July 31, 2020
Milligan and Hecubus appear to discourse their usual updates and introduction. Doctor Hoffman is surprised to find Amy Jennings accompanied by Carolyn Stoddard as Carolyn explains how she did. As the three consider what to do with Amy, David shows up to be introduced. Amy and David leave Doctor Hoffman and Carolyn Stoddard to their own wonderings about the creature seen in the woods previously. Venturing into what Amy and David are up to, we find Amy transfixed by the lightning and David wondering how she isn’t scared of that. The talk eventually leads to wondering what’s in The West Wing. (Of course!) After a familiar scenario at The Addams Family, a conversation begins between Peter Bradford and Gomez Addams. Unique revelations are discovered. Peter has a favour to ask. As Maggie approaches The Old House she encounters the ghost of Sarah Collins who needs to find some time to herself. Maggie nods to her need and they pass each other at the door. Maggie calls out for Barnabas to explain to him what she suspects about her high school chum, Chris Jennings. Many plans and much romance ensue. Our Maggie Evans of the present must venture back to The Great House of Collinwood only to encounter her old classmate, Chris Jennings, much sooner than she expected. And we listen to their conversation of re-acquaintance… in progress! Captain Daniel Gregg comes across our dear ghost of Sarah Collins to reassure her of her uncertainties as they reflect between the odd considerations they share in common. Sarah is concerned about the new friendship her cousin, David, is growing with Amy Jennings, and where her own place is in everything now. Meanwhile we must return to how Chris Jennings is responding to Maggie Evans’ point-blank question of him being cursed with lycanthropy. And our first born Jennings twin will dance around the answer as one would expect! Carolyn Stoddard is wondering what is “bothering” Maggie Evans, and surely she discovers it all! How Maggie IS Josette, what they have in common from their high school days, and even the undisclosed discoveries of lycanthropy in comparison to “that time of the month” for both of them sidling up to Chris Jennings’ issues: It’s all rather personal. As David and Amy plan their exploration of the West Wing, Chris enters and Amy is elated to re-meet with her brother, until he reveals he might be having Amy stay in a home apart from him. (Yes, let’s all just say it, “Jerk!”) One more endless-argument-about-nothing later, Carolyn and Maggie convince Chris Jennings to join Carolyn for a drink at The Blue Whale and meet with Tony Peterson there. As Carolyn and Chris reach The Blue Whale, Tony Peterson approaches them and many gestures in reacquainting are shared. Discussion in how to take care of Amy takes place. No surprise; a clock chiming changes the subject. Chris leaves in haste as the barmaid goes to check her reflection. However Chris might try to prevent his own personal curse from harming anyone, he is, of course, not successful.
June 13, 2020
Another oceanside chat for people who enjoy them. Apparently quite a few people enjoy them! I get started talking about a pen friend and a phone friend, good stuff and various reasons things in communications have been clogged. General pep-talk about the current upbringing in kids to the previous upbringing I experienced with pretty crappy distractions that weren’t as bad as now, but still pretty bad. I make it very clear here that I never wanted a parasocial relationship with my listeners. I wanted a social one. And? I still do! However much the technology changed to alter anyone's sociability? It didn’t change mine! Why letter writing is very, very, important, even now. How the friends I’ve finally made in this have rewarded me with great company. (The whole reason I began this series.) A little study time with a DS episode, a wee, wee bit of Magda... and then: “*Spoiler*”: The phases of Quentin Collins, very basic: 1969; Evil Ghost (dead), 1897; Playboy (alive), Killed (dead), Zombie (dead/alive), Not Zombie (alive), Werewolf Curse (still alive), Magic Portrait takes curse and then he is immortal (indefinitely alive). Then fun chat about Kitty Soames. More on the topic of the non-canon romance, Julia/Barnabas phenomenon. Very calmly expressed. As well as my experience with healthy rejections and unhealthy reactions over the years. (A little more Jo March too.) Sprinkled in this are thoughts on a new "hero" of mine: Tim Wu. (I'm just not sure where all I mention him, pardon.) I wrap up with sober thoughts over more concentration on maintaining the help, pulling away from commercial sites, and focusing more on personal life, correspondence and friendship.
May 25, 2020
[ADULT CONTENT] Again, “Explicit” while being fairly clean in all my description. This entry is the third podcast about the marriage novel, and exploring the chapters of it; eleven through sixteen, as I add to what we are all going through via the tech obsessions. This audio program goes through, step-by step, discussing what occurs in each chapter, my personal struggles, and the wonderful discussion from readers. Chapters discussed are as follows: Chapter Eleven – “A Tender Retreat” (Maggie facing old haunts as Josette with her kidnapping.) [+ comments] Chapter Twelve – “Willie Wounds” (Shared time between Willie and Maggie.) [+ comments] Chapter Thirteen– “Healing Part One: Shackled” (Barnabas is the one shackled and Maggie is the one who has enforced it. [+ comments] Chapter Fourteen – Healing Part Two: Punishment (As Barnabas endures the worst discomfort and pain, Maggie can be in all comfort while they discuss their past about her kidnapping.) [+ comments] Chapter Fifteen – Healing Part Three: Redemption (After all the physical pain there is one emotional point that Barnabas would be vulnerable to that only Maggie, as Josette, would understand.) [+ comments] Background music (which I would love to know that you purchased) for this podcast is: “Les mémoires blessées” – Dark Sanctuary (2004) “Therasia” – Sephiroth (2005) “Missing You” – Imperia (2006) “Once Upon A December” – Sally Harmon (1998)
April 24, 2020
Personal current events, we re-observe recent troubles compared to the old ones that maintain their hold on us. Finishing the demo for 22 and what came from that for Doctor Hoffman and Professor Stokes' romance. (Delving into the relationship they may once have had as Magda and Sandor.) Plenty of fun. Reminder: Daytime Dramas are *not* built on resolution. (Which is why The Pit is built the way that it is.) Continuing on with what is coming up in Pit 22. Switching over to where we are in our 4th Doctor “Doctor Who” viewing with “Underworld” (1978) Getting bored of villains and who I explain that to. The defeatist response to kids wanting to solve problems and how extensively unhelpful that response (from grown-ups) has been. Viewing early Laura Collins episodes of “Dark Shadows” and how, in those episodes, Sam Evans has clouds of mystery. Doing what I can to explain my personal calm in this time of crisis. (I already watched droves of crisis no one else could see for years.) More love for John Karlen and his personal choices that so dearly resonate with me continually. For those who have lost their ability of voice: I still am concerned for you above and beyond any “haters”. You still matter to me. Thank you to all who are helping me and for those I am helping? You’re welcome.
March 18, 2020
Beginning with my understanding of what is happening to most listeners of this podcast program. Why direct communication is important and the examples of mishearing what I’m saying. My concern for our current sense of isolation and how I was told, “You saw all this coming.” Pointers of how to use the narrative site. Discussion over the previous web-log and what folks have been viewing. (Fun stuff.) Why “Dark Shadows” is a TV show that constantly reminds you that it IS a TV show. :) Then off we go into technical aspects of Pit episode 21 and further spoilers for that. (Bill Malloy’s ghost as an ‘Honourary Widow’.) Blue Whale bits, West Wing bits, Old House bits. Focus on Maggie Evans as Josette duPres; How I understood why that was probable. (Sailor Moon comes up in this and reincarnation research.) With Andre and Josette returned: Barnabas easily feels far less alone. romance. My concern for everyone possibly depending on commercial social sites during isolation, while I maintain my ability to carry on without them. Hopefully what I say here will do more good than harm. (Without direct communication we can only speculate.) Why the chips fell where they did years ago: Criticizing to emptiness to rewards-for-hate. Why the like-button, and all it’s ‘offspring’, gives growth to the negative and depletes the positive. How I keep working to re-grow the articulate response in the positive. Directions on how to use for that. If this show makes you feel better? Don’t turn away from it. Return to it, like I did. I hope this show has helped to welcome you back to your old preferences and let you know that you do have the ability to choose for yourself, however lost that became.
February 25, 2020
For anyone who wanted another explanatory ramble: You got it! Technical problems in both story and audio building of new Pit radio drama episodes. The convincing spell of social media (of course!) with the double-whammy of a belief non-canon pairings actually happened on the (DS) show. Much comparison to “Little Women” is involved. How Captain Daniel Gregg may also feel about a “kudos” or “like” button. Sharing mutual concern between myself and other fans of “The Ghost And Mrs. Muir”. More pride for John Karlen staying away from The Internet along with pen pals helping me break the social media addiction: “Good job!” Why hate a character for not reciprocating another, such as Jo March or Barnabas Collins? (It’s like blaming Christopher Columbus for the misinformation someone else told you about him.) Updates on the marriage novel and a little banter about the characters of Barnabas Collins and Josette duPres. (Please pardon Munsters references here… or… don’t! ;) Tips and memories about social media of olde. Know the difference between a waste-of-time and saving-time and know the difference between canon pairing and non-canon pairing. Working out what is coming up with Dr. Julia Hoffman and Professor Stokes in the radio drama episodes 21 and 22. Gratitude and great appreciation for pen pals; both maintained and adrift. “We pulled through. We made it!” Bless you all!
January 30, 2020
And now, finally, back to the story… (I’ve been building this podcast since March 2019, so bare with me.) After mention of the dedication we get to what happens during Episode 15 in ‘The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows’, the annotated version, of course. The hilarious gin-rummy game between Nicholas Blair and Vampire Angelique, continuing on to the scene with Roger Collins, V’Angelique and Lily Munster. Next, Grandmama Addams and Morticia’s foray into Victoria Winters’ memories of Reverend Trask. Later, we cut from Josette’s room to a Willie and Sarah scene to David’s surprise and back again as Wadsworth enters, which leads to The Great House, Elizabeth’s announcement(s), and Barnabas meeting Lily Munster. (Is Lily’s vampire side helping out too cheesy or corny? Late 20th Century: Yes. Early 21st Century: No.) How the Willie and Wadsworth scene reveals why Willie Loomis has been affected by the nurturing touch of Professor Stokes and others. Barnabas, at last, encounters the ghost of Caleb Collins. Why Barnabas IS “So Mr. Darcy” and other “Pride and Prejudice” influences. The importance of Maggie/Josette that Caleb understands, leading us to the ending in which Tom Jennings meets Vampire Angelique that night, and why the song fits. My feelings about Heather O’Rourke and inviting her admirers to reach out and discuss her short time among us. Then we wrap up with one of my lectures about better manners to which many listeners will likely fall asleep.
January 24, 2020
Just a little something I wanted to put out there prior to my release of the Retrospective in Episode 15. For Terry Jones and John Karlen: I don’t know who I would be if it weren’t for you… And frankly? I *don’t want* to know who I would be without either of you! This is for you, for us, and for me. Thank you and fare thee well. Love, Daryl
December 10, 2019
A few updates to pen friends. A dainty cautionary and word-to-the-wise about certain topic omissions, then… onto the fun! Spoiler ideas for upcoming Pit episodes blending DS 640-647 into The Pit. (Funny bit about solving a spill being faster than endlessly fretting over it.) Why we shall be getting more of Dr. Hoffman in future shows and less Barnabas. (And how we will get more Barnabas later.) More of Sarah’s Ghost being very useful. (Thank you, Captain Daniel Gregg!) The love for DS which surpasses social media, thankfully! On to education as well: The technology went too fast or us to humanly compensate with it! “The Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television” suggestion. How heckles create lines. The misuse of “critiquing”. Why I care more about the sentimental motivators far beyond (automatic) haters. Always remember: You are using computers. Fun talk about Dark Shadows (2012) and Michelle Pfeiffer in the “Dark Shadows: Visual Companion” book. Reasons I felt using the word “closet” was completely acceptable. (Also why I cannot stand useless guilt: Barnabas Collins.) And a very Merry Solstice to our old heroine: Saramonster! ! !
October 23, 2019
Addressing the closet-fans, now that I have a better way of describing the situation. Why one podcast is missing and how to return it. Deleting my tumblr account and the moral support I received from a friend in ever having used it. (Who to thank for my use of Reddit.) My aversion to commercial sites and preference for smaller groups. The unreliability of commercial social media: “They sure know how to get ya’.” Working on Pit 21, as well as watching more Dark Shadows. Finding ideas for the future “saving” of Madame Findley, and all the fun that goes into that. (Roger Collins always brings in hilarious ideas.) Wonderful experiences with pen friends and fancy postage. Enjoying the mundane over the tragedy of “everyone” needing to be a “critic”. How nonsensical the criticism and “need” for it gets. Reasons why I and others weren’t affected by any of the non-canon ideas that come from groups of Dark Shadows fans. The hazard of allowing foul behaviour to take-over and what the approval of it leads toward. The highs and lows of pen pal zines and letter-writing: Let us not mix our non-profit hobbies with commercial ventures. It leads to peril and upset. How, in searching for the non-conformists, I kept finding those who went along with the new status-quo. More fun with our friend, Seamus, being a new listener, which helps me a lot. More reasons that the Q & A came into being and works so well. Offering of “Bloody Mary’s Delight” for Halloween. (Sorry I couldn’t do a reading this year for that.) More invitations for fans of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, or me, or both, to come out of the closet.
September 17, 2019
Yes! My calmer self is speaking these days. Discussing why this show ended up being more me talking over details than the radio drama project part of it: commercialism online was a massive component of that and what commercialism did to our social lives. Seeing the difference in community organized creations versus commercial creations. Topics in my consideration of a potential Dark Shadows continuation program, digesting that and how it might affect everything. How I’ve digested other series apart from Dark Shadows, and how friends have made adjustments for other new releases. Also why I and others chose Dark Shadows to view. Making choices about other entertainment productions (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.) How a new show doesn’t really change anything for Interruption fanwork. My delving into Dark Shadows movie fanfiction, having fun with that and why I enjoy it. The choices that I make with productions by Burton & company, as well as my being in the middle for those, along with what precious few fun-spooky flicks we had prior to Burton’s work. Why it’s helpful to do longer reviews in a chronological format. Some addressing to the pen pals, keep in touch, thank you!
August 28, 2019
Milligan and Hecubus come to introduce the show with their usual flair but a much different song. As Carolyn Stoddard enters The Great House, her uncle, Roger Collins, presents her with the letter Mrs. Muir has sent which requests Miss Stoddard to visit her in Schooner Bay, while Roger evokes a bizarre dream he once had. After Maggie ascertains what Captain Gregg managed with Endora, via her father’s description, she asks about what happened to Mr. Wells at the Inn. Sam is happy to relay that Mr. Wells did not perish and perhaps Chris Jennings is in as much trouble as the both of them suspect. This leaves them wondering what the Witches of Morning Glory Circle are considering for our nemesis, Angelique. Endora “pops in” joining with Samantha to investigate and discuss what should be done about Angelique. They gear up for a most un-pretty sight. As the time of their investigation moves along they feel the need to list the wide variety of bad deeds Angelique provided to the Collins family over many decades. Next they wonder where Angelique happens to be in the present. Through an incantation (that I still can’t believe made it past the 1960’s censors) Angelique invokes herself to Diablos’ Dominion. He’s quite pleased to see her. It is Happy Hour In Hell, after all. As they discuss the details between her, a bio-exorcist, and Nicholas Blair over their favourite beverages, they come to an understanding. Diablos shows very little patience with the likes of Nicholas Blair and his incompetence. His punishment is forthcoming. Sir Simon Milligan and Manservant Hecubus are *quite* happy with the results! The deranged antics of The Underworld take their toll on Samantha and Endora. Then they manage to devise a plan for Angelique anyway… As Carolyn Stoddard approaches Gull Cottage, Captain Gregg manages a little tease and she is welcomed warmly by the housekeeper, Martha. Mrs. Carolyn Muir descends the stairs and gives her friend, Carolyn Stoddard, a play-by-play in the parlour of Elizabeth Stoddard’s visit to her and the implications for all involved, which includes the bestowing of further expectations to Collinwood’s current upkeep. Next is a wee respite of Lily giving Liz the “indication” to meet with Bill Malloy’s ghost on deck. Elizabeth meets with Bill to find they both were more fond of one each other than any might suppose, including one another, even as Bill expresses how much he now knows of Elizabeth’s past and Victoria’s place in that. As Carolyn Stoddard returns to Collinwood, she approaches a distraction in the woods. After this terrifying experience, Carolyn discovers a little girl, Amy Jennings, and invites her to come along to The Great House.
August 24, 2019
Gratitude to pen friends all over. Explanation of how the closet-listeners came into being and how they behave. Hence, I avoid them in return. (Ah, the fascinating absurdity.) Mentions of more tech communities who prefer humane methods. Then onward to further spoilers for Pit Episode 21 (twenty-one)! A little explanation of our friend, Seamus, mentioned in previous podcasts, as well as his own reaction, likely very familiar to closet-listeners, to The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. (One of my hypotheses was correct!) Going through a list of highlights that would help to alleviate the communication problems with listeners of this series. Believe it or not, though I prefer you believe this: As much as there are some people who request and want “critiquing”? There are also some of us that don’t! (Yes, what a shock…) Then a description of how we all became monsters with this idea of criticizing ‘everything’. (Myself included.) Concern over the younger generation and my little offerings of helping a tiny corner of that.
July 26, 2019
Just a little something that might help. Why going in sequence is not only useful but vital. Take care, everyone.
July 3, 2019
Difficulty in celebrating Dark Shadows and The Pit… As well as communication technology going bad. Appreciating Helena Clara Bouchet for being a non-canon AND canon romance fan. (Seriously!) The perils with audience members attempting to be “critics”. Troubling responses from those *only* talking about what they *think* that ‘People’ think. (I’d much rather know what *you* think!) Explaining all this to pen pals. Work on Pit episodes recently. Notes to those who always say “Change it!” with loving kindness to DS cast members. Podcasts about the internet. (What was The Web like in 1999?) Discussing alterations in people’s behaviour with pen friends. Coming to terms with what Barnabas and Josette/Maggie fans have had to deal with for many years. What I’ve been doing while utterly “wiped-out” including watching tons of Marx Brothers movies. Going through double overplays between our two centuries: 20th and 21st. (TV/youtube, mobile phones/telephones.) If nothing else? I have finally done what I set out to do: Share the work to find the companionship. ^_^
May 17, 2019
Why “House of Dark Shadows” is a party movie, with much love and apologies all around. Spoilers for Pit episodes (20) Twenty and (21) Twenty-One. It’s going to take a lot of effort for Chris Jennings to understand he’s in a relief-series now and not a soap-opera. Also a little consideration for how to word things with Bewitched characters. How I came to learn about The Center for Humane Technology ( and how very important I consider their work, with incredible validation about my own social media experience, as well as the experiences from other pen pals. Theories on the discussion-avoidance problem. I also talk about a self-taught trick I learned of *how* to pay better attention, there is a fun story about why I learned it. I hope it helps anyone who wants to improve their focusing skills. After that I share a treat of a memorable tool I grew up with from the 1980’s. Discourse about grassroots help, and then: A heartfelt affirmation towards all those who love or enjoy “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows”. Background music: “Pure Energy” – Information Society, “Me” – Zion De Gallier, “Living Room” – Broadcast, “Tangram” – Tangerine Dream, “Undertow (Spooky Remix)” – Lush “Looking For You” – Patti Smith
April 18, 2019
2012 Movie Fans: WELCOME! This is an update for old listeners and for new listeners: please get in touch. Thanks to pen friends and offers to keep in touch from others who got “distracted” and how to get in touch with me. (I did all this for friendship and discussion, not popularity.) Little touches on something small coming up in Pit # 21. (Willie and Wadsworth) Pointers on what “The Haunting of Collinwood” is about. Background music: George Michael (mash-up mix) and Republica. Keep on listening and keep in touch! Love, Daryl
March 9, 2019
Again, “Explicit” while being fairly clean for all that! This entry is the second podcast about the marriage novel, and exploring the chapters of it; six through ten. I address one pointer of how to encourage me to share more of the novel so far. No high hopes on that score, of course. This audio session goes through, step-by step, discussing what occurs in each chapter, my personal struggles and triumphs through this journey as well as the wonderful discussion that arrived from wonderful friends and kind strangers. Chapters discussed are as follows: Chapter Six – “A Broken Bed” (including the hilarious consequences…) Chapter Seven – “Other Reactions” (Characters outside the marriage making the best of it.) Chapter Eight – “The Whom of Many” (Yes, tons and tons of discussion from all sides about the author’s notes in the details of the big non-canon pairing of Julia/Barnabas.) Chapter Nine – All of Us Chapter Ten – Prior Disturbances Come To Haunt Background music (which I would love to know that you purchased) for this podcast is: Stoa’s “Maare” & “Hanuz Nitz” + Madonna’s “Human Nature”. (Although if you haven’t purchased a copy of “Human Nature” by now? I shall wonder what rock you were living under that was even farther sequestered into the ground than mine.) Happy St. Patrick (McGoohan)’s Day!
February 14, 2019
Listeners expecting to hear me swear will be disappointed. This entry is the long-awaited first podcast about the marriage novel, and exploring the chapters of it; one through five. This audio session goes through, step-by step, discussing what occurs in each chapter, my personal struggles and triumphs through this journey as well as the wonderful discussion that arrived from wonderful friends and kind strangers who granted me a way to stop panicking from lack of talk and finally allowed me to begin sleeping again which had been a problem at the end of 2013 into the beginning of 2014. Chapters discussed are as follows: Chapter One – The Wedding Day Chapter Two – The Wedding Night Chapter Three – What We Whispered Chapter Four – Josette Speaks Chapter Five – Sharing The Past, The Present, And The Future Background music (which I would love to know that you purchased) for this podcast is: Stoa’s “Sakrileg” & “La Lune Blanche” + Aurora Sutra’s “Consecrated Lover”. Happy Valentine’s Day!
January 1, 2019
Beginning with a basic explanation to this podcast series, then how garnering discussion for this series improved and how unfortunate societal changes created further problems. In the workshop we explore how Randall & Hopkirk could work in “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows” and a load of banter about most of the shows already involved. (Thank you, Osheen!) Considerations of (The Real) Richard III in tandem to how Barnabas Collins’ character has been portrayed in fanwork. Concern over future generations. A big insight in the learning process via media entertainment; the example used is “Animal Crackers” with The Marx Brothers. Recognition of mistakes in a recorded world. What is happiness? If you want better in life you have to figure out what “better” is. The “guilt” issue explained . Meanwhile, I’d rather you enjoy the show and tell me what you enjoy and why you do. Background music in this podcast represented in the two following URLs:
December 12, 2018
Milligan and Hecubus reprise their introductory insanity with a little supplement from “Mad Max”. Sam Evans introduces the Ghost of Captain Daniel Gregg to his daughter, Maggie Evans, who is also now known as Josette duPres. However much Maggie and Gregg have in common, the purpose of their meeting proves to help convince the sea-faring ghost of making up for other past discrepancies. We later find Elizabeth Stoddard in the solitude of a piano on the deck of the RMS Queen Elizabeth cruise liner. As she plays the Chopin Nocturne she once did upon Bill Malloy’s death, the ghost of Bill Malloy enters the equation, and her cousin, Lily, isn’t shy either. As Sam Evans positions his automobile outside the Stephens home he manages to instill the hopes for his old comrade, Captain Daniel Gregg, to help him in this endeavour. The Captain isn’t so forthcoming before a few whimsies of the masculine persuasion will convince Sam’s friend of stepping forward. The door opens to the expectantly welcoming Witch, Samantha Stephens, who bears no embarrassment of inquiries toward her new wayfaring men-of-quest. Sam Evans is happy to explain their plight. The question of knowing Angelique Bouchard finally falls into the equation of everyone meeting in Samantha Stephens home. After social amenities are ascertained, Endora pops into the room, with plenty to consider on her knowledge of Angelique, but more for acquiring better results from Captain Gregg. Professor Stokes and Doctor Hoffman encounter a new gentleman in Hoffman’s office, one that sharply resembles Tom Jennings. No surprise there as Chris Jennings is Tom’s surviving twin brother. Hoffman leads Chris to a private room at Wyndcliff to meet with his sister Amy. Much drama ensues. Finally, a bit of a reprieve with Victoria Winters and Peter Bradford in The Addams Family household. New revelations come to light for Victoria, but probably not as revealing as our audience would like! By this time Chris Jennings will attempt to alter his accommodations at The Collinsport Inn since he has something to hide. The discussion with our Inkeeper, Mr. Wells, takes some odd turns. (Two lines of dialogue are lifted in this endeavour from DS Annotations: “Barnabas Wants The Old House”, thank you, Saramonster!) Sam Evans enters The Collinsport Inn with a song, helping Mr. Wells to recoil from his untimely death. As things continue onward, our hosts are perturbed by another character from The Kids In The Hall, Mr. Tizick, meanwhile Sam Evans and Mr. Wells enjoy a cup of coffee over town gossip, which includes updates about Mildred Mayhem.
November 17, 2018
This podcast focuses on a new fan to Dark Shadows and why it makes sense that would-be good fans to this 1960’s television show don't speak up. Melissa discusses her enjoyment of my fanwork, Dark Shadows and Jonathan Frid as well as Barnabas Collins. Our continual friendship flows through this podcast which is much attributed to Lisa Weyenberg connecting us. (Love you, Lisa!!!) The interview displays what a new fan must contend with: Hate for Barnabas Collins, bizarre worship for Julia Hoffman. which has nothing to do with her strengths, feeling embraced on fan groups *at first* and then feeling like one must “stop talking”. Why Barnabas Collins is “the family guardian” and why Jonathan Frid is a class-act. Melissa's personal experiences with previous entertainers, such as David Warner and Sharon Lentz, and Melissa being able to talk to both of these wonderful people. Fun time with Melissa and I watching "Dark Shadows" as well as dealing with the new technology ruining all of our lives, and why. How social media destroys our relationships. Our watching an episode of "Dark Shadows" together, finally, and how fun it was. Wrapping up with how Melissa ended-up unknowingly buying a bootleg copy of “Dark Shadows” and how she dealt with that after purchasing a true copy of the coffin box. Also providing a comparison of our making fun of Victoria Winters always saying “I don’t understand” into many fans becoming that very cliché. At the end, I share a celebration of Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, which is a show that is also provided by MPI Home Video. And a loving quotation for Melissa via all this.
October 31, 2018
Enthusiastic history and future of this show. Why the Q & A works so well. Thanks to pen pals and encouragement to folks who want to get in touch. How the like-button is very harmful. Advice as to how to get your own tandem and skills to return. Variables in the growth of The Pit series, including how Helena Clara Bouchet and I became friends. Silly gossip versus good gossip. How old and new episodes are built. Reaching 21 due to what’s happening in 20, a scene with Maggie Evans and Carolyn Stoddard. Working with memory and reincarnation. How small things can cause major problems such as The Northeast Blackout of 1965. Finding the right people, much appreciation and fun stories. A little discussion about the novel in terms of embracing the darkness. Background music for this podcast: “Distant Thunder” by Fata Morgana (1995) “Night in a Graveyard” – Haunted House Music Co. (1985) “The Lodge” by Agalloch (2002) “Distant Voices” by View (1993)
October 10, 2018
After a few words of wisdom via Osheen Nevoy, a bit of personal news which includes Michaelmas and how we celebrate September 29th each year. Updates about upcoming episodes in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows: 18, 19, and some discussion about the rough draft completion of episode 20. Understanding The Addams Family, Barnabas and Maggie growing as a couple, comparisons between characters in fun spooky and drama spooky, how Chris Jennings will be handled, working with Captain Gregg, needing help with Amy, David and upcoming ghosts, how I’m keeping Tony Peterson in the show. Thoughts and theories about Josette duPres’ character as a reincarnation. It’s still a mystery overall but *what* a mystery! ^_^ (Touching on a few other stories entailing reincarnation.) Focusing on the Tom Baker era of Doctor Who, how we’ve been enjoying that, how far we’ve gotten re-watching it, as well as factors in the culmination of my ideas to include The Doctor back in 2013. Current considerations of how older fans of Dark Shadows might react badly to Halloween and the possibilities of why; essentially another generation gap between younger fans and elder fans. (Fellow Goths: If you don’t understand your parents? This just might help a little bit.)
September 7, 2018
If you listen to old vinyl records this probably won’t bother you. I cleaned it up the best that I could, so this is a good example of my technical problems! Basic updates with how I’m looking at the social media concerns versus the human requirements included. Touching on +The Reluctant Vampire+ component with Barnabas and going further with that topic. More discussion of what’s coming up in Pit Episode 19 “Happy Hour In Hell” as well as how it correlates with the original series, so there are some parallels between the original DS and The Pit to keep in mind. Plenty of keeping up with the other shows, including The Kids In The Hall, and Bewitched. Delving into Angelique’s troubles and how they work. Relating where Endora is going with her understanding of Angelique. Bringing in The Jennings, Bill Malloy and Elizabeth Stoddard, more Carolyn and Carolyn (Stoddard and Muir). Mixing up components between The Ghost and Mrs. Muir with Dark Shadows between various characters as well as Captain Gregg and Sarah for episode 20 in The Pit. Plenty of jumping through hoops between characters. (Y’all know how fast my brain works by this time, right?) The toxicity of discussion via social media versus the correspondence skills with pen friends and how many people, who were also looking for pen pals, were suffering from what has been happening this decade. How so much ties in with The Beatnik movement against “planned obsolescence” along with the mid 20th century changes happening after World War II. Canon pairings and non-canon pairings preferences in fanwork including a new discovery for Jo March in “Little Women” from an old friend.
August 1, 2018
Personal updates which include working on future Pit episodes. Why good manners are necessary and criticizing is bad for morale. Concerns about reliance on the internet, particularly those raised on it. Reasons why The Reluctant Vampire is an important reflection of humanity, now more than ever. How being exposed to the negative is contagious and why humans require more care. Pep talk for pen pals who kept in touch, also for pen pals and listeners who became “elusive”. Bewitched, Ghost and Mrs. Muir viewing; “To Twitch or Not To Twitch”, and “Monkey Puzzle Tree” episodes. Plans for other podcasts as well as new Pit episodes, along with how we’re keeping The Addams Family into the fold. Requests for help with “Margaret Josette duPres” podcast(s). Why being honest with yourself is the best policy. Theme song for this podcast: “Alma Matters” by Morrissey, as his wordplay on “Alma Mater” equates to "nurturing mother of studies". Aye! She definitely matters over so much worry about popularity and competition. We currently have the world that we have due to our yearning to understand.
June 29, 2018
Milligan and Hecubus do a quick introduction as it is well known the audience is awaiting the big show down between Beetlejuice and V’Angelique. Quick maneuvering on BJ’s part whisks V’Angelique into the Collinwood drawing room and all Hell proceeds to slowly unfold in a variety of ways, while Barnabas and Maggie consult with each other, observing the alarming results from the other side of the door; young David Collins’ horror, and Roger Collins’ mere annoyance as he strolls passed them with certain responsibilities on his mind. (Probably not a good scene to listen to on a full-stomach.) After the finishing touches are dealt with to this bargain of handling V’Angelique between Barnabas and our Ghost With The Most, Lily and Elizabeth arrive to pick up their cruise tickets and say their farewells, as well as a few oddities in conversation over nearby noises in the woods. Mrs. Johnson enters for a cameo as Carolyn Stoddard assesses the reason her mother is going on this trip to England. Later on Maggie and Sam, asserting their previous lives in the du Pres family, discuss their concerns and what has taken place in The Great House of Collinwood, as well as wanting to come into further contact with The Ghost of Captain Daniel Gregg. As Willie Loomis and Wadsworth become further reacquainted, we see what they have to catch up on and their welcoming to the beloved presence in the visiting ghost of Sarah Collins. Meanwhile we can enjoy another drive with Carolyn Stoddard and Tony Peterson. As usual their date is interrupted by some small town turbulence. But this time, it leads them into a quiet lay-by to pursue more romantic entanglements.  Doctor Hoffman sees this from afar, and settles back into her chair to enjoy a dinner date with Professor T. Eliot Stokes. Much casual discussion in the supernatural is enjoyed, leading from vampires to werewolves, enlivened by their blooming romance. On the RMS Queen Elizabeth, after a length introduction of it by our hosts Milligan and Hecubus, we see how our cousins Elizabeth and Lily enjoy their time on board ship. As they engage in the fun of a ballroom the ghost of Bill Malloy enters the picture.
June 14, 2018
Wadsworth once expressed, “Very well. I know who did it. And furthermore I’m going to tell you how it was all done.” That will be how this podcast attempts to wrap up so many of the problems many of us are enduring via social media and bash culture. First I start with more celebratory tales of continual audio drama creation. 18 “Braving The Waters” completion, the rough draft fun with 19 “Happy Hour In Hell”, as well as potential scenes for episode 20. More “Bewitched” characters coming into this show as well as more Gomez Addams. The importance of the grassroots team and how it works. Welcoming new listeners and pen pals for being incredibly helpful. One particular social media platform showing its time-wasting aspects. (One platform I will not name. Sorry if this is confusing but I don’t want to advertise it by saying which one.) Discussing how wonderful and important pen pals are. More about the Barnabas/Maggie fans and their large recent growth. Offers of creating better online spaces for us. The huge mess of trying to use a social network to inquire if a podcast for the marriage novel would be of interest. How discussion for the novel is necessary and fun, as well as a recent review. Focusing on chat for Season Two in The Pit. A few theories in the trouble for talking about episodes since the beginning. (Avoiding the topic? I might have figured out why it happened.) Explanation of how bash-culture grew from proliferation of very advanced technology being made too easy. (Saramonster, MST3K, and DS Annotations lovers? This is for you!) Apologies to overseas listeners for Yankees obsession with scandal, I hope this helps! Plans for continuing forward, enjoying life, and working through all of this together. Peace.
May 1, 2018
Basic information for various sites for this series and how to use them to comment on episodes; this is mainly in the direction of the url Plenty of guidance in how to use these sites. Welcoming if a listener only wants to focus on a single character, fandom or cameo. Old internet rules for The Pit Crew. What makes me happiest: Commentary. Examples: My reading of Tito’s commentary for "Episode 5: Saving Pop" and Lisa’s commentary for "Episode 15: A Blundering Succubus". Some examination of Willie and Sarah’s interactions, as well as Maggie merging her memories together. Discussion of the “Dark Shadows” movie and Lisa’s wonderful reaction to that, and how I altered my offering to introducing more people to the series when it became more easily available. Social media, where it comes from, and how complaining about the people in areas that it comes from is paradoxical to our current social behaviour. (If one hates people on the West Coast, how is it applicable to use the addictive social tools they build to complain about them?) How critiquing once had socially redeeming value and then degenerated into “bash-culture”, which is, ultimately, bad for your health. Pen pal information for L.W.A. and how Hidden Object and I maintained our friendship. The importance of correspondence. Our natural reactions to light and movement. My struggle against social media addiction and the rewarding results. Helping a new fan of Dark Shadows and sending DVDs to her of the original series while comparing what she already knew. Consideration of villains and how they blend in to the storytelling. The importance of villains in stories, basic and complicated concepts. News about Auntie, too. How, oddly in this age, letter-writing is managing better than solely using the internet.
February 2, 2018
News to pen friends and from pen friends. Being in touch with “Auntie”. Reasons why DS Fandom went downhill during the onset of social media. A short-list of online locations that became dead-ends for chat on “The Pit” show. Uplifting commentary from current pen friends for Pit episodes, as well as great love for The Pit’s Q & A. :) The Generation Gap implosion in recent years. Sam and Maggie Evans as the best father-daughter combination on television. How there is so much to work with via Maggie and Barnabas’ relationship. Farcical ideas for a Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows convention. (Idle, dry dreams!) Descriptions of great pen pals that came forward due to The Pit and for far bigger reasons than any fandom involved. Awesome stuff with Lisa and Melissa, and new ideas for Pit # 18 and # 19. Wrapping up this show with a familiar song from podcast # 7 for a wonderful reason. Theme songs for this show: "Doctorin' the Tardis [12"]" by The Timelords and "Reach For The Sky" by Social Distortion. Mail art for this podcast cover-image created by a lovely pen pal named Jason.
December 12, 2017
My personal break away from drug-like social media sites; two in particular. My own upbringing in digesting fiction with the help of others. How people are looking for companionship to enjoy films and television shows with. Thanking pen pals and explaining what happened to those of you that “ran away screaming”. Living a recorded-life. The detriment of the like-button on the human race. Troubles in the bad behaviour toward myself as your entertainer (and the rare good). Unceremonious responses to the May 2016 podcast. News on grassroots team for Episode 17. Talk on future Pit episodes 18 and 19. “My Scrapbook Memories of Dark Shadows” by Kathryn Leigh Scott and how it can help all listeners whether or not they know Dark Shadows. Fun stuff! Upcoming influences to The Pit with: Dark Shadows, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Diablos Café, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir personal marathon and the curiosity of Captain Gregg’s hair. The Addams Family and suggestion of “The Addams Family: An Evilution”, comparisons with The Munsters, as well as back history from that and Bewitched. Included are the comparisons to various substance abuses, addictions and social media. Another discussion of social network schemes severely disturbing our lives and how the correspondence skills were drained by too much sheltering and the overuse of snark. Wishing you Happy Holidays, why, and a Very Merry Solstice to Angelique Bouchard.
November 9, 2017
This podcast is meant to open a dialogue with fans of this non-canon romantic pairing. We’ve already been dealing with people who felt hurt and harmed by fans of it, but this is to give some insight into the possibilities of why it continues to get wished for and discussed so heavily. I go through a few bits of personal news, including a grief I am enduring, before I dive into the topics. My own desire of Willie and Maggie as a romance long ago, but stronger a difficulty I had with films and books written by Louisa May Alcott. Discussion about one character that confused me for a very long time and how I got over the confusion of not getting the romantic pairing I felt made more sense once upon a time. I don’t want to hear about your thoughts over “People” and how they feel. I would like to hear about your needs on this topic. Meanwhile I am very much enjoying building romance with Doctor Hoffman and Professor Stokes. I hope this podcast helps you.
October 24, 2017
For all the pen pals, of course, and chat about why I admire Jonathan Frid, geeking out about Canadian culture. Getting Pit burn-out but how it keeps me going anyway. Social media topics and the reasons it erodes us, especially the younger generation without similar life experiences prior to this technology. How bash-culture took over from other more light-hearted heckling entertainment, as well as how criticizing became more important than deep-thought or enjoyment. Continuing on new episode creation throughout this year of healing. Why letter-writing is healthier for us, and why the web-log I created became so extensive. Discussion about pairings, particularly Angelique Bouchard and Quentin Collins, and with The Pit series how it can come into being. Focus on Angelique’s needs, how she is a much different villain than Jason McGuire. Information of requirements for further chapters of the marriage novel (Margaret Josette Dupres) and how it previously received what it needed to grow: Josette’s complexity, writing influences and how the chapter process altered with the reincarnation of Sarah, and the “impossibly” happy Barnabas Collins. (More is discussed in the March 2017 podcast for the book.) Finding pen friends who have healthy relationships. How choosing from personal interest is healthier than becoming a “critic”, not everyone needs a ton of conflict or villains. “The Enemy Is Us” this Halloween. I wrap up with one, hopefully harmless, heckling to “The Creation of Eve” episodes on Dark Shadows.
September 30, 2017
Genuine appreciation for pen friends overall, and in a sense that this gratitude may be endless considering the alternative online "prison-camps" we've all felt trapped in. Nothing fancy. Just basic news and me hanging out in my room. Talking about Carolyn and Tony as well as Dr. Hoffman and Prof. Stokes, both on Dark Shadows and in The Pit. Technical updates on Episode 17, inquiries for chat and correspondence. Much love for a non fandom related pointer K.L.S. mentioned in an interview. Explanations on the three-year roller coaster of social media versus the calming effect pen, paper and email discussions managed to make in only six months. Over all some fun rambling, which I know appeals to some new pals.
August 26, 2017
Study encouragement for The Addams Family, lining things up for Pit Episode 18 in script, wonderful results from pen pals and confusing results from online bystanders. Suggestion of postage stamps if one desires to send a gift. The repercussions of our implicit trust in “Mommy Internet”. Retrospective via Milligan and Hecubus, Sam and Barnabas, gift of lingerie joke for Helena, Dr. Hoffman and Prof. Stokes romance, Clue-like scene in Hoffman’s office, Barnabas and Maggie’s romance. Deep consideration of Willie Loomis’ character overall and his personal challenges between Dark Shadows and The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. The reasons for variations of Dark Shadows soundtracks in the confrontation scene between Willie and Barnabas, the challenge of the scene and the shock in how it came into being. My favourite scene, thus far, in the whole series: Roger and Elizabeth opening the mail and discussing their supernatural relations in a down-to-earth fashion. All the key points of importance in the final scene of Episode 14 with Wadsworth and Willie, reflections of Dark Shadows, modern life, storytelling, and our interconnection to each other. Where to go from here: pride in new pen friends, encouragement to youth, invitation for more personal contact, and the reflection of Willie Loomis’ heroism reaching to his refusal to remain a bystander. Theme for this podcast: "Paranya" by Silenzium (2011)
July 19, 2017
Why pen pals work and social media wastes time. Incorporating “Bewitched” into Episode 18. Social network history. Two books by Nicholas Carr. Episode 12: Tons on regression therapy for Maggie Evans, music used. Healing Barnabas & Carolyn scene. Captain Gregg helping Sam Evans. Dr. Hoffman’s place in everything. Pivotal point with Lily Munster, Elizabeth and Tom Jennings. Milligan & Hecubus fun. Episode 13: Purpose of dedication to Kathryn Leigh Scott and importance of her contributions and characters in Dark Shadows. My falling into the Julia/Barnabas trap and how a Julia/Barnabas fan, Helena Clara Bouchet, helped to pull me out of it. Incorporating much more “Clue” with Willie & Wadsworth, and the topic of Willie Loomis in general. Caleb Collins meeting with Lily and Elizabeth. Why the Morticia scene with Victoria turned out the way that it did. Final scene with car race in construction between my occupations in vision therapy. (Osheen Nevoy’s response to the scene.) How music was chosen throughout podcast: Ennio Morricone, Verne Langdon, Stoa, Claudine Longet. Better methods in communication, and how to make requests for potential MJD podcast, etc. All methods of which have been available since the 20th Century. Theme song for this podcast: “All Night Long” by Peter Murphy (1988)
July 13, 2017
For the pen pals... Listen... this one is all to the pen pals... whether you use email or paper mail: This one is for you!
June 10, 2017
Talk about social media addiction with its ensuing paranoia. Continual gratitude to pen pals and describing their beautiful influence in my life. (I welcome more!) Why and how constructive praise is important. The fun of watching First Year Dark Shadows. A little chat over 16 & 17 – Retrospective for episodes 8, 9, 10, and both parts of 11. Fair delving into characters from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Addams Family, The Munsters, and Bewitched in The Pit; particularly Captain Gregg’s stormy weather – story building as well as technical aspects. The fleshing out of Caleb Collins as based on evidence from the original Dark Shadows program and historical research in the Victorian time period. Discussion on the marriage novel, “Margaret Josette Dupres” and delving into why the sharing of further chapters are (currently) suspended. Welcome To The 21st Century – What A Disappointment.
May 2, 2017
Thanking pen pals for helping me to heal, explaining why that is important and discussing how the happy buttons ruined upbeat discourse in people over the years. Plenty of lively assertions in why beating around the bush about having “no time” to chit-chat is ridiculous, particularly in regards to over-use of social media. Lackadaisical listings of informational resources that have been important in creating the series which might help listeners. Presentation of where and how The Pit discussion questions are displayed, and why they are important for this fairly cerebral programming. Starting retrospective from Episode 1: “Parapsychology” and on through Episode 7: “The Blair Warlock Projected”, with whatever nuances I felt were fun to point out at the time of this recording, including a few perspectives via reviews, different TV show and movie introductions per episode, technical aspects and inspirations. When the Barnabas and Maggie couple suddenly mattered so much and how performing the role of Barnabas Collins changed things irrevocably. Finally, description about this experience for you and I, along with the details of why what’s happened with misinterpretation of myself, this project, and the expectations of what the internet is, has been detrimental to all involved, and how to break free from those ideas. For listeners using social media who disavow having an addiction? Too late: You’ve got one.
March 4, 2017
A “sickie” podcast for new pen pals and old listeners alike. This is a very newsy and studious monologue. I’ll address what’s going on with the letter-writing method of listening to the series and knowing that many who want to hear this can’t always download or play it via having poor equipment. Lots of discussions of people I’m talking with lately: Auntie, Jonah, etc. Identifying interruption fan fiction and how it works with Osheen Nevoy and Lisa Weyenberg’s works as key examples. Tons of spoilers for The Pit and later on a lot of spoilers for the marriage novel I’m creating in tandem. As per usual, this talk and explanation is quite cerebral, as well as moving back and forth discussion on various show characters being responsible for solutions in The Pit, including Endora and Uncle Arthur from “Bewitched”, as well as Wadsworth, Captain Gregg, Lily, and Morticia. Plenty of goodies about Doctor Who coming into play for The Pit and exactly why he will.
January 20, 2017
Explaining the long wait for Episode 17. In this you can hear my laryngitis. In between rambles we have various details of events planned for Episode 17 and how channeling Beetlejuice affects me. Studying with friends; Osheen and Lisa mentioned the most. Personal reflections and sad apologies to “Everyone”: fans, cast members, social network users. Possible reasons why the new technology is driving us all koo-koo. (Also some comparisons to Star Trek.) Lots of fun insights about various characters and the deeper lesson Barnabas Collins teaches us from his own personal behaviour: Accountability. Further updates with the marriage novel side-project, as well as the supernatural elements, including reincarnation. Various interruptions were left in this update to allow a more human feeling.
December 20, 2016
Pink Floyd and The Bee Gees sing us into a major list of thank yous. Lisa’s Interview: Her watching Dark Shadows since the age of five and beyond throughout the years. Kathleen Resch’s Concordances for Dark Shadows, and fanzines: “Inside The Old House”, “World of Dark Shadows”, “Wyndcliff Watch”, “The Music Box”, “Shadows of The Night” and how they were obtained. When the fanwork shifted away from the original Dark Shadows program. Discussion of Lisa’s Dark Shadows fanwork, which is also relief for the characters. Reincarnation for Josette and fans of that romance with Barnabas being tongue-tied. Sharing our creation techniques. Important relevance for Kitty Soames. Reasons why Lisa’s work is *not* readily available online. Other fandoms in The Pit and more. Personal reflections on the Harry Potter series, and the peer pressure to enjoy that entertainment as well as others. The fun of Lisa’s visit with us. Going through “Teen Screen” magazines. (Sorry, I keep calling it “Teen Scene”. The magazine is really called “Teen Screen”.) All the things Lisa and I have in common in both creation and entertainment. Summary of upcoming Episode 17 in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. At the tail end of this podcast there is a lecture. It’s not a rant, it is a lecture. It’s not for the haters, it’s for “nice guys” who have actually done far more harm than good. For those of you who either hate me or love me, feel free to turn the podcast off when I say the word: “Farewell”. And for all involved: understand that you have no obligation to listen to this or anything I’ve created. You have freedom of choice, and that is, and what has always been, precisely what the Internet is all about. Period.
November 11, 2016
A calm, fireside chat update for fans of The Pit. Delving into The Munsters, there is some discussion about type-casting, both for Fred Gwynne and Jonathan Frid especially. Reasons to celebrate the allure of Barnabas Collins rather than being offended by his romantic choices. How fans of the Barnabas/Maggie pairing are preferable to me and to each other. Touches on the mythos of The Vampire through Barnabas and Josette’s romance. The general vibe seen from fans of The Addams Family as well as The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. A welcoming to more fans of Wadsworth and the film “Clue” due to how The Pit operates in lines and actions. Discussion of game play for the boardgame of “Clue” as well as classic games in “The Pit”. More expression of exactly why file-sharing and buck-passing didn’t work and why we all thought it would for discussion. Welcoming fans of M*A*S*H and Beetlejuice as well as relieving any concern over the romantic pairings for this program. Explanation of the human need to break-free from what social-media does to many people, and how to tap back into focus for more healthy interaction. Dismissal of the idea computers are no longer being made. Rekindling old face-to-face friendships, however few. Most importantly: the joy in our own lives as a blessing in return for providing an atmosphere of love to characters on the screen who didn’t have it before.
October 28, 2016
As Milligan and Hecubus announce the introduction to this episode, they let us know who lives and who dies. Vampire-Angelique remains impolite to their sorrow. But carry on, they must! And they introduce us to a scene we’ve been awaiting with Doctor “Hawkeye” Pierce (however much I stink at performing an impression of Alan Alda). As Doctor Hoffman comes to the unbearable realization of who is awaiting her in the autopsy room with Tom Jennings, Professor Stokes listens with complete intrigue. Tom is, of course, affronted to how he is being treated… until a familiar specter informs him of many things Tom is forced to take stock of in the afterlife. All within The Old House may be cozy, but Vampire-Angelique waltzes in to wreak more havoc. Little does V’Angelique understand that her prey, Barnabas, has many arms about him and all are ready to oppose her intentions. Bill Malloy’s memory, having been mentioned by Wadsworth, introduce Sam and Maggie to the scene. Sam shows appreciation for Bill. Maggie, as Josette, considers pity for her old friend, Angelique. It is at this point Josette’s loyalty to her old friend is questioned. (If anyone remembers from an early intro?) This is where Josette, finally, expresses her utter distaste in her marriage to Jeremiah. I’m sure many may understand what Maggie, as Josette, explains, even if none of us like to admit it! Cousins Lily and Elizabeth are packing for their trip, and discuss the terms of what may be disclosed on their journey to England and Leslie’s whereabouts. In order to combat V’Angelique in the future, Maggie ventures a meeting with The Ghost of Caleb Collins. The two have a great deal to discuss and both understand one another with their knowledge of the afterlife, as well as their shared love in the “kooks” of Collinwood. A resolution is reached here, and one many listeners may grin at. Doctor Hoffman feels downcast and expresses why as Professor Stokes lends a sympathetic ear, that is, until he notices Doctor Hoffman hasn’t paid attention to how he feels about her. (Prepare for our celebratory tune in the middle of the episode instead of at the end and enjoy!) As Barnabas bemoans the downfall of so much achievement, a small, familiar, and grizzled voice acquaints him with how to solve the situation. (Psst– Nobody says “The B-Word…”) Our hosts are stunned at this outcome and then present the final scene, in which Vampire-Angelique comes to the terrifying understanding of what is laying in wait for her, and it isn’t Barnabas’ proposal of marriage.
October 11, 2016
In between Victoria Winters and Caleb Collins studies we have a somewhat studious ramble to keep you company until the release of Episode 16. Also, why Episode 16 hasn’t been released yet. (Plenty of spooky background music is in this podcast...) Finding where Dark Shadows characters Chris and Amy Jennings are coming into this radio drama and how they might be blended in via how they are from the original Dark Shadows. Bits of what’s already been assessed and written in scenes for future episodes. Comparisons of working on original material versus fanfiction material. Going over old and new studies for Victoria Winters and Caleb Collins back history according to Dark Shadows canon and a few irritations involving those studies when it comes to bad variables in communication about it. Still, the studies are revealing and well worth a listen if one is concerned with those particular characters. Some meandering discussion about what The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows is and also touching upon Mary Sue characters and Marilyn Ross novels. Knowledge in variables that are important for creating more audio drama episodes depending on all the television shows and characters involved so far and who might be involved in the future. Pointers of why profit can never be made from this series and how great that is. Encouragement to letter-writing and correspondence of enjoyment whether it’s to this series or for the betterment of ourselves. Why online drama is truly of little relevance to our community.
August 25, 2016
Just me, no music. Discussion about things, hopefully, getting better, and how to keep that going. The importance of correspondence especially. Clear reasons why I, and many others, lose their tempers. (Gets a bit loud while this is explained. Not really a rant, more an exclamation of disbelief in contradictory behaviour.) Deep appreciation for the nice people and tools for how to avoid the bummer types, too! "Spoilers" over scenes one through five, in Episode 16, that are being worked on, as well as the intricate technical aspects that make the idea of critiquing them severely unwanted and unwarranted. (Audio Dramatists? Listen up. You'll probably enjoy this bit.) Plenty of talk about "Hawkeye" finally being included and what's happening in scene four with him. I'm not concerned about spoilers when it comes to this radio drama. People can barely remember what they enjoyed in all the other episodes, so why worry? ;) My old internet days, Sailor Moon, chat rooms, etc. Why fans identify with Angelique and some may not even know it. A reading from me of Osheen's review for Episode 7 about one year before this podcast, and my hearty enjoyment of that! Understanding of the idea of "independence" and how much of an illusion that is. Not included in this podcast is my suggestion here: If you are wealthy and dissatisfied with your life? Please enjoy the film "The Amazing Adventure" with Cary Grant. Thanks. You're welcome.
July 20, 2016
The Brady Bunch sings us into a major list of thank yous. From Dark Shadows to The Addams Family to fandom politics to real friendship to who this series was put online for, and the people who listen damn well ought to figure that out! Bits of thanks yous to cast members and bare shred mentions about The 50th DS Festival... Social Network warnings, etc. Adventures from tumblr... New friends, Old friends... Osheen's interview comes and a whole lot from that! (Of course!)Bill, Gerard, Dark Shadows and then? The WORLD! How we dined after the interview. Upcoming scenes in Episode 16 of The Pit. Messages for listeners of what to do to get back in touch with their entertainers, but more importantly how to get back in touch with ourselves again after the horrid addiction to this new technology.
June 9, 2016
Most of this was created Monday 6 June 2016. I felt the need to address a lot of the high stress going on. As well as some healing, personally. There is also a short rant or two for those who enjoy my rants. (I know there are some who do!) Discussion of why sharing files everywhere and buck-passing didn’t work. More in-depth explanations of how the attention-spans have diminished over the years in so many people, as well as the problems with social media and how I am combating those and have done. Updates on Pit construction as well as the marriage novel, including some past observations. Solid addressing of why the output for both have diminished, which may not be for the reasons one would think. Fun stuff about how I and others create more authentic fanwork by dismissing poor advice and following our intuition about it. I go into a little of what I did with the Sailor Moon fanfiction that I wrote in the late 1990’s. *Most Important*: How my audience can develop a healthy relationship with me for the good of us both. Too much that has happened promotes paranoia on either side and it would be much better if you follow the advice I give in this podcast about it. (i.e. If you listen to this podcast and write to me please address that you listened. I don’t have time for anymore random and inane babbling from listening and trying to address these issues while denying you listened. Thank you!) And, of course, some consideration for two 50th Anniversaries coming up: Dark Shadows and… The Monkees! Enjoy. ^_^
June 1, 2016
After Sir Simon Milligan & Manservant Hecubus meander through their standard rigmarole of lusting after Angelique (and the usual drooling about Hecubus…) They explain what we are about to explore, as they usually do. *Guest Star: The Collinsport Fly…* Now that we’ve made it obvious our hosts are rooting for Angelique, we are allowed to see her kickin’ bootie in a game of gin-rummy with the sticky Nicholas Blair. (Do yourself a favour: drink no beverage and have an empty bladder while you listen to this scene. Thanks. You’re welcome.) Roger and Lily are faced with Vampire Angelique… and… well? Enjoy! As Victoria Winters, Morticia and Grandmama Addams come to an understanding, strange truths are revealed. Wistful moments of compassion are explored between Barnabas and Maggie in Josette’s room. Later on we find Willie and Sarah developing their own friendship. As all events come into place there is a question to Maggie about who Kitty Soames is. As she explains this, Wadsworth announces a special gathering taking place according to Elizabeth Stoddard’s request. During the gathering at The Great House, Barnabas is guided toward his self-introduction to Cousin Lily. After various surprises about her, Lily describes how to deal with “Uncle Caleb”. Wadsworth and Willie discuss arrangements in The Old House kitchen, as well as delving into Willie’s interactions with calligraphy and why it became so important. Of course, new troubles abound and Wadsworth must make inquiries Willie may not be able to handle. As Barnabas comes into contact with the ghost of Caleb Collins, he begins to realize the crux of his existence, his love-life and what he needs to do next. (Yep! This is where Caleb names who Maggie is in our side-project, “Margaret Josette Dupres”.) Sadly, as Hecubus expresses, we find Tom Jennings stumbling upon a beautiful, but very thirsty, young vampire along the wharf. [This episode is dedicated to the memory of Heather O'Rourke.]
May 4, 2016
For the people out there who want to talk, who want more, who love The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows: This is for you. Don’t listen thinking, “This will get people moving.” No. It’s for you the listener, the fan, the one who wants to be engaged and interactive. I hope it helps. Good luck.
March 15, 2016
Originally a “minicast” but since that experiment showed unworthy, this is now a full-on podcast. I still await discussion for Episode 14 so I remain creative while we all “wait”. (If you have time for this how do you *not* have time to answer the Q & A for Episode 14 of The Pit?) Updates in my creative pursuits. Explanation of the importance in help from others while trying to learn and maintain accuracy. Reincarnation research via Dark Shadows, Maggie Evans as Josette, and Sam Evans as Andre in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. Episodes of Dark Shadows are delved into with various clues for why The Pit works toward what it does. (DS Episodes discussed are: 422, 697 & 853.) There is a short reading of H.P. Lovecraft's work while analyzing how The Leviathans in Dark Shadows came about. An offering of review-swapping for other radio dramatists and podcasters. I hereby declare that anyone who is part of the audience is no longer allowed to discuss “the audience” with me. Doing that is incredibly redundant and doesn’t help me, your entertainer, in any way, shape or form. Thank you.
February 11, 2016
Personal updates, understanding of what new technology has done to many of us in such a short time (which is very much like “Invasion of The Body Snatchers”). Discussion of how the convenience tricked us into believing we were more connected when we’ve actually become even more disconnected. How new friendships along with new fans are picking up the pieces and how it’s come about.(Further help is very appreciated!) News about previous and upcoming elements to “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows”, as well as “Margaret Josette Dupres”: character studies and analysis and why that’s important. Hopes for getting out another interview/workshop with the wonderfully helpful and well grounded author: Osheen Nevoy. Characters and events coming up for Episodes 15 & 16.(And some irritability at the technical problems we're facing.) Suggestions of where to go if one’s personal preference is to live in a “bummer world” rather than engaging in change for the better.
December 2, 2015
Lurch’s harpsichord entreats our venture toward a new avenue of this radio drama. The troubles collide and the gratitude extends in name and detail. So much celebration to be had between our faithful listeners who speak, and then? Our Addams Family prodigy reveals why she adores The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, as well as the golden age of cinema. Discussion in the appreciation of canon, romance, fandom interests, emotional fortitude, our deeper meaning, exploration, friendship, Facebook disconnect, character study, and who we are. Four alternatives to Facebook and its “Instant God”. Why correspondence is important and the donation account details: Explanations about knee-jerk reactions from people who can’t see past fanfiction in “text” and never understand this project equates to major effort and money for bills to the post office, podomatic, archive donations, DVD extras, research books, moral support, and the drive for a higher purpose of being.
November 1, 2015
Four months in production for audio in 2014. Originally published in text on 20 October 2013, then withheld from the public due to lack of support and discussion, we have now gained enough support on All Souls' Day 2015 (more than two years later) to bring you this episode. As Barnabas awakens to some whistling he discovers why Sam Evans seemed so familiar to him as shown in Episode 4. Wary of this understanding Barnabas is given jovial appeal as Sam Evans reveals himself to be the reincarnation of Andre Dupres. Willie and Wadsworth enjoy their re-acquaintance in Dr. Hoffman’s office, and Nurse Jackson reveals her wit while requesting them to pipe-down. Barnabas and Maggie explore their relationship further, but the ghost of Sarah Collins needs to point out someone important they may have forgotten about. Before they can reach Wyndcliff, Dr. Hoffman and Professor Stokes are already heading in that direction, with certain revelations between each other as their relationship blooms. All fun in Hades breaks loose when the entourage reach Dr. Hoffman’s office and it is decided what will become of Mr. Loomis. Still, Willie has a special bone to pick with Barnabas. (This is the pivotal scene I’ve held dear to my soul and needed enough support to share again.) Elizabeth & Roger have a pleasant chat while opening their mail together. If listeners can’t express themselves concerning what Elizabeth has to tell Roger about Burke Devlin I shall forever wonder what program they were watching… As we listen further the ghosts are accepted, Lily’s oddity in form is understood and great wonders of trust unfold. As Willie sits before the fire in contemplation, our butler Wadsworth explains to him all that might be beyond his grasp. Willie scoffs… that is… until a familiar little girl brings him to understand what many listeners to this series likely never will.
August 7, 2015
20 Minutes flat of updates in how the distractions and social networks have been eating us up for generalities when what actually gels people together are smaller crowds and specific interests. Steps to take for anyone who wishes to be part of the discussion crew for the radio drama episodes. Love to Poly Styrene, Barnabas Collins and groups who don't tolerate cruelty. As well as some fun music, of course.
April 14, 2015
Paper letters from people who enjoy the radio drama as well as The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Learning about what responses happen offline instead of online. What is given via pen pals and why it's better than the "high-speed" internet world which has become much slower than the postal system. Discussions of love and hate for Barnabas Collins and who the guy actually resembles. Interesting background on the creator to "The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows" and why she doesn't believe cliche' advice. Plugs for other writers and how working together could create a better society simply in the practice of focusing on what we enjoy, rather than what we despise. Fun music from The Ramones, K-Tel's album "Vampire Songs", Doctor Who (and where we're shooting for his entrance) as well as Love Spit Love's cover from "The Craft" of The Smiths song, for which this podcast is named. Further help can be learned of and expressed here:
February 23, 2015
A cover of the "South Pacific" tune leads us into what is needed for this spooky multi-fandom, Dark Shadows, Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Addams Family, Clue, Lily Munster, Kids In The Hall... Addressing personal concerns as to the health of it's creator. Noticing estrangements in how we've been programmed by "The Internet". For anything unmentioned in this podcast I would say for listeners/readers delving into This Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows and not knowing what to say: Address your characters in episode commentary, your fandoms, those scenes. I always hoped for that in sharing it this far and wide. We are not Dark Shadows junkies. We want everyone else. Golden Girls fans, Addams Family fans, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir fans, Lily Munster fans, Goth kids, Elvira people, everyone else, come over! Come and be part of this wild thing! Bless you.
January 1, 2015
Pat Benatar greets us in this understanding of being young, vital, and disenfranchised from the DS universe as far as romantic pairings go. (What a can of worms!) We also delve into what the heck happens when this actor/writer/comedienne gets her darn commentary. We shall listen in this intro. Another workshop with "Daryl's Husband" in which we come to understand the occupational choices this married couple has made and benefited from. Then we have the explanation of what comes up in Episode 14, should the audience choose to express what they enjoy about the previous thirteen episodes. And I believe I edited out that weirdness at the end from New Years Eve. It's just the song now. Peace and long life, Live long and prosper...
December 21, 2014
For Episode 13 we have Dr. Julia Hoffman and Barnabas Collins in a stare down of obstacles. Why DOES he love Josette and why is Maggie the key to that love? (Warning #1: Dr. Hoffman breathes a PG swearword, and since no one else would talk to me, Helena was in charge of allowing this swearword to happen. Thanks, sweetie.) Next we have Wadsworth returning in this installment because after his evening with Professor Stokes, the latter has an ample idea of why Wadsworth and Willie Loomis should meet. (Warning #2: If you listen to this you may never watch the motion picture “Clue” the same way again.) Sam Evans as Andre Dupres and Maggie Evans as Josette Dupres must hash out the problems they have been facing while the coffee is on the perk, and of course, they will do it in the winning way their relationship as father and daughter has always be held. Lily is correct in her determination that her cousin Elizabeth must meet with this helpful, if blustery ghost, Caleb Collins, and he has more to say to the both of them then they might have expected. However, Elizabeth grits her stalwart teeth and carries forward. With all of the haunting in her household, *nothing* will stand in her way of understanding the truth about Victoria Winters. Meanwhile, Victoria Winters is designing handiwork with Morticia Addams after Uncle Fester and she have a few words. Morticia has knowledgeable and understanding things to say of Collinsport and its residents, as well as coming to the realization of *who* and *what* Victoria Winters truly is. As Dr. Julia Hoffman reaches Barnabas again, via the help of Professor Stokes, she comes to understand what her best-friend is agonizing over and now that it has sent him to draw himself over the edge? She will confront that factor with everything she knows at all costs. (Warning #3: Please do NOT listen to this episode while driving. Dr. Julia Hoffman has taken Professor Stokes automobile and is using it like a mad thing.) [This episode dedicated to Kathryn Leigh Scott.]
August 15, 2014
Understanding of how everything in this series, including the wrap-up novel, came to be and why no one spoke up before. Discussions about issues in pairings in the Dark Shadows world and about bullying over them, as well as the depth of Barnabas Collins tenderness that few writers come into contact with. Comparisons to other fandoms. Workshop about constructive-praise, guilt and communication with "Daryl's Husband". Scenes coming up for Episode 13. Explanation about manipulation over someone else's talents and freedom of choice.
August 8, 2014
Over a month in production, Episode 12 has Sam Evans help guide Dr. Hoffman into hypnotizing his daughter Maggie to find out what her flashes of past memory mean. The journey is one of torment and confusion and likely the darkest episode of this series thus far. Strangely, as Maggie’s awakenings occur, so Angelique is also awakened to a disturbing though ironically fitting form by Nicholas Blair. NOT a happy vamp, this one. Captain Gregg is pulled from the marooned state he was put in by Endora, only to find his dear friend Andre, also known as Sam, in a maddened state and must soothe him with some stern examples of Sam’s own previous decisions. Meanwhile Elizabeth Stoddard and her cousin Lily meet with Tom Jennings to learn of what took place at the Seaview Property, as discovered in Part 2 of Episode 11. Barnabas is pleased to spend time with his sister, Sarah, who implores him to have a healing heart-to-heart with their cousin Carolyn Stoddard on the cliffs. Sadly, the pleasant times for Barnabas diminish when Sarah opens the door to Dr. Hoffman who must reveal what happened during Maggie’s hypnosis.
June 30, 2014
In Search Of... Josette Dupres. Another interview with "Daryl's Husband". We discuss the sign about Bloody Mary, both the game and the beverage. This also provided information of tools to help bring both hemispheres of the brain to work in tandem. Also information about the upcoming episode "Dark Therapy", Captain Gregg getting very angry and how dark Episode 12 gets. Ugh, sorry about this. I wish life had been more balanced so I could have explained that left-right brained aspect in less out-dated and terrible stereotypes. I mainly meant to encourage more work between the two hemispheres. My husband and I were pretty strapped for time trying to get this done over the weekend.
June 22, 2014
Outtakes and explanations about fending off harsh reviewers, help to and from other creators. Foibles over Bewitched research. How-To's of what to comment and the good it can do. Future chapters for novel "Margaret Josette Dupres" How I'm using my facebook account and help getting episodes to college radio stations.
June 20, 2014
Nicholas Blair encounters a lugubrious undertaker in order to procure a coffin for his "granny" with awkward results. Dr. Hoffman meets Professor Stokes in her office after checking on Willie's progress in calligraphy. She then receives a phone call with surprising news. Tom Jennings comes across Nicholas Blair dubiously skulking around The Seaview Property. As Tom expresses Blair should leave in NO uncertain terms, the current "resident" of this house winds up to have a good tongue lashing and relieve almost a century worth of angst towards them. ^_^ Wadsworth begins to calm down with Barnabas apologizing for the children's noise. The Evans arrive to receive Sam's check for destroying the painting of Angelique. They await Dr. Hoffman who discovers another ghost at The Old House she did not expect.
June 18, 2014
Cousin Lily and Elizabeth renew ties after Elizabeth calms down by the shock of her unfamiliar looks. Roger, irked by his sister's reaction to the fun "costume" of their cousin, walks to The Old House to find a surprise of playground hysteria. Maggie Evans returns home to discuss all the surprising events with Sam. Tony & Carolyn relax on the porch at Gull Cottage in Schooner Bay with Mrs. Muir. Meanwhile Captain Gregg arrives at The Stephen's home. Endora is amused at his company... at first!
May 12, 2014
Upperclassmen tune, deep gratitude to Dark Shadows fans, and Josette Dupres lovers. Plug for Osheen Nevoy's "Stand Fast And Damn The Devil" as well as singing her praises. Thanks to other writers and creators, interview with my spouse, workshop ideas on commentary and the need for that on both ends. Problem solving techniques. Descriptions of publishing novel: Margaret Josette Dupres. Garlic and vampires, John Kendrick Bangs's story "The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall" and it's importance in the 11th Episode. The chiseling out of Caleb Collins, the purpose for his ghost and the upcoming introduction of Endora from Bewitched.
May 5, 2014
As Barnabas Collins and Maggie Evans continue to investigate the trouble of the raven and what she's remembering a few callers come to the door throughout the morning. Nicholas Blair is handled by a most impatient Mr. Wells while trying to resurrect the corpse of Angelique, once Cassandra, into a new form. Mrs. Johnson and David discuss recent events in the kitchen. Carolyn Stoddard and Tony Peterson arrive at Gull Cottage with the restored portrait of Captain Daniel Gregg. Mrs. Muir has a few surprises in store. Elizabeth Stoddard is in for a shock. Meanwhile Barnabas Collins is in for an even bigger one.
March 26, 2014
"The Haunted House Blues", reviews by other fandoms, explanations for creation of "The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows" and podcast. Also uncovering the mystery between Dark Shadows fanfiction versus fanfiction of other shows and films. Plugs for Barry Dodd's Ragged Isle video series at , Magical Irish Dolphin's "The Music Box", Mad Margaret's "Willie Loomis World Series", and "Night of Dark Shadows" director's cut novelization by The Collins Mausoleum. Psychological analysis of Dark Shadows characters and the creator of this series, and well as the necessity of feedback for basic human needs.
March 21, 2014
Our hosts do a brief switch-a-roo in rank while informing us of the latest occurrences in Collinsport. Elizabeth Stoddard visits an old friend in town to discuss both her daughter and her potential other daughter. Tony & Carolyn awaken from their evening together in further fun and some alarm, noticing a certain familiar family member out the window. Maggie & Barnabas also awaken at The Old House with much more awkwardness and some startling discoveries lain in their midst. Wadsworth assists them, as always. Nicholas Blair steps out of the Collinwood Inn suite and Angelique encounters a previous victim of her own. Elizabeth helps her nephew David learn a new song, as well as making a telephone call to a certain cousin Lily she's been remiss in contacting for many years. Captain Gregg and Sam Evans devote some time to squaring away certain necessity. The Captain gives evidence that more help can be brought to the helm by another Witch named Sam.;) Tony & Carolyn arrive to reveal what they experienced on their date at Drive-In The Woods.
February 25, 2014
A *big* sign, possibly from Captain Daniel Gregg himself! Explaining more of the story coming up, including how to make Lily Munster more convincing and not so cartoonish, though she will be rather cheerful, indeed. Contemplation on ghosts, early days of the program, Bill Malloy, but sadly no plugs as I couldn't get in touch with the authors I wanted to discuss.
February 18, 2014
At Wyndcliff, Dr. Hoffman and Professor Stokes visit with Willie Loomis to introduce an added element to his treatment. Tony and Carolyn arrive at the Evans’ Cottage on to discover there is more to the painting of Captain Gregg than they thought at first. Peter and Victoria analyze their hosts relationship and its glowing health, however odd their household is. Nicholas Blair encounters a few surprises in search of Angelique, who he eventually finds. (I believe she wants to argue the point of love versus sex but is too wiped out to bother.) Tony and Carolyn wrap up the evening in more or less steamy enjoyment. Meanwhile, Barnabas and Maggie arrive at the Old House after their non-date, with a little trouble of their own.
February 12, 2014
Just getting something up while I work on Episode 8: A Long Awaited Trip To A Passion-Pit. (Researched certain movie theaters, found that title and simply HAD to use it!) Plugs to other fanfiction works by AutomneArcher, ecinspired and Magical Irish Dolphin, explanations, etc.
February 8, 2014
Delving into bloopers from past and future episodes. Just a heads up The "you guys suck for not tell me this was funny!" outburst: the recording was done before any of the podcasts were posted anywhere so it was with thoughts of the large audience of silent readers. ;) And the fact that I'm laughing through it gives it a sad beauty. I very sarcastically adore when anyone proposes I am scolding my audience during this blooper reel. I'm actually laughing at the ridiculous laziness of how complacent everyone online has gotten to just download freebies so thanklessly. I really think that comes from some strange form of modern programming in this day and age to wander obliviously along with a feeling of entitlement when humanity has come so far to give us conveniences we take for granted that many people who are poor do not have. As for any guilt anyone feels from this or any of my intros I must go back to Brent Spiner's interest when fans of Lt. Commander Data put emotions on his blank face. One must ask oneself, "Well I didn't provide that emotion with my performance, so where did that feeling come from?"
January 29, 2014
In the Pit of Ultimate Darkness, Sir Simon once hosted at an Italian Eatery... So here he hosts at another eating establishment... Maggie is still having flashes of supernatural curiousity, eventually meeting up with Barnabas elsewhere. Meanwhile her father and Capt. Gregg hash out a few details. David comes across Wadsworth in the woods and they try and devise a plan to find Sarah *without* her usual "London Bridges" tune. Peter & Victoria finally arrive at their new destination, and although spooky and altogether 'ooky, has far pleasanter elements then their last two stops. ^_^ Elizabeth blushingly interrupts Tony & Carolyn in the drawing room having a bit of a smooch. With this dubious concern already hanging over Mrs. Stoddard's consciousness she isn't in the best mood upon answering the door to a certain brother-in-law of Roger's. Bob the Bartender gets some lines at The Blue Whale with a sense of ease in a more or less empty saloon tonight. Willie Loomis' troubles still require attention, as Dr. Hoffman and Professor Stokes drive to Wyndcliff Sanitarium, discussing the possibilities in this new development in his treatment there.
January 29, 2014
Tony and Carolyn find the perfect place to stow away Angelique's painting, and Carolyn ponders on a pen, wondering if it's one that took up too much air time in contemplation long ago. Captain Daniel Gregg inquires of his old friend, Andre' DuPres, well... what the heck is going on and why is he within this Sam Evans guy? Elizabeth continues to investigate the history of the Seaview property with a far more laid back Roger. And... AT LAST! Barnabas Collins and Dr. Julia Hoffman *finally* play that game of cribbage suggested in a likely forgotten episode, coming to certain conclusions about Victoria Winters, Maggie Evans, and Willie Loomis. Wadsworth looks on, amused, and concerned. As for Victoria and Peter, certain unfortunate circumstances have them fleeing from The Bates Motel in panic, of course... and this leads them... to another household, perhaps?
January 28, 2014
This installment involves Tony and Carolyn discussing why she hasn't gone to college while they look for a place to stash the painting of Angelique. Next Barnabas and Prof. Stokes engage in a discussion involving some befuddling correspondence, as well as the whereabouts of Willie Loomis. Meanwhile, the Evans Cottage is busy with Maggie and Sam discussing her possible employment as David's new governess, as well as her soured relationship with Joe. Upon Maggie leaving for her waitress shift, Capt Gregg appears and much is revealed of a supernatural bent after that. Angelique arrives to take back her painting but... Whoops! ...wait...Where is it? Barnabas, waking up from a dream in a setting from "The Prisoner", proceeds to the coffee shop with the aide of Wadsworth. Maggie and Barnabas have a catch up discussion of all the bizarre circumstances, as well as her trepidation about switching employment. On the West Coast, Peter and Victoria's road trip bring them to a familiar location also brought to the screen in the 1960's. All seems fine enough until the proprietor reveals his name.
January 28, 2014
Here Tony and Carolyn's romance grows as they head out to Schooner Bay and being in such good spirits help out a lady who looks quite worried, and so Mrs. Muir ought to be. Sometimes Capt. Gregg has little patience. The episode re-plays the damaging of Angelique's portrait by Sam Evans, but the difference is Sam Evans becomes angry when he sees it, beginning to remember something tragic from other realms he once knew. Also, as the painting is about to be scourged, Cassandra meets with Barnabas as in the original, however Wadsworth is down in the cellar singing his heart out and bringing an added tension to this scene. On Dark Shadows, when Barnabas is told that the painting is missing by Cassandra, he says "How fortunate... erm how un..." (which was obviously poor Jonathan Frid trying to correct this flub and then giving up on it.) I decided in my version to let Barnabas HAVE that flub, in all confidence and dispense with the need to correct it! Roger and Elizabeth wonder over Victoria, as well. (An added scene.) Still reading the Carnegie book Barnabas slipped into his reach, Roger is beginning to calm down, think clearer, but still have the lovable, sarcastic charm we know and adore.
January 28, 2014
In this wrap up of the Adam story line and dream curse, Mrs. Johnson explains to her out of town friend, what all has been going on. Since Dark Shadows has so much reincarnation hinted at, it's likely possible Mrs. Johnson's old pet came back as the familiar fellow here. I know the time line is a bit off but the alpha version was done with a lack of tools and from memory only, so I was surprised I got it all this accurate. In my version Adam doesn't come into contact with Sam Evans or Willie Loomis. He does still lock up Carolyn, previously, in the root cellar, which comes into importance later on. How Victoria and Peter end up where they do is up for guess work. Considering Victoria can obviously do The Time Warp perhaps that's how. Still, the reason behind her getting a phone call from 1960's Collinwood to a decades later Twin Peaks is up to you. I kept them present day with intentions to clear up the the obvious puzzle of her relationship to Elizabeth.
January 28, 2014
Our hosts brief us with what is left out of this Re-write, as Victoria Winters returns from 1795 in the NECK of time. Much unfortunate delving into 18th century lack of restrooms, as well as a strange effect the Collinsport coffee seems to have on the Evans abode. Dr. Hoffman deals and receives many wise-cracks, as well as helping out Carolyn. Meanwhile, even as Wadsworth encourages this risky relationship with the post-kidnapped Maggie, he also takes a moment to confront Barnabas as to his past transgressions over his victims, such as Willie Loomis, making significant comparisons to help him see even practical reasons not to take such abusive action towards people. Still, Cassandra has a unique way of shooting her cupids arrow at Roger Collins, as he angrily answers the phone in the dead of night. Enjoyment and laughter always welcome in the comment box.
January 28, 2014
Condensed Re-write of "Dark Shadows", adding new characters along the way to help solve problems and lift curses. Begins post Maggie Evans kidnapping, and Willie Loomis going to Wyndcliff. A familiar Butler applies for work at The Old House and knows more than he will let on. (Let me know if you want to the info to which episodes apply to the different fandoms so if you want those specific bits I can tell you. I know it's gotten rather wildly Multi-fandom. Just leave a comment asking for which you'd like.) Positive feedback, including laughter and highlights, can be posted in the comment box. Thanks!
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