June 26, 2020
Now that we’ve covered the stacking process, in the episode, I want to cover some extra resources that’ll help you. That includes equipment, software, and much more. I also want to give you some next steps, so you can get started on this right away. By...
June 19, 2020
Now you know how to create a content stack, getting so much more from every piece of content you create. Next, we’re going to amplify that through the wonder of seasons. Not just a tool for fiction or documentaries, seasons can work for everyone. They...
June 12, 2020
Last week, we covered the content stack, and how it works. This week, we’ll get right into how to create it, from start to finish. If you don't have the time to create great quality blogs, videos and Podcasts, then I’ll show you how through smart...
June 1, 2020
Hey folks, Colin here from and bringing you a special short series on podcraft, starting today and continuing another 3 weeks. The aim of the series is to cover something I call the content stack. This is a concept around creating...
May 25, 2020
In this series on video conferencing for remote or big teams, we're looking at how best to setup, prepare for and run your online calls. On this episode, it's the final step: running the call! What's the etiquette, online? How does it differ from...
May 25, 2020
In this series on video conferencing for remote or big teams, we're looking at how best to setup, prepare for and run your online calls. This episode is all about the preparation. What can you do, ahead of your online meeting, to make sure it runs...
May 25, 2020
Video conferencing and online calls have rocketed in the past couple of months, for obvious reasons!For many this new way of working is yet another steep learning curve in amongst all the other craziness that has happened since the start of 2020….....
April 6, 2020
We recently ran a listener survey, exploring the discovery and listening habits of 780 podcast consumers. 41% of participants have never run their own show before. Read the full reportSome of the key takeaways were40% prefer to search their listening...
March 6, 2020
This week, we're bringing you a final bonus episode, coming from a new show that Colin's just released, called the Podcasting Tools show. It's a podcast all about gear, gadgets, resources and tools for podcasters, something that Colin's super geeky...
February 28, 2020
This week, and for 1 more week, we're bringing you episodes from a new show that Colin's just released, called the Podcasting Tools show. It's a podcast all about gear, gadgets, resources and tools for podcasters, something that Colin's super geeky...
February 21, 2020
This week, and for the next 2 weeks, we're bringing you episodes from a new show that Colin's just released, called the Podcasting Tools show. It's a podcast all about gear, gadgets, resources and tools for podcasters, something that Colin's super geeky...
December 10, 2019
Podchaser is often referred to as “the IMDb of podcasting”.The company was founded in 2016 with the goal of creating the “ultimate, platform-agnostic podcast database.” On this episode of Podcraft, Colin is joined by founder Cole Raven to talk about the various ways podcasters can utilise Podchaser.The platform enables you to create your own profile. Then, you can link that profile it to all the shows and episodes you've ever been involved in.Podchaser lets other users “follow” your show, so they'll never miss an update from you in their feed. They have a great ‘lists' feature too, so you can create themed lists of your favourite podcasts or podcast episodes. There's also a rating and review system. Cole points out that many podcasters ask for iTunes/Apple reviews on their shows, which excludes the huge number of folks listening on non iOS devices. With Podchaser, anyone with an account can leave your show a rating and review.Users can even review individual episodes. You could start to leverage this by asking your listeners to review each episode on Podchaser to let you know exactly what they think. This could be a good way to determine what content really hits the mark, and what stuff you might want to consider dropping in future.Podchaser is a fast growing platform that's becoming a great place to discover new shows. Users can keep up with what their like-minded friends are listening to, following, adding to lists, and reviewing.For the interview show podcaster, it's also a really good place to seek out interesting and relevant new guests for your show.As the platform is still relatively young, it's a good time to get on there, create your profile, and ‘claim' your podcast/podcasts. Cole and the Podchaser team are very supportive, receptive to feedback, and constantly adding new features and tweaks to the service.Support the show
November 28, 2019
New mics turn up on our doorstep all the time here at The Podcast Host. Which is handy, because our ‘best podcast microphones' article is one of the most popular on the entire site.Many podcasters love equipment and gear. And, though it's far from the most important factor in making a great podcast, who doesn't like to try out some brand new kit?So what exactly did we try out mic-wise in 2019? I thought I'd put together the sound samples recorded for each individual review, so you could listen through and compare them in one easy-to-listen place.What You'll HearHere's what we'll be listening to, along with links to their full reviews on the site.AKG Lyra USB – $150Electro Voice RE20 – $400Aston Stealth – $400Zoom SSH-6 Shotgun Attachment – $150Rode Wireless Go – $210AntLion ModMic USB – $70 – full review coming soon!Rode Procaster – $200Rode Rodecaster – $600It's worth saying up front, that if you don't listen to this episode with over-ear headphones on, the subtle differences between each one might be lost on you.That said, listening through earbuds in a busy, noisy place, is exactly how most listeners consume podcasts. So if you don't notice any difference at all, that could be a great reason to spend a lot less on your recording gear.Need More Gear-Choosing Help?The above mics are the ones we tried out in 2019, but there are plenty other great options on the market.If you'd still like to shop around a bit, then be sure to check out our best podcast microphones and best USB mics roundups.For more help on the audio and recording front, check out our ultimate guide to podcast equipment. This'll run you through everything you need, as well as everything you don't need.And, if you'd prefer a bit more tailored assistance, check out The Podcast Host Academy. There, you'll get access to our community forums, live Q&A sessions, courses, resources, and much more!Support the show
November 12, 2019
Here David Bain talks about the process of creating your very own book, based on the content from your podcast.
October 2, 2019
Interviews are a big part of podcasting, and for good reason.They break up the potential monotony of one voice talking for too long, they add expertise and gravitas to your episode, and it's a chance to tap into your interviewee's own following – a tale of two audiences!You'll want to get the most out of your interviewee and maximise their contribution to your cause. That boils down to the conversation you have, and the questions you ask. No pressure.We've covered how to record an interview extensively, so now it's down to what you should be asking them! That's what we cover on this episode.Read the full articleThere are two parts to this.First, we'll go into how to formulate interview questions focused on your own topic, and on the interviewee themselves. Every good interview should be mostly tailored to the person you're interviewing after all.But, second, we'll look at the types of more general questions you can use to dig deep and get some interesting, unexpected responses. Bear in mind, of these, some questions will be more relevant to your show than others. Please use responsibly!Work with us in The Podcast Host AcademySupport the show
September 25, 2019
Every successful podcast has to be unique in some way. If there's no uniqueness, then there's no draw. There's no reason to listen.And with over 700,000 podcasts in Apple Podcasts, you have to give people a reason to listen.Read the full articleTaking on a new podcast, as a listener, is a commitment. Don't underestimate that. It's giving up 20 minute of your time, at a minimum, to find out: is this any good? Is this going to make my life better?Dramatic? Yea. But true? Undoubtedly.They want a problem solved. Anything from the deep three – health, wealth and happiness – to the surface one – fighting boredom. They pick their problem, and they search a topic based on that. So, when they find your category, the question becomes: “Why should I listen to this particular show, and not one of the other squillion shows on video games?”That's where your uniqueness comes in. It's what makes you stand out from the crowd. It's what attracts listeners to you like a moth to the flame.Do you know what your uniqueness is? Or your unique selling proposition, as some call it? That's what we're here for.A big thanks to NameSilo for sponsoring this episode. Use our coupon code podcraft to get $1 off your first order.Support the show
September 18, 2019
We've run our annual Grand Gear Survey to find out what podcasters are using to record their shows in 2019? We also found out a bit about how they're recording. Read the full article - complete with graphs and chartsIn this episode, we talk through the results in full. You'll hear stats from our sample of 330 podcasters on the following;Top Microphone BrandsTop Microphone ModelsMicrophone TypesMic StandsPop FiltersMonitoring HeadphonesPost-ProductionRecording DevicesRecording MethodsVideo RecordingLive RecordingA big thanks to NameSilo for sponsoring this episode. Use our coupon code podcraft to get $1 off your first order. Support the show
September 10, 2019
In a world of YouTube views and Twitter followers, we've become accustomed to figures in the hundreds of thousands, and even millions.Read the full articleIt's important to realise though, these numbers are completely irrelevant to podcasting. The time and effort it takes for someone to click ‘Follow' on Twitter, or watch a few seconds of a Youtube video, should never be compared to podcast listening.Podcast listening is a commitment, and an investment. It's long form content that isn't immediately accessible via shiny sidebars and viral social media clickbait.So comparing your downloads to someone else's Instagram followers is like comparing the number of rooms in your house, to the number of trees in the Amazon. It's completely irrelevant and utterly pointless.Does it (as usual) Just Depend?Of course it does.Could a podcast about breeding Russian white dwarf hamsters realistically expect to see the same downloads as a podcast about Game of Thrones? Absolutely not.Does this mean that the podcast with more downloads is the more successful one? Again, absolutely not.If you ran a podcast about a topic that was only interesting to literally 10 people in the world, and you were getting 7 downloads an episode, statistically, you'd be running the most popular show in history.It's the size of your potential audience that's the big factor. Here are a couple of things to consider.Firstly, how many folks out there are interested enough in your topic to actually want to consume content about it?Secondly, how many of those people are current podcast listeners?Thinking along these lines will help bring you closer to seeing what those cold hard download stats tell you. They can help you set realistic goals, that don't involve drawing comparisons with viral videos and celebrity social media accounts.A Good Gauge One of the easiest ways to get a snapshot of podcast download stats as a whole, is to listen to Libsyn's official podcast The Feed.Libsyn are one of the biggest podcast media hosting platforms in the industry.Naturally, they can only provide stats based on the shows that host there. But there's over 50,000 of them, which makes it a pretty significant sample size.Their show – The Feed – is also essential listening for any podcaster – even if you don't host with Libsyn. They provide great statistical data every other week. This can help you to see how your numbers measure up in the grand scheme of things. Remember, though, that it's far from the whole story.At the time of writing, here were the latest figures. These are based on the number of downloads in the 30 day period following the release of a new episode.If your new episode gets, within 30 days of its release:more than 136 downloads, you're in the top 50% of podcasts.more than 1100 downloads, you're in the top 20% of podcasts.more than 3200 downloads, you're in the top 10% of podcasts.more than 7,700 downloads, you're in the top 5% of podcasts.more than 20,000 downloads, you're in the top 2% of podcasts.more than 36,000 downloads, you're in the top 1% of podcasts.Source: The Feed – Episode 145A big thanks to NameSilo for sponsoring this episode. Use our coupon code podcraft to get $1 off your first order. 
September 4, 2019
Podcast advertising is just one of many ways to grow your show's audience.Growing an audience, ultimately, starts with creating good content on a consistent basis though. Then, if you make it easy to find and share, you'll struggle not to grow your audience.However, many early-stage and aspiring podcasters don't like to hear that it can take months, or even years, to build an established listener-base.Podcasting is a long game though, and “overnight success” is a myth in this medium.Getting More PlaysThere's no getting away from the above facts. But, for those willing to spend some money, it is possible to get more ears on your podcast in a short period of time.Of course, your content will still need to do its job in making these listeners stick around to hit subscribe. But, you're listening to this podcast, so naturally, you've already got that part nailed down!So, where can you actually run some podcast advertising? And which options are the most suited to you and your target audience?What are the Paid Podcast Advertising Options?The following list is ever-changing, ever-growing. At the time of writing, here are the best options available to you.They're in no particular order, because in podcasting it's rarely ever a case of “the best”, and almost always a case of “it depends”.Read the full articleSocial MediaGoogle AdsOvercastSpotifyPrint MagazinesPodnewsSponsor a BlogSponsor Another PodcastA big thanks to NameSilo for sponsoring this episode. Use our coupon code podcraft to get $1 off your first order.
July 29, 2019
In this episode I'm talking to Kennedy and Rob Temple from Responsesuite. Their speciality is using surveys to get your know your audience, and particularly to in using them to create great products or services that suit exactly what your listeners need. So, if you've been looking to grow your listeners, and start using your podcast to sell a product or a service, this episode is right up your street. You'll learn how Rob and Kennedy think about listener avatars, how that helps you create better content and grow awareness around your show, how that then leads to great products and services, and how surveys can be used throughout this to get the real detail that makes a difference.
June 12, 2019
Some might call this a "Pet Peeves" episode, but you can also think of them as "Growth Opportunities".
June 11, 2019
Some might call this a "Pet Peeves" episode, but you can also think of them as "Growth Opportunities".
June 4, 2019
A bit of a bonus episode to bring down the curtain on our Podcast Equipment Series. You put a lot of work into creating your episodes, so let's have a chat about where (and how) your end product is actually consumed. This episode starts with a discussion about why you should consider listening to less podcasts too. It was prompted by a great article by Greg Campion titled The Problem With Podcasts (thanks for the heads up, PodNews) and, for a deeper dive on this, check out the excellent Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. On to the listening apps, Colin uses BeyondPod (Android) whilst Matthew uses Overcast (iOS) and both were in agreement that things like playlist and playback-speed customisation, as well as individual show and download settings were key factors here. From a podcaster perspective, you'll be listed in these apps (and most other apps) simply by being listed in iTunes/Apple Podcasts. You'll still need to submit to Stitcher and Spotify independently though. For more on this, check out our Best Podcast Directories roundup.And, if you've enjoyed this episode, this season, or our content in general, remember you can work directly with us inside The Podcast Host Academy. That's where you'll find all our courses, community forum, downloadable resources, and can join in on our regular live Q&A sessions!
May 29, 2019
There are a few good reasons why you might want to broadcast the recording of your episodes live - and maybe even film them too. Doing live episodes can help build and harness community, as your listeners can feel more directly involved with your content. And the content itself can benefit from that immediate feedback. The ability to answer questions and offer help and advice in real time can really enhance your podcast. You can also double up your content output without doubling up your workload, by uploading the video recording to Youtube afterwards. The live approach isn’t for everyone though. Especially if you’ve just started out in podcasting and don’t have an audience yet. Try to keep things as simple as possible in those early days. However, if you feel you’re ready to jump in and start doing live shows, then this episode is for you. Resources MentionedHow to turn live broadcasts into podcasts that don’t suckBest Podcast making appsThe Podcast Host AcademyAlitu – The Podcast MakerSoftwareSpreaker LiveMixlr – Broadcast Live AudioEcamm LiveManyCamEquipmentLogitech C920 Pro WebcamRode SmartLav + SetupSamson Q2URode Rodecaster
May 22, 2019
Okay, granted, having a top-of-the-range mic doesn't necessarily mean you'll have top-of-the-range content. But the various bits of equipment different folks are using to create audio can become an obsession for some podcasters. We know this because the Equipment section of our site is by far the most viewed and visited. Combine that with your average podcaster's love of stats, and that's what led to us running our first podcasting gear stats survey back in 2017/18.Well, that survey is back, and we want to see what the podcast equipment landscape looks like now, in 2019. Has anything changed in this bold new era where you can launch a media hosting service one morning, and sell it an hour later for $400 million? Take a minute or two to fill out the survey and help us find out. But it's not just hard data that could be your reward here. We've put together some great prizes which will be drawn and distributed at random amongst six lucky entrants. Platinum PrizeRode Procaster (XLR) OR Rode Podcaster (USB) – your choice! (worth ~$250)Or a $200 podcast equipment equipment budget on Amazon. Gold PrizeOne year's free membership to The Podcast Host Academy.That's our membership site where you can use our comprehensive catalog of courses and resources to plan, launch, and grow your podcast. In there, you can join in with our active community and take part in our regular live Q&A sessions. Silver PrizeSix month subscription to Alitu: The Podcast Maker App.With Alitu you can record your content, build your episode, and publish to your media host without having to learn the ins and outs of audio production. Bronze PrizesThree copies of Out on the Wire, by Jessica Abel. This book is a masterclass in audio storytelling, and an essential read for podcasters of all levels.  Survey Closes: 11:59pm Pacific Time, Tuesday 4th JuneTake the Survey
May 15, 2019
In this episode we're looking at Audio production software, commonly know as 'Digital Audio Workstations' in the audio production industry. We'll look at the most common options out there to give you an idea of which one might suit you.A Digital Audio Workstation (or DAW, for short) is simply an audio editing package that lets you cut out mistakes, splice together different clips and add in music or sound effects. It also allows you to process your audio with a range of different effects, all of which can make your Podcast sound much better. Listen to the episode here to find out more!Resources MentionedThe Podcast Host AcademyAlitu: The Podcast Maker AppAudacityHindenburg JournalistAdobe AuditionReaperThe Complete Podcast Software GuideBest Podcast Editing SoftwareBest Podcast Making AppsThe Minimum Effective Editing ApproachBest Tools for Recording a Podcast Online
May 1, 2019
Cables, stands, jacks, plugs, pop filters – the less glamorous, but still utterly essential part of the podcasting equipment pantheon.It’s common for podcasters to spend three figure sums on both their mic, and their recording device, then link the two together with a cable they’ll spend $5 on.On this episode, we look to better understand all these different ‘Bits & Bobs’ by running through what they are, what they look like, and what they do.Types of Audio Cable & ConnectionXLR CablesXLR cables and inputs. XLR cables are commonly known as microphone cables.They have a male end and a female end, and are used to connect microphones to equipment, or to create a link between two pieces of equipment (like a mixer to a recorder).Quarter Inch (1/4”)The 1/4″ (6.35mm) plug looks like a bigger version of the 3.5mm plug.They’re commonly used to connect microphones and other gear to recording equipment such as mixers or preamps.Most mixers and recorders will allow you to connect either an XLR cable or a 1/4″ jack to the same port. These are known as ‘Combo Ports’.The Standard Headphone JackThe 3.5mm plug/connection is most commonly found on headphones and earbuds. They’re also found on some smaller microphones too, like ‘lavalier' clip on mics, and headsets.TS, TRS, & TRRS PlugsAudio plugs (like the 3.5mm plug) have markings on them to determine exactly how they work.These markings come in the form of little black bands that run around the shaft of each plug.These bands separate each different function of the plug in question.A plug with one band is known as a tip sleeve or TS jack. That's because the single band separates the tip from the sleeve.A plug with two bands is known as a tip ring sleeve, or TRS jack, because the bands have separated a ring in the middle, between the tip and the sleeve.A plug with two bands is known as a tip ring ring sleeve, or TRRS jack, because that has two rings separated in the middle.So what's the purpose of all these tips and rings, and how do they work differently?TS plugs are traditionally known as mono plugs, because the tip is feeding all the audio to the source in one dose.TRS plugs are traditionally known as stereo plugs because the tip is now being used to feed the left channel of your audio to the source, whilst the ring is feeding the right channel.In recent years, a third option was added to this setup – the TRRS plug.The extra ring was brought in to accommodate a microphone or video option. The most common use of TRRS plugs is talking through a headset on your PC, or making a hands free call on your phone.RCARCA connectors are also known as phone cables or AV jacks.Mixers have RCA ports on them, and these enable you to connect and play media through them.RCA cables are usually Y shaped, with the white and red stereo audio plugs at one end, and a single plug on the other end, such as a 3.5mm or 1/4″ connection.We also cover headphone splitters, microphone stands, and pop filters.Resources MentionedThe Best Boom Arm for PodcastingStudio Cable Management for PodcastersFinding the Best Audio Cables: The (Not So) Fascinating TruthBest Podcast Microphones on the marketAlitu - Our Podcast Maker AppWork With UsNo matter what kind of studio setup you think you'll need, or whatever kind of podcast you'd like to do, you can get all the help, support, and advice you need inside the
April 23, 2019
Podcast listening isn't exclusive to podcast listeners. Podcasters need to listen to their own audio too - both whilst it's being recorded, and whilst it's being edited. We call this type of creator listening "monitoring", and that's what we'll be discussing on this episode of PodCraft.
April 17, 2019
You most likely already carry an expensive recording device around with you everywhere you go. We're talking, of course, about your smartphone. In this episode of PodCraft we take a look at the different gear and options available for turning your phone or tablet into a fully functioning podcast studio. Gear MentionedRode SmartLav + and SC6 Splitter - lavalier mic optionSamson Go Mic Mobile - wireless option, lavalier or handheldZoom iQ5 - attachment capsule Shure MOTIV MV88 - attachment capsuleShure MV5 - desktop mic which also works with computer via USB You can also record on-the-go with digital recorders, portable interfaces, laptops, and even mixers. We've already covered this in previous episodes of PodCraft, so check out the links there for more info on that.  Also MentionedOur Best Podcast Making Apps RoundupBackpack Studio (formerly BossJock)Alitu - Our Podcast Maker AppWork With UsNo matter what kind of recording setup you think you'll need, or whatever kind of podcast you'd like to do, you can get all the help, support, and advice you need inside the The Podcast Host Academy. In there, we run regular live Q&A sessions, have courses on everything from equipment and editing to promotion and monetisation, and a load of downloadable resources, checklists, and tools designed to help you achieve your podcasting goals. It'd be great to see you in there!  
April 1, 2019
On this episode of PodCraft we're talking Mixers - when and if you might want one. It's not cut and dry by any means! Let's look at the arguments.And you can also check out our Best Podcast Mixers roundup if you're already won over to the idea of getting one. We'll be mentioning some of our favourite models in this episode too. When Might You Think About Getting a Mixer?Here are the reasons you might want to go ahead and starting looking at mixers:You want more audio inputs - eg. more microphones, along with Music, Skype, etcYou want more control over those inputs, such as levels, EQ, compression, etcYou want to start using pro level equipment, such as XLR condenser microphones that need phantom powerYou want to increase reliability and qualityYou want to cut the computer out of the equationYou want to live produce, creating your show like a radio show, cutting down on editing.Why Might you NOT Want a Mixer?There are plenty of reasons NOT to get a mixer, such as:You simply don't need one. Most podcasters don't. Cost - mixers, decent ones that is, are expensiveComplexity - mixers can look intimidating to beginners, and sometimes having too much customisation options just leads to paralysis. Which Mixer Should I Go For?As always with podcasting, it depends on a few different factors. Here are 3 solid options though. The Yamaha MG10Samson MXP124FXThe Mackie Pro FX8The Rode Rodecaster Pro Mentioned in This EpisodeHow to set up a Mix-MinusThe Podcast Host AcademyAlitu - The Podcast Maker App
March 20, 2019
In this episode we’ll cover why you might want to use a digital recorder in your podcasting efforts, and how to choose the best one for you.We’ve discussed digital recorders in the past, and in fact you can find current definitive guide here: The Best Digital Podcast Recorders on the Market. This episode discusses the very same stuff with a little extra detail.We'll cover: Why Might you Need a Digital Recorder for Podcasting?Mobile recording – capture an interview any time, any placeRisk mitigation – avoid recording to a computer and the crash risk that posesBackup – Record to Digitial Recorder PLUS PC for the best of both worldsWhat Digital Recorder Should I Buy?Each option depends on your own unique situation, show format, and budget. Zoom H1 or Tascam DR-05 - the lower cost 'lite' modelsZoom H4 - mid-range optionZoom H5 or Zoom H6 - premium options Also MentionedAlitu: The Podcast Maker App automates your podcast productionThe Podcast Host Academy - work with us to plan, launch, and grow your podcast  
March 15, 2019
In this episode, we’re talking microphones. We cover the best microphones for podcasting, and how to choose the right one for you. You can also read our popular article on the subject:The Best Podcasting MicrophonesFor series 11, we’re looking at your next steps in terms of equipment. In this series we’ll be going through all of the kit you can use for podcasting, from one end of the audio chain to the other – microphone to editor. For each type I’ll be covering Entry level and pro level, and talk about the lifecycle, ie. what you should start with and how/when you can upgrade.Equipment is where a lot of us totally geek out, spending far too much money on shiny new bits, and I’ve been more than guilty of this in the past. I’m hoping that this series can help you choose and sensible starting point, and guide you through the upgrade process over the coming years.Gear Mentioned in This EpisodeSamson Q2U (USB and XLR)Shure MV5 (USB)Blue Snowball (USB)Blue Yeti (USB)Rode Procaster (XLR)MXL 990 (XLR)Shure SM58 (XLR)Rode Smartlav + (Lav mic for smartphone)ATR3350 (Lav mic for digital recorder)Resources MentionedThe Ultimate Podcast Equipment GuideBest Podcast Making AppsUpgrade Your Equipment In Line With Your SkillsI genuinely think that you should only upgrade your kit in line with your presenting and production skills. In the beginning you don’t need a £300 microphone, you need to practice talking to your audience.Then you need to practice your editing and audio production. Then you need to practice your storytelling and writing. THEN, you’re ready for really good quality kit.Don't Upgrade Everything At OnceIn a similar vein, don’t do it all at once. The most basic reason for that is that you’ll spoil the fun of buying new shiny bits by blowing it all at once! The more practical reason is that you really want to make sure you’re using every bit of kit you own in the best way possible.For example, start with the microphone. Learn how to speak into it properly, cutting sibilants and plosives, and maintaining a good distance. Then, learn it’s other quirks, such as background sensitivity and recording pattern.Once you know you’re using the mic in the best way possible, THEN you can buy yourself the next bit of kit. If you do it the other way around then you’ll end up confusing bad results with one piece of kit with bad use of another. You need to know the first element is working perfectly before you can hone your skills with the next.Automate Your Podcast ProductionAre you a complete beginner with no real technical background, and no desire to learn about audio editing
December 18, 2018
As another year draws to a close, we sit down to chat through the last 12 months at The Podcast Host Towers. What went well? What didn't? And what do we have planned for the future?In terms of big milestones this year, we had the long-awaited launch of Alitu - The Podcast Making App, the switch up of The Podcast Host Academy to an annual membership, the launch of our Podcast Launch Service, and we brought down the curtain on this first season of our space-science audio drama documentary podcast Hostile Worlds.We put out an updated version of season 1 of this very podcast during 2018 too. Now known as season 10, it's all about how to launch your first episode, and focuses on everything you need to do to get it out there.We've also been keen to take on highly-produced projects as part of our Podcast Production Service. This year we had the pleasure of working on Inside Indie Games, on behalf of the UK Games Fund, and The Converge Challenge Podcast. If you'd like to work with us on a highly-produced podcasting project of your own, then we'd love to hear from you.Colin talked through some of his highs and lows this year, from his Podcast movement and Inbound trips, as well as designing the Alitu interface, to his "failed" live video attempts, and the headache of trying to recruit new developers.In 2018 we also attempted to establish the Scottish Podcasters Meetup, but it didn't pick up the momentum we were hoping for, and we eventually gave up on it. There's still hope though, as Colin is talking to someone about potentially taking it over.On the industry-wide side of things, we tried to refrain from making any predictions (cliched, cynical, or otherwise), but gave a nod to the unsurprising fact that many great audio drama shows are now being developed for television.Finally, we'd like to wish you all the very best for the holiday period, and for 2019!
September 11, 2018
Creating a 30 second promo trailer for your show is a great way to grow your audience. A trailer is a little "taster" for potential new listeners, and gives them an idea of the tone, feel, and content of the show. It's easy to consume, and easy to share too. On this episode we're going to listen to and offer feedback on some promo trailers that were created by members of The Podcast Host Academy as part of our monthly ($50 prize) competition. The shows are; The Postcard Academy - Tog & Thel - The Curious Parent - High Heels & Heartache - Here, you'll learn more about the ways you can create a promo trailer that really works for you in promoting your show, and pulling in new listeners. Also mentioned; How to Make a Promo Trailer - The Podcast Host Academy - Alitu: The Podcast Maker - Hostile Worlds -
August 29, 2018
On this episode, we're talking niche. That's neeeesh, not nitch, but either way, it's all about getting really specific with your content offering. Karen Reyburn is our guest, and her whole business is built around this concept. She runs a creative agency, but for a particular niche: Accountants. On this episode you'll learn: What is a niche, exactly? And why it's not just an industry How to find your own niche, and be an audience magnet Can you go too small with a niche? Resources The Profitable Firm The Never Settle Podcast Alitu - the Podcast Maker app
August 14, 2018
By it's very nature, podcasting is storytelling. But what makes a story good, or interesting? Well, who better to give us a crash course on how to tell great stories than Jessica Abel, creator of the essential book and podcast series Out on the Wire. In this episode, the key things you'll learn are; How to capture good stories How to draw stories out of interviews How to use tools such as the X/Y Formula, the Focus Sentence, and the Story Matrix
August 7, 2018
Jon Ferrara was the founder of Goldmine, which was a customer management tool back in the day, but when he sold that company he didn’t stop thinking about connections, and networks. He kept an eye on the CRM market, and spotted the fact that they tended be pretty expensive or over complicated, or a bit […]
July 31, 2018
You can pour your heart and soul into making the best podcast possible. But simply hitting publish and taking the “if you build it, they will come” approach isn’t enough, sadly. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to optimise your show’s exposure and continually grow your audience with new listeners. And to talk […]
July 24, 2018
Planning and launching your first podcast can be a steep learning curve. But once you’re actually putting episodes out there, the pitfalls are a little different. Now the battle is about keeping things consistent, sustainable, and enjoyable. So once you get past your first 20 episodes, what then? That’s what we’re going to help you […]
July 17, 2018
So far we’ve walked you through to the point where you’ve uploaded your first episode to your media host. At this stage, you have a podcast. But it still can’t actually be found in all the places people actually listen to podcasts. That’s an easy fix though, don’t worry! In this episode we’ll tell you […]
July 10, 2018
So you’ve recorded your first podcast episode and now you’re ready to share it with the world. How exactly do you upload it though? In this episode we’ll give you a crash course on podcast websites and media hosting. Here you’ll learn what you need to publish a podcast episode, and the various options available […]
July 3, 2018
Cover art and music are two ways of branding your podcast and giving it its own unique personality. It isn’t essential to have music in your podcast however. If you want to keep your show really raw and simple then you might avoid using it altogether. But music can create that immediately identifiable opening to […]
June 26, 2018
Without a doubt, editing is the one aspect of podcasting that we’re most frequently asked about. In this episode we’re going to run through some of the options available to you when it comes to editing. What Can I Edit With? You can use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to edit your podcast. Commonly used […]
June 19, 2018
On today’s episode of Podcraft we’re taking a look at something that’s super important. However something that you might not naturally consider. Your recording environment! By this, we mean the place you decide to record and how all of the factors around you can come into play. Recording Environment The recording environment goes hand in […]
June 12, 2018
We know that one of the biggest barriers you might have stopping you creating your podcast is worrying about how to set-up your equipment. We’re going to go through how to get your show on tape, how to set-up everything you need to record your perfect podcast. And we’re going to cover recording online, and […]
June 5, 2018
Winging it is certainly a skill, but there’s also something to be said for great planning & scripting. It can be the difference between a listener feeling really engaged with your podcast and thinking it’s a bit of a waffle. Planning & Scripting In the sixth episode of our tenth season of Podcraft, we look […]
May 29, 2018
There’s no doubt that you’re recording a podcast about something you love. And therefore you can probably talk for days all about your topic! However, you only hold your listener’s attention for so long. So how do you figure out what the best length is? And how often should you give your listeners new episodes […]
May 22, 2018
In the fourth episode of our new Podcraft season, we talk formats and approaches. You’ll need to consider which kind of format you’d like your podcast to be when beginning to plan out your podcast. And you’ll need to work out the approach you’re going to take to get you there. Let’s run through the […]
May 15, 2018
In this episode of our tenth season of Podcraft, we continue to explore the first steps in launching your own podcast. This week we focus on audience. We talk about who you should be podcasting for and how to find out who your audience is. Who Are You Podcasting For? An Avatar is your ideal […]
May 8, 2018
In the second episode of our tenth season of Podcraft, we debate the answer to one of the greatest questions that every podcaster faces; What are you podcasting for? If you are thinking of launching your own podcast, you should have a reason for doing so. In the show we explore the best way to […]
May 1, 2018
In the first episode of our tenth season of Podcraft we decide to re-evaluate the basics. As a celebration of our tenth season anniversaray, we are re-examining and re-recording the topics we discussed in Season one. Episode one looks at the benefits of podcasting. Benefits Of Podcasting Number 1: Engagement Voice engages audience. This builds […]
March 28, 2018
On this episode of Podcraft, I’m talking to Nicolas Steenhout from the A11Y Rules Podcast. Nicolas is an accessiblity evangelist, helping anyone he can to improve their online content’s accesibility. I loved his top-line advice around the all-round benefits of being familiar with accessibility: A little time spent learning the basics of accessibility can help […]
March 8, 2018
In the final episode of our season on creating Highly-Produced Podcasts, we look at some of the tools and tactics to make your workflow as smooth as possible. Tools for Planning Evernote Trello Notion Tools for Scripting Scrivener Celtx Trint – Automated transcriptions (cheaper) Rev – Human transcriptions (more accurate) Tools for Production Adobe Audition […]
February 27, 2018
In this episode I’m talking to Joanna Penn of ‘The Creative Penn Podcast‘ about monetisation methods for podcasting. Joanna runs one of the UK’s longest lasting shows, alongside her hugely successful ‘self publishing’ website: The Creative Penn. Early on she made the decision that the show had to pay for itself, to justify her time away […]
December 24, 2017
The Podcast Host team try the “just 3 guys, in a basement, drinking beer” approach in this Christmas special, where, unfortunately, you’ll learn absolutely nothing about podcasting. Well, maybe there’s a bit of “how not to” in here… Aside from that, some of the topics you will hear about are Scottish beer, animal adoption, tabletop wargaming, […]
December 21, 2017
The vast majority of podcasts are run by one single person. But does the “one man band” approach work for Highly-Produced Podcasts? The answer is, it depends. There are reasons why it can work, and reasons why it might not. You might really dislike some of the tasks involved in putting this type of show […]
December 14, 2017
The use of music, ambience, and sound effects can really enhance your podcast episodes and give them that highly-produced feel. In this episode we talk about the use of these elements, and how to get the right balance so that they enhance and compliment your content. We discuss where to find music and sound effects […]
December 7, 2017
It’s likely that you’ll want to have interviewees and guests on your highly-produced podcast. Like pretty much everything we’ve discussed in this series so far, there’s an overlap with recording interviews for “standard” podcasts. But there’s definitely some extra work in the planning and execution we can put in that can enhance our finished piece, […]
November 30, 2017
Do you need different equipment and recording methods to create a “highly-produced” podcast? The short answer is no, but we’ll be taking a look at this question in more depth on this episode. There are various elements that make up highly-produced episodes. You’ll need to record the presenter narration, as well as the interviews or […]
November 23, 2017
One of the main things that sets a highly-produced podcast apart from a “standard” podcast is the level of scripting and planning. It’s a good idea to think in advance about the ultimate aim of your series, the aims of each individual episode, and how they all fit and flow together. There’s a decent chance […]
November 16, 2017
Although there’s no rules in podcasting about how episodes must be structured, we do see some common themes when we look at highly-produced shows. These podcasts tend to have more elements, and the presenter may duck in and out, introducing, getting out the way, then coming back to pass comment on something. This might be […]
November 9, 2017
Whether you’re trying to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, or want to showcase your production skills, making a highly-produced podcast series can be great for building an audience and getting noticed. And by “highly produced” we’re really talking about shows that mix in multiple elements beyond the standard intro-content-outro template. A much used […]
September 28, 2017
The ins and outs of employment law might not sound like the most entertaining topic in the world to most people. But Blackadders Solicitors here in The Podcast Host’s hometown of Dundee are building a dedicated and enthusiastic following around their show Employment Lawyer In Your Pocket. In this episode I’m chatting with one of […]
September 21, 2017
In this episode I talk to Andrew Clews of The Motoring Podcast about how they’ve gone about breaking into very non-podcasting niche. We also delved a little into how they’ve gone about structuring their show, to allow for different types of content and different types of listener: particularly news vs industry stories. If you’re curious […]
September 14, 2017
On this week’s episode of Podcraft we’re joined in the studio by Ryan McLeod. Ryan runs a local design studio business, Slurpp, as well as his own Podcast based around the creative industries in our very own city, called Creative Chit Chat Dundee. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about on today’s Podcraft […]
September 7, 2017
Some of the biggest questions we get here at The Podcast Host are surrounding the legalities of podcasting and creating content. We’ve been trying to trace down a podcasting expert who specialises in this sort of stuff, and that’s who we’ll be interviewing on this week’s episode of Podcraft – the show about everything podcasting […]
August 31, 2017
Something that we’ve been hearing quite a lot recently is people thinking they need to have a load of recorded podcasts before they launch. We disagree. You don’t need 20 episodes (or even 10…or 5) episodes recorded before you launch your show. We’ll be explaining this, and more, in detail on this episode of Podcraft […]
August 28, 2017
Here at The Podcast Host we’ve been hard at work recently, creating a new highly-produced podcast. It’s called Hostile Worlds, an it’s an audio drama/space documentary hybrid. If that’s right up your street, or if you just want a taster of how something like that might sound, then here’s a little teaser for you… Join […]
August 24, 2017
Ever thought about broadcasting your podcast live but also keeping it as a podcast as well? Well you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing on this week’s episode of Podcraft. This is the podcast about everything podcasting, from launch to monetization and everything in between. We’d also like to thank Podbean for […]
August 17, 2017
It’s episode 11 of season 8, and we’re looking at those most annoying of creatures – faults in our setup! It happens, every now and again: you make a recording and there’s some kind of buzz or whine in the background. Or, perhaps there’s no sound at all – it’s just not recording. How do […]
August 10, 2017
This week, I’m (Colin) doing solo show answering a question that came up in The Podcast Host Academy community forum. One of our members is finding his original podcast brand and concept a little limiting. It’s a common thing – we start out in quite a niche subject, and end up wanting to branch out […]
August 3, 2017
If you have on-location guests or co-hosts your audio quality will benefit greatly from using multiple mics. But can you use multiple mics without a mixer? And if so, how? Links Mentioned: Asio4All Focusrite – Scarlett Interface The Podcast Host Academy The Podcast Host – Equipment The Podcast Host – Recording with multiple USB mics […]
July 27, 2017
YouTube is one of the biggest search engines in the world, so it certainly won’t do your podcast any harm to have some presence there. So can you upload your podcast episodes to Youtube, and if so, how? Links Mentioned: Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Audition Adobe Premier Pro Audacity Libsyn Soundcloud The Podcast Host – […]
July 20, 2017
Would you like to get yourself out there by being interviewed on other podcasts? If so, how do you go about it? That’s what we were asked about on this episode of Podcraft – the show about everything podcasting, from equipment to monetization and everything between. Links Mentioned: Audio Drama Production Podcast Calendly PodcastGuests.Com Schedule Once […]
July 13, 2017
Hello and welcome to another episode of Podcraft! This is the show about everything podcasting, from equipment to interview skills and everything in between. We’re taking another break from listener questions this week. This time, to have a chat with Doug Kessler, the Creative Director at Velocity Partners. Doug chats about his role at the B2B […]
July 6, 2017
Another week means another episode of Podcraft! This is the show about everything podcasting, from equipment to interview skills and everything in between. This week for you we have a few different things. We’ve got a quick question via voice that Joe Kearny sent us in via SpeakPipe. We’ve also got a voice message from Freek Zilvold […]
June 28, 2017
Hey and welcome to another episode of Podcraft. This is the show all about podcasting, everything from interview skills to equipment and everything in between. Today we’re changing things up a bit from the usual listener questions, with a very special guest on the show – Chris Ducker, the founder of Youpreneur. As well as […]
June 22, 2017
Hey folks and welcome to another episode of Podcraft. This is the show all about podcasting, everything from interview skills to equipment and everything in between. We’re back this episode with some more questions from our listeners. We’ve got one question from the splendid, magnificent Dan Brew and also a comment back from Natalie Silverman as […]
June 6, 2017
On this episode of Podcraft, I’m talking to Brett McKay, who is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Art of Manliness.  The Art of Manliness is a site I’ve been following for years, and Brett’s turned it into one of the biggest men’s destinations on the web with over 10 million views every month. But it’s […]
May 28, 2017
Hello and welcome to another episode of Podcraft. This is the show all about podcasting, from podcast equipment to recording skills and everything in between. If you’ve been following along then you’ll know that in our last episode we changed things up a bit from normal. We plan to talk answer a lot more of the listener […]
May 21, 2017
Welcome to another episode of PodCraft. This is the show all about podcasting, from podcast equipment to recording skills and everything in between. We’re changing it up a bit this week. Recently we’ve been posting a lot of interviews, but that’s not the case for this episode. The plan is to try and get through a […]
April 17, 2017
Description: This week I’m talking to Tom Evans of The Zone Show. Tom is a prolific podcaster, having reached 232 episodes in just 3 years, and he has experimented with various ways to monetise the show through that time. On the episode, I talk to him about creating sponsored content within any industry, about the […]
February 23, 2017
Paul Kemp is The App Guy, and he has over 500 episodes under his podcasting belt!
February 16, 2017
Colin chats with Thor Holt of the Write With Courage! podcast.
February 2, 2017
Knitting seems to be the default example anyone in the medium will give when making the point that you can podcast about anything. And this week’s guest Jo Milmine is doing exactly that with her show Shinybees. Not only is she podcasting about knitting though, she’s actually having a lot of success with it too, […]
January 26, 2017
Satchel Podcast Player co-founder Beau York joins Colin to talk podcast apps, discoverability, and local vs national podcasting. Also mentioned on the episode, the newest addition to our podcasting family – The Audio Drama Production Podcast.
January 19, 2017
Jon Butt runs a daily podcast called Marketing For Owners, which is an integral part of his business Mentioned in this episode Growing Your Podcast Audience series of blog posts Meet Egdar Tips & Tricks from Marketing For Owners
December 20, 2016
What do you do when you think you’ve nothing left to say on your topic? Also Mentioned Scottish Podcast Scholarship Transcription Matthew: A question coming in though the website from Brian. What if I’ve run out of topics to cover? What if Brian hadn’t got in touch and we’d run out of topics to cover? […]
December 13, 2016
Whether it’s a friend, your employer, or a prospective client, if you think someone has the potential to make a great podcast series, how do you approach the subject with them? Also Mentioned The Podcast Industry in 2016: Latest Market Research Scottish Podcast Scholarship Transcription Matthew: Big thanks to Ronnie for this episode’s question. How […]
December 7, 2016
What happens if you don’t launch with 3, 5, or 10 episodes? Will your podcast be doomed before it starts? Transcription Matthew: Great question that’s came in from Mary on the website. How many episodes do I need launch a podcast? One. Is that us done now? End of the episode? Colin: Done and […]
December 1, 2016
How do you find new listeners in a niche that traditionally isn’t overly technical? Also mentioned on this episode – our Podcast Scholarship Competition Matthew: Here’s a question that came in through the website from Leslie. What if my target audience isn’t technical? What’s the starting point for this Colin? You’re maybe doing a […]
November 29, 2016
How do you put your show on hiatus without losing a chunk of your audience? Transcription Matthew: So this was a question that we got in through the website from Derek and to be honest this is something that I’ve wrestled with in the past as well with my own podcast, so what if you […]
November 24, 2016
Your website is your podcast’s home online. So what should you have on there? Our free course on how to build a peerless podcasting website can be found here. Your Podcast Website is also an article in our Growing Your Audience series. Transcription Matthew: So this was a question that came in through the website […]
November 22, 2016
How do you sell the idea of sponsoring your show to someone? Transcription Matthew: So this is a question that came in from Graham. How do I approach potential advertisers or sponsors? So I suppose you’ve maybe started a podcast, you’ve been doing it a wee while. You’re spending some money on it and you’re […]
November 17, 2016
There are lots of great options out there for recording in-person interviews. Mentioned on this episode Fan Fission – our membership community Zoom H5 – digital recorder Zoom H1 – digital recorder ATR3350 – lav mic Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 – preamp Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 – preamp SM58 – dynamic mic MXL990 – condenser mic Samson […]
November 15, 2016
For some aspiring podcasters, picking something to talk about is the biggest challenge of them all. Matthew: This question came in from Joan, and it’s an interesting one, Colin, because a lot of people call at the podcast and because they have a topic in mind, but then there’s also a large majority of folk […]
November 10, 2016
Batching your podcasts basically means that you record and produce in bulk. There are many benefits to doing things this way, but is it a good idea when you’re just starting out? Matthew: Here’s a great question that comes in from Thomas, is batching a good idea for new pod casters? Before we answer that […]
November 8, 2016
Are download numbers enough to measure the engagement of your show’s audience? Transcription Matthew: This question came in from Linda who is asking, how does she measure engagement with her podcast? I guess the first question that comes up here from her point of view is why might you want to measure your engagement, Colin? […]
November 3, 2016
If you run an interview podcast, it’s good practice to research your guests before you chat to them. Transcription Matthew: This was a question that came in from Peter, he was wondering how should he go about researching guests before they come on the show? Obviously if you get in touch with somebody you want […]
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