These are my boys!
Fantastic podcast!
Xenogos Bloodmoon
Do you like magic the gathering? Do you like alcohol(especially kraken)? Do you have a sense of humor? For you answered yes to any or all of these questions then this is the podcast for you!
Wolverines and tsg
Two good reasons to listen. Also devils acrobats
Amazing Podcast!
Heavy Meta is 1 of the best MTG/MTGO podcasts around! Kevy, Matty & Ferret are always full of energy and bring it every week! They bring on good guests and their stories are great! They love interacting with the SVU and are easily reachable on twitter!
Only the best podcast around!!!!
They give a realistic view of magic the gathering. And wizards as a company. Always a blast to listen to. Never know what to expect with a new episode. But I always am laughing by the time it is over with.
Fill your ear holes with Heavy Meta
You're not going to find a more entertaining MTG Podcast. Do yourself a favor and download every episode and enjoy the insane ride that is Heavy Meta. SVU approved. (shout-out to robotlarge)
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