These guys ripped me off.
a few years ago these guys held a "fundraiser" on their website for their podcast. i gave them money in return for a bunch of promos that they never sent. after trying to contact them on twitter one of them "promised" that they were "in the mail" never saw them they were never delieverd after trying to contact them again a week after they said "in the mail" they never responded to me. hence the 1 star review.
It was better than cats. . .
I love these guys. I love their loose conversational style, their humor, their interests, their obsession with Ignacy, their insights, and their honesty. Come hang out a few hours at a time with these seasoned gamers to hear about new and old games, and get their unique spins on a wide variety of main topics.
I enjoy every episode
Excellent Podcast
A great podcast with three friends having in-depth board game discussions. Also, they are great guys if you have a chance to meet them at a convention, I would recommend it.
Excellent podcast!
I am a proud subscriber to The Cardboard Jungle and look forward to their new content every other week. If you're looking for a quality podcast with news, reviews, and interesting opinions, look no further.
Very good boardgaming podcast.
I really enjoy listening to these podcasts. Not only are the podcasters quite knowledgable but the podcasts themselves are quite lengthy (I really prefer longer podcasts).
Great Podcast
Very informative podcast that, like a fine wine, gets better with age. Listening to this crew since the beginning they keep improving. You can tell they love this hobby and want to share that with their audience
Board Game Info
Just started listening to this. Wouldn't have thought that I could learn so much from a podcast. I have always just watched video reviews. You can't go wrong with this!
Just started listening
Thanks for the great podcast. I just started listening and love the information and reviews around gaming. Very helpful, Thanks!
Good stuff
Love the podcasts and contests!
Great show for gamers
Very informative and well put together podcast. Lots of good opinions and different views on the crazy goings on of the board game community
New listener
Just started listening. Sounds great and looking forward to more.
Board Game Podcast
I really enjoy the easy rapport between the hosts and their obvious enthusiasm for board games. They are also very knowledgeable about the industry and culture of gaming. The podcast does tend to go a little long as they go into in depth descriptions of many of the games that they talk about. I find podcasts are not a great medium for highly detailed game descriptions but YMMV. I have a minor complaint that the sound level of the music they use is a lot louder than the conversation which can be pretty jarring when they cut to it. They also let the music run a little long at the beginning and end of the podcast. I hit the skip 15 seconds button a couple times on that whenever I can.
Great guys
Ripped And Ticked
I know these guys personally...great fun and great enthusiasm for board games.
Awesome Podcast
When I want a podcast about gaming, I look no further than Cardboard Jungle. They have it all! Keep up the great work.
Love listening to Anthony and the guys. Just don't change your channel in iTunes again. Those of us who binge listen may think you stopped.
quite possibly the greatest podcast ever made!!!
Matt makes everything better!!!
Thanks for adding to the hobby
Thanks for putting out consistent content. I really enjoy listening to the contrasting opinions everyone brings to this community, really helps gamers understand all aspects of board gaming to help make good buying decisions.
One of my favorite tabletop podcasts!
I have been listening for a while, right now and I love their episodes (although they get lost in their own talking from time to time).
Solid podcast for gaming nerds
Great, comprehensive podcast that delves into board games along with timely industry news and interviews. Add it to your list!
Excellent listen!
Awesome way to learn more about up-and-coming games, with great reviews and depth-of-information!
The best!!!!
I love these guys! Best podcast around for gaming. I'm not sure if it helps me save money or spend more because I hear about so many great games. High quality, solid game info, guys you can tell are having fun. Love love love.
Great podcast!
Great podcast! Keep up the great work.
Sweet podcast
Awesome podcast on boardgames!
A must for serious board gamers!
The Cardboard Jungle rocks! Great hosts that know virtually everything related to board gaming! If you're a gamer and don't are missing out! Keep it up guys!
You know
Hackmaster 12
A great way to spend a few hours listening to people talking about games while mispronouncing the occasional word, and things of that nature!
Can't live without them
Best board game podcast
Always interesting & fun
John Harrison99
Always interesting to listen to this podcast. Smart ann fun content.
Awesome podcast.
Great show
The guys have great chemistry together and it is like listening to my friends when they talk about games. Always look forward to an episode no matter how long it is.
Fun and Informative
I’ve been listening to CBJ for several months now. I really enjoy the opening segment where they discuss new games they’ve played. I can’t tell you how many great new games are on my radar because of these guys. And they’re not afraid to say when a game doesn’t work. I’ve also dropped some OFF my radar because of their opinions. I also enjoy the in-depth segments when they discuss deeper issues (like analysis paralysis). Keep it up, guys!
Always a good week
It's always a good week when Anthony and the guys drop a new podcast. Quality show!
Great podcast
I have been listening to these guys for over a year. They keep bringing their passion and knowledge of boardgames to the podcast. Highly recommend.
CBJ is awesome
Great discussion about boardgames & other geeky topics. Able to share a variety of opinions on different games. Also great talking to them on twitter.
Love these guys
I really enjoy all the information and reviews they provide. They like all genres of games from Amerithrash to Euro and will give multiple opinions. Also in my digital correspondence I mentioned that since they are East Coasters they are probably short and cocky.....they assured me they are not short. :)
Personality & honest opinions
The CBJ podcast features hosts with engaging personalities and genuine enthusiasm for the board gaming hobby & industry.
A must listen!
This is a great podcast if you like learning about new games. They go in depth about different games they have played. A must listen!
By Gamers for Gamers
CBJ is a great podcast if you want to catch some chat about board games. The hosts have great knowledge and really have a passion for the games.
Wow! Games Don't Take as Long
This is a great podcast for the gaming fan. My one quibble would be the length, but it's not as though the longer time is spent rambling, but rather talking about the games we all love to play.
Bonus Content
The BearKodiakman
I have been an avid listener for months. Recently Anthony has been doing bonus episodes where he interviews board game industry personalities that maybe most folks have not heard or know anything about. What a great addition to the regular lineup of shows! I look forward to more of those.
CBJ Rocks!
Pat & Kat
Love this podcast! Great mix of thorough reviews and interesting topics. Look no further for your next 2-3 hour board gaming fix! Also, the crew is extremely approachable, and interacts regularly with listeners on twitter etc. Keep up the good work, fellas!
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