289: Behind the Scenes of BizChix Live with Natalie Eckdahl
Published October 26, 2017
66 min
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    Want to hear about some of the behind the scenes moments from BizChix live? Hint: it's not all pretty. I'm sharing some things that no one else knows happened, the fear I experienced right before the conference and the incredible experience of seeing a community I have built over the last 3+years come to life. Dream it. Do it. 

    Key Takeaways:

    [1:01] Natalie will be giving a recap of BizChix Live!

    [2:50] Natalie shares how BizChix Live started off, with exclusive activities for her VIP clients.

    [11:02] Before BizChix Live, Natalie was planning to close her membership site down!

    [16:48] The main event kicked off on October 18. Natalie talks about how she modeled the conference and some of the details about the events that went on.

    [20:26] The night before a full day of delivering content, Natalie was feeling miserable and throwing up! She shares how she dealt with it — fear and mindset had a large part to play.

    [27:52] Natalie’s keynote speech was about being a CEO: “Being CEO — Transforming into the Leader Your Company Needs.”

    [30:44] The next item on the agenda was a talk by Natalie Gingrich on Strategic Planning for CEOs.

    [31:02] Natalie gives a shout out to Dana Malstaff of Boss-Mom for giving her the impetus to make a conference happen for the BizChix, and inspiring the workbook for the conference!

    [33:40] Another element of BizChix Live was a mastermind panel with live hot seats.

    [35:54] The next segment of the day was focused on planning and Natalie delivered a talk entitled “Planning 2018 Like a CEO.”

    [37:40] The ladies got changed into comfortable clothes for the next item on the agenda — the Implementation Party.

    [40:55] Natalie shares some of her takeaways as an event owner and organizer.

    [44:44] At the Implementation Party, the ladies were so enthusiastic that they didn’t want to stop working!

    [46:33] Every morning, the MC and Event Historian, Edie Berg, hosted a power walk! Natalie also gives a shout out to Chrissie Wywrot and Tara Humphrey, who made it to Soul Cycle on Friday morning.

    [47:25] On Friday, the event started off with Key Takeaways followed by Natalie's 2nd Keynote speech “The Battle for Your Entrepreneurial Mind,” where she talked about mindsets and other related ideas.

    [48:30] Some of the other talks on Friday were given by Carol Cox, who spoke on the topic of increasing visibility in your business, Shelli Warren, who spoke about building an ideal team, and finally Natalie herself, delivering the closing Keynote speech “No Woman Left Behind.”

    [52:41] Natalie’s parents and sons made an appearance at the end of BizChix Live! Natalie talks about the closing of the event.

    [57:35] You can get your tickets for BizChix Live 2018 until October 30th, or again in January!

    [58:40] Natalie shares a story about how sometimes you can impact people without even realizing it.


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