Funny & Interesting!
I've listened to a couple episodes & though they were great. I'm sure the podcast will only get better as they do more! Congrats to Bernadette & Emma.
I listened and learned.
Mrs Ji
I actually knew very little about the Paleo way of eating. Now I am more interested than ever.Thank you Emma & Bernadette.
Only the best from Emma and Bernadette!
I am not surprised that these podcasts are great. If individually they are amazing, together Emma and Bernadette are a knock-out. They are so experienced and knowledgeable, that anything they produce can be nothing but the best, most trustworthy resource, be it in yoga or nutrition. Tried and true.
Helpful, Funny, and Down to Earth
The anecdotes are hilarious and relatable. This is a great intro to making basic key changes in our dietary habits-Bernadette and Emma make it an achievable goal.
love this!!!!!
Gina Ona
witty informative and timely … these girls know their stuff and they rock.. tune in...
Emma & Bernadette rock
Two exceptional teachers and human beings sharing interesting and helpful info.
Bernadette and Emma
Healing through Being
These are wise words from women leaders. Fun and informative.
Combining some of my favorite people talking about some of my favorite topics (diet, lifestyle and yoga) - makes this a must for me.
Melissa Slattery
This is an awesome work filled with insights!!
Informative and Fun
I find some podcasts get a little repetitive after a few minutes...NOT this one. It's easy to listen to and informative without sounding preachy. I enjoyed it!
Emma and Bernie are awesome
These guys are great. Funny and great info :)
You'll love these podcasts!
Bernadette and Emma know their stuff! I highly recommend these insightful podcasts from two amazing yoga, health, and wellness gurus!!
the real deal
intelligent, useful, and helpful teaching.
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