366: [On Air Coaching] How To Let Go Of Control So You Can Scale with Alex Gourlay
Published April 18, 2019
54 min
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    Surrendering control is something that many of us struggle with. But, if we want to take the next step in scaling our businesses, learning how to let go of control and embrace the freedom that comes from it will often pave our path to growth and prosperity.  

    Join me as I coach Alex Gourlay and help her to let go of some of her responsibilities in her business, delegate to other team members and put the growth of her business into motion. It wasn’t that long ago when Alex launched her Australian based interior design firm and since hanging the ‘open’ sign on her door, her business has grown lightning fast. 

    When a business takes off quickly, it can feel like you’re either on top of the world or the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You want to continue to grow your business, but you’re stuck doing all of the things in your business. You’re doing the tech, admin, sales, and everything in-between. Being this high-functioning is great and definitely will help you achieve that six-figure business and beyond, but can you really scale your business when you’re wearing so many hats? 

    Tune in to hear how I help Alex let go of control in her rapidly growing interior design firm and how this will help her scale her business.  

    In this episode, we discuss: 

    • Why you should take more initiative in your business decisions 
    • How outsourcing can help you create passive income  
    • How to come up with a flat fee per service and build an effective payment structure  

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