June 21, 2019
June 21, 2019-- In this episode, professor Harrison reflects on the symbolism of willows and their connection to thresholds.
June 11, 2019
June 11, 2019-- In this episode Pau Guinart discusses the work of the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí. Pau recently completed a dissertation project on the relation between Dalí and Friedrich Nietzsche.
June 4, 2019
June 4, 2019-- In this episode professor Marisa Galvez discusses her transhistorical study of crystal.
May 28, 2019
May 28, 2019-- In this episode filmmaker and author Werner Herzog discusses his remarkable book Of Walking in Ice, first published in 1978. The audio in this show is a recording of a live event that took place at Stanford University on May 7, 2019.
May 21, 2019
May 21, 2019-- In this episode professor Harrison reads from Lawrence Ferlinghetti's poem Time of Useful Consciousness, published in 2012.Ferlinghetti turned 100 years old on March 24, 2019.
May 15, 2019
May 15, 2019-- In this episode, professor Harrison and Kai Carlson-Wee discuss the American road as it appears in film, music, and photography.
May 15, 2019
May 15, 2019-- In this episode, professor Harrison and Kai Carlson-Wee discuss the American road as it appears in literature.
May 7, 2019
May 7, 2019-- In this segment, Kai speaks about how he first became a poet, and he reads a few poems from his recently published work: Rail.
April 30, 2019
April 30, 2019-- In this monologue professor Robert Harrison reflects on the mysteries of the color white, and its various symbolic associations.
April 23, 2019
April 23, 2019-- A conversation with Lieutenant Colonel Hasseltine on the topic of cybersecurity.
April 16, 2019
April 16, 2019-- A conversation with professor Jeremy Sabol on the topic of the French existentialist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.
April 11, 2019
April 11, 2019-- In this episode, the hosts of the KZSU podcast Really, Bro? interview professor Harrison on the topic of love.
June 25, 2018
June 25, 2018-- In this final episode of the season, our host Robert Harrison reflects on summer, the seasons, and the poetry of life on planet Earth.
June 16, 2018
June 15, 2018-- A conversation with professor Alison McQueen on the topic of her recently published book: Political Realism in Apocalyptic Times.
June 7, 2018
June 7, 2018-- A conversation with professor Fred Turner on the transition from Counterculture to Cyberculture and the topic of his book: The Democratic Surround.
May 31, 2018
May 30, 2018-- A conversation with professor Quinn Slobodian on his new book: Globalists: The End of Empire and the Birth of Neoliberalism.
May 24, 2018
May 23, 2018-- A conversation with political scientist, political economist, and author Francis Fukuyama.
May 16, 2018
May 16, 2018-- A conversation with professor Dan Edelstein on human rights and his forthcoming book: On the Spirit of Rights.
May 8, 2018
May 8, 2018-- A conversation with Priya Nelson, an acquisitions editor at the University of Chicago Press.
April 19, 2018
April 18, 2018-- A conversation with Professor Alexander Key on his upcoming book: Language Between God and the Poets.
April 10, 2018
April 9, 2018-- A conversation with Professor Andrew Hui on the topic of his forthcoming book: A Theory of the Aphorism.
February 3, 2018
February 2, 2018-- A conversation with Lena Herzog on her new immersive sound and video installation: Last Whispers, Oratorio for Vanished Voices, Collapsing Universes and A Falling Tree.
September 22, 2017
September 22, 2017-- A re-broadcast of a conversation on philosophy between Robert Harrison and Richard Rorty, originally aired on November 22, 2005.
July 21, 2017
July 20, 2017
July 13, 2017
July 12, 2017--On the 200th birthday of Henry David Thoreau, Robert Harrison and Professor Andrea Nightingale engage in a lively conversation about Walden.
July 8, 2017
July 7, 2017--A conversation with William Hurlbut on the ethical implications of CRISPR-Cas9 and human intervention in the genetic makeup of life.
July 6, 2017
July 5, 2017--A conversation with Eric McLuhan on media and the legacy of Marshall McLuhan.
June 21, 2017
June 20, 2017--A conversation with Jay Kadis and Thomas Harrison on this extraordinary year in the history of popular music.
June 7, 2017
June 7, 2017--A conversation with Michaela Hulstyn on Baudelaire, De Quincy, Michaux, and Leary on drugs.
May 30, 2017
May 30, 2017--A conversation with Sam Ginn on Artificial Intelligence, Heidegger, and the Singularity.
May 20, 2017
May 20, 2017--A conversation with Hans Sluga, professor of philosophy at UC-Berkeley, about Donald J. Trump and American plutocracy.
December 15, 2016
December 15, 2016--A conversation with writer, philosopher, and cultural theorist Peter Sloterdijk on Friedrich Nietzsche.
June 29, 2016
June 29, 2016--A conversation with teacher and scholar Inga Pierson on Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein.
June 15, 2016
June 15, 2016--A conversation with the award-winning writer Philip Gourevitch on the Rwandan genocide and its aftermath.
June 8, 2016
June 8, 2016--A conversation with the scholar and writer Rebecca Pekron on the life and work of Arthur Rimbaud.
June 1, 2016
June 1, 2016--A conversation with Monika Greenleaf, professor of Slavic and Comp Lit, and Rush Rehm, professor of Drama and Classics, about Joseph Conrad’s 1916 novel The Shadow Line, moderated by Robert Harrison for the Another Look book club.
May 25, 2016
May 25, 2016--Valerie Kinsey, instructor in the Program of Writing and Rhetoric here at Stanford, on public memory.
May 18, 2016
May 18, 2016--Alice Kaplan, John M. Musser Professor of French at Yale University, on Albert Camus and "The Stranger".
May 11, 2016
May 11, 2016--Monika Greenleaf, professor of Slavic and Comparative Literature at Stanford, on Joseph Conrad’s Polish roots.
May 4, 2016
May 4, 2016--Thomas Mullaney, professor of history at Stanford, on the invention of the Chinese typewriter.
April 27, 2016
April 27, 2016--Jean-Marie Apostolidès, professor of French at Stanford, on Guy Debord and the Situationist movement.
April 20, 2016
April 20, 2016--Maria Stepanova — poet, journalist, and founder of Colta — on identity and expression in contemporary Russian society.
April 13, 2016
April 13, 2016--Andrea Nightingale, professor of classics at Stanford, on J.A. Baker’s novel "The Peregrine".
April 6, 2016
April 6, 2016--Aishwary Kumar, professor of history at Stanford, on the thought and career of Mohandas Gandhi.
March 23, 2016
March 23, 2016--A conversation with Werner Herzog, legendary director, about J.A. Baker’s little-known novel ”The Peregrine" and the importance of reading.
December 16, 2015
December 16, 2015--A conversation with Sepp Gumbrecht on three French Enlightenment figures, Diderot, Rousseau, and Voltaire.
December 9, 2015
December 9, 2015--A conversation with scholar Rebecca Pekron on the life and work of Edgar Allan Poe.
December 2, 2015
December 2, 2015--A conversation with Eric Roberts on the past, present, and future of computer science education.
November 18, 2015
November 18, 2015--A conversation with scholar Marilyn Yalom on the history of female friendship.
November 11, 2015
November 11, 2015--A conversation with physicist-turned-social theorist Niklas Damiris on the history and philosophy of money.
November 4, 2015
November 4, 2015--A conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and essayist Marilynne Robinson on the literary, philosophical, and religious figures who have most influenced her thought.
October 28, 2015
October 28, 2015--A conversation with Thomas Ryckman, philosopher of science at Stanford, on the significance of Einstein’s thought.
October 21, 2015
October 21, 2015--A conversation with Ruth Starkman, lecturer at Stanford and adjunct professor of philosophy at the University of San Francisco, about Aristotle, virtue ethics, and friendship.
October 14, 2015
October 14, 2015--A conversation with Hans Sluga, professor of philosophy at UC-Berkeley, about his recent book on political life.
October 7, 2015
October 7, 2015--A conversation with Hans Sluga, professor of philosophy at UC-Berkeley, about the life and work of Ludwig Wittgenstein.
September 30, 2015
September 30, 2015--Entitled Opinions returns with a monologue on the WWI era American political thinker Randolph Bourne.
April 8, 2015
April 8, 2015--Entitled Opinions will be going on hiatus during the spring and summer of 2015 and will be back at some point in the fall.
June 20, 2014
June 20, 2014--A monologue by Robert Harrison on lightness and heaviness in art, inspired by Calvino's Six Memos for the Next Millennium.
June 11, 2014
June 11, 2014--A conversation with Edward Feigenbaum, professor emeritus of Computer Science at Stanford, on artificial intelligence.
June 4, 2014
June 4, 2014--A conversation with Paul Rabinow, professor of Anthropology at Berkeley, on Foucault and the notion of "the contemporary".
May 28, 2014
May 28, 2014--A conversation with Jessica Merrill, Mellow Fellow in Slavic Languages and Literatures at Stanford, on Russian Futurism.
May 21, 2014
May 21, 2014--A conversation with Monika Greenleaf, Stanford professor of Slavic and Comparative Literature, on Dostoevsky and his masterpiece, The Brothers Karamazov.
May 14, 2014
May 14, 2014--A conversation with Karol Berger, Stanford professor of Music, on the life and work of German composer Richard Wagner (part two of two).
May 7, 2014
May 7, 2014--A conversation with Mark McGurl, professor of American literature at Stanford, on the rise of fiction-writing programs and their effect on postwar literature.
April 30, 2014
April 30, 2014--A conversation with David Lummus, professor of Italian literature at Stanford, about the enduring legacy of Greek mythology.
April 23, 2014
April 23, 2014--A conversation with Richard Kearney, professor of philosophy at Boston College, about anatheism and the notion of "god after god".
April 16, 2014
April 16, 2014--A conversation with Grisha Freidin, professor of Slavic literature at Stanford, about Leo Tolstoy and Anna Karenina.
April 9, 2014
April 9, 2014--A conversation with Sarah Churchwell, professor of American literature at the University of East Anglia, about F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby.
March 28, 2014
March 27, 2014--A monologue by Robert Harrison on the phenomenon of age and the peculiar question, "How old are we?".
August 9, 2013
August 9, 2013--A monologue by Robert Harrison on "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and its connections with Dante's Inferno.
July 3, 2013
July 3, 2013--Robert Harrison discusses Walter Benjamin and his "Artwork" essay with Karen Feldman, Berkeley professor of German.
June 26, 2013
June 26, 2013--Robert Harrison discusses the French philosopher and mystic Simone Weil with Stanford lecturer Inga Pierson.
June 12, 2013
June 12, 2013--Robert Harrison discusses the life and work of David Foster Wallace with Stanford Comp Lit PhD Michael Hoyer.
June 5, 2013
June 5, 2013--Robert Harrison discusses troubadour poetry with Stanford professor of French literature Marisa Galvez.
May 29, 2013
May 29, 2013--A re-broadcast of Robert Harrison's monologue on the music of The Doors, dedicated to Ray Manzarek after his recent passing.
May 22, 2013
May 22, 2013--Robert Harrison discusses Heidegger's writings on technology with Stanford professor of Religious Studies Thomas Sheehan.
May 15, 2013
May 15, 2013--Robert Harrison discusses the life and work of Franz Kafka with Stanford professor of German literature Amir Eshel.
May 8, 2013
May 8, 2013--Robert Harrison discusses animals rights and the human-animal divide.
April 24, 2013
April 24, 2013--Robert Harrison discusses the ethical and philosophical implications of bioethics and biotechnology with Tamara Kayali.
April 17, 2013
April 17, 2013--Robert Harrison discusses the uncanny powers of photography with acclaimed artist Lena Herzog.
April 10, 2013
April 10, 2013--Robert Harrison discusses the life and thought of Charles Darwin with Stanford intellectual historian Paul Robinson.
April 2, 2013
April 2, 2013--Robert Harrison discusses the origins of language with geographer Martin Lewis and linguist Asya Pereltsvaig.
March 26, 2013
March 26, 2013--Robert Harrison discusses the extraordinary life and writings of Margaret Fuller.
June 27, 2012
June 27, 2012--Robert Harrison speaks with Chloe Veltman about the human voice, especially the singing voice.
June 6, 2012
June 6, 2012--Robert Harrison speaks with Ewa Domanska about the post-human, post-humanity, and post-humanism.
May 30, 2012
May 30, 2012--Robert Harrison speaks with Gabriella Safran about the history and practice of listening.
May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012--Robert Harrison speaks with Andrew Hui about Petrarch and his legacy.
May 16, 2012
May 16, 2012--Robert Harrison speaks with EO listener Sasha Borovik about life, literature, and Lermontov.
May 9, 2012
May 9, 2012--Robert Harrison speaks with Leah DeVun, professor of History at Rutgers University, about hermaphroditism.
May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012--Robert Harrison speaks with Tanya Luhrmann about psychological anthropology and contemporary spiritual beliefs and practices.
April 25, 2012
April 25, 2012--Robert Harrison speaks with Debra Satz about John Rawls and her own Rawls-inspired work.
April 18, 2012
April 18, 2012--Robert Harrison speaks with Hans Sluga about the life and work of Michel Foucault.
April 12, 2012
April 12, 2012--Robert Harrison speaks with Ursula Heise about human and animal extinction.
November 30, 2011
November 30, 2011--Robert Harrison speaks with Stephen Hinton, Stanford professor of Music, about the love/hate relationship between Friedrich Nietzsche and Richard Wagner.
November 23, 2011
November 23, 2011--Robert Harrison speaks with Larry Zaroff, doctor, writer, and Stanford professor, about the medical profession and the human condition.
November 16, 2011
November 16, 2011--Robert Harrison speaks with Stanford professor of Classics Richard Martin about Homer and his two greatest works, the Iliad and the Odyssey.
November 9, 2011
November 9, 2011--Robert Harrison speaks with Stanford professor of International History Martin Lewis about the discipline of geography.
November 2, 2011
November 2, 2011--Robert Harrison speaks with Stanford professor of English Denise Gigante about the life and poetry of John Keats, as well as his relationship with his family.
October 26, 2011
October 26, 2011--Robert Harrison speaks with Stanford professor of Classics and History and Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences Richard Saller about the Ancient Roman family.
October 19, 2011
October 19, 2011--Robert Harrison speaks with Stanford professor of German literature Adrian Daub about G.W.F. Hegel and his philosophical heirs.
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