Too many opinions not enough news
I used to be a regular, but I feel like it’s drifted from being a source of local news and information ,to a show mainly focused on liberal and progressive talking points. These are views that I generally align with but I have enough echo chambers in my life. I’ve started to just listen to Take Two as an alternative for interesting and relevant local news.
Informative and Important
I’ve always loved press play but I used to only listen to it in the car whenever it was on. I’ve since started to seek it out with the gubernatorial interviews, which I find so helpful. I hope they’ll do more (senate and congressional). I love that they’re helping me be an informed voter!
Great show topics but Madeline falls short
I really appreciate the topics Madeline brings to her show. The show has great guests & very insightful stories. However Madeline falls short for me. I’m not fully on board with her interview style, I feel at times she belittles her guests. I personally prefer when Barbara Bogaev guest hosts. I feel she treats the guests with respect & has a very different & kind approach to interviewing guests.
Keep up with LA and the nation
Used to live in LA and our daughter lives there now. This is a great podcast for keeping up with the city. Also many topics of national interest. Madeleine Brand is an exceptional interviewer
Great journalism
A dependably well researched topical and important stories. Not to be missed.
Brand plus Walsh = great show!
Aunt Nette
It's so nice to hear Ms. Brand back on the air, she was always one of my favorites. And producer Andrew Walsh puts his spin on it to create a show with more fun and variety than a lot of NPR shows. I'm excited to add this to my podcast rotation!
Great Debut Great show
You guys are Awesome. I love the show, Madeline is a Ten. The topics are great, I'm from the Bay Area and even though you guys are based in so cal it's all news and topics I'm engaged to. It's a well produced show, only suggestion, add some flute to the outro music.
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