize that anyone who leaves is not your target audience. Then you need to realize that it is a bit like starting over, and it may take some time to get the attention of your target audience and get them to talk about you. Take A Long Hard Look in the Mirror It may be that you've run out of gas about your topic. Maybe you've said all you need to say. Very popular shows like Game of Thrones, Seinfeld, Cheers, all came to an end, and eventually, all podcats will come to an end (unless you hand it off to a new host). Work With Me Join the School of Podcasting or let me be your podcast mentor
September 23, 2019
Dr. Richard Shuster did spend thousands of dollars on his equipment when he started. He used what he had, and moved forward. Little did he know his podcast would stop someone from taking their own life. Richard has a clear goal and focus of the show, and it is that focus that ensures his show resonates with his audience. I can't wait for you to hear his story. Sponsor: Focusrite 00:56 I got to play with a Focusrite 2i2 and if you are looking for an easy use interfact that sounds great it's a great piece of equipment. Scarlett, now in its 3rd Generation, is the world’s best-selling USB interface range with over 3 million units sold worldwide Choose from 6 different interfaces with 1, 4, or 8 microphone inputs depending on the number of hosts and guests on your show Superior sound quality makes sure you sound your best Works with the recording software you’re already using Works with any type of XLR microphone Loopback on select units allows you to record Skype or Zoom calls directly into your recording software with no workarounds New unique Air feature adds brightness and presence to your voice Check out the interface selector tool that helps you pick the right model for you at their website. Dr. Richard Shuster Never Planned on This... 3:25 I want to thank Matthew Passey for turning me on to Dr. Richarh Shuster of the Daily Helping podcast who is a walking "Becuase of my Podcast story." He has a great background including: Master’s Degree in Social Work He's a licensed clinical psychologist He worked at the Cleveland Clinic and assessed NFL players as part of the league’s concussion protocol He has subspecialized training in forensic and neuropsychology and extensive experience working with physically and sexually abused children. His mission is to make the world a better place. His show’s growing movement strives to get a million people each day to commit acts of kindness for others and post it on their social media using #mydailyhelping®. Check out his podcast at Donate to his charity at Bonus Content 34:51 Dr. Richard talks about his assessment tool is different than Myers Briggs. What is PULSAR and how it helps with addiction? Why he is putting people's lives over profits. The P.O.W.E.R.S. assessment. Check out My Thoughts on Fincon and MICDC 35:54 I was asked to speak at Fincon and the Military Influencers Conference. Both conferences were in DC.  I had a great time and probably got more clients out of that week than I have at any other conference. Why? Because the people at Fincon had a budget to learn how to podcast (or they just hire Steve Stewart) and the Military people are disciplined, focused, and not afraid to march into areas and situations they have never been in before. The interesting thing (and by that I mean hard) was these people having conversations I couldn't jump into. The financial people were talking Monte Carlo Simulations, and the military people had so many letters and numbers put together in ways I had never heard of I was always confused (when your A1 tried to get to the G7 before the protocol of WHAT?). At Fincon there was a speakers dinner. Everyone I was looking at was a speaker. I got my food and moved as far away from the crowd as I could. I can talk to anybody at podcast movement about podcasting, but this was different. Then I thought, "If anyone is going to benefit from a podcast in this conference it's probably a speaker." I walked over and did my best to jump into conversations. These were nice people, and they would eventually try to pull me in, but you feel awkward just watching others talk. You feel like a kid trying to jump into a double dutch jump rope. You're looking for the best time to jump in, and you're scared you're going to trip and fall. I say this to let you know that it's scary. I say this to let you know that it's a bit overwhelming to do something you've never done. The fear of the unknown is real. I was able to pull myself up, and I can help you to. Work With Me Join the School of Podcasting or let me be your podcast mentor
September 16, 2019
In a previous episode, three podcasters shared their opinion on the Rodecaster pro. We all liked it but wanted some more PRO options. Today I give you an update. Because of My Podcast - I Got a Sponsor Brandon/StudeeoB of the Beats to Inspire has received his first sponsor from a music-related software company. These included The ability to record separate tracks (both the computer and the SD card) The ability to access the micro SD card without having to pull out the card The ability to add more jingles to the jingle player The ability to see how much time is left when playing a jingle (great for people talking up exit music) I've had mine since January, and with the ability to do all the above (and more) if you want a device that will handle just about anything - this is it. Where the Rodecaster Pro Shines If you are having issues where your guest can't get to a computer and they want to connect via the phone (as in, well, the phone) this is the easiest way to do it). While I would never do this, but to show off its versatility, I could have my co-host on skype via my computer. Then call the guest on the phone and everyone could hear each other. If I had a panel discussion I could connect to another person on Zoom on my tablet and again, everyone could hear themselves. The only thing that I wish it did differently is it records a little lower than I normally would. HOWEVER, it records clean, and increasing the volume doesn't add any hiss. Holy Cow You're an Influencer I am very nervous today mentioning the Rodercaster Pro. Why? Because the last time I did someone with a Zoom H6 and a headphone amplifier bought one. While that setup does just about everything (minus the jingles and all the "Everyone hears everyone" features (the technical term is mix-minus). I say this because if you are doing any kind of reviews be careful and you might want to include to point out who this is a good fit (and when not to buy it) Backpack Studio Reviews StudeeoB shares his insights into Backpack Studio App for the iPhone that works as a jingle player, but also a full recording tool to do your podcast and upload it to your media host. Josh Liston now uses an RE20 Microphone into an iRig Pre HD into the Backpack Studio App for iPhone/iPad I use it as a jingle player, Josh is using it now for recording his comedy show. Check out Josh at Check out StudeeoB at and Work With Me Join the School of Podcasting or let me be your podcast mentor
September 9, 2019
You have a great guest or you have a great story, and instead of getting to the thing that will inspire your audience to share your episode, you go to something else. This may be some sort of housekeeping or minor information that could easily be moved to later in the episode. You NEED to hook your listeners at the beginning of your show. Because of My Podcast: I'm a Cover Girl 01:19 Danielle Daily from the Suddenly Single show explains how doing some creative marketing of her show caught the eye of some people who then went to her website, found her podcast, found her book Dear Self, I love you, Keep Going, and could see that Danielle had done a TEDx talk and asked her to be on the cover of her magazine. A Very Special Guest 6:24 His name is Pete and works with Law Enforcement... Shaping Better Podcast Questions on the Podcast Review Show On episode 84 of the Podcast Review Show, we took a look at the Why Influence show and helped host Jeremy takes his good questions and make them better. As people have asked me about creating questions in the past (which we did cover on the Ultimate Guide to Better Interviews) I thought I would bring some of the information from the podcast review show over here. Podcast Review Prices are Going Up in October If you've thought of getting your show reviewed, but had put if off the price is going up in October so move fast and go to Work With Me Join the School of Podcasting or let me be your podcast mentor
September 2, 2019
The International Podcast Association was launched at Podcast Movement 2019. Today I talk with two members of the executive board Liz Covart of Ben Franklin's World and Glenn Hebert from the Horse Radio Network. Because of Our Podcast - We Lost 100 lbs 1:11 Emily Prokop and John Jominzu of the Hate to Weight Podcast announced on a recent episode that together they have lost a combined weight of 100lbs. Both say the support form their private Facebook group who cheer them on when they do good, and lift them up when they have a bad week has been a determining force in their weight loss success. I love this clip for: Showing the courage each week that reveals their success or failures The honest tears of joy that can't be faked The humble thanking of the group instead of taking credit for themselves. Check out their show at The International Podcast Association 06:10 We are joined by Liz and Glenn from the International Podcast Association who help explain: What is it? Why do we need it? Who is shaping it? What do they need from you? What do you need from them? How long will board members be active? How much does it cost? What is their first order of business? Why they chose to only use board members with no corporate ties at this point. If you haven't already, please visit 22: 55 Why podcasters are better communicators 28:14 What about the podcast puppies? 29:42 No Question of the month in September Podcast Review Show Prices are Going Up in October 33:24 If you want some honest feedback on every inch of your show, you need to move fast at as prices are going up in October. Currently, you get: Two on one consulting (two consultants Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting and Erik K Johnson from Podcast Talent Coach) Review of your audio quality, your flow of content, your goals, your website, artwork, - everything Exposure on the Podcast Review Show podcast Exposure on the School of Podcasting YouTube Channel Work With Me Join the School of Podcasting or let me be your podcast mentor
August 26, 2019
Two reasons people might share things are that they are interesting and that they are useful. Emotions also play into why people share items. When you have something in common with the host it can boost the chance of us sharing the content. Emotions such as laughter or anger. Marketing messages tend to focus on information. But many times information is not enough. They need something more. And that is where emotion comes in. Rather than harping on features or facts, we need to focus on feelings; the underlying emotions that motivate people to action. In the book Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonan Berger they mention six principles of social currency: Social Currency: How does it make people look to talk about a product or idea? Triggers: Peanut butter makes us think of jelly. If our content can harness trigger emotions, or tie into an environment. Emotion: Some emotions increate sharing and others decrease it. In some cases, negative emotions can be useful. Public: Making our ideas more public. Practical Value: If your podcast helps people, people love to be helpful and spread the word. Stories: People don't just share information and facts, they tell stories. People prefer sharing things that make them seem entertaining rather than boring, clever rather than dumb, and hip rather than dull. My audience member said she groups these into four categories: Helpful Social Reciprosity Ego What Was The Last Thing You Shared and Why? Adrea from the Talk about Talk Podcast Steve Stewart gives some strategies of how he using sharing to grow your social media following to promote and upcoming event. Steph Fuccio shared the Smarty Pants Podcast New Media Show had some breaking news about Pandora Tom Tinker Taylor Soldier Sponge Productions shared Shufflecasts cause it made him laugh Paul from the Fighting Through Podcast (WWII) shared a photograph of the Queen Mary to his audience that had been updated to be in color. Sarah Mikutel shared Food Heroes Erik K John shared the School of Podcasting and the Audacity to Podcast as people wanted things a bit more technical than he was comfortable talking about. September Question of the Month How do you decide what's worth spending money on for your podcast? We all obviously have different budgets and needs but what's essential vs what do we aspire to have or use? Go to Mentioned On This Episode Podcast Review Show (prices going up)
August 19, 2019
I was at Podcast Movement last week. I've attended all six Podcast Movement eventss and it's been a blast to watch it grow. This year the venue was HUGE and it was weird as the number of people also grew so it was hard to tell just how much bigger it was compared to the previous year. As always this is a class act all the way around. The checking procedure, swag, were all super professional. As a speaker, I would also say I LOVE the tool they use to track my session. If I had one thing that I wish would change (and I say this every year) having loud, live music at a networking event doesn't work. Last year they had multiple rooms so those that wanted to dance could dance and drink. Those that wanted to drink and talk could go into another room. This year all the free beer was in the very loud room (it does seem wrong to complain about free beer). It was a great year, and even over the loud music the networking was great, and from what I hear Tom Webster from Edison Research had one of the best/controversial sessions which showed that listeners don't seem to care if a "podcast" has an RSS feed or not. Podcast Music Announcement While Doug and the team at have taken a step getting sound exchange into the game, you can't play your favorite music - yet. It will take some time, but we are headed  (slowly) in the right directions. Pandora to Pay Podcasters? A representative fro Pandora stated that Pandora has planned on sharing revenue with Podcasters. This was said during the live taping of the New Media Show. Question of the Month What was the last thing you shared (that wasn't yours) and why did you share it? Be sure to mention your podcast and website. Go to Mentioned In This Show Join the School of Podcasting Ask the Podcast Coach The Average Guy Network Podcast Rodeo Show   
August 12, 2019
Last week an announcement from Google stated that podcast episodes will now appear in Google Search Results: Starting today, when you’re searching for a podcast about a topic on Google, such as “podcasts about Awkwafina” or “Instant Pot recipe podcasts,” we’ll show you playable episodes in Search results alongside web pages, news, images and videos. We’ll surface these episodes based on Google’s understanding of what’s being talked about on a podcast, so you can find even more relevant information about a topic in audio form. Soon, you won’t necessarily need the term “podcast” in your search to see episodes, making podcast discovery simpler across Search. Where Do You Think People Search More Apple or Google? With Google adding episodes to search results we need to ask the question, where are people going to find my podcast? According to a Jacobe media report, 70% of people find shows via word of mouth and only 11% search in an app. Another study from Edison Research and prominent podcast producer WNYC Studios states that: 84% of WNYC Studios listeners report having recommended a podcast to a friend, while 78% overall report having recommended a podcast to a friend. And one in three WNYC Studios listeners share podcasts on social media, at 32%. Podcast listeners also report having discovered the medium in the following ways: 17% via their smartphone, 15% via public radio programming, and 13% from an article or program. Getting a Grip on SEO The minute I heard Google was taking podcasting more seriously, (and that the Apple search was not great) I started studying SEO. Here is my limited knowledge after a few months. Always write for humans.  You need to know where your site ranks Find some keywords that fit your audience, and your website ranks high enough to show up in search results.  Showing up for less popular keywords gets you more results in Google which can lead to higher rankings.  SEO is like Bowling or Golf, LOTS of moving pieces and trying to master it us exhausting.  Some resources I've used: SEO for Podcasters from Daniel J Lewis ( $199) SEO Marketing from Juergen Berkesse of Polymash Skillshare has two classes (and intro and advanced) by Rand Fishkin who started SEO MOZ (one of the top if not THE top sites on SEO) Mangools is a Suite of Tools to help you determine the best keywords and track your progress (free/paid) Ubersuggest from Neil Patel (a free tool that gives you tons of data). WPCRafter has a tutorial that walks you through it.  Yoast SEO Plugin For Wordpress Monster Insights Plugin For Wordpress (Google Analytics) Because of My Podcast, I Got a Press Pass To Comicon Seth/ZAndrex from Geekville Radio (who I just reviewed on the Podcast Rodeo Show) explains how his podcast was enough of a credential to get him a press pass to the Comicon event in Chicago.  Check out his podcast at For more "Because of My Podcast Stories, check out Are You Making ANY Money With Your Podcast? I'm working on the book "More Podcast Money" and conducting more interviews for the book. If you are making ANY money with your podcast, I'm trying to interview more podcasters to better identify strategies, and what is and is not working. If you'd like to be considered for the book please contact me Question of the Month What was the last thing you shared (that wasn't yours) and why did you share it? Be sure to mention your podcast and website. Go to
August 5, 2019
I was lucky enough to meet Kristen Meizner last year and the On-Air fest, and I heard her speak. I knew immediately I wanted to her come on the show. She was working on her new book So You Want to Start a Podcast: Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Story, and Building a Community That Will Listen (also available as an audiobook ). If you're new to audible you can get the book for free. So You Want To Start a Podcast When I started reading this book you might think, "Oh great, a radio person telling us how to podcast" but she even mentions in the book that we should be looking outside of radio for inspiration. We need to rev up our creativity and take advantage of the ability to make any format you want. The book is chock full of ideas to get you to think outside the box, and really fine-tune not just the first five minutes of your show but your entire show. I really liked this book a lot. In today's interview, Kristen talks about The right reason to start a podcast The two questions every podcaster needs to answer What she did for four months to get her format correct Why movies are a topic and not a show How one format idea fell flat on its face You can grab the attention of a larger audience with diversity How long a podcast should be Her feelings toward holiday movies The top thing that makes her tune out of a podcast How introverts can overcome their shyness and reveal their personality How she integrated a story into her podcast Buy the Book Why you need to embrace feedback for your podcast Working with a network The importance of focus groups What she feels is a good length for podcasting How she uses scripts in her show The importance of being yourself How to go "outside the box" with an "Inspirational story" podcast How a podcast is like going to a show where you don't know anyone Contact Kristen Meinzer Twitter: @kristenmeinzer Instagram @k10meinzer Buy the Book "So You Want to Start a Podcast"   Mentioned in This Episode Buy the Book "So You Want to Start a Podcast" Get the Book For Free on Audible Work with Me Work With Me Join the School of Podcasting or let me be your podcast mentor
July 29, 2019
If you have the courage to ask your audience how to improve, they will help you. They want you to succeed. Some people may suggest things that don't fit the scope of your show.
July 22, 2019
From time to time I see people in Facebook groups announcing "Hey I got my first 1000 download episode!" or "I just got (insane amount of money)" for my podcast. When you are just starting out, or even if you've been podcasting for a while if you're just looking at downloads or dollars, the inspiration to keep going can be hard to come by. Today we are going to examine the other ways your podcast is a success. SPONSOR: Podcast Engineering School Be equipped to start their own podcast production company or be hired as an employee. Program Includes: LIVE Interactive Online Training Two Mentoring Sessions with Chris Curran Major Discounts on Software and Plugins Lifetime Access to the PES closed community Certificate of Completion Super Early Bird Specials Apply and prices WILL GO UP. Check it out at Other Ways To Count Podcast Success If your goal was to find like-minded people (cause your spouse said they would not participate in any more conversations around Batman) and you've found some people online to have the conversations you've been longing to have - your podcast is a success. If you had no luck getting in touch with certain people - but the minute they said yes to being interviewed on your podcast - it was a success If your goal was to be seen as an expert and someone sends you an email asking you for your opinion - your podcast is a success If your goal was to "get the message out there" and your podcast has a number that is higher than zero - your podcast is a success. If your goal was to get something off your chest, you want to put your thoughts out into the universe - so you don't feel so invisible - and someone hears it - you're not invisible. Glenn the Geek has people write Christmas songs about his podcast at the  Theracasts can be audio journals that can help you more than your audience in some cases, but they are much less expensive than therapy. Some might say you should do these in a private journal (and you can do that) but sometimes you need someone to hear you - even if its a complete stranger. When someone in your audience chimes in on a conversation that helps you save money or time - that is a bonus to your life. Binders Can Be a Good Thing When I asked Uncle Google what blinders are, I see that blinder "attach to a horse's bridle or hood and prevent a horse from seeing behind and beside him." I mention this alot because its important. Comparing your show to another show is one of the worst things you can do. Blinder can stop you from looking at your past (cause there may be regrets) and they help you focus on your future. Your current value is not based on your mistakes of the past.  Keep focused on your audience and answer every email, tweet, etc and keep the conversation going (don't just answer the question). It Might Take a Bit To Get Some Feedback I started a show called Your Podcast Consultant ( small lessons with big value) for those who like a shorter podcast. I've been doing it for nine months, and finally just got some feedback. The Power of Relationships Jen Briney doest the Congressional Dish podcast that every American should be subscribed to and she recently did an episode on Suprise Medical Bills in America and did a touching tribute to a listener who died. Jen monetizes the show on the "Value for Value" model (meaning it is 100% listener supported) and Jen explains how listeners are a bit like pen pals. It really shows the kind of relationships you build online. Likewise, when I heard Jen cry on her show remembering her listener I wanted to crawl through my phone and give her a giant hug. Why? Because of the relationship, I feel I have with her as a listener. While Jen will blow off and poke fun of herself for crying on the show, what it is - is courageous. She went 100% vulnerable on her show. This also helps build relationships with your audience. The No Agenda Show with John C Dvorak and Adam Curry do a show they deconstruct the media. Their audience is so engaged they are doing meetups to talk about their subject(s). Their audience loves the subject to much they want to continue on the discussion. They even set up a website at and there are MANY websites maintained by their audience with the goal of helping to promote the show Jim Collison is my cohost for Ask the Podcast Coach on Saturday mornings and host a show for his job at Gallop as well as Home Gadget Geeks. He just mentioned that he had started enjoying a cigar every now and then and he was contacted multiple times by his audience who wanted to send him their favorite cigar. Question of the Month This month I'm doing an audience survey (my first in YEARS) and I would love to know 1. What you like about the show 2. What you wish I'd change (I'm a big boy, be honest) 3. What would you like to hear in the future (guests, topics) Please go to and leave your response (there may be a prize for a random person who takes the online version AND leaves an audio version) Last Five in Five What were the last five podcasts you listened to? Dan from the Thank God I'm an Atheist and the How to Heretic show God Awful Movies The Constant Scathing Atheist  Pod Save America The Allusionist Mentioned on This Show Dealing with My Grief Congressional Dish No Agenda Show Home Gadget Geeks Your Podcast Consultant Todd Cochrane New Media Show Work With Me Join the School of Podcasting or let me be your podcast mentor
July 15, 2019
SPONSOR: Podcast Engineering School Be equipped to start their own podcast production company or be hired as an employee. Program Includes: LIVE Interactive Online Training Two Mentoring Sessions with Chris Curran Major Discounts on Software and Plugins Lifetime Access to the PES closed community Certificate of Completion Super Early Bird Specials Apply and prices WILL GO UP. Check it out at What Do I Need To Start A Podcast? I recently appeared at a local meetup for a group in Alabama. The question, "what do I need to start a podcast" came up. I've talked about this in the past and hit different aspects, and I'm going to try to hit all aspects in this episode. Things Everyone Needs No Matter What A Pop filter for your microphone. This could be a foam ball to put over the end, or a mesh shield that goes between you and the microphone. I'm a fan of the Nady SSPF-3 if you're using an ATR2100 or a Samson Q2U. If you are using something like an Electrovoice RE320 you might consider a foam shield with a shock mount or this "repop" filter only available at BSW Your Topic Your topic should be something that you can't help but talk about. You would be willing to talk about it for free for HOURS (cause you are). It's a topic that needs to hold the attention of your target audience and inspire them to tell a friend. It also needs to be in alignment with your goals for the podcast. It Depends... From there you get the most used answer in podcasting, "It depends." While this is true, you often don't get the pros and cons of your options so that is what I'm going to try to do here - make you away of your options. What Microphone Should I Use for My Podcast? Why it Depends: Option 1: Traveling Podcaster If you're going to be traveling alot and need something a little more durable, you might use the Audio Technica Atr2100 as it has a lifetime warranty. Option 2: Stationary Podcaster I like the sound of the SamsonQ2U a little better than the ATR2100. It doesn't have a lifetime warranty, but you're not moving it much. Another option for the stationary podcaster on a semi-professional level is the mic I use the Electrovoice RE320 What Microphone Stand Should I Get for the Microphone? If you are stationary (meaning you're using a room as your studio) check out the Samson MBA38 boom arm that can clamp on to a desk. If you need to take down your gear or if you're traveling, check out the On Stage Combo Stand Recording Co-Hosts or Interviews  What Do I Need? Why it Depends: If they are in the room with you I like the Focusrite 2i2 for two people or the Focusrite 8i8 for four people. You could also purchase a Zoom H6 (and be able to record anywhere) If you're on a budget, then see the Behringer U-PHORIA UMC202HD (for two people), or the UMC404HD for four people Another option for recording up to four people in the room with you is the Rode Rodcaster pro Shouldn't I Use a Mixer? When it comes to mixer vs interface, a mixer allows you to adjust the audio (add bass, treble) where an interface you would do this in software later. Some people prefer interfaces as they are less confusing due to a generally smaller number of knobs. If you want a mixer, one of the best values I feel is the Presonus AR8 USB 8 as it has up to four people, connects to your computer, AND it has a built-in recorder. If you are on a budget then you could check out Mackie PROFX8V2 Do I Need a Portable Recorder? If you're traveling yes. My favorite is the Zoom H6 as it is super versatile. If all you need is a recording, you might check out the Zoom H1 I'm Going to Do All My Episodes on the Road If you're traveling and only going to be recording you and a guest you might check out the Tascam DR-10X that you plug your microphone into. In this situation, you might look into the Rode Interview Microphone My Guests/Co-hosts Are In Another Location If you're on a budget you can use Skype and Ecam call recorder on the Mac, and Squadcast is my Favorite way of recording remote people no matter what the type of computer (you just have to use chrome). Everyone is in the Same Room, but our guest is not... Then you could use the Focusrite 2i2 and connect to the guest via Skype or Squadcast. If your co-host can join Squadcast as an individual (with their own computer) then make sure you and the co-host have even volume levels as you will be on the same channel. How Much Storage Do I Need For My Media Host? To figure out how much space you need, you need to know: 1. How often you will publish 2. How long your shows will be 3. What format This short video tutorial helps you calculate any how much space you need I did a podcast about different formats that explains stereo vs Mono vs 64 kbps vs 128 kbps at For more information on file formats, go to I've also created speadsheet that will calculate these for you. Use the coupon code sopfree  to get a free month at What Web Hosting Should I Use? Here again, it depends. If all you need is a place for people to listen and subscribe to your show your media host often has a free website that will suffice. Right now I'm a fan of Cooler Websites (My Goaddy Reseller) for many of my sites. Siteground starts at $4/month for their Wordpress hosting (which is $12/month after the first year) Recording Podcasts on the Road In this situation, it's best to understand the gear and what it does and then mix and match to create the system that suits you best If you're traveling and only going to be recording you and a guest you might check out the Tascam DR-10X that you plug your microphone into. In this situation, you might look into the Rode Interview Microphone. This is great for the person who is trying to eliminate carrying around a lot of gear If you want people on separate tracks, but don't want a ton of gear the Rode SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit with Interface & 2 smartLav+ Microphones is great for iOs phone users. The Zoom H6 is a sweet spot of not too large, and tons of versatility to record up to six people, and mix in sounds of an iPad if needed. No computer required. You would want to consider a headphone amplifier and headphones for everyone The Rode Procaster is great for performing live shows and can be stored in a backpack or in one of the special cases. Podcast Rewind: Podwrecked I appeared on the Podwrecked show where I explained how I released an episode with a boo-boo, and what my options were to fix it. Podwrecked is about helping you and your podcast survive the ebb and flow of the podcast industry. Check it out at Question of the Month: Audience Survey Please go to Then go to our Contact Page and upload your recording where you answer the questions: What do you like about this show? What do you wish I'd change? What topics would you like to see in the future? Please submit your audio by 7/26/19 Work With Me Join the School of Podcasting or let me be your podcast mentor
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We all want a bigger audience, here are the steps that lead to growing your audience
November 26, 2018 has some new custom tracking tools to allow you to see who is referring people to your podcast. Social Media Marketer Nerd stops by to show how you can do this with any media host using a free tools from Google as well as strategies for launching your podcast.
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The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you discover why you were born.– Mark Twain
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Today we look at the elements of content that inspire people to share it. We also have a great because of my podcast story involving a book deal.
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You don't need a super extravagant setup to achieve great results in podcasting, Apple, Libsyn, and Blubrry update and release their stats. I also talk about how one size does not fit all when it comes to podcasting. The answer is often "it depends." Also Podcasting in Six Weeks starts in just a few weeks.
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