293: [On Air Coaching] Where Are They Now? Updates with Christina Nicholson, Shannon Crow, Lilah Higgins, Julie Hefner, and Tara Lynn Foster
Published November 23, 2017
43 min
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    We have another update from previous on-air coaching clients! Christina Nicholson, Shannon Crow, Lilah Higgins, Julie Hefner and Tara Lynn Foster share their business updates. Some of them have changed their goals, the direction of their business, overcome fears and more, but all of them are definitely having incredible success in their businesses. Tune in to find out more and be inspired by their success!


    Key Takeaways:

    [:11] Natalie has Masterminds launching in January!

    [1:15] Happy Thanksgiving! Natalie will be sharing the day with her sister-in-law, who has 12 children!

    [2:38] This episode features five more entrepreneurs who have done on-air coaching calls!

    [3:25] Natalie is thankful to all of you Biz Chix for supporting the podcast, and being a part of the community!

    [7:35] The first update is from Christina Nicholson. She shares how her business has grown and changed, and how her goals have changed as well!

    [15:50] The next update comes from Shannon Crow. She talks about overcoming her fears and launching her podcast! She also has an update on her consultation calls, and how she’s figuring things out as she goes.

    [24:00] Lilah Higgins is up next to share her updates. Lilah was thinking about expanding into the corporate space but had a realization that prompted her to move in a slightly different direction.

    [26:52] Julie Hefner shares her update about how Natalie has helped her grow her confidence, structure her business, and network more.

    [33:07] The final update comes from Tara Lynn Foster. She shares about how her learning experiences from marketing and conducting group coaching. She talks about the three things she has done that have really made a big difference in her business in the past year.

    [39:52] If you’re interested in exploring a Mastermind with Natalie, don’t forget to apply as soon as possible!


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