291: [On Air Coaching] Fear of Success with Taryn Holmstrom
Published November 9, 2017
52 min
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    Mindset issues affect all entrepreneurs regardless of their level of business. Fear of failure is a common block, but did you know that fear of success can hold you back too?

    Join me as I coach Taryn Holmstrom, owner of a successful wedding rental business in the Northwest. I help her peel back the onion and uncover the root of her fears.

    Taryn and I also discuss some ways to take her business to the next level — an organizational chart can be a useful way to plan for this, so don’t forget to get your free download!

    Get the Org Chart worksheets! 

    Key Takeaways:

    [1:08] Natalie introduces her on-air coaching client for this episode — Taryn Holmstrom of Skagit Valley Wedding Rentals.

    [10:24] What is Taryn’s business? She shares how she got started in her business, and the role her family plays in her life.

    [14:08] When Taryn had a strategy session with Natalie about a year ago, she didn’t have a clear line drawn between personal and business accounts. She does now! Natalie shares her advice on why it’s important to keep these accounts separate.

    [16:05] What other changes have happened in the last year? Taryn talks about moving to a different, more consistent child care program for her children so that she has more time to focus on her business.

    [19:44] Taryn has a very healthy money mindset, but she has a fear of success, in terms of the amount of time she would have to dedicate to achieving success.

    [21:01] What has Taryn’s experience been adding staff and outsourcing tasks?

    [24:11] Natalie encourages Taryn to think about what her organizational chart would look like as she grows. It is important to think about the functions of the business, not the people on hand.

    [31:34] Based on Taryn’s current situation, she has two options: a) maintain her current structure, limit her client base and raise prices, or b) grow the business by hiring more people to support more clients. Natalie and Taryn discuss her options based on her strengths and weaknesses.

    [38:33] Natalie addresses Taryn’s fear of success with a key insight: At the end of the day, know that you as the business owner are in complete control of everything that’s happening in your business.

    [43:27] Taryn has a lightbulb moment — teachers can be a great resource for her to tap into during her busiest months in summer!

    [45:24] Natalie has a free download for you! Download the organizational chart and write out the functions of your business. Based on the vision you have for your business in 2018, you can see where you might need to hire more people.

    [47:30] Natalie’s advice for anyone feeling overwhelmed is to get it all out, and not let it float around in your head!

    [50:41] Natalie is accepting applications for her Mastermind Programs! 

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