387: From Full Time Entrepreneur to Full Time Employee with Danielle Liss [High Performing Women Series]
Published September 19, 2019
52 min
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    This is an option that is rarely talked about in our entrepreneurial world, but it is not unusual. Sometimes an incredible opportunity comes around for an entrepreneur to work for someone else. An opportunity that just cannot be passed up. I am thrilled to have attorney Danielle Liss back on the podcast to share how she chose to move from full time entrepreneur to a Vice President level position with a fast growing startup.  

    Danielle left a thriving virtual law practice to a join The Faster Way to Fat Loss team as General Counsel and VP of Affiliate Programs.

    Perhaps even more surprising is Danielle’s realization that this career change has actually improved her mental health and well-being. 

    Danielle is free-spoken and honest in our discussion and really opens up about entrepreneurship and why she decided to return to full-time employment. But that’s not all we talk about! We also dive into lessons learned throughout her career, why CEO’s need to invest in themselves before they can really invest in their businesses and what it’s like working for an eight-figure company that is experiencing hockey stick growth!


    In this episode, we discuss: 

    • How Danielle grew her virtual legal business
    • Why Danielle decided to go back to full-time employment
    • The positive impact that full-time employment has had on Danielle’s mental health and wellbeing

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