June 25, 2020
Hello my friends! This week I’m catching you up on where I’ve been – and on what’s coming next. I’ve been quiet on Instagram lately, and in this episode, I’ll explain a bit more about why. I’ll discuss how it feels to go deeply inward, what it feels to shed traits that you thought you “had” to have, and what’s been going through my mind these days. I also want to especially highlight in this episode that no matter what happens in this world – especially as we experience such an intense year – you can always turn to your inner voice for guidance on how to heal and help others. So I’m sharing a few refresher tips on how to tap into that infinite wisdom. Whether we talk again next week, next month, or next year, may something wonderful happen to you today. 🙂 “Your inner voice knows it’s the ocean in a drop. Not just a drop in the ocean.” – @JessCLivelyClick To Tweet   SHOW NOTES   Eckhart Tolle     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    
June 11, 2020
This episode is a Lively Show first: a recording of a call with The Collective Collective! You’ll hear The Collective, channeled by Annie Francoeur, answer questions from CoCo members about recent events and all kinds of heart issues. The Collective guides us through the question of what, if anything, the COVID-19 pandemic means for humanity, and how to help people who are suffering in this time. We touch on decision making, karma, lucky numbers, the power of prayer, and how humans can get stuck in the same loops over and over. We take a look at shame and fear, and the intense amount of power those emotions can have over people. We also have a powerful conversation on how parents can support their kids through health issues or struggles – this part made me tear up! I’m so happy to share this episode with you, and I hope the supportive group energy of the session lifts you up! “Safety is in you. Safety is how solid you feel inside of your own self. Safety is not out there. So any crisis, any war, any threat – it may affect the safety of your physicality, the safety of your house, of whatever is material….Click To Tweet     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    
June 4, 2020
This week’s episode is a conversation with the inner voice of Nicole Perkins, a brilliant and talented IVFT facilitator of color. In processing the killing of George Floyd and the centuries of systematic racism that led up to it, many minds are confronting painful questions right now. How do inner beings perceive racism, injustice, and trauma? In this episode, Nicole’s inner voice offers insight on the emotional weight that many people of color carry, how inner beings perceive white privilege, and how to raise kids during this time in human history – among many other important topics. Thank you Nicole for sharing this conversation with us!   “We love you and we honor you…Just be with the feelings that you’re feeling. Whether it’s anger, guilt, shame, love, joy, compassion – lean into those.” – @metaphysicalme_Click To Tweet   SHOW NOTES   Lively Community Foundation Emotional Wellness Brigade     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    
May 28, 2020
Hello my friends! In today’s episode, I’m sharing a clip of what happened when I did my own inner voice session with an IVFT grad! The session drew on both inner voice work and rapid transformational therapy, and I was able to access an inner part of myself that had a whole lot to share. My inner being shared tips about body image, anxiety, death, and some of the fears our minds hold onto over the years. My inner being also explained a metaphor I’ve never heard before that I am SO excited for you to hear - it’s a great way to better understand the essence of our inner being. I can’t wait for you to hear it!     [Tweet "“The completeness they're looking for is in themselves. But the mind doesn’t realize that for a really long time. So it keeps looking and keeps completing and keeps seeking. That’s okay." - @JessCLively"]   SHOW NOTES   The Lively Community Foundation     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
May 21, 2020
Hello my friends! Today I’m touching base on what I’ve been up to - and what I’ve been letting go of lately. This downtime in Hawaii has me pondering what you might call “area specific alignment,” and how the mind tends to find ease in some areas of lives but not others. In today’s episode, I’m using some examples to explain this topic and how it can relate to your experiences with the law of attraction. If you’ve ever found yourself looking for external joy or validation surrounding an issue in your life, you’ll totally relate. I’m explaining how I’ve kept trust in abundance through career changes, made peace with my body, and changed how I experience my own vision of myself in the mirror. I’m sharing what deep trust in yourself and the universe feels like, how you might be feeling something similar in your own life, and how to notice energy leaks. During this season when so many of us are reassessing priorities, confronting old limiting beliefs, and spending a whole lot of time alone with our minds, I hope this episode offers you a new way to approach this chapter of life. Here’s how I’m going beyond the mind even in this unprecedented time - and shedding thoughts that don’t serve me along the way. I hope you are safe and well wherever you may be!       SHOW NOTES   Inner Voice Facilitator Training Abraham Hicks Eckhart Tolle TLS #235 with Erica Gellerman TLS #253 with Erica Gellerman     LISTEN TO THE SHOW    
May 7, 2020
This week we’re back with the Collective, channeled by Annie Francoeur! Today the Collective is helping us sort through the patterns and habits we get “stuck” in - and how to flow beyond them. We talk about how deep-rooted patterns can take shape within families, and how the mind’s tendency to be judgmental can relate to that. We also cover addictive and obsessive habits around things like food, drinking, online shopping, or whatever the addiction might be for you. (I know lots of humans are struggling with this during this locked-down phase of life!) If you happened to see my stories this week, you know I’ve been reflecting on my own 9-year experience with eating issues, and what it meant for me to finally release those issues a few years ago. This topic is coming up for me a lot lately, so I hope that delving into this might help you with any similar experiences you’re having. If you’re in the same boat I was, you’ll definitely want to hear the Collective’s insight. They clarify how to acknowledge the pattern, how you likely picked it up, and to drop your resistance around it. Why do we take on certain roles within our families? Why does the mind create limiting narratives about the type of person we “have” to be? Why does the mind forget that we’re never unloved or alone? It’s all covered in this episode. I can’t wait for you to hear it!         [Tweet "“You came in as a spark of life wanting to incarnate in a body. And that spark of life is connected to all that is. It is connected to the higher intelligence that is creating everything that you see, everything that you don’t see. And it is a master planner. It has an amazing intelligence. It has an amazing wisdom and an amazing desire to expand, create, and to go forth...All of you, if you’re alive, you’re connected to that force. If you’re not alive, you ARE that force. So you remember, ‘Okay I’m not alone. And I can ask the support of all that I am." - The Collective"]       LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
April 30, 2020
Hello my friends! Consider this episode a little catch-up WhatsApp voice note from me to you :) I’m checking in after a few weeks away from the show to fill you in on what I’ve been up to and why I haven’t been sharing new episodes. We’re talking IVFT facilitator training, inner selfies, and how I’ve been exploring my mind’s resistance to photographing myself. I’m also sharing some thoughts on releasing emotional beanbags, or what Eckhart Tolle calls the pain-body, including an opportunity to do it yourself in the next few weeks! If you’ve ever wondered why I’ve never done an episode on beanbag releasing, I’m explaining why today. I also touch on how I’ve been finding design inspiration during this time when most of us can’t explore new places or hang out at cafes. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately freeing myself from some of my mind’s fears, and I’m so excited to share a bit about that with you!       SHOW NOTES   Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
April 9, 2020
This week’s episode of TLS is a Q&A. I’m answering several questions about the inner voice and diving into a series of personal stories I’ve never shared on the show before. We’re talking about “inner selfies” after years of resistance to taking my own picture, singing, and what my mind has to say about lady butts. (Yep, really!) I also offer up some more in-depth stories about my experience moving beyond food sensitivity and skin issues. I touch on why the mind sometimes wants to dissociate and judge others, especially in times of stress, and I share an experience from my teenage years that forever changed my priorities. I also share my take on “slow” manifestations that take longer to flow, and the potential positives of that experience. I hope this episode gives you a smile! ​Let's go to the show. : )​           [Tweet "“I just get to trust that whatever is meant to be will come. And that it’s happening for me, not against me. So it’s all about how I look at it, and how much my mind surrenders to what is, and doesn’t fight it, and is optimistic regardless." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“All judgement lives in the mind." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   When you are talking to your inner voice and don’t hear an answer, is it because you are not ready to hear an answer or a mental block? Is it ok to hear yes or no responses when talking to your inner voice? What role does your mind play in your life? What’s the difference between detachment and traumatic dissociated detachment? Now that you’re used to living in flow, is there anything your mind still resists? What questions do you ask your inner voice when you feel nervous? How can we learn to lean on and rely on our inner voice instead of fear in these scary times? How do you change your story and vibes on your food sensitivity? What do you delight in most? How is something that is supposed to happen or flow in your life may differ from something you sent to attract?       LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
April 2, 2020
Friends, in this episode, we are going THERE: we’re talking all about death. Today the Collective, the nonphysical entity channeled by Annie Francoeur, is offering their unique wisdom on what happens when we die, and why humans are so afraid of it. In this conversation, the Collective gives us a peek at some of the truths we should know about death, and how acknowledging that our time on earth is limited can lead us to a much more fulfilling experience. The Collective also explains how to process the coronavirus pandemic, a time where we are seeing more death at once then we’re used to - and how to use this period of uncertainty to grow. We share some helpful metaphors to make it easier to understand the process of transitioning into death, and explore how to explain it to young people. The Collective also explains who our “committee” is (you’ll love it), what death has to do with roller coasters, and how to honor the lives of late loved ones. If you’re experiencing extra anxiety right now, I hope this episode gives you a sense of peace.     [Tweet "“Have more balance with knowing your life as the manifested form is finite. But who you are is eternal. And enrich the relationship with who you truly are - not the body, not the mind, but the life force inside. The energy inside. Enriching the relationship with that is what is going to make all this feel very natural, and very peaceful, and very normal" -  The Collective"]   SHOW NOTES   The Power of Now The Surrender Experiment Journey of Souls Tibetan Book of the Dead   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
March 26, 2020
Hello my friends! In this episode, I’m sharing the most powerful lesson I’ve learned about approaching this uncertain time on the planet. I checked in with both spiritual teachers and dozens of friends around the world about the pandemic, and one big truth stood out among all of them. Today, I’m sharing that truth with you in hopes that it will help you step beyond the mind during this experience. I’m touching on how you can help ease suffering in your own uniquely aligned way, and explaining the ways that we are all connected to each other. I also dive into some insights I’ve picked up about fear that might help you through this time. I’ve also got a few updates for you about exciting things going on with Team Lively. I can’t wait to share it with you!     [Tweet "“When you see that things go well and get even better, embrace them. And when things seem like they’re falling apart, please ask your inner voice, ‘Is this actually serving me in some way? If so, how? What would you want me to do next?" - @JessCLively"]   SHOW NOTES   Eckhart Tolle Abraham Hicks Eckhart Tolle YouTube TLS#331   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
March 19, 2020
Friends, I am so excited to share this week’s episode with you! Like so many of you, the mind in me has experienced all kinds of ups and downs as we face this pandemic. So today, I’m sharing a way to access the well of calm and wisdom that is within all of us. In this “interactive episode” of sorts, I’ll give you some questions to ask your inner voice about how to handle this global situation. There is an overload of advice and information out there. So today I want you to take a moment to get some advice directly FROM you, FOR you, about which actions are best for YOU in order to both protect others and care for yourself. In times like this, it becomes especially clear that we are all connected. Even if you’re not ready to ask your inner voice about the pandemic just yet, this episode is a great way to tune out some of the anxiety around us and get centered. I can’t wait for you to hear this one. Remember, we’re all in this together.       [Tweet "“You are so allowed to feel what you’re feeling right now. Nothing is off limits in the manifestations of this world nor the feelings of your being. It’s okay. And while you feel the feelings of the mind, you’re also able to start to tap into the feelings of the inner being. You’re starting to wake up. That’s the beauty of it." - @JessCLively"]   SHOW NOTES   Jess Lively You Tube     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
March 5, 2020
In this week’s episode, we’ve got another Q&A! I’m answering questions about breakups, emotional bean bags, and how to manifest your preferences. We’re also covering student debt, illness, and why I sometimes “thank” my physical pain. We dive into why the mind judges others, and how to handle that judgment. If you’ve had conflict in your life lately, this episode is for you: I share how I handle disagreements with others over my choices. Another thing I share in this episode is when (and if!) it’s time to take action on a dream or a plan. I can't wait to share it with you. ​Let's go to the show. : )​     [Tweet "“You are inherently deserving and worthy of the fun life you have chosen to have, or can choose to have, right now. But it’s not here to be something that’s earned or deserved. It’s here to be fun. It’s here to be played with. So just ask yourself, ‘What’s the fun thing to do right now?" - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Happy, Thank you, More Please" - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Consciousness creates reality." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“If it doesn’t feel ready, it’s not ready." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Do you ever feel stuck and how do you remedy that? Is there any news on the inner voice certification? When do you actually work and what do you do? What does your current alignment look like Why have any preferences when our kids creates resistance to preferences? What does the emotional “bean bags” being released and allowed actually look like in real life? What would you envision for yourself if you were to pre-pave your life, Abraham style, for the next ten years. How do you know if you’re listening to your inner voice? How does your inner voice guide you through illness, sickness, fear, etc? How can I talk to my inner voice about my student loan debt? Have you ever used a pendulum for decision making? How do you truly withhold judgement and embrace others who you have to work with but have conflicting values? How do you deal with people interpreting your actions as selfish when following your alignment? Have you ever been, or intend to, visit the west coast of Australia, or are you focused on Sydney? What do you do when you know and feel the greater opportunity is there, however you are not in alignment How can we get the mind to let go of a romantic relationship that didn’t work out?   SHOW NOTES   TLS #329: Why I Really Went Silent Last Year, & Where My Business Is Going Next TLS #327: The Flow Diaries Abraham Hicks - Continual Balancing The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle The Lively Show - YouTube   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
February 27, 2020
In this week’s chapter of the series I’m calling The Flow Diaries, I’m pulling back the curtain on how I manage my business through flow, and how I apply the principles taught by the Collective to my work. In this episode, I’m sharing the reason I took a break from the show last year, and what was happening behind the scenes in my personal life while I hit pause. I’m also letting you in on a new direction in my business that I am SO excited to get started on! I’ll explain all the unfoldings that happened along the way, and how things were aligning in perfect time even when they didn’t feel it in the moment. I can’t wait to share this with you!!!       SHOW NOTES   Eckhart Tolle The Surrender Experiment Annie Francoeur Abraham Hicks Emotional Wellbeing Brigade Marisa Peer   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
February 20, 2020
In this week’s episode, we’re back with the Collective, channeled through Annie Francoeur! We’re talking about modern uses of ancient modalities like astrology, yoga, sacred geometry, meditation, and crystals. (And YES, we’re discussing mercury retrograde!) With so many of these teachings booming in popularity, it’s a topic I’m really excited to hear the Collective’s take on. In this chat, the Collective explains how these modalities first came into humans’ lives, and the different ways they served us hundreds of years ago vs. how they serve us today. We take a look at yoga’s role in our connection to flow and energy, and the Collective answers some of my personal questions about astrology. We explore how things like astrological charts and crystals fit into modern life, and what kind of role we should give them in how we see the world. We also explore “mind knowing” vs. “soul knowing,” and even touch on psychedelics! Then, we dive into a biggie: mercury retrograde! The Collective explains how much awareness we should be giving to retrograde, whether we can flow beyond it, and how minds sometimes use it to hold themselves back. The episode also offers insight on why meditation is so helpful in today’s world, and how it can help us access connection and consciousness.         [Tweet "“You are unique. You have unique requirements. Unique callings. Listen to them beyond the systems that have been given to you. And then use the systems if you want to, but in a more playful way.” - The Collective"]     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
February 13, 2020
I just got to Bali from Cape Town last Saturday and I thought I would do a new style of show. You guys said that you really find it helpful hearing me apply all the stuff we discuss -  things like Abraham Hicks or The Collective or even what Eckart Tolle told me in the past. What I'm going to call this new format is actually inspired by Michael Singer's book “The Surrender Experiment.” If you haven't read the surrender experiment, I recommend you check it out. I hope that this episode helps inspire people to receive and allow their inner voice to guide them more than their mind. Let's go to the show!       [Tweet "“There’s never going to be another person that is exactly the same as you. So why would we ever think that consciousness would need to take the same path as someone else to create a unique result that’s right for you?" - @JessCLively"]   SHOW NOTES   The Surrender Experiment Abraham Hicks The Power of Now WeWork TLS with Ezzie Spencer   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
February 6, 2020
How do you know when it’s time to take inspired action? In this week’s episode, I’m answering this question through the lens of my latest habits with alignment, action, and “work.” I’ll be guiding you through one thing I’ve been doing a lot lately to get into alignment - and it’s something most of you could easily fit into your own workday! This habit was inspired by advice I received in the hot seat on the Abraham Hicks cruise last year. I’ll explain how it works for me, and how it helps me reach more powerful results with less action. I’ll also describe what my typical workday is like these days, and why I ditched to-do lists. This ritual should help you get a better idea of what an impulse toward inspired action feels like, and how different that feels compared to an urge to take action from the mind. If you’ve ever struggled with whether your inner voice is telling you to rest or leap forward into motion, this episode is for you! Let’s go to the show. : )       [Tweet "“There’s never going to be another person that is exactly the same as you. So why would we ever think that consciousness would need to take the same path as someone else to create a unique result that’s right for you?" - @JessCLively"]   SHOW NOTES   Lively Community Foundation Abraham Hicks The Law of Attraction   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
January 30, 2020
On today’s show, I’m sharing some truths that nearly all inner voices have in common, and how we can apply them to our lives as humans! After speaking with countless inner voices from all over the world, I’ve noticed that they all return to certain lessons and themes. As personalized as each human’s situation may be, the wisdom of the enlightened consciousness within us is pretty universal. In this episode, we’ll draw from that wisdom to break down the difference between living from the mind and living from your inner voice. We’ll also discuss the difference between love and attachment. Then, I’ll share how to apply this wisdom to the topics that people ask about most: health, career, and relationships. We’ll break down what an aligned, healthy relationship looks like, and how to know whether your feelings for someone are based on love or fear. I’ll share the inner voice’s take on heartbreak, where negative emotions sit in our bodies, and how to know when it’s time to move to the next level with a partner. I’ll also share what inner voices have told me about where work and passion intersect, and why your inner voice is never worried about money. We’ll take a look at the power of loving yourself enough to leave situations you are no longer expanded by, and how we can break free from negative emotional cycles. We’ll also break down the inner voice’s take on disordered eating, how we’re “supposed” to eat, and intuition-based ways to approach food. I can’t wait for you to hear it! Let’s go to the show. : )         [Tweet "“We've always had this choice: Am I going to act from the attachment and attention of the mind, or am I going to choose to act from the presence and love of the intuition?" - @JessCLively"]   SHOW NOTES   Client Session with Jess Lively Eckhart Tolle     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
January 23, 2020
So many of you mentioned that last week’s Q&A was aligning for you, so I’m back with another! This time, we’re talking about topics that take center stage in many minds, like money, eating, and making big decisions. I also have an update on my experiment in healing my eyesight. In this Q&A, I share my personal journey with letting go of money fears, from the early days of my career to today, and how I generate income while following flow. I explain my thoughts on debt, and how to know if a purchase is aligned. We explore the stories we tell ourselves about food, and how my own perspective on food limitations has evolved over different phases of my life. We also cover questions on what to do when your mind is afraid of a big life shift, and how to handle mistakes you regret. I even share some fun little tidbits about my crystal collection, how I’m finding alignment with everyday objects, and how to introduce kids to the law of attraction. Let’s go to the show. : )          [Tweet "“When you know better, you do better." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“That’s why we’ve got to trust. Our minds have no idea what’s coming next, but when we do follow intuition and we do flow with the intuition, things get set up for you in such a magical synchronicity that you couldn’t even have imagined or understood because you didn’t know the future." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE JESS ANSWERS QUESTIONS ABOUT   Do you have any tips when your inner voice seems vague or blocks answers to the big questions? How do you let go of regrets of saying the wrong thing to someone or letting personal feeling or ego get effect personal decisions? What are good resources for learning about high vibration foods? What crystals are you feeling the most? How did you get past money fears? How do you find flow when moving around a lot? How is your eyesight now? What is the leading edge to your evolution currently? What is your approach on eating?   SHOW NOTES   Eckhart Tolle Abraham Hicks Alisa Vitti Law of Attraction   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
January 16, 2020
This week’s episode is something I haven’t done in a long time: a Q+A! I’m answering your questions off the cuff and sharing what life looks like for me lately. We’re discussing what’s keeping me aligned right now, whether I’m dating, my current views on manifesting, and a trick I’ve been using to stay in the present moment. I also share some updates on my living situation, like the status of my Detroit condo, whether I’ll return to Sydney, and when I might stop traveling full-time. If you’ve wondered why I don’t share as many personal updates as I used to, I’ll explain why in this episode. We also tackle some reader questions about career, flow, and separating the inner voice from the ego.   [Tweet "“Listen to your inner voice. Do what it says. And ask your mind, when it wants to think and hem and haw, ‘Am I going to do it now?’ If not, take a break. It’s not time to do it, so you don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to think about it. It will become clear, I promise you." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   How do you keep yourself grounded admit all the flow the universe has brought you way? Are you selling the Detroit condo? What is keeping you in alignment these days? Have you tried channelling the collective yourself?2 How do I find my purpose and have the courage to take action and pursue it? Do you still write to your intuition in the wake of channelling? What place does design have in your life right now? How are you feeling about partnership? What are things you are afraid to tell us? What does flow look like for you these days? Have you had any cool experiences with the collective lately? Any beyond the mind nuggets or wisdom? What emotional blocks have you worked on from 2019? If you could go back in time, what would be one price of advice you could give yourself? In terms of career, how can I tell what I want and desire is ego driven or inner-being driven?   SHOW NOTES   WeWork Abraham Hicks Abraham Hicks - You Tube Wayne Dyer Eckhart Tolle Byron Katie TLS #318 - The Bud The Power of Now Realization   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
January 9, 2020
It’s our first TLS episode of 2020, friends! We’re starting this year with another fascinating conversation with the Collective, channeled through Annie Francoeur. (And we’re sharing some VERY exciting news in this episode about a new project with the Collective!) In this chat, we talk about something that’s been weighing on my mind a lot lately: the fires in Australia. The Collective shares advice on helping people who are experiencing trauma, and how to process overwhelming world news. They explain the deeper roots behind much of human suffering, and why so many humans fear death. If you’ve ever wondered how to be there for someone who is grieving a loved one or nearing the end of their life, you’ll want to hear this. The Collective explains what to do when you feel like life is throwing you curveballs, and the simple decision we can make to get more joy and presence out of our life experience. We also delve into alignment in career. How do we live beyond the mind while still executing on work tasks and deadlines? If you’re struggling to make sense of the changes and traumas currently happening in our world, this episode is for you. I’m so glad to share it with you.       [Tweet "““Choosing to be in alignment whatever is happening around you, with you, through you is the best way you can experience life. That’s when you have access to all your tools, to the power of your mind, to the immense power of your intuition, of your clarity. When you’re in’re losing energy, you’re going out of balance.”" - The Collective"]     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
December 19, 2019
This week we are back with the wonderful Collective, a group of nonphysical entities channeled by Annie Francoeur! We tackle some big topics, like the shared emotions created by climate change and unpredictable current events. If you’ve felt extra tired or wound up lately, you’re not the only one! The Collective explains where those feelings are coming from, and why the world feels so chaotic right now. With the holidays, a new decade just around the corner, and natural events like massive bushfires and forest fires, there are a lot of emotions to explore. They guide us through processing shared anxiety and exhaustion, and how to determine the difference between stress from our own experience vs. stress we’ve picked up from others. The Collective also dives a bit deeper into how we can show love to the earth in the face of climate change, and how traveling to different cities and cultures can impact our vibration. We learn some powerful lessons about the importance of listening to your body, even when your mind is telling you a story that encourages you to resist. The Collective even has some tips on how to flow your way through days when you’re exhausted but simply don’t have the time to sleep. If our current reality has you feeling out of sorts, you’ll want to give this one a listen!   [Tweet "“Feel the pressure that is on you humans as you’re entering the new decade. The hopes and the fears of these are having an impact on your physical body as a collectivity...So when you feel that tiredness in your body and mind and emotions, we encourage you to come back to the core of you and see what is yours and what is not." - The Collective"]   SHOW NOTES Beyond the Known by Paul Selig Abraham Hicks Eckhart Tolle     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 28, 2019
Today we have another wonderful chat with the nonphysical entity known as the Collective, channeled through Annie Francoeur! This week, we’re talking all about dropping resistance, with tips on getting into receiving mode and feeling more connected to the deeper layers of who we are. We discuss how releasing blocks can impact your life experience, what happens in moments when you’re feeling contrast, and how to invite “buckets of peace” into your day for greater alignment. We explore how to dive deeper into our own potential as creators, and how we can find the answers we need within. The Collective also shares a powerful perspective on exercising from a place of joy versus forcing ourselves, something just about every human can relate to. If you’ve ever felt conflicted over something you’re not aligned with but feel like you “should” do, this episode will resonate!     [Tweet "“Choose to go beyond what is being told to you every day. Choose to choose for yourself, to decide as the creator of your own life. ‘Okay, society tells me I need to do that, do I really need to do this?’ And give yourself time to hear your own answer." - The Collective"]     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 21, 2019
We’re back with Part Two of our client session with the Bud, a group of nonphysical entities channeled through the wonderful Clotilde Dusoulier. In this part of the session, we’re delving deep into trust, the purpose of the human experience, and how to stay aligned while seeking out your dreams. Today, the Bud explains how to sit back and trust when we’re tempted to rush into the things we want. We also discuss how to recognize signs of when it’s time to move forward full speed ahead versus when it’s time to relax and let things come to us. If you’ve ever wondered how to feel joyful in the face of uncertainty, this one will majorly resonate with you. The Bud also shares some insight into what souls experience when they transition into the nonphysical after death, and explains how the journey of life looks from their point of view. They even offer some wisdom on how to stop doubting yourself and your capabilities. After all, as they put it, “we are called the Bud because we have the potential, and you just have to do the blooming.”       [Tweet "“She thinks the opposite of impatience is patience, but really it’s trust. Trust in herself and her clarity, and trust in what will unfold.”" - The Bud"]   SHOW NOTES   TLS #318 - The Bud, Part 1 The Law of Attraction Beyond the Known: Realization   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 19, 2019
We’ve got another channeled episode for you today on TLS! We’re sharing Part One of a two-part series based on a client session with Clotilde Dusoulier, a Paris-based life coach who has an incredible gift for channeling. With Clotilde’s help, we talk with the Bud, a group of nonphysical entities who call themselves a “board of advisors.” We chat with the Bud about why so many humans feel impatient and want to rush into our goals before the time is right. If you’ve ever “forced” your way upstream into a big life transition before you really felt ready, you’ll know exactly how this feels - and you’ll definitely want to hear the Bud’s take on it. We talk about how to know when you’re making a decision from true alignment versus you think you’re “supposed” to do, and how to release resistance on your way to your goals. Later into the session, we also make an unexpected and moving discovery about Clotilde’s late father. Along the way, the Bud helps us better understand how to communicate with loved ones after death, and how to find purpose in our current reality. And that’s all just in Part One!         [Tweet "If you rush, you’re just going to get something that matches your rush...We love her whether things unfold quickly for her or not." - The Bud"]   SHOW NOTES   The Law of Attraction Beyond the Known: Realization     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 14, 2019
We’ve got a new episode with the Collective (a nonphysical entity channeled through Annie Francoeur), and it just might be my favorite conversation with them yet! In this episode, we’re covering a big topic: the essence of creation, and the differences between creation and consciousness. The Collective explains where our thoughts come from and how we can use them to shape our experience on a deeper level than ever before. We explore the difference between desires from our inner voice vs. desires from the ego, and the reasons why some manifestations just don’t seem to want to show up. We dig into one of humans’ favorite habits - overthinking - and chat about how we can slow down the mind for more ease in manifesting. The Collective also shares insight into the work of Joe Dispenza, the ways physical healing works, and the two types of resistance that can stand in the way of the most manifestations. We also chat about why living in the present is such a joyful experience. I can’t wait to share this one with you! Let’s go to the show :)       [Tweet "“The essence of creation is thought. But the belief that thought has to arise from the mind is what is losing you in the forest. What if thoughts could arise from the divine inside of you? What if a thought could be born from the flow of life?" - The Collective"]   SHOW NOTES   Abraham Hicks Dr. Joe Dispenza Burning Man A-Fest Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 7, 2019
In this week’s chat with the nonphysical entity known as the Collective (channeled through the wonderful Annie Francoeur), we’re talking about two powerful things: alchemy and the power of choice. Why do we stay stuck when we really want to move forward? And what actions can we take to allow for more manifestations to flow into our lives?⁠ We discuss why humans sometimes stay in situations that don’t feel good, and how we can drop some of the fears that keep us feeling trapped. We explore the deeper meaning of alchemy, and some clear steps we can take to make room for unexpected positive changes in our lives. The Collective also shares what we need to know about manifesting physical health, and why it can be so hard for humans to trust in the unknown. If you’ve ever struggled to ditch an unhappy situation or make a big leap, this episode is for you.  Let’s go to the show. : )      [Tweet "“No one will wake up in the morning and say, ‘Today I’m choosing to be stuck.’ But people will hang onto the beliefs and the limitations that make them feel they have no choice. Because it is what they’re used to, it is what feels comfortable because it is the known." - The Collective"]     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 31, 2019
I'm back this week with another episode of “vibrational communication," sharing a message that flows from my inner voice to your inner being. This episode will take us beyond the mind, so try to just let the words arrive in your experience rather than analyzing them. Feel your reaction in your body as you listen, and take notice of whether your breathing is any different as you start to feel more calm. So excited to share this with you! Let’s go to the show. : )    [Tweet "“There’s nothing to worry about. It only feels that way because thoughts have said so. But thoughts are not what you are. They’re not the truth. They’re just passing through.”" - @JessCLively"]     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 24, 2019
      SHOW NOTES   Abraham Hicks Dr. Joe Dispenza     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 17, 2019
This week, we’re back with another incredible talk with the group of non-physical teachers known as the Collective. In this episode, the “woman behind the channeling,” Annie Francoeur, shares how the teachers came into her life experience. When we dive into our conversation with the Collective, we explore why people experience nagging “unexplained” fears, and how to move through them. We dig into how to stop questioning whether we’re enough, how to drop our perceived limitations, and the meaning behind our physical aches and pains. We also discuss how to allow higher consciousness into your own life, and how it can transform the way your daily experiences unfold. The Collective describes how life in our society could evolve as more humans tap into the collective pool of shared wisdom. As they put it, “when consciousness reaches a certain point, it’s going to be unstoppable.” We know so much more than we realize! Let’s go to the show. : )        [Tweet "“You know so much more than what you allow." - The Collective"] [Tweet "“Inhabit your body with your breath." - The Collective"]   SHOW NOTES   Abraham Hicks Crimson Circle Eckhart Tolle Dr. Joe Dispenza     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 10, 2019
Oh. My. Goodness. This interview, of ALLLL the interviews I’ve ever done, has transformed my life and perception of this reality the most. I’m interviewing a group of non-physical teachers that refer to themselves as the Collective. I first met the Collective a few months ago when Annie Francoeur (a TLS listener from Quebec, Canada), did a deep inner voice session with me. During the session, Annie began channeling the Collective and their energy and wisdom blew us both away! In today’s chat with the Collective we discuss questions we’ve never covered on the show about the nature of shared wisdom, trauma, and the ways human consciousness is connected. They also discuss climate change, the future of humanity, what I’m tapping into when I speak from my inner voice, and how they relate to Abraham, the entity many of us are most familiar with. We explore what enlightenment really is and dive deep into a question that’s on many people’s minds these days: why are so many humans so afraid, and how do we not be? Let’s go to the show. : )      [Tweet "“The wisdom of each lifetime is all available to you." - The Collective"] [Tweet "“We can teach you without words." - - The Collective"] [Tweet "“You are the light." - - The Collective"] [Tweet "“Everything that you need will come to you" - - The Collective"]     SHOW NOTES   Abraham Hicks Eckhart Tolle Byron Katie   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 3, 2019
Hello my wonderful friends! I am back with a new experiment in “vibrational communication” — which is basically a 16 minute long message from my inner voice to your inner being. As you listen, try to let your mind relax and just experience the message (rather than analyzing) and feel your body’s response as you do so. Many people have shared that they feel goosebumps, start smiling, start crying tears of joy, or have a deep sense of peace wash over them. Let’s go to the show! Love, Jess!     [Tweet "“You are loved more than you could possibly ever realize." - @JessCLively"]     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 1, 2019
Hello my wonderful friends!! Over the past few months, I have spent quite a bit of time going deeply inward, and along the journey in Australia on my own in Airbnbs I noticed that I could turn on my inner voice and it would run like a faucet — showering me in love and peace that I could feel in my breathing and all over my body. And it finally occurred to me a few weeks ago that this alignment I was feeling within myself may be felt by those who hear it, too. So that’s what I’m bringing you as a start to TLS Season 7: alignment time via vibrational communication… from my inner voice to your inner being. As you listen in to today’s show, just let it wash over you like a “shower” of words. Feel your body as you listen from your chest. See if you notice a difference in your breathing, in your sense of calm. We are going beyond the mind… together. : ) Let’s go to the show! Love, Jess!       [Tweet "“You are brave. You are sound. You are allowed." - @JessCLively"]   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
March 7, 2019
In today’s TLS I’m sharing my newest live class, Magic, Not Manual, with you -- which is designed to help you begin to create and manifest in your life beyond your mind’s abilities, limitations, and resistance. After working with over a thousand students worldwide via Flow With Intention Online, and exploring the powers of brain states to create the life we want through Cschool... I’ve been diving into the practice of manifesting beyond our minds. And I want to share this next evolution of conscious, less-mind manifesting with you. We are going to be teaching this course live on April 6th in Pittsburgh, and if your intuition feels it’s a fit, I’m excited to work with you -- and for you to meet everyone else who joins us from the FWIO community! Let’s go to the show. : ) PS: To join us at Magic, Not Manual on April 6th, click here.     [Tweet "“The ego is an identity created in the mind" - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Your own wellness is what improves and creates the wellness of the universe. " - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess talks about her current travels and what’s been going on lately over the past few weeks. She tells us how she’s been playing life differently Jess discusses the three things of who we are: 1. The Ego Identity, 2. The Inner Voice 3. Pure conciseness.    Jess reviews what to look forward to in the new class,  Magic, Not Manual   SHOW NOTES Law of Attraction on Audible Paul Selig on Audible The Calile Hotel Brisbane O Sun Sparkling Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now Abraham Hicks   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
February 28, 2019
Today’s show is our final episode of Season 1 of TLS TV! Feel free to listen via podcast or watch via YouTube as we share the insights that Lively audience members received from doing inner voice work as groups! Using inner voice in groups of 5-6 people has become a new fascination for me, ever since we tried it in a live workshop last year. The results have been surprising and profound. By hearing the takeaways, I hope it encourages others to consider making groups of 2-6 people to try this as well online or in person, too! Plus, in the second half of the show, we also share the ‘after glow’ conversation. The after glow was a post-show chance to stick around and talk candidly with me about any insights they had or ask questions they’ve wanted to run by me. Let’s go to the show. : )       WATCH THE SHOW   The Lively TV Show Episode 4     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
February 21, 2019
Today’s TLS TV in podcast and video form is diving into the #1 topic requested by TLS community members -- career! We will be looking at three different aspects of career resistance, and find clarity within the inner voice on all three topics. With our first guest, Abby, we speak about what it feels like to have an unexpected career shift -- and whether to stick with it or not. In our second segment, we speak with Jenny, a meteorologist who “put all her eggs in one basket,” career-wise, and is now reconsidering based on the toll the job is taking on her personal life. And lastly with Savannah, a jewelry designer, we speak about the pressure she feels to thrive in her career - and take on the extra responsibility of caring for her family, as well.   In each segment, you’ll see how the inner voice of each of these guests help them find clarity despite the mind’s mental confusion and resistance. Let’s go to the show. : )       IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Hot Seat Guest #1: Abby just started a new job and she’s afraid it won’t be as fulfilling as her old one. Hot Seat Guest #2: Jenny is burnt out on her career as a broadcast meteorologist, but she’s unsure of her next steps. Hot Seat Guest #3: Savannah wants abundance in her career, but she may be wanting it for the wrong reasons.   WATCH THE SHOW       LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
February 14, 2019
Today we are releasing episode 2 of TLS TV on the podcast and YouTube! In today’s show we are doing inner voice work with three new guests, plus we are releasing the tickets for the next taping of TLS TV on April 6th in Pittsburgh! If you’re intuition feels it’s a fit, you can buy your ticket to join us, meet other Lively community members, and potentially become a guest on the show here. Today’s episode has three guests on three different topics around self love and timing. In our first segment we work with Mary, who has trouble separating her mind’s answers from her inner voice. Then, we speak with Sarah, who knows what her next career project may be, but has resistance in the mind determining the timing and what next steps to take. And lastly, we work with Emily, an expectant mother who is looking to raise her child with as much self-love as possible to role model for her in the best possible way. Let’s go to the show. : ) Feel free to dive in on the audio-only podcast as usual, or head over to watch the new video version on YouTube!       IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Hot Seat Guest #1: Mary wants something more in her life and is having trouble keeping her mind quiet when trying to listen for her inner voice answers. Hot Seat Guest #2: Sarah is a life coach who wants to share her personal story with her audience. This desire turns into a lesson in patience. Hot Seat Guest #3: Emily, at six months pregnant, wants to be an example of self love for her baby, but her mind is struggling to find the feelings.   WATCH THE SHOW       LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
February 7, 2019
Today we are unveiling the new Lively TV Show Episode 1! This January, we worked with a live studio audience of 140 Lively Show listeners in Pittsburgh. In today’s first episode, we outline what the Inner Voice is, working with three Lively Show guests to tap into their own Inner Voices. This episode highlights tips that are helpful for beginners to those with more experience. Whether you want to think more positively, stay calm as a parent to small children, or you want to have clarity on your next career path, the guests on the show will help you to learn how to get the answers you desire within yourself. Feel free to dive in on the audio-only podcast as usual, or head over to the new video version on YouTube!   Let’s go to the show. : )       [Tweet "“The inner voice in you is the answer to all of the questions." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Hot Seat Guest #1: Kaileen is an Austin-based writer who wants to find peace and presence in the chaos of being a mom to small children. Hot Seat Guest #2: Alexis is a health coach who wants her mind to stop ruminating on everyday issues. Hot Seat Guest #3: Shaina is a Boston-based wedding photographer who feels called to offer hospice photography, but is struggling to find potential clients. She looks to her inner voice to find wisdom on what she should do next.   WATCH THE SHOW   Click to Watch: The Lively TV Show Episode 1, Part 1: Introduction To Your Inner Voice Click to Watch: The Lively TV Show - Episode 1, Part 2: Finding Peace In Everyday Life Click to Watch: The Lively TV Show - Episode 1 Part 3: When You Feel A Calling But No One Answers LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
January 24, 2019
Today’s show is a bit different than other shows in the past -- I’m updating you live from Kenya just days after the taping of our first ever Lively TV Show recording! This week with the show and impending African safari adventure has been a whirlwind, and this episode is my chance to catch up with you personally about how the Pittsburgh TV show taping went, how the Lively Community Foundation is unfolding, and a little bit about my unfolding adventure in Africa! Think of this like a casual, fun Whatsapp voice note from me to you. Let’s go to the show. : )       SHOW NOTES   Paul Selig The Book of Mastery The Book of Truth Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction WhatsApp Jess Lively First Post Eckhart Tolle Eckhart Tolle's School of Awakening   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
January 17, 2019
Today’s show is an interview with friend and financial expert, Erica Gellerman, of The Worth Project. While I was in London the past week, Erica was positively glowing over her newfound peace, clarity, and freedom she found by using her Inner Voice to change and redirect her life financially and structurally along with her husband, Jordan, and their new baby, Henry. Due to her amazing results, I asked Erica to come on the show to share how she accessed her Inner Voice to do something that seems contradictory to many -- to plan for the future practically, while fully living in the Here and Now. In the show, Erica shares exactly how they accomplished that, along with the resources and questions you can use yourself to dive deep into your inner answers for your life and finances, as well. Let’s go to the show. : )       [Tweet "“The mind lives and thrives on time." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“It’s ok to change." - @erica.gellerman"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Erica summarizes how her life was when she moved to London and how things didn’t feel right for her, including her career. She talks about her experience with RTT and the positive results that came from that session. Erica describes her outcome after RTT and how now she allows without efforting. She discusses how an article from George Kinder posed the question about how to live the life you want today.  Erica shares her time struggles with to work versus time with her child. She reviews some of the changes she has made in her life to live the life she wants.   SHOW NOTES   Life Planning for You TLS #235 with Erica Gellerman TLS #253 with Erica Gellerman Financial Life Planning     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
January 10, 2019
Today we’re talking with a client named Alexandra, who is looking for career guidance, and the session ultimately flows into a tutorial for tapping into your own inner sense of calm. If the mind in you is struggling with self-worth, this episode will feel like a balm to your soul. We discuss letting go of what we think our life “should” look like and the mind’s need for external validation. We also explore what to do when the mind in you gets impatient and wants to effort its way to its desires. We go into more detail than ever before on how to tap into your own Inner Voice, and I even learn some new things from Alexandra’s Inner Being! Alexandra and I spent a lot of this session focusing beyond the mind, and the drastic change in energy and tone of voice when Alexandra shifts from the mind in her to her Inner Voice is incredible. Let’s go to the show. : )         [Tweet "“You are the universe." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You're doing just fine." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You are wonderful indeed." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“All is released to the knowing in your heart." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The peace is always within you." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Alexandra speaks with Jess to get some guidance about her career path. Jess flows the conversation into a tutorial of how to tap into your "inner sense" of calm. Alexandra discusses letting go of what we think our life “should” look like She shares advise about writing and listening to you inner voice and allowing it to guide you.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #124 with Brené Brown TLS #100 with Elizabeth Gilbert TLS #131 with Gary Vaynerchuk Star Wars Eckhart Tolle Law of Attraction Book Abraham Hicks TLS #285: Spiral Dynamics Disney World Epcot Center     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
January 3, 2019
In today’s episode, I switch things up by going beyond the mind in me during a client session. My Inner Being talks with Georgie Morley, a client looking for insight on letting go of struggle, allowing through sadness, and the feeling many of us experience of “needing” to be an expert on certain things before feeling qualified to share or enjoy them. Our Inner Beings get to know each other as we talk about building identities around our work, how the perception of time can hold us back, and what our Inner Voice can teach us about parenthood. We also explore some metaphors that can help the minds in us better understand the reality we live in. We cover the nature of the universe, time, and how to find joy in the uncertainty of our reality - some big, exciting stuff! One thing my Inner Voice makes especially clear in this session is that we don’t need to try so hard. If you’ve ever wondered what allowing actually looks like in everyday life, and what “stop trying” really means for you, you’ll want to give this episode a listen. Let’s go to the show. : )     [Tweet "“Relax and allow." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Your truth is magnificent." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The repeating and allowing is the eternal process of truth." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“FOMO is only the fear of becoming oneself." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“ Your heart is the key to everything." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Their is no formula for truth." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Georgie talks to Jess about her identity of work and other struggles in her life. Jess uses her Inner Voice to answer Georgie's questions. They discuss "Allowing" and the concept of "Stop Trying" and that that plays in their lives.   SHOW NOTES   Eckhart Tolle Eckhart Tolle - YouTube Abraham Hicks Byron Katie CSCHOOL Online We Didn’t Start The Fire   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
December 27, 2018
Today I’m speaking to you one-on-one in a solo show! I’m talking about how to find all the fun manifestations that your inner being is trying to share… yet the mind may be blocking out. So often, with the laser focus on what the mind perceives to be “a problem” or “a desire,” the mind tends to block many wonderfully unexpected gifts that we can receive right now. I’m sharing the ways I’ve allowed my mind to open up to a plethora of different “gifts,” once I made this simple shift in perception. Plus, I’m talking about a handful of the example “gifts” that have flowed my way since then! Let’s go to the show. : )       [Tweet "“Your perception decides what the gift is." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“A gift is designed to surprise, inspire, and uplift." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Just receive what’s flowing right now." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess asks the basic question of what is the present of the present moment? She talks about the ideas she has had with alignment and how to share that with everyone. Jess discusses the importance of appreciating the now.   SHOW NOTES   WeWork The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle The Try Guys   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
December 20, 2018
Today’s show is a true gift for me to share -- I’m talking with TLS listener and client, Kellyn Laeser, about her husband’s recent transition into non-physical and how she’s navigated her experience in a way that’s brought lots of peace, joy, and connection to her husband over the past six weeks. Kellyn is open and honest about the ups, downs, and true peace and steadiness she’s found within herself. Her connection to her husband is truly inspiring for anyone who is looking to approach the connection to their own loved ones who have transitioned in a new way. She’s also sharing how she’s navigated this shift with her young daughter and how this impacts things like business, money, relationships with in-laws, and so much more. Let’s go to the show. : )           [Tweet "“The timing will align for those who are meant to be there." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You have to find what you believe." - @kellynlaeser"] [Tweet "“Follow your heart." - @kellynlaeser"] [Tweet "“The mind is like a child - it knows how to play." - @kellynlaeser"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Kellyn tells us how her inner voice brought her to Jess and how she needs to work being mind-less. She tells us the story of her husband’s death and how he is with her still. Kellyn discusses money and business She talks about her experience with her husband and his death as well as her continued connection with him.   SHOW NOTES   Law of Attraction Book Abraham Hicks Harry Potter movies Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them JK Rowling Abraham Hicks -  YouTube  Journey of Souls Eckhart Tolle Byron Katie Morgan Harper Nichols Plex Arianna Huffington   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
December 13, 2018
In today’s TLS client session we are exploring what happens when you have flowed into a thriving career... and the mind starts wanting to control what happens next. Chloe Csadenyi-Benson has noticed her mind do exactly this in her career, so in our session today we dive deep into what it looks like to have live in flow and have an organized structure to a company and to her next steps. We also explore creativity, when to say no to new opportunities, and how to get back into the “beyond the mind flow,” which she felt strongly a few years ago. Let’s go to the show. : )           [Tweet "“Open mind, open to the flow." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“I can appreciate without thought." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Give yourself compassion." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The awareness creates the reality." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Chloe talks about what it looks like to have live in flow and have an organized structure to a company.   She discusses what her next steps are in her career and her life.   Chloe explores creativity and uses her inner voice to guide her in her life.   She describes with Jess how to get back into the “beyond the mind flow,” which she felt strongly a few years ago.   SHOW NOTES   The Book of Mastery Paul Selig Richard Feynman cschool Abraham Hicks Eckhart Tolle Byron Katie TLS with Byron Katie   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
December 6, 2018
In today's show, we're talking with a client named Kasia Kozinski about a topic that the mind in me really relates to: finding alignment while flowing to a future life partner. Kasia and I talk about the resistance of worrying whether someone you’re dating is a fling or a lifelong partner, and how to know when it's time to walk away from a relationship. We explore how moving beyond the mind can lead to the connection we're craving, and how aligning it can feel to let go of the outcome in both dating and career. I also cover some popular topics many of you have asked about, like healing acne, the most common types of struggle I see minds create, and what I think the next levels of spiral dynamics might feel like. Let’s go to the show. : )       [Tweet "“Love is beyond understanding." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Kasia tells Jess that she faces issues with her mind having a string hold over her intuition and problems aligning with action. She reviews with Jess the current resistances her mind has now. Kasia transitions into talking about where she is in her career and the joy it brings. They discuss dating, money and what it means for healing.   SHOW NOTES   Rent The Runway - lively19 Jacob Lieberman C-School TLS 285 Spiral Dynamics Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now The Surrender Experiment Flow With Intention Medical Medium   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 29, 2018
Today on TLS I’m doing a casual off the cuff episode for you covering all the new elements of my life in the past few weeks. I’ve got a new partner, new community projects (that will include you!), and a new home/city… which have made me feel a whole range of emotions all at the same time. Plus, I’ll share the parts of LoA and going ‘beyond the mind’ that I’ve been focusing on in the past few weeks. As usual, I love feeling connected to you -- and these updates from the behind-the-scenes and personal life feel ready to be shared. Let’s go to the show. : )     [Tweet "“All is Well" - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess reveals the reasons she feels removed over the past few weeks. She tells us the story of how she came to find her new partner. Jess describes what is to come now that she is settled back in the states.   SHOW NOTES   Vrai & Oro Bumble Paul Selig The Book of Mastery Abraham Hicks Pencils of Promise The Lively TV Show Jess Lively Jewelry Collection   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 22, 2018
Today we’re talking with a working mom named Sarah O’Brien about something lots of listeners can relate to: confidence and weight. It’s a powerful deep dive for anyone who’s struggling with intuitive eating or wants to feel at peace in their body. Sarah and I discuss why the mind can be so terrified to do anything that makes us stand out, even if it means standing out for the better, and why we sometimes feel guilty about coming off as successful. We explore how we sometimes keep ourselves in situations we don’t like through the Law of Attraction, and how that can translate to holding onto extra weight. We also consider the hurdles of trying to solve internal issues with external changes, how to meditate with food, and why letting your mind run the show is like letting a three-year-old be in charge of your life. Sarah and I also touch on the sticky issue of parental criticism, and how to flow beyond it. Her Inner Voice has a great sense of humor, so I have a feeling you’ll love this one! Let’s go to the show. : )     [Tweet "“The answers are there for you to receive." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You do not need to effort or strive for this and all is well." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“It is normal and it is insane." - @eckharttolle"] [Tweet "“Focus on kindness." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Sarah talks about her feeling and issues with  her confidence and weight. She speaks about the guilt she feels around the idea of  “success” or perfection. Sarah discuss her thoughts on intuitive eating and parental criticism.     SHOW NOTES   Eckhart Tolle Law of Attraction Gregg Braden Pencils of Promise The Ellen Show    LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 15, 2018
In today’s show we’re talking with Valerie, a world traveler, about some of life’s biggest questions around love and decision making. Valerie recently returned to the US after living in Germany for several years while serving in the military. Valerie’s engaged to someone she loves back in Germany, but her mind has a lot of fear about moving back abroad and getting married. If you feel resistance around tapping into your Inner Voice, this episode is for you. It serves as almost an Inner Voice 101 guide as we flow through some of the most common mind hurdles that come up along the way. We cover what to do when your mind doesn’t want to be still and what to do if you just can’t seem to hear answers from your Inner Being. If you’ve ever wondered whether a partner was right for you or struggled to make a big decision, this episode can be a great guide. The most powerful thing you can do when making any kind of major choice is to ask your inner voice, and today’s show will ease you through that step by step. Let’s go to the show. : )         [Tweet "“To really go beyond resistance is to go beyond the mind." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Be patient with yourself." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Valerie tells us that she is struggling with the limiting beliefs surrounding various outcomes and fear in her life. She learns from Jess how to ask questions to her inner voice to get the best answers. Valerie discusses her "shoulds" as well.   SHOW NOTES   Eckhart Tolle Abraham Hicks   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 8, 2018
Today I’m doing something I haven’t done in a while -- I’m doing a listener question + answer session answering questions shared on Instagram off the cuff! This batch of questions is a fascinating mix of how to connect with Inner Voice and the Season 5 approach to life, along with how these perceptions work alongside Season 4 topics like manifesting, Law of Attraction, and much more. From dealing with love relationships in the “no mind” way, to manifesting in a Season 5 way, to dealing with close connections to depression -- we are covering a wide range of topics in this episode! Let’s go to the show. : )         [Tweet "“Start with the small stuff." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The minds thinks, your inner voice feels and knows." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“What is right in a deep, aligned way for one is right for a deep, aligned way for all. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Your inner being knows your life exactly." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Keep doing the things that make you excited." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   How do I move forward when I’m stuck, even after hearing my inner voice speak to me? Do you have any insights or updates on healing your vision? Do you consult your inner voice on every decision you make, even trivial ones? What does a day of flowing look like? How do you know to take action on something? Does no mind and LOA work in separate stages or together in tandem? What does enlightenment mean to you? Do you have any course or places your would recommend for someone who wants to coach in the future? Does your intuition answer you when you ask specific questions, like what foods to eat, or is it more general? Why did you switch from intention to presence in the podcast intro? Have you ever dealt with depression, either personally or with clients? If thinking like a “blue” is less effort, how do you manifest like a yellow thinker? How do you talk to your inner voice without someone else asking the questions? Is there another way to listen to intuition besides words and feelings? How is your new season 5 Jess shown less resistance in love relationships? What is your favorite takeaway from reading The Power of Now? Favorite quote or idea? How do you get over somebody you love deeply and keep a friendship? How do you balance between surrendering, flowing and making commitments? How do I know when I’m hearing my intuition versus the mind? Why don’t feelings of joy and community result in manifestations of material abundance? How does someone with a full-time job and family manifest an abundance of time in their life? How can I manifest a business idea? How present are you in your life? How often do you guide yourself back into the now, and how? Why do we create resistance to the things we want? Can you elaborate on your mindful eating practices? Can you speak about  your evolution from Season 4 Jess to Season Five Jess? Human design and manifestation… What are your thoughts on this? How can you maintain a high vibration while dealing with great
November 1, 2018
In today’s show, I’m doing another solo, spontaneous chat episode, like the Detroit move one the other week. In this show, I’m filling you in on what has happened in the weeks since that previous episode. I’m sharing how I’m learning day by day to surrender and flow “beyond the mind” or the ego’s visualizing. I’m learning to allow my Inner Being to work through me -- which has led to some unexpected outcomes in terms of what I’m going to do with my apartment in Sydney, my furniture, my first Detroit company, and more. This episode is part-catch up with you, and also demonstrates how I’m learning to manifest without using my mind/ego to determine, visualize, and decide what should happen when… and the fascinating results so far. Let’s go to the show. : )         [Tweet "“We’re waking up, let’s do it together." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“I just want peace and ease." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The mind needs to release resistance." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess talks about her “egoic mind-mastery” phase of her journey. She shares how she's learning day by day to surrender and flow. Jess speaks about the process and outcomes with her big, overseas move and how it will impact her life.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #285 - Spiral Dynamics Eckhart Tolle Law of Attraction Byron Katie TLS #180 with Byron Katie Pema Chödrön TLS Birthday Show   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 25, 2018
Today on The Lively Show we’re covering a MAJOR topic: why we don’t really have to work so hard! We’re talking with Yasmin, a client who just started studying mindfulness and the Law Of Attraction a few months ago. She’s grown really quickly in a short time, and her Inner Being is feeling the pull to move to another “level” of consciousness - if her mind will allow her to let go! Our mind might tell us we need to read a certain amount of books from gurus or go to so many seminars or meditate so many times before we’re “ready” to look within. In reality, we’ve already got all the answers we need. It’s okay to trust your inner voice. Yasmin and I discuss when it’s okay to move beyond things that are no longer serving you, and why suffering “for just a little bit longer” in a situation that’s not working isn’t worth it. I also share how this truth showed up in my own life when I was in what I call my “season 4 Jess” mindset, and talk about a few of my favorite personal manifestations from the past few weeks. We also talk about letting go of what I call the enlightenment chore chart, or the idea that you need to struggle your way to higher consciousness. We don’t need to suffer for enlightenment! If you’re having trouble letting it all flow, this episode is for you. Let’s go to the show. : )           [Tweet "“The mind thrives on having problems to solve." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The mind will never not be the mind." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Don’t spiritual chore chart yourself." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You get to relax and allow." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Go with your path, but be willing to escape." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess answers questions about the intuition and ego. They discuss when it’s okay to move beyond things that are no longer serving you. Jess dives into Yasim about her Inner Being and how she gets pulled into other levels of consciousness. She discusses the difference between “season 4 Jess” and “season 5 Jess.”   SHOW NOTES   Paul Selig The Power of Now Alan Watts Eckhart Tolle Byron Katie Dr. Joe Dispenza "Enlighten-Mint" Meditation Download   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 18, 2018
This Monday marks my 34th birthday. And one week prior, my Inner Being “flowed” me to the most unexpected and magical unfolding of the year: a new home, a new career direction, and a new level of contribution beyond my wildest dreams. In today’s episode, I’m sharing all of the real deal, behind-the-scenes details that have unfolded in the past year which have led to my life in Sydney, all that has unfolded this summer traveling, and now where I’m heading in November and the foreseeable future. The alignment, the resistance, the flow, the obstacles… I’m sharing it all in a candid, honest, open way. I am beyond amazed at the alignment, the unfolding, and the magic that has gone into the circumstances which lined up to make this happen. And a huge part of this magic required my mind’s willingness to surrender, let go, and allow… which will hopefully prove as a case study in what it actually looks like to do just that in your own life - in you own way - as well. Let’s go to the show. : )       [Tweet "“The mind can deal with any outcome giving the right circumstances." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess tells us the history of how she came to live in Sydney the the evolution for her life over the past few years. She discusses the differences between herself throughout each season of The Lively Show. Jess describes how flow has brought her to where she is today.   SHOW NOTES   Summit Conference TLS #212 with Ezzie Spencer Tim Ferriss The Power of Now Bumble Pencils of Promise   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 11, 2018
On today's show I'm talking with Danielle Dillard, a coach, healer, writer, and yoga teacher who is currently flowing around the US on a solo road trip. This session is a big one, and it digs into how to navigate single life and how to find community on your own. Danielle and I talked the day before her 30th birthday, and she told me her words for her new year are "allow, now, surrender." After this call, I can totally see why! We're covering some major stuff, like letting go of labels and getting distracted by what I lovingly call the "spiritual circus." We also explore why you don't need to chase a big dream to live a life that's perfect for you. We also cover a question I get often: what do you do when your Inner Voice answers a question with "yes" and "no" at the same time? If you've ever dealt with loneliness, felt resistance over who you're "supposed" to be, or sought out answers from gurus instead of your own Inner Voice, this episode is a great guide for you. I'm so excited for you to hear it! Let's go to the show. : )     [Tweet "“Let the human have their experience." - @danidillard"] [Tweet "“Live and create in the moment." - @danidillard"] [Tweet "“Trust and all is coming." - @danidillard"] [Tweet "“Just start listening to yourself as the expert." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Danielle tells us how she is using Law of Attraction to heal her body. She explains she wants to start a podcast and right now is the best time to start with a clean slate. Danielle talks with Jess and they speak to her inner voice.   SHOW NOTES   Law of Attraction TLS with Gregorio Avanzini Bashar The Power of Now Untethered Soul   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 4, 2018
We're back with another TLS episode, and this one is all about freedom! We've got a brand new session with a client named Sierra Molesworth, and I share lots of details I've never talked about before on TLS. Sierra and I discuss some of the most common ways people build cages for themselves in their lives, and how to break free. If you've struggled with self-doubt, judgment, eating issues, resistance to your Inner Voice, negative self-talk, or any other "trap" in your life - and most of us have - this episode is for you. I work with Sierra on a powerful trick I use to shut down the mind's negative stories about who we are. We also cover some popular questions: Why is travel so aligning, and how can we replicate that feeling at home? And what if your alignment time isn't full of "spiritual" stuff like yoga and crystals and meditation? I'm so excited to share this one with you. It's something really special! Let’s go to the show. : )       [Tweet "“To be crazy is ultimately to not be crazy." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The mind likes patterns." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Some of the most common ways people build cages for themselves in their lives, and how to break free. Sierra talks about her self-doubt, judgment, eating issues and internal resistance. She discusses alignment and intuitive eating.   SHOW NOTES   Eckhart Tolle Abraham Hicks Writing to your Intuition Flow with Intention Insight Timer Bumble Marisa Peer The Power of Now   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
September 27, 2018
Today on the show we've got another client session for you, and this one gave me MAJOR goosebumps. For anyone who's been asking about the difference between LOA and going beyond the mind (aka the difference between “season 4 Jess” and “season 5 Jess”), in this session we explore it in depth. If you're feeling upstream or stuck in any part of your career, this episode can help you release resistance. In this session we talk with Erica, a business owner, about why we don't need to "level up" in our jobs in order to be happy. We discuss why the mind creates so many "problems," why you don't have to force things that you don't want to do, and how to let your mind's guard down to truly hear your Inner Voice. It's an emotional one, and by the end, Erica Wernick, of Hollywood’s Success Coach, walks away feeling lighter and freer. I hope this episode does the same for you. Let’s go to the show. : )   [Tweet "“No thought is ever necessary. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Tears are releasing resistance." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The answers are within you." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Erica asks the questions about the hustle versus ease conversation. She asks what the meaning of hustle is and how it would apply Erica starts to dive into her mind and intuition for jess. Jess explains that the mind often personifies themes of separation, deserving and worthiness. They talk about resistance and limits and how that plays in life.   SHOW NOTES   Elizabeth Gilbert TLS with Liz Gilbert Big Magic Abraham Hicks Dr. Joe Dispenza Jack Canfield Oprah   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
September 20, 2018
Today on the show I am SO excited to be sharing our next client session! We're chatting with Kristy, a clinical pharmacist and a creative, about allowing her truest self-expression to flow. If you've ever experienced a creative "block," this episode is for you. Kristy's Inner Voice has long fueled her creative inspiration, and in this conversation, her Voice has a lot to say about uncertainty and flowing with life's surprise unfoldings. Ever have a childhood memory define how you perceive a part of your life? Today we're breaking through those blocks. We talk about alignment over goals, why there's no such thing as failure, and why your creative message is perfect exactly as it is. Let’s go to the show. : )     [Tweet "“Wisdom has nothing to do with age." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“People connect to me because I connect to myself first." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“All we want is freedom and love." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Kristy talks about about allowing her true self-expression to flow. She uses her inner voice to describe her journey and path forward in both her personal life and career. Kristy discusses how her childhood events and memories made her perceive a part of your life a different way. She talks about how she came to a conscious awaking where she matured and flowed.   SHOW NOTES   The Twilight Saga The Shack J. K. Rowling Earth Angels Eckhart Tolle Cschool   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
September 13, 2018
In today’s show, I’m sharing a clip from the first hour of my coaching during Cschool where I explain a framework called Spiral Dynamics. Spiral Dynamics is a helpful tool for exploring the evolution of consciousness as individuals and as a collective. By putting Cschool, FWIO, and the first 5 seasons of TLS all into the context of Spiral Dynamics, you will be able to see how and why the show and classes have evolved alongside my own perception of reality. To get a basic understanding of Spiral Dynamics, I recommend listening to this podcast episode first, and then listen to today’s show. Beyond just Cschool and TLS, the Spiral Dynamics framework is helpful for understanding ourselves and those around us in, hopefully, a more compassionate way. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to perceive this reality… it’s all about the perception we are currently most drawn to at this particular moment in time. Let’s go to the show.     [Tweet "“The level of the problem is the not the level of the solution" - @AbrahamHicks"] [Tweet "“We’re imperfect beings." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess talks about the structure of Cschool and how Spiral Dynamics is involved. The spiral of consciousness plays out in the individual and the collective. She tells us that the resistance comes from the mind.   SHOW NOTES   Spiral Dynamics - Podcast Tony Robbins Tony Robbins - Date With Destiny TLS #283: The Client Sessions with Emily TLS #284: The Client Sessions with Emily TLS #186: Things I’m afraid to tell you Abraham Hicks Dr. Joe Dispenza The Surrender Experiment Eckhart Tolle   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
September 6, 2018
Today’s show is the continuation of Emily’s episode from Part 1 last week. Beyond just her career, we dive into other aspects of her life and continue to see how strong her inner voice is. We also end up exploring some personal aspects of her life which she would prefer to keep private at this time, so we cut out some portions of our conversation, per her request. However, the amazing connection to Emily’s Inner Voice’s wisdom is not to be missed! Let’s go to the show. : )     [Tweet "“The point of the universe is to have variation." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Have peace in the present moment." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess asks Emily to describe her storytelling and what it means to her. Emily tells us about what she heard from her inner voice and how it brought her along her current path. Emily channels her inner voice and reveals many things about her life in a story telling way. SHOW NOTES   J. K. Rowling TLS #240: Catherine Greer TLS #278: Catherine Greer Oprah Gary Zukav Ann Frank   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
August 30, 2018
Today I am SO pumped to be releasing the first of “The Client Sessions” series for TLS Season 5! In today’s show, we are speaking to Emily (who has asked to remain anonymous) about how to release resistance to making a career transition. This process of stepping from a familiar and traditional career path to something more non-traditional and seemingly “unknown” is a common concern many clients I’ve worked with over the years have faced. Plus, we begin to really uncover how strong and wise Emily’s Inner Voice truly is -- and in the Part 2 (airing next week), we take it to a whole new level! Let’s go to the show. : )     [Tweet "“You are the part that pivots. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The answer is in you." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess asks Emily about the things on her mind, primarily her career shift from coaching to storytelling. Emily tells us about what she heard from her inner voice and how it brought her along her current path.   SHOW NOTES   Eckhart Tolle Abraham Hicks TLS #195: Letter to my Intuition   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
August 23, 2018
Welcome baaaaack!!! And welcome to Season 5 of The Lively Show. After taking the hiatus with literally no “end” in sight, the inspiration to bring the show back in a new way and with a new direction, came to me in London a few weeks ago. In today’s show, I’m giving you an update on what has been happening and evolving for myself and Team Lively for the past few months, and what I’ve learned from truly letting go of the show and all preconceived notions of what things “should be” or “look like” for our offerings... Following alignment rather blindly led to a resurrection and evolution of this content, and how I will be sharing it, in almost every single way. I’m excited to tell you about it. Let’s go to the show. : )     [Tweet "“Deep change is very, emotionally powerful." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“There is beauty in design." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT Jess tells us what’s in store for The Lively Show for season five. She reviews her journey from last season, including Cschool and the reasons for her hiatus. Jess tells us her plans for this season including new classes, both online and in-person. She digs deeper about topics as releasing resistance in the upcoming episodes of The Lively Show.   SHOW NOTES Abraham Hicks Cschool Jacob Liberman Lewis Howes Tim Ferriss The Surrender Experiment Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now A New Earth TLS #264 with Colleen Kavanaugh   LISTEN TO THE SHOW
June 14, 2018
Welcome to The Lively Show! Though clocking in at episode 281, on today’s show I’m welcoming new Lively Show listeners to the podcast and walking them through the many facets and aspects of TLS over the past 280 episodes - so that newcomers can explore the parts of the show that may resonate with them the most. I’ll be sharing where TLS got started, how the show changed and evolved over time, how to go deeper in the concepts shared on the podcast, and the episodes I personally suggest starting with if you are just diving in. This episode is perfect for anyone new to TLS who wants to hear what the show is all about and where to get started.         [Tweet "“The answers are in you." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Happy. Thank you. More Please." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“As within, so without." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   We learn who Jess Lively is, her background and how The Lively Show got it’s start. What The Lively Show is all about, and how it evolved over the past few years. Jess guides you through the various episodes and suggests where to begin listening if you are new. She reviews several options for listeners to begin or continue their journey.   SHOW NOTES   Jacob Liberman TLS with Jacob Liberman Make Under My Life TLS with Elizabeth Gilbert TLS with Brené Brown TLS with Gabby Bernstein TLS with Lewis Howes TLS with Gary Vaynerchuk TLS with Byron Katie TLS with Rob Bell Conscience Uncoupling Episode Abraham Hicks The Secret TLS #214: Quantum Living cSchool The Lively Shop Writing to Your Intuition Intuition Intensive Flow With Intention Online TLS with Catherine Greer A Lively Adventure Jess Lively Instagram   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
June 7, 2018
Today’s episode is a big announcement. Just as I’m about to welcome all of the Cschool Live members to Sydney for a long weekend of learning, fun, and alignment, I’m also embarking on a new personal journey. In the episode, I am sharing why I am taking a hiatus from TLS (after next week) for an unknown period of time. The journey to discover and practice the law of attraction, deliberate use of brain states, and deliberate creation have been fascinating, fulfilling, and extremely aligning on all levels. And yet... they have also pointed beyond themselves to a new frontier that I’m opening up to as well. In the show, I explain all of this in detail and share what I believe may be next for myself, as well as how it may possibly impact my focus on the show - or any other work I do - in the future as well. This episode is perfect for anyone who has participated in TLS and wants to hear why I’m taking a break to explore what is beyond what we’ve covered up to this point.       [Tweet "“The more filled up I am, the more I have to give." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess shares why she is taking a hiatus from The Lively Show and what it means for you.   SHOW NOTES   Abraham Hicks Flow With Intention CSchool Eckhart Tolle Byron Katie TLS with Byron Katie Writing to Your Intuition   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
May 31, 2018
Today’s TLS is one of my favorite kinds… it’s a Q+A episode where I answer listener questions off the cuff based off of DM’s I received on Instagram. In today’s batch of questions we are tackling... pain + alignment, alignment when you’re feeling ‘off,’ what vibration has to do with emotions, how my first class (Life With Intention Online) compares to LoA,  my next travel plans, and more. This episode is for anyone who enjoys hearing off the cuff question and answer sessions covering all types of alignment, LoA and personal questions.       [Tweet "“Listen to your intuition, not your ego." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Alignment before action." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What’s the balance on honoring your feelings and releasing them versus trying to force yourself into alignment? What’s your thoughts on feeling so aligned versus being grounded? Did you ever circle back to Life With Intention teachings to see how it applied  Law of Attraction principles? How do we hone-in on our blocks to get what we want? What if doing what feels good directly interferes with my long-term well being? How do we know if we are vibrating and do positive emotions make us vibe higher/faster than negative emotions? Are you still eating gluten and dairy-free? Can the intuition sometimes guide us to procrastination? Is procrastinating the result of a lack of alignment and not feeling ready to take inspired action? Best ways to deal with energy flucuations? How do you increase your sense of intuition and distinguish my intuition voice from my normal thought voice? What other podcast or books do you recommend for newbies? What episodes of your show do you recommend for insight on writing to or tapping into your intuition? Best tips for staying high vibe when you don’t physically feel well? Do you find your alignment and intuition is impacted by your moon cycle? How do you stay in alignment when reading terrible, sad things? What do you think about the books your reading? If you were to travel for fun, what trip would you take? DO you think you would live in tiny houses and have a garden of crystals? Who are the YouTubers you like to watch? What surprises you the most about the person your are now? If you had a flow bucket wish list, what would it be? Anything you’re eating or drinking that you are digging? Anything new as of flow? Can you explain what it means when you get really close to a manifestation but it doesn’t work out? How do you balance between what is in your control and what you leave to believe?   SHOW NOTES   Rock & Co. Marisa Peer Abraham Hicks TLS with Marisa Peer TLS with RTT Therapy Alignment Q+A Episode Writing To Your Intuition TLS with Hibiscus Moon (Crystal Episode) Abraham Hicks on YouTube Law of Attraction on For a Free Audible Book, Go to Madame Dry The Power of Now The Anna Edit Mimi Ikonn Alex Ikonn Matthew Hussey The Limbo Song by Matthew Hussey   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
May 17, 2018
Today on the show show I’ve invited TLS listener, FWIO member, author, and happiness blogger, Catherine Greer back on the show. Catherine is a dear friend of mine as well as a beloved leader and support for many people within the Flow With Intention Online Masterclass community. As someone who has transformed her life so dramatically through applying the FWIO process, I have invited her on to share her expanded perspective and experiences with the work. This way anyone who is considering FWIO can hear in her own words who she believes it’s good for and what it’s all about. This episode is perfect for anyone who is new to FWIO and is curious to hear what it’s like from a member’s perspective.     [Tweet "“Stop telling the stories that aren’t serving you." - @catherinegreersydney"] [Tweet "“Everything does change for you because you change." - @catherinegreersydney"] [Tweet "“Flow does teach you a way to go about making your dreams come true." - @catherinegreersydney"] [Tweet "“Really learn to listen to your own heart" - @catherinegreersydney"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Catherine tells us how Flow With Intention has moved her career path in a positive direction. She tells us how much Flow has changed her world and point of view which put her on a path for happiness. Catherine discusses how the class helped her access her own authenticity. She tells us the results from the FWIO class and how it can build your dream by removing some of the drama from life. They discuss how the class is currently available for those wanting this in their lives. Catherine mentions that the class can help find your own happiness and joy regardless of your circumstances.   SHOW NOTES   Flow With Intention Online Law of Attraction     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
May 10, 2018
This week marks the two year anniversary of selling my home and possessions to flow around the world. In today’s episode, I’m sharing what I’ve learned from the experience, which everyone has the ability to do… Whether it’s transcending cultural stories of “what’s possible,” or defying our own limiting beliefs, I share how we can all chart a course that truly astounds us and continues to unfold in unusual ways. I’m also sharing a bit about the new journey I’m embarking on personally, beyond the study of Law of Attraction and deliberate thought and creation. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn about how they too can break the limits of their own beliefs and explore possibilities they currently may not even be able to fathom.       [Tweet "“A happy ending is from a happy journey" - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Your thoughts create your reality." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess talks about the last two years of her life and the show. She talks about how she started on her journey, leaving school and becoming an entrepreneur, and why that was important to her. Jess describes how she came to discover her “inner voice” within herself. She reviews aspects of her life; from building schools in Ghana to PCOS and her period to her eyesight. Jess mentions her journey exploring the Law of Attraction and Alignment before Action concepts. She begins to describe what this means and what she is looking forward to in the future.   SHOW NOTES   Abraham Hicks Writing to your Intuition TLS 100 with Liz Gilbert Pencils of Promise Intuition Intensive Flow with Intention TLS with Alisa Vitti Lewis Howes Tim Ferris   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
May 3, 2018
The crystal episode. It’s here. And it’s one of my favorite TLS episodes of 2018. I learned so much in this conversation with crystal expert and physics teacher, Hibiscus Moon. In the show, we go deep into the quantum mechanics, molecular structure, technological uses, and the metaphysical uses of crystals. Plus, we explore the concepts of vibration, frequency, light, and the electromagnetic spectrum. Then, in the second half of the episode, we discuss ways to begin selecting and using crystals that are ideal for your daily life. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to have a deeper understanding of what crystals are and how they can enhance our daily lives.       [Tweet "“Where thought goes, energy flows." - @hibiscusmoon"] [Tweet "“Energy is an influencer." - @hibiscusmoon"] [Tweet "“Let your heart pick the crystal." - @hibiscusmoon"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Hibiscus tells us why she used her pen name and how that allowed her to teach others about the metaphysical of crystals while still maintaining her role as a scientist and teacher. She gives us an overview of the science with crystals and how they interact in life. Hibiscus describes the physical makeup of crystals and how we define crystals. She describes crystals as both a tool and support to help amplify your intentions. Hibiscus talks about cleansing your crystals and programming them for yourself. She reminds us that crystals cannot create or generate energy, but crystals can transform energy from one for to another. Hibiscus teaches us how to select and use crystals in our daily life.   SHOW NOTES   Abraham Hicks TLS #214: Quantum Living TLS #189: Quantum Living TLS #215: Quantum Living Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey Chakras Madame Dry   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
April 26, 2018
Today’s TLS is a fun one... I’m going really deep into some of the finer points of alignment. (And yes, as FWIO members will guess, “chocolate for breakfast” is included.) ; ) I’m answering the questions you’ve asked on Instagram about this very essential subject. This includes things like routine, consistent alignment, alignment with and without a schedule, intuition vs. “Joe,” and what alignment looks like when you are in a very low state. Plus, I’m sharing how I believe our creative alignment time will often (but not always) spark new chapters in our relationships, career, and much more. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to go into the deeper aspects of alignment, and learn more about how they can access alignment in a moment-to-moment basis.       [Tweet "“Alignment is feeling good in the present moment." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The answers you need for your situation are in you." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You can’t give what you don’t have." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You are a growth seeking being." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You have to stay alert and aware to what’s bringing you alignment now." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What exactly is alignment, and how do you get into it? What is the daily practice? What tips do you have about getting into alignment on a consistent basis? What do you do to flow between your alignment activities before work and work? Describe the difference between being in alignment and channeling Joe? Is Joe the same as you intuition and if not, how do they differ? How do you push through the fear when taking that quantum leap? Any suggestions to listen to my intuition? What advice can you give about thinking a scary, negative thought, even when I’m at a high vibration? How do you handle the feeling of not being ready to handle the things I’m manifesting in my life? What do you recommend taking with you or doing to prepare for an Abraham Hicks event.   SHOW NOTES   Law of Attraction Flow with Intention Abraham Hicks Writing to your Intuition The Master Key System Intuition Intensive The Big Leap   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
April 19, 2018
Today on TLS, I’m sharing the way that I’ve begun approaching my life and the remarkable, and even sometimes downright magical results that have been happening as a result. For the past few months, I’ve merged a free intuition training tool with the teachings of Abraham Hicks to create my own training tool to determine what is the next inspired step to take in all aspects of life. And the result has been fascinating in all aspects of my life. In this solo show, I’ll share how I do it, and how you can do it yourself! This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hone their intuitive skills on a whole new level -- which allows them to make a “game” out of life and leads to easy, fun, and magical manifestations along the way.       [Tweet "“Everybody is creating the realty that’s true for them based on their beliefs." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Pay attention to what you are saying." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Flow with what’s coming." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess provides an update to what she is doing in her life now and how she is living it. She talks about the crazy results she is getting by living a life Jess discuss the action she took to give her her inspired action in her daily life.   SHOW NOTES   Abraham Hicks Flow With Intention TLS #212 with Ezzie Spencer Russell Targ ESP Trainer App CSchool Bruce Lipton   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
April 12, 2018
Today on TLS, I’m having a now three-peat guest on the show, Caroline Rector, of the incredibly popular mindful style blog, Un-fancy. Caroline is a wonderful friend from my time back in Austin, Texas... and she’s someone who I’ve admired for her light and calm energy for many years. In today’s show, Caroline is asking me the questions she has about LoA, now that she and her husband are into learning about the concept. I’ll be talking in depth in particular about the new realizations I’ve had about manifesting and the intersection of what our feelings and our thoughts indicate about what is coming next in our lives. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about how feelings and thoughts connect to what we create in our lives, and for anyone looking to learn more about how Caroline is applying LoA in her own life.         [Tweet "“Law of Attraction is about responding to what you are feeling about, not what you are thinking about." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Keep using your feelings as your guide." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“All I can do right now is give myself compassion." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“There’s no power in helplessness." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The body can only be well through wellness." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“We can’t give out of an empty cup." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Caroline talks about how she progressed her career from photography to wardrobe and style. She discusses how the Law of Attraction has evolved and integrated in both her and her husband’s lives. Jess explains about alignment and the inner being with Caroline. Caroline asks the question about changing the emotion when we don’t have that good feeling. Jess talks about the difference of her inner being and soul when looking at a particular situation. They discuss tapping into the love and compassion which is needed to align with the inner being. Jess reviews her ways to feel better such as sleep, meditation and appreciation. Caroline tells us that she used yoga as a way to tune in to her body and the way she feels. She asks Jess questions about overcoming the fear of being unworthy.   SHOW NOTES   The Anna Edit The Secret Abraham Hicks The Journey of Souls   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
April 5, 2018
Today is a really fun day!! I’m sharing (in a solo show this time), all about the secret project I’ve been working on behind the scenes since mid-December! Cschool (short for Consciousness School) is a new approach to education designed to help people learn how to use the other 95% of their minds. How to deliberately change our brain states, program (and re-program) our subconscious, and deliberately develop the ability to live in peak states is not taught in traditional education. And the time has come for a live and online experience to introduce people to the power within themselves - to know how to deliberately use their mind, thoughts, and emotions in a practical, step-by-step manner quickly and effectively. There are four phases to Cschool, and the first is the live one time only event called Cschool Live, which is happening in Sydney (in my favorite spot in the city) on June 9th and 10th, 2018. Spots are limited, and I’m sharing more about this event and how you can participate, if your intuition is calling you to! This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear more about what Cschool is and how it has unfolded thus far, and how I am also rethinking what it means to grow a pleasure-driven business utilizing all of my LoA practices.       [Tweet "“I feel happy and aligned." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“CSchool is alignment before action for each team member." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Our input does create our output in our realty. " - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess talks about the aligning activities and events she attended while traveling and how that inspired her to this project. She discusses what she learned, the ignored parts of traditional education that does not address how to use your mind to control and react to conscious awareness. Jess describes how CSchool flowed through her and became the realty it is today. She tells us how CSchool introduces a practical approach to all her consciousness work to a larger audience. Jess believes that CSchool has the ability to change the world in the coming decades. She reviews the modules, topics and stages that make up CSchool.   SHOW NOTES   Journey of Souls Destiny of Souls Pencils of Promise Adam Braun Gary Vaynerchuk Dr. Joe Dispenza Abraham Hicks Gregg Braden Marisa Peer Flow with Intention   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
March 29, 2018
One of the popular requests I get from listeners is to share about how someone with very little money used LoA to deliberately attract and create lots of incredible money and experiences. In today’s episode, we are exploring this exact topic with someone who has done just that. Denise Duffield-Thomas, a money mindset mentor and the author and founder of Lucky Bitch and, has started with nothing. She first deliberately used her understanding of LoA to attract a free 6 month trip around the world that also included 3,000 pounds of spending money. From there, Denise learned how to not only use her “manifesting super powers” to win incrdible dreams, but to also create abundance in her own career, as well. In this conversation, we explore her journey, steps she took, and we discuss the common money mindsets that block people from achieving their own abundance-based desires. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to build and improve their abundance mindset, and for anyone who wants to hear the steps someone has practically used to create incredibly abundant experiences and financial success.         [Tweet "“Let people be where they want to be." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Inspired action is stuff that moves you closer to your dream." - @denisedt"] [Tweet "“Manifesting is making something real." - @denisedt"] [Tweet "“Don’t believe there is scarcity in the universe." - @denisedt"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Denise tells us how reading books in her teenage years taught her the power of the mind to create different results in your life. She talks to us about the desire to help people which led her to study and learn more to become a life coach to help people with their money mindset.  Denise describes how she deals with negative clients and fans so it doesn’t effect her equilibrium. She discusses Law of Attraction and how she has applied it in her daily life. Denise talks about the power of love and acceptance and why it’s so important in her life. She describes what manifesting is and why it makes things reality. Denise discusses the biggest lessons she’s learned during her income raises seasons. She talks about the limiting beliefs and why we need to overcome them.   SHOW NOTES   Soulpreneur Conference The Magic of Believing Oprah Suze Orman Flow With Intention Online   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
March 22, 2018
Today on TLS, we have an all time favorite guest, Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School and The Life Coach School podcast! Brooke has been on TLS a total of 4 times (the most of any TLS guest thus far), and for good reason -- it’s always a joy to get to connect with her and jam about all things LoA, mindset, and emotion. In this episode, we are discussing the mental and emotional shifts that Brooke has gone through that have led to achieving her “impossible” dream of earning $10,000,000 in one year as a life coach. Plus, we are going into a plethora of other topics relating to weight loss, emotions and thoughts, and so much more. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to hear about achieving seemingly “impossible” dreams with more ease than seems “possible.”           [Tweet "“Money is just energy." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Your intuition will guide you." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Your thoughts cause your feelings, your feelings cause your actions." - @LifeCoachSchool"] [Tweet "“Our desires are the map to the life we are supposed to live." - @LifeCoachSchool"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Brooke tells us how and why she went about studying the notion of winning a million dollars.  She discusses the deeper level of spirituality, consciousness and awareness and how it aligns to money. Brooke says what matters most when attracting money is the reason you want it in the first place. She tells us what she thinks is the most mystical part of being ambitious and successful in her life. Brooke dives in depth about actions and how alignment play a major role in the results. She presents the questions to why many people use chemical and other substances to get in a good place vibrationally.  Brooke discusses the Art of Allowing and it relates to alignment.  She discusses both resistance and feelings from negative emotions. Brooke talks about conditional alignment versus unconditional alignment.   SHOW NOTES   Abraham Hicks Dr. Joe Dispenza TLS with Erica Gellerman TLS #215: Quantum Living The Success Principles The Secret Tony Robbins Byron Katie Jacob Liberman TLS with Jacob Liberman Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself The Big Leap   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
March 15, 2018
Today’s episode of TLS features one of my favorite YouTubers and return guest, Aaron Doughty, who is dedicated to helping people expand their awareness through principles like LoA. It’s always a treat for me to talk with Aaron because he has been studying LoA and other consciousness topics very deeply for many years - so coming together allows us to jam and go deep on these topics. And I gotta say, this episode is full of good nuggets. Today, we are talking about the principles shared in the Reality Transurfing books, which I spent four months reading and writing down in my notebooks in 2017. Aaron, like myself, has become fascinated with the way LoA is described and applied in this text -- and we’re sharing how you can use these concepts in your life today. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about how LoA affects large groups of people, how to deal with difficult work environments, or for anyone who wants to go deep, deep, deep on the concepts of LoA.       [Tweet "“Desire can be powerful if translated into intention." - @aaron_doughty44"] [Tweet "“Be yourself 100% and take action from that point of view." - @aaron_doughty44"] [Tweet "“If you’re not resisting it, you’re not adding energy to it." - @aaron_doughty44"] [Tweet "“We give the meanings to the things in our life" - @aaron_doughty44"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Aaron talks about how he began reading the book Reality Transurfing and how he applies those principles to his life. He describes Reality Transurfing as a philosophy on how you see life, rather than just the manifestation process. Aaron tells us that decreased importance is one concept that helps us resonate what we want to experience. He examines that decreased importance is made up of the vibration of desire, intention and action for something. Aaron reviews the collective consciousness and the pendullium effect and being aware and observant of thought structures. He discusses that with Reality Transurfing, your goals need to be connected to your heart - something you are passionate about.   SHOW NOTES   Reality Transurfing   Aaron Doughty - YouTube Abraham Hicks Bashar Flow with Intention Online Heart Math Rob Bell The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Think and Grow Rich   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
March 8, 2018
Today’s episode is with one of the most charismatic people and speakers I’ve ever met, Jasmine Star. Originally making a (very big) name for herself in the photography world, Jasmine has since transitioned to business coaching and mentorship. In her return visit to TLS, we are talking about LoA, what it is, and how Jasmine often flowed with the principles unknowingly to create the success she has -- and how she believes could could have done it even faster and more easefully. In addition to talking about how business + LoA intersect, we are also speaking about the extremely simple and powerful steps she takes when she thinks negative thoughts, which bring her back into heart-brain coherence and alignment. This episode is perfect for anyone new to the concept of LoA, or for anyone who is looking to hear how they can apply LoA deliberately to create a thriving business.       [Tweet "“I am the thinker of my thoughts." - @JasmineStar"] [Tweet "“Because it’s how you feel that creates the vibration, not what you think." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The emotional alignment gives me the inspired actions." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“It’s alignment that matters most." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Law of Attraction is not the Law of What we Want." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jasmine tells us what she knows about Law of Attraction.  Jess explains her definition of Law of Attraction and how she sees it in life everyday. They discuss how Law of Attraction works in business. Jess talks about the heart-brain coherence and how that applies to Law of Attraction. Jasmine talks about how setting her intentions helped her overcome depression and anxiety in her life.   SHOW NOTES   Flow With Intention TLS: Things I’m Afraid To Tell You Jacob Lieberman TLS with Jacob Lieberman TLS #266 with Sherry Petersik Gary Vaynerchuk Heart Math   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
March 1, 2018
Today’s TLS is a “three-peat” for one of my favorite podcasters, Pat Flynn, of the epically successful, Smart Passive Income. According to Pat, the perpetuation of the “hard work ethic” is still going strong in the online business world, so we are discussing the nuances that make this tactic epically successful or unsuccessful -- often without the entrepreneur having any idea where the leverage and effectiveness truly lies. Also, as an engaged father and husband, Pat is eager to share this information with his children, so we discuss how these concepts can be shared with children. This episode is perfect for anyone interested in understanding the role of “hard work” and LoA, or for anyone looking to share these concepts with children.           [Tweet "“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford"] [Tweet "“The universe doesn’t attract to your thoughts, it attracts to your emotions" - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Law of Attraction is matching your circumstances to your feelings." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You are the only you." - @PatFlynn"] [Tweet "“Let’s appreciate everything that we have in front of us." - @PatFlynn"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Pat tells us that getting laid off from his job was one of the best things to happen to him. He talks with Jess about in depth about gratitude and appreciation. Pat talks about the Law of Attraction and how it works raising a family.       SHOW NOTES   Smart Passive Income Podcast Will It Fly The Secret Think and Grow Rich Gary Vaynerchuk Abraham Hicks Tony Robbins   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
February 22, 2018
Today’s TLS is a return guest from our most downloaded episode of all time, Sherry Petersik, the female half of the very popular home blog and podcast, Young House Love. Sherry is on the show again and we are explaining the concept of LoA and debunking many myths and misunderstandings that come with the initial hesitations people have when they come across the concept of LoA for the first time. In addition, we are looking back at the evolution and growth of Young House Love, and seeing how emotion and intention played such crucial roles their success and at times the stressful parts of the journey, too. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to deliberately apply LoA to blogging (or any creative venture), and for anyone who wants to understand why it seems like LoA “doesn’t really work” for a lot of people.         [Tweet "“Thoughts can trigger feelings." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You create your own reality." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Feelings are more important than thoughts." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Find that inspired action from that aligned place." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Be in alignment for yourself." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Sherry tells us how and why she started to blog over ten years ago and the path it brought her to today. She talks to us about her knowledge of the Law of Attraction and manifestation. Sherry discusses why Law of Attraction works or doesn't work for some people and why. They review the concepts of Quantum Mechanics and vibrational living. Sherry shares how Law of Attraction played a part in their blogging career.   SHOW NOTES   Law of Attraction - Abraham Hicks (Audible) Journey of Souls  (Audible) The Secret Madame Dry Mimi Ikonn Dhanakosa - Buddhist Meditation Retreat Dr. Joe Dispenza Writing To Your intuition   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
February 15, 2018
Today’s TLS is with one of my favorite humans and teachers, Dr. Jacob Liberman. You may remember Jacob as the author and optometrist in this TLS episode that inspired my journey to restore my eyesight naturally through his book, Take Off Your Glasses and See. Today, Jacob is back on the show to talk about his new book, Luminous Life, and how light, photons, sight, and consciousness affect and connect to the Law of Attraction. This episode is perfect for anyone interested in exploring the deep nuances of consciousness, light, sight, and LoA, or for anyone interested in hearing an example of channeling your inner being.     [Tweet "“My life is my message." - Mahatma Gandhi"] [Tweet "“The less we do, the more occurs." - @jacob_liberman"] [Tweet "“Real vision is the ability to see the invisible." - Jonathan Swift"] [Tweet "“When the mind quiets, the heart slows down." - @jacob_liberman"] [Tweet "“Everything in this universe is inseparably connected." - @jacob_liberman"] [Tweet "“Do what you love, love what you do and the world will come to you." - @jacob_liberman"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jacob tells us how he started as an optometrist and scientist. He talks about his studies of light therapy  as he continued on the path to help people. Jacob discusses parts of Quantum Physics and spirituality and how it relates to humans. He talks about the reasons we are inspired to visualize or manifest things in our life.   SHOW NOTES   Abraham Hicks Jacob's Ted Talk     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
February 8, 2018
Today’s Lively Show is a new version of the LoA Q+A series… it’s an in-depth interview + coaching session all rolled into one! In this episode, I’m helping Colleen Kavanaugh of and The After Life podcast, about an aspect of her life where she’s had trouble manifesting: income from her business. In the episode, we go deep into the resistance, beliefs, and cultural conditioning which have been keeping Colleen’s income from flowing. And we discuss ways she can release this resistance to allow more abundance in ease-fully. This episode is perfect for anyone who has been having trouble making as much income as they would like, or for anyone who wants to hear potential ways to uncover and release resistance to other manifestations in their life.     [Tweet "“We all create our own reality." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Out of the contrast comes greater wanting." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Need is scarier to not have, than want." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Colleen discusses that she knew something was missing in her life, and it took a while to figure what that was and let flow guide her. She tells us how she is more focused on keeping what she wants in her life. Colleen tells Jess that she has been continuing to follow the breadcrumbs of her curiosity and it’s been leading her to great places in her life. She tells us how she was manifesting things she wanted in life, but there are some blocks she’s been facing, including manifesting income. Colleen discusses how her doubts may be causing a shift in her vibration and how that impacts her understanding of Law of Attraction. She tells Jess about what she is currently manifesting about, and Jess helps her focus those thoughts and actions. Colleen works with Jess to discover where and why her blocks are in terms of money in her life. She figures out that the answer to her path is through her intuition.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #167 with Colleen Kavanaugh Law of Attraction Life With Intention Course Eckhart Tolle The After Life Podcast Tina Roth Eisenberg on CreativeMornings   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
February 1, 2018
After a huge reception for the new LoA Q+A series, I’m excited to have another one with a deep dive into the biggest misconceptions about the idea of Law Of Attraction that often looks something like: What about people who have experienced deep trauma? Did they deserve or attract it? I’m going to address this question to the best of my ability, by sharing an experience I witnessed in someone’s life that relates to this subject. And I’m going to share the wonderful ways we can heal and change our emotional resonance (aka: ‘vibration’ or ‘point of attraction’) after difficult experiences, like trauma, to create our future based on positive desires. This episode is perfect for anyone who is wondering how LoA is connected to difficult experiences in our lives, and for anyone looking to change an negative vibration to create a new, more positive future.   PS - Flow With Intention Online registration closes for our last live round of class tomorrow! Learn more and register here. (Class starts February 3 - March 2.)     [Tweet "“The universe is expanding." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Matter is affected by our consciousness." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“I’m a being of my own reality." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Why the Law of Attraction is not the Law of Getting What You Want.   She talks about how Law of Attraction works with people that get things that they don’t want or have difficulties in their life.   How you get yourself in the right vibration or alignment when all you think or know is that you’re in the wrong house, wrong relationship, or wrong everything?   What advice to stay aligned when working in a healthcare setting with many patients struggling with diseases and even with psychiatric disorders?   How to deal with sickness and Law of Attraction? Are there any mental strategies to help you heal faster?   SHOW NOTES   Law of Attraction The Secret Dr. Joe Dispenza Journey of Souls by Michael Newton Get a free Audible book - Oprah Tony Robbins TLS #260: Cryptocurrency Writing to your Intuition TLS #225 with Howard Martin Heartmath   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
January 25, 2018
Today’s TLS is perfect for anyone looking to take what we’ve shared here on TLS about alignment, flow, manifesting, and Law of Attraction to a deeper level. It’s for those who want to actually see measurable improvements in their feelings and circumstances - so much so that those close to them can sense a change, as well! In today’s episode, I’m talking to FWIO member, Leticia Ringe, about the changes she’s seen in her life as a result of applying the concepts from Flow With Intention Online (which is starting February 5 - March 2, 2018). Leticia is coach living in London who has seen a huge shift on many levels of her life, and what I find most fascinating is how you can actually hear the joy within her voice on the show! This episode is perfect for anyone who is thinking about joining us in the final live round of Flow With Intention Online, and wants to hear from a fellow FWIO member about her results and experience with the class. PS - Flow With Intention Online registration is now open until February 2nd!       [Tweet "“Just follow your joy and your curiosity. " - @leticiaringe"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Leticia tells us how she went from being a family lawyer to later being diagnosed with a disease and how that affected her life. She tells us what moved her to follow other pursuits, including personal development being a small business owner. Leticia describes why she took Flow With Intention Online and describes her favorite aspects of the course.   SHOW NOTES   TLS with Alisa Vitti - Part 1 TLS with Alisa Vitti - Part 2 Flow With Intention Online TLS Things I’m Afraid To Tell You Attracting Genuine Love - The Hendricks Institute The Secret TLS with Catherine Greer   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
January 18, 2018
Today’s TLS is kicking off a new series on the show: LoA (Law of Attraction) Q+A. The LoA is a subject that I have studied the past two years for thousands of hours across many teachers, books, and conferences worldwide. In the mainstream, it is often viewed as ditzy + shallow (think The Secret), or very ‘woo-woo’ from channeled sources (like Bashar and my oh-so-favorite, Abraham Hicks). But the truth is that - like gravity - LoA isn’t an idea… it’s just an aspect of our reality that is operating at all times.So we are affected by it every day, whether we are “using it” deliberately or not. In the LoA Q+A series, I’d like to make LoA seem less “weird” and explain how regular people have been creating their lives deliberately (or non-deliberately) using this powerful principle. Today, I’m kicking things off with listener questions on LoA... and in future episodes we are going to have conversations with past TLS guests who have used LoA, or are bringing it into their lives now, to cultivate a life they want. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to use LoA in their own lives when parenting or dating, and for anyone looking to learn ways to change their emotions when they feel stuck in a negative place.     [Tweet "“When you are in a good place, you’re more likely to have a good outcome." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Emotions are energy in motion." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Get into your alignment, then come back in." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“We must reverse the evidence of the senses." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Focus on things in your environment that you do like." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT How do we get women to make the first move or pursue men they met instead of waiting? What’s the difference between Law of Attraction and thinking positive thoughts about what you want in life? Is there anything you think that cannot be accomplished by harnessing the power of Law of Attraction? Are enlightened people those who have harnessed that power? What are several tools or ideas from moving, from learning to integration? How do you deal with people you come across who don’t get what you are doing with the whole few thing and ask a million negative questions or make assumptions? How do you not get caught up in that negative energy? What are your thoughts on sickness, perceived challenges, etc? What is one easy thought or act one can do daily to remind yourself of flow and Law of Attraction?   SHOW NOTES   Madame Dry Flow With Intention Online Alignment Workshop Abraham Hicks The Secret Bumble Tinder TLS #128 with Matthew Hussey Matthew Hussey Dr. Joe Dispenza   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
January 11, 2018
Today’s Lively Show is on a topic that is very popular right now and also is a topic that several of my friends are currently obsessed with -- cryptocurrency. Being pretty new to the subject myself, I wanted to invite Faiz Nazarali, who is deeply involved in the crypto world, to explain what it is and how it compares to traditional ‘fiat currency’ (aka: regular money). In addition, we’ll also explore why this new form of currency also fundamentally shifts from an economic scarcity-based model to an abundance-based model. This episode is perfect for anyone wanting: to know what the future of money may be, to understand the difference between traditional money and cryptocurrency, to get started in cryptocurrency, and to hear about the economic shift from a scarcity to abundance-based system.     [Tweet "“Cryptocurrency is just an aspect of the evolution of consciousness." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Use your own intuition to guide you." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Faiz tells us how he got started in the world of cryptocurrency. He explains what cryptocurrency is and how it is used currently in the USA and the world. Faiz discusses the difference of cryptocurrency versus tradition monetary exchange. He describes what a blockchain is and why it’s so important. Faiz reveals his reasons why cryptocurrency is an abundance model of currency exchange. He shares his thoughts on which cryptocurrencies to get started with if this is a path you want to explore.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #227 with Faiz Nazarali Bitcoin Abraham Hicks Wonderfruit Festival Intuition Intensive Coinbase is the simplest solution Kraken Bittrex Binance Poloniex My Top 5 Coins Bitcoin Etherium Stellar Lumens Steem BAT     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
January 4, 2018
Today’s Lively Show  is dedicated to sharing how I’m welcoming 2018 into my life in a different way than ever before. I’ll be sharing the how, what, and why of my past ‘new years’ focuses, and what has caused a pretty massive shift for me personally in my approach. Plus, I’ll be sharing how these changes will be woven into upcoming 2018 episodes of TLS, as well. This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxed, effective, and energy focused approach to the coming year.     [Tweet "“Stop focusing on reality." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Relax, choose what I want, let it go and watch it flow." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Repeat, repeat, repeat and see what unfolds." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess talks about where she has been in the past year and her process to start each new year, usually by writing a letter to herself in the voice of the next upcoming year. She tells us how she used to be focused on her actions and her efforts. Jess describes her new process of focusing on alignment more than anything, and using mediations as a tool. She talks about another ongoing theme in her life which is conscious creation of manual action. Jess recommends to follow your inner being, your intuition, to do what is right for you for the new year.   SHOW NOTES   Write To Your Intuition Abraham Hicks Intuition Intensives TLS #242 with Jacob Lieberman Dr. Joe Dispenza   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
December 21, 2017
Today on TLS, I’m sharing some unexpected personal changes that have flowed into my life just before my move to Sydney, along with how I’m flowing with them. I’m also sharing how these changes are redirecting the course of my choices and actions going into this new season and chapter of my life - from how I’m decorating, to how I’m thinking about what is coming next for me professionally. Plus, I’m going into my new perspective on decorating and possessions as I make this new move after living out of a suitcase for 20 months. This episode is perfect for anyone curious to hear about my personal journey and thoughts on relationships, or for anyone curious about my current thoughts on minimalism and decorating.       [Tweet "“I believe in the universe." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The universe is abundant." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Alignment before action!" - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess tells us more about her status at her new apartment in Sydney. She talks about the pink sofa and what that means at this season of her life. She discusses the concept of adding items in her house and life and how its great to start over. Jess tells us the story how she manifested a year ago about being in her current situation in Sydney. She talks about flowing from one experience to another experience.   SHOW NOTES   Law of Attraction Writing to your Intuition Jess Lively Vlog Dr. Joe Dispenza Wim Hof Gregg Braden Bruce Lipton FWIO Elizabeth Gilbert Eat Pray Love   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
December 14, 2017
Today on TLS, I’m sharing what I learned last weekend during the Progressive Workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza! I’ve become a huge fan of Dr. Joe over the past year as I’ve traveled the world and seen many thought leaders share their ideas. Over the past several months, I’ve come to believe that Dr. Joe will be making one of the largest marks on the world in the decades to come. What separates Joe from the crowd of amazing speakers I’ve seen, is his scientific study and measuring of the brain scans of hundreds of individuals who actively apply the concepts of energy, and consciousness. And as a result of specific dedicated meditations, have healed themselves from everything from depression and anxiety, to cancer, rare genetic disorders, Parkinsons, glaucoma, and much more. I also love that by going through the doors of neuroscience, Dr. Joe has also come into direct contact with the ‘mystical’ and ‘spiritual’ realms that are often ignored by “science” - purely because the scientists themselves have not applied these principles to also experience these results in their own lives. This episode is perfect for anyone interested in the leading edge merging of science and spirituality, instantaneous healing, and for anyone curious about where TLS will be headed in 2018.     [Tweet "“I want the wisdom of experience. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“It’s all about implementing the science." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“In the space between everything, lies the potential for anything we want in our lives." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess discusses the reasons why she enjoys the teaching and information provided by Dr. Joe Dispenza and what it means to her in this season of her life. She reviews the idea that the primitive way to create action or create the life you want, is to take physical action. Jess mentions when you start applying the science to your meditations, you can end up having mystical or spiritual experiences. One of her biggest “Ah Ha” moments from the workshop was his perspective on block removal, which was through visualization and meditation.   SHOW NOTES   Dr. Joe Dispenza Pencils of Promise What the Bleep Do We Know Abraham Hicks Gregg Braden Bruce Lipton Progressive Workshops by Dr. Joe Dispenza The Field   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
December 7, 2017
Today on TLS, I’m doing something a bit different... Instead of asking questions to guest or sharing answers to questions myself, I’m sharing with you the questions that I personally have about several topics we’ve spoken a lot about on TLS lately… intuition, channeling, inner beings, Law of Attraction. I’m giving you the unanswered questions, why I’m not sure about the answers, plus some other explanations to parts of these topics I haven’t discussed on the show before. This episode is perfect for anyone who loves intuition, channeling, and law of attraction, or, for anyone curious about the unanswered questions I have about these topics myself.  : )     [Tweet "“Let see if this flows." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Its about inward rather than outward." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What channelling is and what the differences are between channelling and intuition. Jess talks about understanding the differences between her own personal intuition and “Joe.” Jess questions and talks about the concept of an inner being versus a guide or similar entity. Should we wait for direction and next steps from our guides or do we choose it on our own. How alignment plays a big part in feeling good and allows us to flow in the present moment. Can we ever get it wrong when it comes to writing to our intuition. How can we open up our awareness to the inner being more during our daily lives.   SHOW NOTES   Journey of Souls Abraham Hicks Life with Intention Flow with Intention Jess Lively Vlog Tim Ferriss Writing to our Intuition Dr Joe Dispenza   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
December 5, 2017
Today on TLS, I’m sharing my very favorite (and fastest) way I kick off my alignment routine Every. Single. Day. Since July, I’ve been carrying a notebook with a selection of powerful quotes from one of my favorite books, You Squared, in my tote bag. And I always start my alignment and study time by reading those same quotes over, and over, and over. Because they have been so uplifting and powerful for me, I’ve decided to make a little recording of them so you can listen to it, too, whenever you like - whether you are getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, commuting to work… you name it! This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a quick way to kick of a great, positive mood and point of attraction.       [Tweet "“Our emotions create the experience." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“There is a way to do more with less." - Price Pritchett"] [Tweet "“Just act as if you have complete faith." - Price Pritchett"] [Tweet "“Operate with a sharply-defined mental image of the outcome you seek." - Price Pritchett"] [Tweet "“You have the potential, the resources are available. " - Price Pritchett"] [Tweet "“Let your heart take charge of your body." - Price Pritchett"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess tells us many important takeaways from this book, including many quotes that resonated with her. What You Squared is about knowing where you are going, continuing the pursuit, and learning from your mistakes.   SHOW NOTES   You Squared Dr. Joe Dispenza     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 30, 2017
Today I’m also sharing the biggest difference I’ve found between the mainstream or ‘Newtonian’ way of living to the ‘Quantum’ way of living (plus, I’m sharing some exciting news about my Sydney apartment that relates to this exact topic!): What amount of “action” and “effort” should we take to create the life we want? One approach is focused on the principle of cause and effect, and the other is about causing an effect. This is a massive shift, and one that can produce massively different results -- when applied correctly. Today, I’m going into exactly how to do it, and also how I’ve done it when manifesting my dream apartment in Sydney. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn an easier (and far more effective) way to create a life they love, or for anyone curious about how I manifested my new flat easefully.     [Tweet "“Your thoughts create your reality. " - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“If you don’t take the action, nothing is going to happen." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The action creates the outcome." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Don’t worry about the how." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Let your alignment lead you forward." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess defines and differentiates the notion of newtonian to quantum. She talks about the newtonian way most people refer to personal development and how that has flowed in her life. Jess discusses how quantum can cause an effect using your mental conscious.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #189: Quantum Living: Why we don’t have to work as hard as we think we do TLS #194: Quantum Living: Creating your own reality – Rationally & Trans-Rationally TLS #207: Quantum Living: how to make changes in life & identity without pain, struggle, or “ego death” Dr. Joe Dispensza Sketch - London Writing to you Intuition TLS #237: Joe Does the Show Alt Summit   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 23, 2017
Today on TLS, I am sharing another insightful conversation with friend and founder of The Worth Project, Erica Gellerman! Last time Erica was on the show, we discussed what it felt like to have a “knowing in relationship (for her) and career (for me). Now, we’re discussing what has transpired for each of us since having a “knowing” in new areas (career for her, relationship for me). We’re discussing how these new life chapters have felt -- and where we’ve encountered challenges, too. Plus, the discussion leads us to a fascinating new explanation of why - even when we have a “knowing” - we will always continue facing inevitable uncertainty. This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking for a feeling of “knowing” in relationship or career, or for anyone who has that “knowing” now and wants to connect the dots between the initial euphoria and the ongoing uncertainty in a powerful way.       [Tweet "“You will be fine, strong and stable no matter what happens." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Alignment before action." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“It feels really vulnerable to be vulnerable." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Don’t go back up river, just keep going." - @Erica.Gellerman"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Why Erica was seeking the knowing in her career. How she found her knowing and how she converted it to going. What Erica is doing with that feeling of knowing in her life right now. She tells us why she finds people to be inspired about and what is does for her growth. Erica and Jess discuss the parallels of Unicorns and Rhinos and how it plays in their lives. She describes the outcome of knowing has given her a foundation to work from.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #234 with Marisa Peer and RTT Marisa Peer Abraham Hicks TLS #227 with Faiz Nazarali TLS #230 with Dan Russell Gary Vaynerchuk Tim Ferriss Eckhart Tolle   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 16, 2017
Today’s Lively Show is an update to my Things I’m Afraid to Tell You episode, which originally aired in December, 2016. In the Things I’m Afraid to Tell You episode, I shared how living the Law of Attraction had dramatically changed my life over the first 9 months. Now, after living the law of attraction for 19 months straight, I’ve seen additional benefits and consequences of living this approach to life. In this show, I’m sharing all the details for those who are curious what it’s like to live this way so intensely for so long, and for those who may be on a similar journey themselves. This episode is perfect for anyone curious to know what it’s been like to live LoA consistently everyday for 19 months… including the magical and the not so aligned stuff.   [Tweet "“It’s a moment to moment experience." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Love and connection matter the most." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“You create your own reality." - @JessCLively"]   Pros of Living The Law of Attraction   Things that used to make her envious, now make her inspired. Jess has the high flow, or alignment, with financial abundance. She now has the abundance of time, including the desire for familiarity. Magical and fun things tend to happen when living the Law of Attraction. Having flexibility during the day and lots of time to align, allows for doing the things that feel best. Jess knows what get’s her aligned, by living moment to moment. She is able to utilize the power of visualization, instead of efforting. Jess finds that she attracts like minded people wherever she goes. Alignment before action works. Jess generally feels tons of amazing emotions most of the time. The idea of playing with possibilities in her life is a regular occurrence. Love and connection matter the most, especially when it comes to people. Channeling equals everything to Jess’s in her life.   Cons of Living The Law of Attraction   When out of alignment, Jess is not doing anything but trying to get back in alignment, using any method. She still gets upset when something is not complete, or not done yet. Since we’re still growing, she’s hyperaware of the lack of alignment, which can turn to judgement at times. People assume a lot about your situation without known the the facts. It can be hard to be understood by other people. Jess describes that it can sometimes be hard to share what’s going on.   SHOW NOTES   Abraham Hicks The Secret Katie Dalebou Podcast Law of Attraction on Audible Things I’m Afraid to Tell You episode Flow With Intention Online Master Key System Bashar Seed of the Soul Dancing Wu Li Masters Why Him   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 14, 2017
Today on TLS, I’m answering a lot of questions asked to me over on Instagram. I haven’t done a Q and A episode in a while, and it feels great to be able to address a wide range of topics including… How my parents feel about my move (and whether they are supportive in general about my unconventional choices). Whether I’d like to live in two places. How to become more compassionate with ourselves. How I envision my future apartment. How I deal with negative thoughts. How to stop numbing emotions. And much more! This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to hear answers to variety of intuition, Law of Attraction, Sydney, and personal questions!   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT Do you have any thoughts about asking the universe for more opportunities and not taking them? Who took you on that surprise holiday recently? Can you please come to Melbourne and have a meet up? I used to run a ton and used a lot of my nervous/anxious/anger/excited energy to fuel my runs. Now that I’m more “in the flow” and have less of those strong emotions, I feel like I can’t get past my relaxed state of mind and can never seem to be mentally or emotionally fueled enough to have a vigorous workout. I feel so good after an intense workout, but I feel a little stuck in my “flow = relaxed” State mentally... which means my workouts tend to be strolls through the park. I’m content with it, but I know intensity and vigor can be where I thrive! On a higher level, is this a question of contentment vs. thriving? Any advice? How often do you see your parents? I know you've spoken about your brother, but don't they miss you and you them? Ask Joe what he thinks about the new desire to live in one place, being Sydney. Is your family supportive of your endeavors? I tend to do things outside the box of my family's ways and it makes it difficult to make decisions without disappointing them. I know it's them not me, but still a struggle What's the best way to stop numbing emotions and f22eel them? How do I know for sure it's my intuition responding back and not my mind (ego?) based on the recent thoughts I might be having about this topic/issue? Any tips on how to proceed when I ask a question of my intuition and do not receive an answer back? Where can I buy that delicious looking bowl? When you write out your 5 pages of gratitude daily, is a lot of it repeated from previous days? Does that matter? Or what’s your strategy for this? Where do you get those pink pens you use? Have you done the Landmark Forum? What is the first event or desire that you used to put the Law of Attraction to the test? Have you seen Health For Free the documentary on Gaia? How do we achieve compassion, while still being protective of ourselves? What is your detailed process on how to talk to our intuition? Do you track your energy and ease of alignment with the moon cycles (like your friend Ezzie teaches)? Would love some advice on offering ourselves compassion and kindness for times when the ego makes it difficult for us to love ourselves? How can I manifest wonderful things if I’m clinically depressed and constantly fighting persistently dark and intrusive thoughts? What’s your current favorite workout? (On apptiv or off of apptiv)
November 9, 2017
Today’s TLS episode is unveiling some very new, big, and exciting news…. How I discovered it’s time for me to stop traveling -- and where I’m moving to next! I don’t want to give too much away, so tune in to the show to hear the details! This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear about where I’m looking to move to next!       SHOW NOTES   Summit LA conference A-Fest Pencils of Promise Dr. Joe Dispenza Tim Ferriss TLS #212 with Dr. Ezzie Spencer Abraham Hicks Abraham Hicks YouTube   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
November 2, 2017
Today on the Lively Show, I’m excited to share more about a topic I’m really loving this year: channeled writing! I’m sharing the difference between ‘channeling’ and ‘trance channeling,’ and why I’m preferring channeled writing to non-channeled writing more and more. In addition, I’m sharing my seven favorite channeled books and why I love each of them so very much. This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about channeling, or anyone looking to read some interesting new books.         IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess talks about the difference between channeling and trans-channeling. She discusses why and how she studies these books to learn and absorb the content.   SHOW NOTES   Esther Perel Berné Brown Writing to your Intuition Bashar Abraham Hicks The Law of Attraction on Audible For a Free Audible Book, Go to The Seed of The Soul Oprah The Master Key System Reality Transurfing. Steps I-V Elkhart Tolle The Power of Your Subconscious Mind Conversations with God   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 26, 2017
Today’s Lively Show is all about catching up with you! Lately, I have been wanting to just talk to you, you know? In this episode I’m sharing what I’ve been experiencing lately -- from the “in betweenness” of my sight currently, to how I’m learning to focus, and what I have felt an urge and calling towards next… this episode is about me sharing what has been coming up in my life -- with you. This episode is perfect for anyone looking for insight into what I’m thinking and focusing on in my life and work at the moment.       [Tweet "“I will see when I believe." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jess discusses her eyesight and what results she's had so far and where she see's it going. She talks about her neck and migraine pain issues and how it was resolved. Jess talks about the brain’s percentage of conscious capacity versus the subconscious in awareness.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #186: Things I’m afraid to tell you Abraham Hicks TLS #242: Healing Eyesight Naturally with Jacob Lieberman Flow With Intention Online Dr. Joe Dispenza Eckhart Tolle Byron Katie Bashar Channeled by Darryl Anka TLS #241 with Aaron Doughty Summit Conference   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 19, 2017
Today’s Lively Show is one of my very favorites from Season 4 of TLS! Today I’m speaking with FWIO and LWIO member and friend, Kristyn Judkins, about her career journey as a lawyer and beyond. Her journey involves leaving her law career for integrative nutrition -- and a powerful new shift away from wholistic coaching… into a whole new position and a new level of awareness and understanding when it comes to flow, alignment, and career. This episode is the perfect blend of a conversation that we easily could have had in Seasons 1-3, and at the same time, we layer in Season 4 awareness and consciousness to what is really going on. This episode is perfect for anyone who is not feeling fully fulfilled by their career and looking to hear a story of someone who has traveled this path and found the ultimate freedom and alignment in work.     [Tweet "“I have to follow what’s good for me, what put’s me into alignment and what brings me joy." - @kristynjudkins"] [Tweet "“It’s my life and I have to live it." - @kristynjudkins"] [Tweet "“The freedom is in your way of approaching life." - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Kristyn tells us that she had a “30 year plan”  as she went to school and pursued her career in law, which she thought she was supposed to do. She describes the physical effects of the pressure and stress she was receiving while working at the law firm. Kristyn discusses in depth about the job stress and how that stress was possible a disconnect with her intuition. She reviews how her job change still wasn’t right for her, which she knew from early on in her training.   SHOW NOTES   Designing Your Life Abraham Hicks TLS #221 with Gregorio Avanzini TLS #242 with Jacob Lieberman   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 12, 2017
Today’s Lively Show is a special release of an episode from my new audio series, A Lively Adventure, Leaving it all behind to discover so much more. Based on votes from TLS listeners on Instagram, the episode we are airing today is, The Many Layers of Self Love! The theme of ‘self love’ was perhaps the most transformational of all of the subjects that came up during my travels, and in this show I’m sharing how my understanding of this subject has evolved over the past 18 months in a powerful way. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to approach self love from a new perspective, or for anyone interested in hearing a sample of A Lively Adventure. PS: If you’d like to listen to all 10 chapters, you can do so by hopping over here.     [Tweet "“I am in the perfect place relative to everything, even to self-love" - @JessCLively"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   What is "self-love" and what it means to Jess on her journey. What did Abraham Hicks teach Jess about self-love? What did Gregorio Avanzini teach her about self-love? What is Jess's best way to get into alignment.   SHOW NOTES   Abraham Hicks Flow With Intention TLS #221 with Gregorio Avanzini Eat, Pray Love TLS with Elizabeth Gilbert     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 10, 2017
Today on the show, I’m sharing the story of a woman and new close friend I met on the Abraham Hicks cruise, Gos Potkay! Gos Potkay was completely new to Abraham Hicks prior to coming on the cruise with her mother. And for many years before the cruise, Gos was seriously out of alignment - and as a result, she had career, love, and health issues that matched her depressed and unhappy state. Then, as a result of shifting her energy and alignment towards what was wanted while on the cruise, she dramatically elevated her career, love life, and health - in just a matter of days. This episode is perfect for anyone doubtful of Law of Attraction and Abraham Hicks, or for anyone looking to hear a powerful story of transformation from applying the Law of Attraction principles.     [Tweet "“It’s going to be ok because there is guidance so long as I listen" - @Malgosy"] [Tweet "“Life is reflecting out to you what you are putting out" - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“The vibration your feeling." - @JessCLively"] [Tweet "“Be allowing." - @Malgosy"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Gos tells us about her journey over the years after college and how she thought she found the life she wanted at the time. She talks about how traveling opened her eyes to the world which later took a toll on her health, both physically and mentally. Gos describes how it was her own mother who felt that she needed to be on the Abraham Hicks cruise to gain some insight. She recalls what she thought about the cruise at the beginning and how it eventually led to meeting Jess on the cruise as well as other positive outcomes. Gos tells us how great it felt to be in alignment and began to see joy in her life again. She discusses her negative experience in being in low vibration and how being in a higher vibration and in alignment, many positive things have occurred in her life in less than two weeks after the cruise.   SHOW NOTES   Flow With Intention TLS #221 with Gregorio Avanzini     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 5, 2017
Today’s TLS episode is going to be the first of a three part series covering all of the things I learned from the Abraham Hicks cruise I just went on this September! Over the 10 day French Riviera cruise, we had 5 sessions with Abraham, and while I didn’t make it to the ‘hot seat’ to ask any questions personally, I took a whopping 14 pages of notes which I’m diving into with you here on the show. In Part 1, we are diving into our inner being, how to co-create with a family, when to look for manifestations, when to leave ‘hard’ situations, and much more. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about how to more joyfully create the life they love and learn from a recent Abraham Hicks cruise.     [Tweet "“You don’t need patience when you enjoy the unfolding of each moment " - @AbrahamHicks"] [Tweet "“Get out what you put back." - @AbrahamHicks"] [Tweet "“Our desire is responding to our emotions and the vibration." - @AbrahamHicks"] [Tweet "“Only make your decisions when it’s not hard" - @AbrahamHicks"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Why you don’t necessarily need patience. Your inner being has a point of attraction too. You cannot stop your inner being’s beliefs. The inner being in us knows our deepest desires and path of least resistance to achieve them. Being in love is being in alignment with one another at the same time. To help children get into alignment, you need to show them how to get in alignment themselves. If you leave any situation because it’s hard, you’ll take that everywhere you go. When you are feeling rested, that is the best chance to be in the receiving mode. If you are taking score, you are not in the receiving mode. We are taking more action than we necessarily have to take. Don’t worry about thoughts, become aware of emotions instead. When you first begin to meditate, it may seem to be a huge upheaval, but that means you are becoming more aware. The present moment is a manifestation, and each moment has joy in itself. Receiving mode works only by meditating, receiving an impulse from your inner being, acquiring a path or least resistance thought and by not judging the thought.   SHOW NOTES   TLS #243 - A Lively Adventure For a Free Audible Book, Go to Abraham Hicks on Audible “Law of Attraction” Flow With Intention   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
October 3, 2017
Today is a BIG day!(!!) For the past several months, Team Lively has been working on a secret project which is being released for you right now - A Lively Adventure: Leaving it all behind to discover so much more! A Lively Adventure is a 7.5 hour audio series (and written transcript) where I share candidly with friend and videographer, Megan Bowers, about many of the hilarious, eye-opening, challenging, and awe-inspiring moments of my 18 month journey traveling the world after unexpectedly selling my home and possessions. From Tinder to Quantum Mechanics, we are going “there.” In the series, we dive into the “behind the scenes” stuff… from the Spaniard who broke my heart in Portugal, to my experience with ayahuasca. As Megan says, “it’s gonna get weird… and awesome!” This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to hear a piece from A Lively Adventure and learn more about the series and it’s creation. :) PS - Want to purchase and listen to A Lively Adventure? Head over here.       [Tweet "“What you want is within you all the time." - @JessCLively"]   SHOW NOTES Eat Pray Love TLS with Elizabeth Gilbert   LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
September 28, 2017
Today's Lively Show is a bit of a dream come true! The same day the episode aired (a few weeks back) about healing my eyesight naturally, I received an email from Jacob Lieberman, the author of Take Off  Your Glasses and See, which inspired this eyesight journey! Jacob offered to come on TLS to discuss his own journey with healing his eyesight and also discuss how he perceives consciousness from the expanded perspective he now has on the subject(!). During the second half of the conversation, we go into some deep territory around consciousness - this had me learning and expanding my own understanding on these subjects quite a bit. This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn how Jacob healed his eyesight naturally, tips for doing it ourselves, or for anyone looking to hear a fascinating perspective on consciousness.       [Tweet "“When we look for one thing in life, we miss everything we’re not looking for." - @drjacobliberman"] [Tweet "“Things do not work at all the way we think." - @drjacobliberman"] [Tweet "“Life typically does not provide us with what we want, it provides us with what we need." - @drjacobliberman"] [Tweet "“Trust your own direct experience." - @drjacobliberman"] [Tweet "“We are not observing nature, we are nature." - @drjacobliberman"]   IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT   Jacob describes his story of how he believed he had a problem learning since he had so many issues reading and comprehending books in school. He recounts a time when after meditating, he began to see, both mentally and physically better and was astonished at what had happened. Jacob talks about his journey to research his vision experience to improve his eyesight and he began to dig deeper into the workings of the mind and consciousness. He discusses how the mind is so incredibly powerful and that it creates and maintains both truths and beliefs which play a part in seeing and comprehending. Jacob says that by removing one’s glasses allows for the journey of discovery to proceed, which is priceless in his opinion. He mentions that most of us are living life to our ideas rather than our direct experience. Jacob describes how our unconscious provides the inspiration for us to fulfill our purpose for being.   SHOW NOTES   Take Off  Your Glasses and See Marisa Peer     LISTEN TO THE SHOW  
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