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The best Jerry, The best! I have been listening almost since the beginning and can't wait to hear what you guys do next. If podcasts were on speed dial, yours would be in my 911 spot.
Want to love it...
The concept? Five stars. But the execution? Good God. I just can't do it, even though I want to. Badly. From horrible audio that sounds like it was recorded over Skype (often over a spotty wifi signal) to rambly moments that come far more often than I would like, I had to quit. I'm sick of podcasts that are such pure quality. Plenty take the time to redo the audio, to prepare their points, even if they are recording in their home. Wish these guys had taken the time to pay attention to details, too.
There might be other seinfeld podcasts out there but I found this one first... Matt and Steve are pretty chill. I like how they break down the episodes pitting them against eachother and coming up with a winner at the end. Also love there endings... Simple yet easy to listen to...
its a junior comment
how how how can you guys compare friends to seinfeld? I’ve been listening, and this is a great podcast ! but you guys like friends too ????? this does not compute - Seinfeld= Led Zeppelin friends = Justin Beiber yes- I’m proud i spelled that last name wrong . cmon !!!!!!!!!!!!
for seinfeld fans
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What a concept...It will be interesting to relive each episode. Although they told me to leave a 5 star rating, I do enjoy the show.
Kramerica is the future!!!!!!!
I am really enjoying this podcast. Seinfeld is my favorite show and now I get to hear a podcast about it. I'm almost caught up with the episodes. Keep up the good work guys and I know it could only get better.
Fun Stuff
Long time lover of Seinfeld, found this podcast on New & Noteworthy, very entertaining! Makes my workday go by that much faster :)
My Favorite TV Show!
This podcast is an oasis in the sea of podcasts. I am a Seinfeld fan so I am biased!
Great Stuff
I LOL'ed it
So far, so good. Keep it up!
Great podcast!
this is good. Its not too long and they stay on point.
Maybe I wasn't in the right mood, but I found this podcast to be a little tedious. I loved Seinfeld and was excited for some in depth convo about the episodes. But the two hosts didn't do a lot of research. They have some insightful things to say and their opinions are valid, but they spend a lot of time speculating about things they could have easily researched. The sound quality (at least in the two eps I listened to) was sub par. It sounded very tinny, and even cut in and out at times. They clam they've done a podcast in the past, so these amateur problems should have been worked out. Lastly, the opening standup is pedestrian and unnecessary. It's worth a listen, but will not blow you away.
This podcast is funny, entertaining, and yada yada.
Great commentary!
Nesto THD
Great commentators and good insight into the series along with the usual Seinfeld comic relief. Very entertained!
Laugh Factory
Michelangelo Richard
So entertaining it helped me avoid my weekly emotional breakdown. Plus it gave me something else to discuss at the office instead of the weather!
People Like Me?
It's so great to hear such interesting discourse about one of our national treasures--Seinfeld! Without watching the shows, I'm able to relive the scenes through the voices of Matt and Steve...all from my office cubicle. Boom!
This podcast is hot!!!
Robert Sacamano
Seriously, as soon as I hit the subscribe button and downloaded my first episode, my phone melted. Had to write this review from my iPad while it sits in a dewar of liquid nitrogen...that's how hot this podcast is.
This podcast is hot!!!
Robert Sacamano
Seriously, as soon as I hit the subscribe button and downloaded my first episode, my phone melted. Had to write this review from my iPad while it sits in a dewar of liquid nitrogen...that's how hot this podcast is.
I enjoyed this a lot!!
It was great rememebering back to the episodes and listening to Matt and Steve talk about them.
Phenomenal stuff!
giants fan 25
Really entertaining and insightful podcasts for fans of the show.
These guys are awesome!
Loved the Friends podcast and I'm very excited to see you tackling Seinfeld! Must have for any Seinfeld fans!
These guys are great. Highly recommended!
Matt and Steve
These guys are great podcast hosts and I can't wait to listen to their new podcast.
Fast weight loser
A must for any Seinfeld fan!
A Podcast with something about a show about nothing
The new format is great! I love all thing the 90's, and Seinfeld is no exception. Although the way Seinfeld starts conversations you could listen without ever watching an episode. Can't wait to see who ends up with the better record, and which episode reigns supreme.
New Seinfeld Podcast
Friends Challenge Podcast
This is great! I am so excited that the Friends Challenge Podcast team has taken on Seinfeld
I like it
FCP Steve
Seinfeld Challenge is a good podcast, listen if you like Seinfeld.
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