385: How to Create Diversity in Business with Traci Baxley [High Performing Women Series]
Published September 5, 2019
49 min
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    Do you want to create a business where people feel like they belong and can bring their full authentic self? Do you want to foster an inclusive environment where people feel like their voices are being heard and valued? Do you want to attract the best talent and build a team of high performers?

    Diversity does not just mean race. It is so much more layered in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, age differences, disability, sexuality, religion. 

    I'm thrilled to introduce you to my guest and BizChix Live Speaker Traci Baxley. Together, we talk about the need to belong, no matter your race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexuality or cultural background and WHY this topic is essential for us to consider as business owners and leaders.

    Traci is the Founder and CEO of BrownSchooling, a unique consulting company that supports educators and business leaders in developing inclusive practices in classrooms and workspaces.

    Traci is a TEDx Speaker and sought after consultant by top companies and schools. She has worked with traditionally marginalized groups for almost three decades. 

    Research shows that when you hire people from diverse backgrounds, you’re more likely to cultivate a workplace where creative ideas flourish. Traci shares statistics about how a diverse workforce significantly impacts the bottom line.

    A diverse team that can consider and integrate different perspectives and points of view is a team where creativity rules and innovative ideas, solutions and products are developed.

    In this episode, we discuss:

    • How to create a workplace environment where everyone on the team feels like their voices are heard and valued
    • The struggles that different races face in society and the importance of educating children and “social justice parenting”
    • What CEOs can do to attract more diversity into their businesses
    • Understanding your own implicit biases

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