Great show with fantastic hosts
Fred Cordova
Really intelligent shows they cover thought provoking and fun conversations
My frist review of a podcast
Joan Schultz
I laugh along with your show. Your chemistry is so comforting. Its nice to hear how happy you are.
Love these guys!
Debbi Hong
I've fallowed since episode1. Best part of my weekly shows.
The only one podcast worth it
Jason Woodie
Completely researched and very well produced. My favorite podcast by far. Maybe my favorite podcast, period.
Just Good Times
Charles Anderson2
Good stuff I look forward to seeing and listening more episode
Just outstanding
Michael Horton20
My wife and I love listening to this show after watching that week’s podcast on our date night. The best!
A great and unique concept
Jennifer Cota
Love combining these episodes. So interesting.
Easy to listening
Jeffrey Hupp
I really enjoy the guest host episodes as a change. Love the regular episodes too.
Cool Cool!!
I assign this show to my students and they love it. They learn a lot!
Angela Ethridge
Fun and educational. Love this show.
Great for the most part
Jeremy Bondy
I’ve never learned more from a podcast
Highly anticipated every week!
Natalie Flemming
I hope they expand and do more shows. I love this host and everything he says.
Always better!!
Kelli Price
Never stop making this show, I can’t get enough!
Really insightful.
Ray Zavala
I’ve been listening to this show since it launched and it’s the best.
Please never stop!
Benton Luna
This show is A+++++++!!!
Highly recommend
Franklin Perez
Do yourself a favor and listen to this show right now!!
Great conversations
Julian Hopkins
Ahhhhh this show is exactly what I was looking for! So grateful!
Amzed at how good this is
Edward Galloway
Really really really love this show!!
I’m a big fan!!
James Lower
Can’t believe this show gives so much analysis every week. It’s a must listen every Friday.
Perfect hosting
Rosario Fry
So happy I found this show. So interesting and fun.
Poor audio, too many ads.
Poor audio, too many ads.
Literally a commercial
There isn’t an ounce of journalism or reporting or balance or skepticism here at all. It’s wall to wall PR. They literally play a commercial for their subject in the first episode. Whoever is doing PR for this man and his effort deserves a big bonus. Whoever wants a real journalistic take on a very interesting, confusing and divisive topic happening in Cleveland, my hometown, my advice is to go elsewhere.
Just full of ads
Very thin content, not a lot of insight or education. Nice stories and nice hosts, but not much meat. Maybe the ads just diminish the actual value underneath. Also the volume levels are all over the charts. You constantly struggle to hear and have to adjust volume up/down. They could have done that when stitching interviews together, but they didn’t. I want to like this podcast, but I feel like it’s just not there yet. Maybe I got some bad episodes.
A must-listen
Autumn Shultz
I 100% would recommend this podcast to anyone in the tech or marketing space, as well as anyone looking to become involved in it. Every single episode is filled with actionable insights for the advice-hungry entrepreneur.
Practical and Engaging
I started applying things I learnt in the very first episode to my daily workflows right away. Also helps to keep up-to-date with the current product landscape.
Top Notch Product Pod
Coop Triggs
Two enthusiastic thumbs up for - they've curated a delightful array of product experts from across the industry - it's relevant, it's actionable, and it gets to the point. Plus they published an entire Moesta JTBD interview! If you're getting the Mick Jagger of Jobs to be Done to do a full set, that's a 5 star pod.
My all time favorite product and management podcast
Being a UX designer, I’ve been looking for ways to transition into product design and listening to rocketship has been so helpful.
Best product management podcast out there
Big dawggy
I listen to a handful of podcast around product management and most are pretty good but I think this on is the best. I would highly recommend it.
Awesome talks, with some of the brightest in tech. Empowering small agile businesses
If you are in an entrepreneur and in the early stages. Just listen to these and you’ll be off to the races!
Love it
Great podcast.
Fantastic podcast!
I am impressed with the thought provoking and high quality content.
Must listen!
This New Economy is a must listen. One of the best shows out there telling stories around business, society, and culture. Highly recommend!
Great show!
Awesome interviews and advice. Looking forward to more!
Great Resource
I'm a founder of two businesses and use this tool to hear other entrepreneurs who are/have been in the trenches. It's a very valuable tool and the interview style is beneficial as they narrow down on the keys to growing startups. The variety of businesses/individuals can help others no matter what industry you're in.
Fantastic Topics
I am a CTO and Chef Product Officer at a SW company and this cast hits great tips that are helpful and relevant to me almost Everytime. The simplicity of their approach for each topic is awesome. Thanks Rocketship!
This is what I wanted
Exactly what I was looking for.
Exactly what I was looking for. I use it daily to take notes.
Like it!!
Easy to use and very practical. Like it!
I have been looking for this kind of knowledge for years.
5 stars!
Adam Green24
Easy to use!!
Nice Explored!
Parker HZ
This is the first review I've written because I cannot believe how useful this pocast has been.
Fedex DN
its amazing and wonderful luv it keep it up guys
Absolutely Awesome!!
More episodes please. Love your turn by turn approch.
Great podcast!
informative, entertaining and motivational.
Bakerr Team
Thanks for all the great info. Please keep it up.
5-Star Startup & Established Biz Podcast!
Great job of finding the people to talk with that will explain things well enough for learning new concepts for both the experienced and beginning entrepreneur. Real, honest, and I am always wanting just a few more minutes when I hear the wrap up happen! Great Job @Michaelsacca @rocketship @JoelleGoldman & Matt
Best Podcast !
Lydia winslet
I've been waiting this type of podcast for a long. It really unique and individual. I love it very much.
Nice Episodes!!
Amanda Bloom
All of those episodes are really nice & very informative.I like it also subscribe it hope you also liked it.
I believe that, Express yourself what you are. In this podcast I have got the similarities with my thought. This interview are really tough to face & I'm the third time. Nothing to say extra about this podcast exaggeratedly, In a word that's awesome!!!
Awesome Podcast!!
Robert STPN
Really it's some of episodes are really great so I like this podcast series very much & Hope you also love it very much.Thanks for Sharing!!
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