292: [On Air Coaching] How to Connect and Leverage Relationships with Complementary Service Providers with Kimberley O’Brien
Published November 16, 2017
58 min
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    How can you connect with other professionals and complementary businesses that serve the same ideal client? What’s the best way to increase visibility for your business?


    Join me as I coach Kimberley O’Brien, who runs an innovative child psychology practice and a publishing house that creates material and programs for schools. We brainstorm ideas to tap into her personal network and explore other avenues for creating visibility in her business.


    Kimberley and I also discuss some of her reservations about taking on more responsibilities as a CEO. I have some tips on that as well, so be sure not to miss out on this episode!



    Key Takeaways:


    [:50] Natalie shares a fun story about her son, Jett.

    [2:04] Natalie is still accepting applications for her Mastermind Programs starting in January 2018!

    [4:13] Natalie introduces her on-air coaching client for this episode —
    Kimberley O’Brien.

    [6:38] What is Kimberley's business, and how long has she been practicing?

    [8:10] What does Kimberley's team look like? What are the roles of the different members?

    [9:25] What kind of programs does Kimberley have in schools? How many schools does she work with?

    [13:57] Kimberley wants to increase visibility for her business, and roll out to more schools. How can she use the two days that she has to be as productive as she can be?

    [20:46] Natalie has some suggestions for Kimberley to expose all the teachers and students to her program at once, as well as to involve teachers into her program by providing training for them. Natalie breaks down what she envisions for Kimberley’s two

    [27:32] Kimberley is considering the idea of landing keynotes and speaking engagements to increase visibility. Natalie talks her through where she might look for these engagements or even the possibility of creating an event for these key decision-makers.

    [31:08] Kimberley is also thinking of starting a podcast. What is her vision for the podcast? Natalie has some tips on starting a podcast.

    [37:05] Natalie recommends building a community for industry professionals, educators, and parents to come together and discuss how to help the children they work with.

    [43:50] With any big endeavor in a business, it is important to consider what you want to get out of it. Natalie and Kimberley talk through her motivations for running a virtual summit.

    [47:09] Natalie has some tips for Kimberley to take on more of a CEO role in her business. They discuss some of Kimberley's reservations about stepping up to take on more responsibility.

    [56:52] Natalie summarizes her key takeaway from the on-air coaching call with Kimberley, and encourages you to think about how you can connect with complementary service providers in 2018!


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