Favorite podcast
Love the episodes and the content. Very easy to listen to and I wish they would release them more frequently.
Very well done, well produced show that somehow can’t seem to go five minutes without a crime being about how a woman/gay/trans/black person is being oppressed. It’s kind of absurd actually. I don’t listen to a criminal show to have your pet political theories constantly thrown in my face. Just...tell a story please. You’re good at it, but you’re constantly alienating me with the whole oppression narrative thing. If it were an occasional aside or occasional story in that vein, no problem. But it’s now like 90% of the episodes.
Best podcast around
I love this podcast! It tells such unique stories. Each episode is interesting. I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts. This one is a bit different and I love it! I wish there were more episodes for me to binge.
I really enjoy the originality of this crime show! Always look forward to it
Must listen!
This podcast is the perfect mix of everything criminal. Some episodes are heavier than others but all are perfectly informative. I seriously cannot get enough.
Best podcast around!
Phoebe Judge is iconic. Thoroughly enjoy listening: great narratives, interviews, and reporting. As a listener, I really appreciate the width of topics covered- a fresh spin on differing types of “criminal” behaviors/acts/laws. Thanks for a phenomenal and well executed Podcast! Also appreciative of allowing diverse members from diverse populations the opportunity to tell their stories as they’ve lived them. Bravo!
Timeless podcast
Kyleb M.
Every episode is different but consistently interesting. Top notch narration of every episode. The show appeals to a wide audience. One of the best podcast overall that has ever been made.
So what happened . . .?
Danny Boy100
Phoebe, loved “A Bucket, a Mop — the story, and especially Sandra, a wonderful person with the gift of genuine gentle giving in a very difficult slice of life. At the beginning of the story you talked about her husband and marriage, but never mentioned either again. Can you fill us in on that part? Thanks for this episode.
Not what it once was
Started out one of my all time favorites. It was like Phoebe was whispering interesting crime secrets directly too me. What it’s turned into however is not so interesting stories on intersectional topics. Hard pass
A Bucket A Mop and a Sledgehammer
I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Very interesting. You don’t know what goes on afterwards. And as always listening to you Phoebe, is such a pleasure. You do a fantastic job. Kudos!!!
Love this show And its narrator,
Criminal coma can’t make podcasts fast enough for me to listen to so I have to dig through the oldest ones to find ones that I haven’t heard which are very few and far between. I love the show I love love love it please make more as fast as you can. Sincerely, Rainee Dé 🌴☔
Without fault
Perhaps it would surprise you if I said I’ve listened to each episode of Criminal five or so times. It shouldn’t, though: I expect PRX to have multiple awards for the storytelling masterpiece. Crisp sound, unwinding plots, probing interviews - Criminal is the cold standard in Podcasts others have been unable to crack and produce themselves. I can re-listened to my favorites every few weeks, without boredom, including Racehorse Hanes, Lavender Scare, The Procedure, In Plain Sight, Perfect Specimen, and Open Case. A new episode aired today, are you as excited as me?
My New Favorite Podcast
I discovered Criminal about 2 weeks ago and just finished the last episode. I skipped a few. That brings me to my first compliment. The content warnings are so helpful! THANK YOU!!! I love that there are so many interesting stories about how people have been tied to crime in their lives. It’s not all serial killers and murder trials. The pacing & storytelling are wonderful. My only complaint is that I wish the episodes were about 10 minutes longer, both for the sake of the story and because I don’t want it to end.
My top 5
lyla and maybels mom
I love this podcast. I love Phoebes voice. It’s so soothing. I love all the work I’ve heard of hers. Plus all the stories are so interesting and captivating, the moment a new episode comes out I immediately have to hear it. Definitely recommend this show 100% ❤️
The best
I love Criminal. It’s pretty much my favorite podcast. I love Phoebe Judge’s voice. And the stories are always so engaging. Sometimes they make me cry, sometimes laugh, sometimes just stunned. Some of my favorite episodes are back from 2016 (I think) the two two parters- I think episodes 51,52 and then 53 and 54. Trust me you won’t regret listening!
Phoebes voice is like a hug
Seriously she’s so soothing to listen to. And not all of these stories are horrifying. I love the mix of true crime and interesting stories (the streaker, the Bunny Ranch, the woman who made edibles, Oakland Buddha...). Recently went to her live show and she was just as lovely in person. Absolutely LOVE this podcast and her new one This Is Love. Thank you Phoebe!
My favorite
Love this podcast. Started out listening to another crime podcast and it was ok but was a little too graphic for me. This one is so interesting and fun to listen to. I have laughed and cried and been amazed at people and what they think they can get away with. Love Phoebe and how she hosts the show. Keep giving us more shows!!
The best
Criminal is the best.
Favorite Podcast
Apparently some people don’t like Phoebes voice but I actually love it! I say give this podcast a try! It has the most interesting stories and is incredibly well made.
Incredible stories
Wonderful interviews, such interesting topics. Makes you laugh, cry, research... well done! Thank you for all the hard work!
That voice
What’s up with the voice? Everything sounds like a whisper. Annoying.
Good stories, annoying delivery
Some of the stories are fascinating. My complaint is the way Phoebe reads the script in her NPR voice. She talks like...this with many...pauses and EMPHASIS...on the astword of ....each PHRASE.
My all time favorite podcast! Great content. Engaging host, she makes the show. The production is super professional.
Surprising, interesting episodes every time
Among all the true crime podcasts out there these days, Criminal continues to be one of the most reliably fascinating, nuanced and fun shows. It’s not unusual for me to see the blurb for an episode and wonder if it’ll be a bit boring, only to get hooked right away and want to talk about it with everyone.
Beautiful story- Prison Dog lady
The episode on Toby Dorr made me cry the end to her such a kind letter from the former prison ward. Such a well - assembled podcast. Congratulations. Refreshing to hear such great speaking in a world that is losing the art of story telling.
intelligent, informative and entertaining
The anything muppet
Everything great about public radio combined with first-rate journalism and true crime.
Phoebe Judge for president
Crime addict
I enjoy listening to Phoebe Judge so much. Her soothing voice gently brings you into both unique and other times tragic tales.
Neat AI host
Eunuch Mastersons
The only podcast hosted by a robot?
The stories here are unique and interesting and include such great detail. Honestly, I would listen to Phoebe speak about pretty much anything. She has the loveliest voice in podcasting!
So Good
This is so good that it’s a crime not to appreciate it. Great research, narration. I always check here first to see if there is a new episode.
christina from los feliz
Love love love love love It’s smart and the stories are weird and wonderful and I cannot get enough of Phoebe Judge’s voice.
Phoebe Judge!!!
Ang Jel
This is one of the best if not the best true crime podcast out there. Phoebe Judge has the most soothing voice ever. If you ever get the chance to catch this podcast live, do it! Last night in Portland was amazing. Thank you Phoebe Judge
My Favorite Podcast
Kitty Molck
Incredible storytelling and Phobe Judge is an amazing interviewer and host. Love the illustrations for each episode.
Just a kid
I am 11 years old and these podcasts have opened up my eyes to the real world. I love your episode about the mafia boy it was amazing I wish I could go to a real life show.
One of the best!
This podcast is one of my favorites! I got the chance to see the live show last year as well which was amazing. Keep doing it! 🙌🏼
Great show. Short stories that keep you wanting more. I’ve been binging. ❤️
stories to tickle your curiosity!
i listen to these about 20 minute stories and get so engaged into each story as it is being told! the narrator has a soothing voice, and calming presence when she interviews the story's protagonist! i can't wait to go to the Seattle Show Live!
Interesting and surprising
Each episode is so different, I’m constantly surprised by the content (in a good way). Phoebe’s storytelling is far from boring, even when the content is serious and foreboding. Criminal has quickly become one of my favorite go-to podcasts.
That delivery though.
The podcast is great, but I can’t tolerate the affected speech of the host. I’ve tried so hard. Deleted and redownloaded multiple times but I just can’t do it!
Quick and fun
Joe I. ( :
A different perspective from most crime shows. I dig it!
I binge listen to 3 or 4 in a row
I like both the storytelling and the storyteller/journalists. I do so enjoy the cold openings leading up to when Phoebe drops her “I’m Phoebe Judge, this is Criminal” . By then, I’m already hooked. Thanks for the great stories!
All the feels.
I am a long time listener and when I step away for a bit (selfish, bingeable reasons), I find myself falling in love with a voice behind all things Criminal. It’s important work you are delivering. Carry on!
I’m Phoebe Judge.
This is criminal.
Love Phoebe's voice. Less sexual violence please!
Enjoy the mysteries and most of the stories. However, I just don't want to listen to crimes of sexual violence or horrid butchery. Thank you for your great storytelling voice!
I’m trying...
Enjoying he premise but the overly softened, padded speech is almost unbearable. Just speak like a Sensible human please.
my only suggestion
i only want more podcasts with like blood and sexual assaults. ik 😅 it's kinda weird. i'm a rat. i love you!!
Not sure how I feel anymore.
I loved this podcast at first but now since I’ve listened to almost all of them, I’ve noticed a lot of these stories are often demeaning towards police officers and white people.
Unlike any other crime show
Saam Barrager
Aside from great presentation the story selection is genius.
I love Phoebe Judge
Her delivery is the best. She’s a great storytelller. Try listening to more podcasts and you’ll appreciate the fact that she doesn’t sour like she reading. I won’t name names.
I’m Amazed and this is Criminal
I love this podcast it transcends the genre. Not to say I don’t love the genre I do, Criminal at times embraces, elevates, and circumvents the genre to create something truly unique.
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